The Sleepover


Truth be told, I really wasn’t looking forward to my daughter going away to school during the upcoming week. This would in fact be our last real weekend together for quite some time until she came home again in a few month’s for a visit. After graduating from high school, Chrissy had hung around for a while, working a few odd summer-time jobs while she made applications to attend several universities. Raising her all alone, ever since my wife had died hadn’t been easy either, and though I had dated on an off, it was primarily because of my daughter that I hadn’t gotten really serious with anyone else, looking out for her welfare until such time as she did graduate, and decided what she wanted to do in life. Still, I knew I would miss her, and that the loneliness of being on my own would be truly felt.

Watching Chrissy grow up from the shy, sad little teen-age girl who had lost her mother into the outgoing, vivacious young woman she’d become was something I was truly proud of. Sure, we’d had our ups and downs, being both father and mother hadn’t been easy, and it had even been a little uncomfortable at times, especially when we’d finally sat down and had the big “Birds and Bee’s” discussion. But I had made it a point then, and forever afterwards to be frankly honest with her during those discussions, or when she’d had questions, or even needed advise. I was relieved to hear that her intent was to remain a virgin, even when I took her to start her on the pill. She’d been candid enough with me then to inform me that though she had no intention of sleeping with anyone until and unless the right guy came along, she still wanted to be on the pill and responsible when and if that ever happened.

It was another one of those difficult things for me to see, watching her grow up, watching her grow out of those first training bras, maturing and then eventually wearing a real bra was an often interesting and embarrassing adventure for both of us. Living in a small two bedroom, one bath apartment had its own obstacles to overcome, we’d accidentally bumped into one another in various stages of dressing or undressing, so I got a periodic update, although inadvertently, of my daughter’s ongoing maturity. But because we had maintained a special bond and closeness with one another, as well as an openness that I am sure might have raised a few eyebrows with a few other parents, we’d gotten through most of those situations with a laugh and a chuckle over it later on, taking things in stride, but more importantly, maintaining an openness with one another that made it very easy for us to discuss or share thoughts, even when it came to intimate personal details.

Chrissy had once asked me why I wasn’t seeing anyone, which wasn’t the real question she had on her mind really, and giving her a less than satisfactory answer to her real question, she had come out boldly and directly with what was really on her mind.

“What are you doing for sexual satisfaction?” she had asked, surprising me with such a grown up concern for my well-being. And as such, I had answered her openly, though more with a gesture than words, by smiling and merely enclosing my fist, moving it up and down which she obviously understood, causing her to laugh. “Yeah, me too,” she had offered, and that had been the end of that discussion for a time anyway.

And though we had a great relationship, and spent a fair amount of time together, I was also pleased that Chrissy had a very dear friend whom she had grown up with, and whom I had also seen grow with her, though in not quite the same intimate ways I’d seen with my own daughter. Early on, when they were much younger, I had affectionately referred to them as my favorite pair of “Salt and Pepper Shakers” as Chrissy, like her mother had been, was blond with blue eyes and a reasonably fair complexion. Chantel on the other hand had an ebony complexion with dark brown eyes, and short black hair that gave her maturity that went far beyond her years. Admittedly, seeing them grow up together especially as they developed, always brought about a certainly lusty curiosity that I would quickly shove back into the gutter of my mind where it belonged. I had never really known or dated any black women before, but as I got to know Chantel better, I found myself visually and emotionally attracted and curious about her, though I never did anything to pursue that train of thought.

So it was that I was only mildly disappointed when Chrissy informed me that Chantel would be spending the last weekend together with us, a “sleep-over” as she had always called it, as Chantel had spent more nights sleeping here, than Chrissy had spent sleeping over there at her place. And I knew that Chantel was just as anxious about Chrissy’s going off to school as I was, as she’d be attending an entirely different school, much closer nearby and thus staying at home while she furthered her education. Obviously, I wasn’t about to say no, or be selfish enough to keep the two of them apart during their last full weekend güvenilir bahis together either.

The girls had decided it would be an evening of popcorn, pizza and a movie of course, and had picked a silly comedy that had a bit of teenage raunchiness to it, including several nude shower scenes and the likes of large, bare breasted women in them. As mentioned, it wasn’t that big of deal at the time to sit and watch a movie like this with the girls, we’d gotten more than comfortable enough over the years to be able to do so, but I still had to remind myself to behave and not get too intimately flirtatious, especially around my own daughter. Seeing them grow up and wear pajamas when they were younger was one thing, seeing them now as they wore little more than tee-shirts and panties as sleeping attire was something else entirely. And though they were obviously comfortable enough to do that around me, it still gave me lusty periodic thoughts that I had to keep chasing away or else risk sitting there with a massive hard-on.

And this particular evening was made even worse by the fact that Chantel just happened to be wearing a white tight-fitting tank top that did little if anything to conceal those dark chocolate sized nipples of hers, each of which could be faintly seen through the fabric of the material, and which would from time to time harden with the silly suggestiveness of the movie, or even getting up to get us all another of cold beer from out of the refrigerator, coming back with her “head-lights on” as she’d even teasingly indicated about herself when returning once with fresh beers.

It was difficult enough with all this going on, but then as we sat reminiscing about old times, I sat recalling a few of my own, though I didn’t exactly mention them at the moment. Like the time just a short couple of month’s ago, coming home from work, stopping to check in on the girls as I knew them to be home, knocking first, but then opening the door as I had so often done in the past, except this time they had made a frantic effort to hide something they’d been looking at, pretending then to have actually been looking at something else entirely. Later, after going out to pick us all up some fast-food, I had done a quick search check in their bed, sure enough finding the hard-core porno magazine that they had borrowed from my stash in my closet, obviously looking through it curiously perhaps, and giggling over what they’d found there. I’d never tried to hide the fact that I had a few such magazines stashed away in my closet, or that I read them (or used them as it were) late at night in my own bedroom. And as I said, in such close proximity to one another in a small apartment with thin paper like walls, I had heard, or thought I had heard at least a few times, the sound of soft gentle moaning coming from my daughters bedroom along with the soft purring whir of a vibrating toy of some sort. Something else I had seen Chantel quickly shove behind her back one evening when I had come up to say goodnight, catching the blue color of the vibrating dildo she had not quite hidden behind her back, as the girls sheepishly stood there smiling at me as I told them both good night.

Thoughts such as these soon had me aroused, horny, and ready to go off and relieve myself before I said or did something a little too stupid, especially feeling the effects of the wine, and beer that we’d been slowly consuming all evening long. Leaving the girls to their own further amusements, and leaving the outline of those two very alluring dark nipples behind that I’d been stealing glances at all evening long, I headed upstairs to my bedroom for some much needed relief, and sleep before spending yet another fun-filled day with the girls tomorrow.

I had had a small, less than satisfying little climax and had quickly fallen to sleep afterwards, even with the faint sound of the girls still giggling downstairs, especially when I also heard the all too familiar back ground music of one of my also not so secretly stashed porn videos. Obviously, the girls were watching that, something they’d obviously been waiting for me to go to bed so that they could do. I certainly didn’t have a problem with them doing that either, they were well old enough anyway, and if they could feel comfortable enough seeing something like that together, who was I to complain about it or ruin their last night of silly, semi-erotic fun. Even so, as my head hit the pillow, and as my thoughts wandered off into my own dreams, the last images that I actually allowed were of the two of them together, curiously exploring one another as girls sometimes did at their age.

I lay there dreaming. It had been well over a year now since I had even slept with another woman, I’d almost forgotten what it felt like, but what I was feeling now was pure heaven, sweet, slow and sensually pure heaven, and then I realized, this wasn’t just a dream, this was really happening as I slowly woke from my fugue, realizing only then that someone was actually with me in bed, and türkçe bahis that they currently had my rock-hard cock inside their mouth!

“Whaaa?” was all I managed as I struggled to sit up, staring into the darkness.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to wake up,” she said.

“Chantel? Is that you?”

She giggled, “Who else did you think? Chrissy?”

Her suggestively obscene comment took me by surprise, almost as much as finding her with my dick in her mouth.

“No, no…of course not, but,”

“But what? You’re not enjoying this?” she teased, sucking me once again even more deeply into her mouth.

I was flustered, unsure of what to say, or even how to say it. And though I couldn’t really see her, the room honestly being so dark as it was, I could still smell her, feel her pressing against me, and knew in that brief moment that she was as naked as I was.

“You shouldn’t be here,” I finally managed, fighting with myself emotionally, thrilled that she actually was.

“Do you want me to leave?” she said once again flicking beneath the super-sensitive head of my prick with her tongue. God it felt good, too good, and it had been even longer since I’d felt anything like this either.

“No,” I admitted to her then there in the dark. At least I had the darkness to cover my guilt of admission, my desire that had fully taken over reasoning as she slurped my hot cock like an ice-cream cone. Another image I had to quickly discard before it became even more obscene, more decadent than it already was. “Chrissy?” I asked.

“Downstairs, asleep on the couch,” she offered still licking my prick like an ice-cream.

“Chantel? Why are you here? Why are you doing this?” I had to ask.

“Honest answer?”


“Mainly because I was horny,” she said simply. “We’ve been watching a few of your videos, then after getting one another off…”


She laughed, “I thought that would get your attention.”

It did, but I wasn’t about to admit it, or pursue it either.

“But even after getting off with the vibrator, I was still really horny,”

“The blue one?”

Now it was my turn to surprise her. “Oh, so you did see it that day didn’t you?” She asked. “I wondered about that, the way you suddenly left the room all flustered and all,” she giggled. “I even asked Chrissy if you knew she was using one, and she said she thought that you might, especially with the paper-thin walls and all, since she’d certainly heard you jacking yourself off before.”

“She told you she had?”

“Yeah, said that since you weren’t going out and seeing anyone, that, that is mostly what you did whenever you were frustrated or stressed, and that you hadn’t obviously been out or done anything with another woman in a very long, long time!”

I was a little surprised to learn that my daughter and Chantel had actually spent time discussing my sex life.

“So, does that turn you on to hear about what we were doing?” she asked slowly jerking me up and down there in the darkness. “Have you ever wondered if we’ve done stuff like that before when we’ve spent the night together? Have you masturbated thinking about it? Wondering?”

“Yes…yes!” I admitted to her, once again thankful for the darkness to hide my embarrassment and shame of admission to such wickedly decadent thoughts.

It was a struggle, but I reached down with my hands, finding her face and pulled that exquisite mouth of hers away from my cock. “Why are you really here?” I asked her. “And don’t tell me it was just because you were horny.”

Having forced her to release me, she took the opportunity to move up on me instead, I felt her soft wet sex situate itself on top of me, not entering mind you, but kissing me, almost sucking me the way her mouth had been doing. And even as she did that, she gathered my hands in hers, lifting, and then placing them upon her full breasts so that I felt the hardness of her firm nipples imprinting themselves within the palms of my hands.

“I’m here because I’ve always wanted to do this, that I’m technically still a virgin, that I’ve wanted my first time to be with someone that truly knew what they were doing, and seriously, I really am horny!”

“What do you mean? Technically still a virgin?”

“Just what I said,” she informed me, now grinding herself in a circular motion against me. “I’ve never had a man’s cock inside me,” she added. “Though I did take my own virginity with your daughters blue vibrator, the same one she used to take hers with,” she told me. “So technically, I’m still a virgin the way I see it, never having had a man’s cock inside my cunt before,” she finished obscenely, then moaning hotly as she continued grinding herself against me. “So Darren, will you fuck me?” She asked. “Please?”

“Chantel, I’m twice your age, and then some,” I said relishing in the wetness of her sweet pussy lips as they continued to slither up and down against the firmness of my shaft.

“Age güvenilir bahis siteleri has nothing to do with it, and you know it,” she said smoothly. “It’s a matter of getting over and past the fact that I’m your daughter’s friend…”

“And mine,” I countered.

“And yours,” she agreed. “And Chrissy’s friend too, whose pussy I just got through eating no more than a half hour ago.”

“Chantel!” I exclaimed, trying to admonish her comment, though the burned image of what she’d just told me would now remain forever engrained inside my head.

“Oh come on Darren,” she quipped. “Don’t tell me the thought of Chrissy and I licking one another’s cunts doesn’t excite you, obviously…it does!” she giggled once again as my fingers lied to my words, capturing and rolling those hard extended nipples of hers as I held them.

I felt I could actually explode at any moment, and I wasn’t even inside her…yet! The image, no matter how wildly wrong it was, no matter how wickedly lewd and decadent such a thought could possibly be, in my minds eye I could see them together, laying there on the couch together in a passionate embrace, arms and legs entwined, licking, sucking, fingering one another there on the couch with some other couple busily fucking away there on the TV as they heard, listened and got even more aroused and excited by the sounds of lust-filled wantonness.

“So, are you going to fuck me or not?” she asked.

I moved backwards ever so slightly, then forward in the blink of an eye and slid hotly, fully into the silky-soft sweetness of her virginal pussy.

“Oh fuck! I guess so!” she squealed happily, causing me to worry for a moment at the sudden unexpected cry of her pleasure, and that it might wake Chrissy down stairs.

“Shh,” I tried coaxing her. “Chrissy!”

I could only begin to imagine what my own daughter might think, coming upstairs to find us in here, me fucking her best friend, her own father’s cock plunging in and out of this deliciously wet split, unable to stop, uncaring, the liquid pleasure now bathing me robbing all sense of morality and reason.

Try as I might however, Chantel made no effort whatsoever to quiet herself, wildly fucking back against me now, moaning and groaning with a deep-souled urgency that caused me to hold my own breath as though that might somehow lesson the noise of our coupling.

“Fuck that’s nice!” She nearly screamed out once again. “Way better than that blue toy,” she added a moment later. “As long as you can last anyway,” she added giving me a precautionary warning about coming too soon, which is about the worst thing she could have warned me about. Already I could feel the fuck-butter busily churning away deep within my balls and knew that if we kept this pace up for much longer, that I’d be spilling it, shooting it deep within that hot fiery pussy of hers.

“Wait! Wait!” I cried out a moment or two later.

“Why? You THAT close?” she giggled, finally slowing her motions.

“No…No, it’s just that I thought I heard something,” I told her, truly worried now, listening for the sound of footsteps ascending the stairs, or the sound of my daughters voice wondering what was going on, what in hell we were doing.

Chantel listened, but only for a moment, then began riding me once again into oblivion. “Don’t hear anything,” she told me. “And I wouldn’t worry about it anyway, I told Chrissy I was so fucking horny that I just might come up here and fuck you later,” she said.

“You told her that? You actually said that to her?” I asked in surprise.

“Yeah, I did, and she knew I was serious too!” Chantel told me.

“What did she say?” I stammered, feeling my cock wilt slightly as the fear of her finding us together became even more possible.

“Hey, don’t go getting all soft on me,” Chantel stated. “I’m a LONG way from finished here yet!” she added. “Like I said, I told Chrissy I was thinking about it.”

“What did she say to that?” I asked worriedly.

“She told me…to go for it!”

“She did?”

“Yes daddy…I did!”

Only then at the sound of my daughter’s voice did I realize that the room had suddenly become brighter, the light from the hallway lamp now filtering into the room so that the outline of my daughter’s form stood in the doorway, silhouetted, Chantel’s beautiful ebony body sitting astride me in a glistening sheen of musky perspiration that highlighted every curve, every muscle of her magnificent body.

And on top of all that, she never quit moving, never quit fucking me, as though she had known that Chrissy was there all along.

“How long?” I asked.

“Ever since she came into your room,” Chrissy told me. “Please don’t be mad at her daddy, it really was my idea.”

“Your idea?”

“Well, she told me to go ahead and do it, but she’s always known I’ve always wanted to,” Chantel added. “So no reason for you to be mad at either one of us really.”

“Mad? Me? Yeah, I’m the one who’s mad alright, for letting you two get away with this,” I said simply, giving in to my raw unbridled emotions now. “This doesn’t freak you out? Upset you?” I asked still staring at the not quite revealed shadow of my own daughter still standing in the doorway.

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