The Slap


Kit was in the yard, scooping out the pool in her pretty blue and pink floral bikini when she heard Nathan calling out to let her know that his two best mates had dropped over for a BBQ. Kit walked up to say hello, she knew them both really well from their former playing days at the Rugby League Football Club where she worked for the CEO and as very close friends and teammates of Nathan’s. She considered them to be her friends as well.

Embracing Bryan and Eric, she apologised, saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you guys were coming over, or I would have put some more clothes on.” Eric chuckled and said “doesn’t bother me Kit, you can take them all off if you want” he grinned, winking at her. Eric could be very cheeky, just like Nathan, and she flicked his ear to scold him which he wasn’t quick enough to dodge. “Ouch!” he laughed pressing his palm against his stinging ear lobe.

Kit was just about to offer them all a beer, (which Nathan knew full well she would do, being the ever gracious hostess) when he slapped her backside and said “don’t just stand there woman, go and get us a beer”. The slap was slightly harder than Nathan had intended and he laughed to himself, thinking ‘Oh shit, that’s gonna leave a mark. She’s not gonna be happy about that’ but he kept his poker face. Kit yelped and spun around on the spot with her hand on her backside to glare at him through narrowed eyes. Nathan simply continued taking his seat in the deck chair not breaking eye contact with her.

“Oh My God, I cannot believe you just did that!”, Kit says, rubbing her backside. “You’re such a Neanderthal! And what is it with the right cheek, why is it always the right cheek?”
“Come here then and I’ll smack your left one for you.” Nathan grinned at her.

“Yeah right!” she scoffed. “Not gonna happen buddy.” Kit said, shaking her head.

And there it was, that look in Nathan’s eyes that Kit recognised all too well, the one that says, ‘Bring. It. On.’

A thrill runs through her body.

Eric and Bryan are both looking on with amusement.
“Come here.” Nathan says enunciating each syllable clearly in a deep voice, beckoning her slowly with his hand and looking at her under his eyebrows.

“No way! You’re insane, you know that don’t you?” Kit says with false bravado and putting her hands on her hips, but taking a step backwards at the same time.

In an instant Nathan springs up out of his chair and Kit squeals. Even though she fully anticipated the move she’s still startled. She jumped, turned and leapt off the deck in one fluid move and sprinted down the backyard at full pelt.

Eric laughed, shaking his head and saying “Fuck me, she’s quick.” amazed at how fast Kit got away from Nathan, he totally expected Nathan to have grabbed her straight away, instead she had a good 3 or 4 metre head start on him.

She slowed down half way down the yard to look over her shoulder to check whether Nathan was still chasing her, and he was! ‘God Dammit!’
She stopped running and turned to face him, pointed her finger at him and yelled, “get the hell away from me you mad man, have you completely lost your mind?” she was panting and laughing at the same time. God this man thrilled her.

Nathan kept trotting towards like that fucking cop out of Terminator. He was so menacing and even though she knew he was just playing with her, the guy was a former front row forward and still maintained his fitness. At 6’2” and weighted 110kg, with muscle on his muscles, he was intimidating without even trying!

Kit was quick on her feet though and very agile, managing to evade him twice as Nathan grabbed for her. Her lack of clothing was a definite advantage in this situation, as were her years of ballet. Eric and Bryan were watching from the deck and enjoying the fun. “Shit, she’s got a better side step than some of the players in the League!” Eric laughed.

“You’re not wrong mate, better than most of the players I know, but I can’t see Nathan giving up, he’s too determined and look at what he’s chasing!” Bryan said. They both laughed and watched the sport continue.

Kit eventually found herself cornered and she started begging for him to leave her alone, laughing breathlessly the whole time. “Oh, you’re in a world of trouble now Sweet-Cheeks” Nathan laughed at her.

“Please Nathan, no, control yourself you crazy man. Get away from me. Help me, somebody. What are you two fools doing just standing up there for God’s sake” she yelled out at Eric and Bryan. “Can’t you tell a woman in distress when you see one?” she shouted out to Eric and Bryan.

Kit was crouched down, trying to make herself as small as possible and trying to fend him off pathetically by flapping her hands at him, half laughing half sobbing, “no, no, no, please Nathan, no.”

Nathan simply picked her up without any effort at all, she was practically half his weight and he was almost a foot taller than her – it was no contest. He placed her over his shoulder, no need to throw her, she weighed nothing pendik escort to him and it was one of those things that turned each of them on so much, that he could manhandle her so easily, she loved sensing the physical power he had over her. He made his way back to the deck, patting her backside on the way and saying “and now I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

Kit started to wriggle in his massive arms. Nathan was well known for his huge ‘guns’ achieved through pure heavy lifting, not the steroids those pathetic cheats used just for looks. Kit had no chance of escaping, but that didn’t stop her from trying and making a sincere effort, squirming and trying to kick her legs. Nathan practically had her in a ‘fireman’s hold’, gripping her thighs and taking hold of her wrists as she threatened to get away. Nathan absolutely loved her feistiness, the harder she fought, the harder his dick got. Kit was shaking her head and said, “No Nathan, no, don’t do this, don’t do it, stop, please, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Nathan asked “what are you sorry for babe?”
“I don’t know”, she said with a mock sobbing, easily mistaken for a laugh. “I’m sorry you caught me?” she suggested, giggling and they all laughed at her.

“Ok, just put me down now Nathan, you’ve had your fun” Kit said, trying to put a serious tone in her voice and adjusting her bikini top which was dangerously close to becoming a wardrobe malfunction after all her wriggling.

‘I am going to put you down Babe” Nathan says, “I’m going to put you down over my knees” he says, sitting back in his chair and flipping Kit over his knees as if she was weightless.

“Nathan!” she squeals, “No, don’t you dare! Let me go you maniac. You’ve completely lost it.”

Kit’s arse is pointing at both Eric and Bryan and they’re staring at her butt and her covered pussy, pouting between her legs, and even though she can’t see them, she can feel their eyes fixed on her backside, easily imagining the sight they’re enjoying. Eric and Bryan can both feel their cocks twitching.

“Now it was the left cheek you felt was being neglected wasn’t it Kit?” Nathan asks in pretend seriousness.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you lunatic” she said as she started squirming and bucking frantically in his lap.

Nathan glanced over at his mates and raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘Are you seeing this? Can she get any sexier?’ Eric and Bryan were both enjoying the show immensely, as evidenced by the slight bulges in their pants. Kit had been a favourite fantasy of each of theirs since they first met her over 5 years ago.

Nathan peeled back her cossie to reveal her left arse cheek and, in the process, her pussy lips as well. Eric and Bryan glance at each other to confirm that they were both seeing the same thing, upon confirmation, they returned their gaze and couldn’t take their eyes from her.

“Oh my God Nathan!” Kit gasped, she felt the cold air on her pussy lips, surely he hadn’t . . . had he?

SLAP! ‘Owwww!’ Kit howled as Nathan’s hand came down smartly on her backside and she jolted in his lap, lifting her hips and revealing more of her pussy to her spectators.

“Now”, Nathan said, “tell me how much you like it.”

“Let me go and I’ll let you live!” Kit responded defiantly. This cracked them all up, especially Nathan, he loved the fight she displayed. Kit screamed ‘You’re all bastards!’ as Nathan’s hand slapped her again. Kit drew breath sharply as she felt the sting.

“Say it babe, tell me how much you love me spanking your sexy ass.” Nathan commanded.
“Nathan, I’m going to kill you!”. God she was defiant, Nathan thought, with a smirk on his face. She was such a handful.


“Owww! Nathan! Ok, ok, ok. You win, let me go. Please baby.”

Eric and Bryan were amazed, they were both sure Kit’s pussy was getting wet, but it was such an unreal sight they could hardly believe their own eyes.

SMACK! “Say it”, Nathan warned.

“Okaaaaay, Babe, I just love it when you smack my arse!”

SMACK! “Hey!” she protested at the additional slap, unfairly handed out since she’d said what he wanted to hear.

“I know you do” Nathan chuckled and rubbed the red hand print on her backside and leant forward to kiss her butt, resisting the temptation to bite it.

Nathan flipped Kit over and sat her in his lap, holding her arms behind her. He grabbed a handful of her long dark hair and pulled her towards him, kissing her fully on the lips in a big noisy smooch.

She returned his kiss with passion and then leaned in to his ear, “You’ve made me all wet now, you sexy bastard” Kit whispered, so the others couldn’t hear and then she sucked his ear lobe and dragged it between her tongue and teeth making his cock jump.

Quickly, she jumped up off his lap, snapped her cossie back into place and skipped past Nathan, giving him a wide berth so he couldn’t grab her again, saying “Get your own stupid beer you Neanderthal”. Nathan moved to get out of his tuzla escort seat again, when Kit bent at the knees instantly and gave him the double handed stop sign, laughing and saying “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, okay? Settle, I’ll get your beer. Geez, the guy’s got issues!” she said to herself walking away shaking her head, intentionally loud enough for them all to hear and it got the laugh she expected.

Kit came back with two six packs in an esky full of ice to keep them nice and chilly.

“Let me grab you a chair Kit, you’re gonna join us aren’t you?” Eric asked hopefully, I haven’t seen you in ages.

Kit giggled and said “It’s only been a week Eric and I think you just saw more of me than you ever have, don’t you?” she asked playfully and punched him lightly on his arm.”

“Yeah, but we’re greedy like that” Bryan added smiling at her pretty face.

Kit says “Yeah, I’ll be out soon, I just want to . . . um . . . take care of something inside, I won’t be too long at all, I’m sure.” She tells them all.

As she turned, Nathan winked at her and asked, “Do you need a hand babe?” raising his eyebrows. Kit blushed and said “No thanks, I can manage” and clipped him on the back of the head, skipping out of his way, narrowly avoiding his long reach.

Once Kit went back inside, Eric told Nathan he’d overheard what Kit had whispered to him on his lap and Nathan just chuckled and said “She’s an absolute handful mate, just when I think she there’s nothing that wouldn’t surprise me, she shocks the shit out of me again. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, I fucking love her to bits.”

You know what that ‘thing’ is she’s gone inside to do is, don’t you? He asks his mates. They both shake their heads. “She’s gone to do a bit of manual handling” imitating the female masturbation technique between his legs. “That’s why I asked if she wanted a hand.”

“Shit!” Bryan laughed “I’ll give her a hand.” he said, then quickly added “Sorry mate, I know she’s your missus, but she’s fucking hot. Watching you spank that cute arse of hers just now has given me half a fat!”

“You’re not wrong.” Eric added, “I might have to go inside and join her.” he said squeezing his dick.

“You know what?” Nathan asked, “Kit would never admit it, but I know for a fact she probably wouldn’t mind if you did both join her. She’s often told me she fantasises about fucking each of you.”

“Bullshit!” Eric almost spat his beer out. Bryan was half coughing and half choking on his and said “Get fucked! No way?”

“Nah, I’m serious mate! We talk about stuff like that, it’s cool, well no, it’s actually very hot, she really gets off on it when we talk about it. Besides, I know she’d never leave me or do anything behind my back, so as long as it’s all above board, we’re good.”

“So, if we went upstairs now, she wouldn’t freak out?” Eric mused.

“Well, she would if I wasn’t with you, but if I went in first and then you two joined us, then she might be persuaded.” Nathan said. It occurred to Bryan that Nathan might have planned this whole scenario.

“What the hell are we doing sitting here then? Let’s go.” Eric joked, pretending to take off for the door.

Nathan chuckled, shook his head and said ‘OK, Come on then” standing up. Eric and Bryan looked at each other and Eric said “Fuck off mate, I was kidding!” and Bryan said “Piss off, you’re not for real!”, looking at each other incredulously.

“Yeah, serious, c’mon, follow me.” Nathan said walking inside and indicating that they should follow.

Eric just shrugged at Bryan and they followed Nathan, both a bit confused. They climbed the stairs quietly and walked towards the main bedroom suite. Silently Nathan turned the handle to the room and pushed the door open slowly. He gestured to his mates to stay outside for a moment and walked in cautiously peeking around the corner to see Kit spread eagle on the bed. She’d removed her bikini bottoms and she was definitely enjoying herself, gently rubbing her favourite pink vibrator between her bent legs, pushing it into her wet little pussy but mostly vibrating her clit. She was moaning quietly and wriggling her hips against her toy with her head tossed to the side, and eyes closed. Nathan suspected she was fantasising about the two men who were standing outside her door waiting to come in.

Nathan enjoyed the view for a moment then sat gently on the bed beside her. Kit gasped in surprise as Nathan grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head and kissed her deeply, leaving the humming vibrator in her pussy. Kit returned his kiss with passion, but when he stopped she hissed, “what are you doing Nathan, Eric and Bryan are still here, aren’t they? It’s rude to leave them downstairs to entertain themselves, they’re your guests. Not to mention the fact they might come looking for you, quick go and close the door.” which she’d notice he’d left open.

Nathan just smiled at her, grabbed the string to her bikini top from behind her ümraniye escort neck and untied it revealing her small firm breasts. He rolled her over slightly to undo the other tie and removed it completely. Squeezing her breasts and sucking her nipples, before taking her hands over her head again and proceeding to tie them together and onto the bed head with her bikini top.

“Nathan! What the hell? This isn’t what I call closing the door. I swear to God, if Eric or Bryan walk in, I’ll kill you!” She was still doing her loud stage whisper routine, even though she thought they were still down stairs out on the deck, not standing just outside her bedroom door and listening to everything. “Really?” asked Nathan, “how are you going to kill me Babe? Are you going to fuck me to death?” he laughed and Kit just giggled “Well I’d have fun trying!” she laughed.

Nathan tested her binds, not too tight but she was definitely not going anywhere. Next he reached into the bottom draw of the bedside table where they kept their toys and got a blindfold out, placing it over Kit’s eyes and then started fucking her with the vibrator. Instantly she responded and started moaning and grinding against it, but Nathan wasn’t having any of this. He pulled it out of her slowly and dragged it along her slit before turning it off and returning it to the draw. You won’t be needing that Miss Kitty, that’s a promise. There was something in Nathan’s voice that Kit wondered about momentarily.

“Seriously Nathan, you pick the weirdest times to get all kinky.” Kit giggled. She couldn’t help but remember the time they went for what she thought was an innocent bush walk and he’d tied her to a particular smooth barked gum tree in the shape of an elongated ‘S’ that supported her butt, wide enough to spread her legs and had branches perfectly placed to tie her arms to. It was just off the main tourist track, and he fucked her hard against it, taking photos of her with his cum dripping out of her pussy and onto the tree afterwards. He’d obviously planned the whole thing. God he made her hot!

She then felt him move off the bed and waited for whatever it was he was going to do to her next and her mind was reeling, it could be anything going on past experience. Her every sense was heightened, trying to work out what he was up to. She didn’t hear him walk over to the door on their soft carpet however, where he gestured to his mates to come in and close the door.

Eric and Bryan walked in quietly as Nathan stood at the end of the bed and said to Kit, “Ok, the door is closed. So tell me, were you fantasising about Bryan and Eric just now? Tell me the truth or there’ll be consequences.” Kit giggled and just said “Maybe” turning her head shyly into one of her raised arms, blushing. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Good girl!” Nathan praised her. “Okay, let’s pretend they’re here watching you now, tied to the bed and unable to get away. I want you to do as you’re told Kit, spread your legs apart so we can all see your pussy.” Kit slowly parted her legs slightly, keeping them straight and flat on the bed and stretching her shapely muscular legs, pointing her toes as if she was doing a ballet pose. “Wider” Nathan ordered and Kit complied. “Wider, I want you to part them completely” and Kit obeyed again, spreading her legs as far apart as she could.

“Ok, now bend your knees so Eric and Bryan can see your pretty little cunt open up for them.” Kit’s heart was racing as she imagined being completely exposed to the gorgeous men she’d so often fantasised about. Kit bent her knees, tucking her face into her arm shyly, and they could all see her pussy contract as it throbbed with excitement.
Eric just mouthed “fuck me” as he shook his head in amasement and stared at Kit’s gorgeous pussy completely exposed to them all on the bed in front of him. Not to mention her very sexy body, stretched out and tied to the bed. She definitely had the whole package.

“Now we’re going to take our clothes off and then we’re going to play some more.” Nathan said, nodding to Eric and Bryan to strip all at the same time so Kit wouldn’t hear multiple shorts and shirts being discarded.

The boys performed a synchronised strip and Kit thought she was hearing in some sort of weird stereo. Eric and Bryan tried to be as quiet and as quick as possible. If Kit had removed her blindfold at that moment, she would have seen three very excited, large muscular men towering over her at the end of the bed, staring at her lustfully and each sprouting an enormous erection.
“So, are you ready for us Kit?” Nathan asked. “I’m ready for you babe” Kit said. “No, us” Nathan repeated, keeping Kit thinking Eric and Bryan were in the room. Kit giggled and wriggled and said “Ok babe, I’m ready for you all. I want you all to fuck me hard, I want to suck your cocks and to fill me up with your cum.” Kit said, thinking Nathan was just role playing with her and she was just playing her part.

“Excellent!” Nathan said, kneeling between her legs, pushing her knees up towards her chest and sucking on her pussy lips, swirling his tongue gently around her clit. He held her legs firmly in his large hands waiting for her reaction to what was about to happen. “Well then, I think you should start with a kiss hello for Eric and Bryan.”

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