The Slutification of Jenny – Part 1

The Slutification of Jenny – Part 1Hey guys – comments welcome. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to read more. If you’re into the same things as me, I’d like to read yours too! Kitty xxShe’d always been insecure. Always a skinny k**, puberty hit her hard. By the end of school her body had changed beyond recognition. Still naturally short and petite, her hips and broadened out considerable, and her ass had become very large and full. But the biggest change were her tits. They’d gone from non-existent to cumbersomely big incredibly quickly, and seemed to still be growing. She’d gone from being ignored to being hated by the popular girls. They were jealous of her big tits and ass, and how their boyfriends would look at her. She was bullied incessantly for her ‘fat ass’ and for being a ‘slut’, even though she very rarely let anyone close to her. The few times she did get involved with a guy, he’d fuck her once, to say he’d done it, then just brag to his mates, telling them lies about how slutty she was in bed, when in reality she was nervous and embarrassed by the way her body had become so sexual. It wasn’t just her figure that was a problem – she had an embarrassingly high sex drive. Her pussy, would quickly and easily bulge when she got remotely turned on and she was always dripping wet by then time she got her pants off. Rumours spread round the school about this very quickly; soon everyone called her a slut or a whore behind her back, sometimes even to her face.Starting university, she was hoping for an escape. She’d be with different, less judgemental people. She’d leave behind her undeserved reputation. She’d dress in thick, baggy clothing so hide her body. She hoped she’d find a nice boy who’d appreciate her for more than her hour-glass figure and pretty doe-eyes. It seemed to be working. She mad lots of friends, avoiding sleeping with anyone or anyone even seeing her naked. And she thought she found the perfect man. Immediately attracted to him, she couldn’t believe when he politely asked her out on a date. He was kind, funny, attentive and exuded a strange charm over her. She trusted him and quickly became putty in his hands. She was overjoyed when he said he wanted a relationship before they’d even had sex. She’d found it hard to restrain herself – she got so wet when she was with him she brought a spare pair of pants on every date. But now they were together, she knew the time had come. She was nervous – he’d fallen for such a nice, sweet girl. How would he react when he saw her slutty body with her dripping went pussy. Would he think she was a slut like everyone else? No, she knew him. She trusted him.He invited her to his flat and she was glad to see he lived alone – she wouldn’t have to negotiate any flatmates or family. She felt like she might finally be able to relax. Now she is in his room and he lays her down on the bed and kissing her deeply. As soon as his strong tongue is in her mouth, she feels her pussy getting swollen and wet. She tries not to think about it as he pulls her top off. Even in the special supportive bra she’d bought especially because it hid her tits, it’s obvious they’re very big, filling the material to the point of breaking it. She cathces him staring hungrily at them but he doesn’t say anything, instead moving down to pull her trousers off. Suddenly, she realises she had forgotten to change into her spare pants like she’d meant to. Now it was too late. He drags her trousers over her fat ass with a bit of effort and down to her ankles, exposing her crotch. She’s embarrassed to see it’s as bad as she feared. Her aroused pussy has swollen to press tight against the fabric of her pants, the chubby lips threatening to spill of the sides. Even worse, her juices have completely soaked through. She tries to read his face as her stares at her sopping, desperate cunt but he just smiles zonguldak escort and pulls her trousers all the way off. Trying to distract him, she reaches round and undoes her bra, dropping it off the side of the bed. The incredible physical relief she feels from releasing her tightly packed 34FF tits is tempered by her concern with what he’d think of her when he sees her breasts fully exposed. They’re large and heavy but firm, completely covering her chest and hanging slightly down over the side. Her nipples are small and pink which make the huge mass of flesh around them look even more out of proportion with her frame. She thinks they made her look like a sex doll or whorish porn star. He just stares at that them a moment, lies down and asks her to climb on top. Nervous, she does as he asks, straddling him and shyly trying to cover her breasts. Her small hands barely cover a third of them and the soft flesh bulges round the sides humiliatingly. ‘No, show me’ he says softly. Reluctantly, she lets go and allows her huge breasts to hang free, feeling herself blush as he eyes them. ‘You look fucking hot’ he says smiling. She feels herself smiling back. It feels different – good – to be lusted after by someone who clearly likes her. She even finds herself playing with her tits when he asks her to, her little hands dwarfed by the heavy globes she’s handling; so big that she can easily lift one at a time, drawing her small pink nipple up to her mouth and licking it as he watches. Underneath her his cock is getting rock hard; she can feel it expanding underneath her swollen dripping pussy. It feels frighteningly large. He sees her looking down between her legs where her juice has leaked through, soaking his boxers too. ‘Take them off’ he says and she does, awkwardly, pulling her sopping panties down. She’s horrified to see that, as she does, a long line of her juice stretches between the wet material and her puffy lips. It breaks and drips onto his stomach. ‘I’m so sorry’-‘ she starts, disgusted byherself but he just smiles and encourages her to take her pants all the way off.‘Turn round, let me see’ he says. Feeling very exposed but wanting to please him, she does so, falling onto all fours, her ass towards him, her legs closed, trying to obscure her large, dripping pussy lips. She dreads to think how big her ass looks as she does this, but hopes that at least her overlarge asscheeks will be covering her arsehole. From this position she can see the bulge in his boxers and her skin pricks with fear and anticipation – it’s huge. His cock looks to be nine or ten inches long and very, very thick. He reaches forwards and gently touches her thighs, making her part her legs. She feels even more exposed now, knowing he is getting a facefull of her oversexed pussy. But he doesn’t seem put off. In fact, her reaches down and takes her puffy pussy in his hand softly. His palms are wide but her bloated cunt is easily a handful for him. She trembles with nerves and pleasure as he squeezes her slick mound in hand a few times, like an overripe fruit. When pulls his hand away, it’s coated with her juices. She can’t stop herself apologising again, but he just laughs it off. She can’t bear being so exposed any longer and turns back round, disguising it as best she can as an eagerness to get down to business. She pulls his boxers down and off revealing the huge cock that she’s going to have to take if she wants to keep him happy. After revealing so much of her slutty body to him, she’s desperate to make sure he stays with her. She’s never sucked a cock before, and can’t imagine even getting her mouth around this thing, but she knows she has to try. Sitting back on her knees she lets her heavy tits fall on his stomach before dragging them slowly over his cock. It’s pretty whorish, she thinks, but he probably won’t guess she’s doing escort zonguldak it just delay the inevitable. After rubbing her fat breasts over his cock, making him groan, she takes the shaft in her hand. She can barely get her fingers all the way round and its much easily to hold with both hands. Trying not to think about it entering her, she starts to nervously lick the fat head making him moan more. She does this for a while, trying to get used to the taste, trying to delay putting the whole thing in her mouth. A large amount of precum forms at the tip, overflowing and running down so she has to lick it off. Worried he’s getting bored and frustrated she opens her mouth as wide as she can and tries to suck the head. It’s a stretch but she get enough inside that, with a push she can slide her lips over, until the whole head is inside her mouth. She can barely move her tongue around as his cock completely fills her mouth. Her jaw is already starting to ache, and with her mouth pinned open, she can’t stop her spit from drooling out and down his shaft. Thinking quick, she uses it as lube to wank him. Even with the tip in her mouth, there’s enough of his length left to rub both her hands up and down. Maybe this will be enough, she thinks. But the more turned on he gets, his hips tilt forward, pushing the head of his cock a little deeper until it plugs the back of her throat, cutting off the air and making her gag. A big rush of drool spills out of her mouth, dripping down to his large heavy balls. She pulls the cock out of her mouth, coughing and apologises again. ‘Don’t worry,’ he says, ‘Try again’. She does, stretching her mouth all the way round even though her jaw aches, and she gags again. A few more times of trying to force more than just the very head of his cock inside her mouth makes her gag. His cock and balls and her hands are covered in her spit.He laughs – ‘Don’t worry, I think we’ll need all the lube we can get’. She knows what he’s thinking and with a spasm of panic she realises the time has come. He’s going to try and get that monster inside her. At least, she thinks, being on top means she can go at her own pace. So, acting as if she can’t wait, she moves forward pulling his cock vertical; it even weighs a lot. She positions it underneath her engorged pussy. If anything, gagging on his cock has made her even wetter and more swollen – she looks like some sort of a****l in heat. As she watches, cheeks burning, a drop of her cum falls down and lands on his cock. Quickly, she closes the gap between the two. Straight away, she realises it’s going to be impossible. The girth of his head spreads her fat lips to the their limits but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go any deeper than that. Her opening rests over the cock, like she could put her whole weight on it, lift her legs off the bed and she’s just sit on top of it like a stool.She decides to make a token effort, lowering herself down, taking more and more weight onto her tiny opening. Eventually she feels a little give, but even that gives such an intense feeling of stretching she tenses up. ‘Let’s try a different position’. From the tone of his voice she can sense his frustration and she worries he’s getting angry. If she can’t fuck him there’s no way he’ll stay with her. Eager to please she obeys instantly when he suggests she get back on all fours. He positions himself behind her, taking a moment to paw her tits which hang heavily down from her chest, almost touching the bed. She realises he’s going to fuck her dogg style, like an a****l, like some slut he doesn’t want to look at. But she doesn’t want to do anything to put him off so she tries to push her ass up so he can access her wet hole.He presses the tip of his cock to her opening and again it feels way to big to ever fit inside. But he can push with a lot more force than she can, and zonguldak escort bayan he doesn’t feel the intense stretch. He grips her wide hips with both hands and pulls as he pushes into her. For a second the pressure just builds and then, suddenly, her little hole can’t hold him back anymore. His thick head forces her opening wider, driving inside. She bites back a yelp, trying to concentrate on relaxing her overstretched muscles to accept the enormous invasion. Fortunately her embarrassing amount of pussy juice does it’s job. Once she starts to open up, the lube means that his entire shaft ploughs into her, sliding up to his balls easily. She’s embarrassed to hear a wet farting sound as her sopping pussy is filled; disgusted at her audibly whorish body. He’s long enough that when he’s completely inside his cock pushes painfully against her back wall, bruising her cervix which she’s sure feels great for him. She’s proved right as he pushes even deeper, grinding and pressing as much of himself as far into her as possible before starting to pull back. He pulls all the way out, spreading her huge ass cheeks as the tip pops out so that he holds her hole open. Then almost immediately he pushes back in before she can tighten up again. There is another squelching sound, reminding her how open and sloppy her cunt is. And now he starts to fuck her, in and out, using her large soft hips to thrust harder. She feels like her body is being destroyed, pounded by a cock she can barely fit in her mouth but at least she’s doing it. He tells her to put her hands up on the bed frame and she does, realising her huge fat tits are flopping around stupidly as he fucks her.After what seems like forever he suddenly ask to cum on her tits. She thinks that sounds humiliating and degrading, like something out of a porn film, but she’s eager to get the huge dick out of her raw, abused hole so she says yes. He pulls out, leaving her painfully empty, and dripping from her open cunt onto the bed. She turns and tries awkwardly to ready herself, trying to lift her enormous tits in her weak arms so he can cum on them. He wanks his girthy cock a few times then cums hard. Huge thick ropes of it cover her tits and go up over her face. There’s so much of it. It goes in her mouth and in her hair. She’s so humiliated but also triumphant. Surely he’ll want to stay with her after this.When he finishes, she goes to the bathroom to wipe herself up. She can’t believe what a disgusting, desperate little whore she looks in the mirror, overgrown tits shaking, covered in cum, dripping down over her belly. She gently touches her swollen pussy and is shocked at how open her hole is, slowly going back to normal size. If it will ever go back to normal again.When she’s all cleaned up she comes back in and finds him in bed on his laptop. She snuggles up to him. ‘Look’ he says, pointing at the screen and playing a video. She freezes in horror. It’s a video of her, of him, of them. He filmed everything. She can’t move, can’t think as she watches her acting like such a slut, seemingly loving being fucked then humiliated on camera; groping her huge tits and sucking them, spreading her fat ass for him, gagging on his cock again and again, offering up her breasts for his cum. ‘Delete it! Delete it please!’ she begs as soon as she can bring herself to talk. ‘If anyone sees this they’ll think I’m such a disgusting slut’. Suddenly his face has gone cold and his smile now looks cruel. ‘You are a slut, babes,’ he smirks, ‘And I’ve saved the proof’. She can’t believe it, he seemed so sweet, was it all just a ploy? ‘I knew you were a fucking slut as soon as I saw your body. Did you think you were hiding it in those baggy clothes?’. He laughs. ‘Now here’s the deal. From now on, you do everything I say, exactly as and when I say it, and no one else ever has to see this. Piss me off, just once; disappoint me in anyway, and I make sure this shit goes fucking viral. Everyone one campus, everyone you’ve ever met is going to see it. Understand?’ She feels numb with terror. All she can do is nod. He laughs, ‘I knew you’d say yes you little whore’.

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