The Start Pt. 02


Pt. 02: Our Next Step

Our next step in the right direction.

I found myself getting more and myself getting more and more excited as I waited for the next time Sally would be sitting next to me on the sofa as usual in front of the Tele.

When the program we were watching ended she got up to get the remote control and instead of sitting beside me when she came back she sat on my lap as was quite normal nowadays. I put my arms around her waist and stayed like that for a while just enjoying holding her close as she moved around on my lap and I said to her “Aren’t you comfy Sally?”

She smiled and said “Very comfy dad, this is the nicest way to watch Tele do you think so to?”

I whispered to her”It is but it’s doing things to your poor old dad,”she giggled and asked if I minded I replied I enjoy it more than you know it excites me haven’t you noticed?

My mind was drifting back to what we were talking about the last time we watched TV and had a few drinks together and I realized that that although I shouldn’t be I was thinking about Sally my daughter in a sexual manner and I felt so guilty as these thoughts raced through my mind thinking what it would be like to fuck her after all she was so attractive and missing the same thing that I was. I wanted her so badly ,wanted to fuck my own daughter and knew it was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

It was on my mind constantly I was getting more and more excited as I thought about her and waited eagerly for the next time we would be watching Tele together and then it arrived. So the other evening Sally was sitting by the side of me her arm güvenilir bahis around my shoulder and her fingers stroking my neck. I was excited already but even so I didn’t really think that I would have the nerve to come on to her in case it ruined the father and daughter relationship we had enjoyed since she was a little girl so I tried without success to put these dirty sexy thoughts out of my mind. She got up to put the kettle on to make coffee and when she came back she sat down on my lap as she usually did now, wriggling around till she was comfortable god I was so turned on I thought she was bound to notice my hardness underneath her.

Eventually the program we had been watching had finished and she was fiddling with the remote to find something else to watch when she dropped it, she got off my lap to pick it up and as she bent down her short skirt rode up and I could see her white panties in between her legs, the puffiness of her pussy lips showing through the thin material and they seemed to be either side of that tiny white strip which looked to me very damp.

I imagined what it would feel like to have those lips engulfing my erection, what it would feel like to slide in between them with my ever-hardening cock and what it would be like to have sex with my lovely daughter.

So with out thinking anymore about how wrong it was to fuck one’s own daughter I thought it’s now or never and I reached out and put my hand in between her legs not really knowing what her reaction would be so I was so thrilled as she pushed back onto my hand and opened her legs for me. She looked back at me her face flushed with excitement türkçe bahis and she whispered quietly “Oh daddy I have been waiting for you to show me that you wanted me since I came back.”

She carried on saying “Oh daddy ever since the other night when we were talking about missing regular sex I realized how much I wanted you and hoped you felt the same and how much I wanted my daddy to make love to me,” she said. “I really want you to fuck me dad just like Paul used to and I do know it’s wrong but no one will ever know it will be our secret.”

I said “Oh my lovely Sally I really want to love you to, really want to fuck my lovely daughter,”

I said to her quietly. “I know it’s wrong to and it really has to be a well kept secret between us.”

I could feel the heat of her pussy as I slipped my fingers up in between her thighs moving the tiny strip of material aside, she was so hot wet and slippery and it felt like silk inside, she began moaning as she felt my fingers exploring her wetness.

She was getting wetter and wetter and god she was so hot and ready for her horny dad to make love to her and I was so excited and ready to unload deep inside her with my hard throbbing cock.

She gasped and started to pull her panties off saying “0h daddy why don’t you help me and take them off for me?”

We tore each other’s clothes of in a frenzy and I gazed at her naked body in awe realizing how beautiful she looked as she stood before me unashamed and ready for me to as I was for her, I held her close feeling her naked body tight up against mine as we kissed passionately my cock, hard and erect against her, it güvenilir bahis siteleri felt so good.

I guided her to the arm of the sofa and bent her over, spread her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her slit before I gently pushed my throbbing cock into her pussy from behind our first fuck and it was going to be doggie.

It slipped in easily since she was so hot and wet, I pushed until it was fully inside her making her gasp as I took her doggy-style my hands on her hips as we rocked back and fore my cum filled balls bouncing off her as cheeks as my cock entered her hidden depths. It was unbelievable that first time, and realizing I was making love to my own daughter with my cock deep inside her pussy made it so intense.

She whispered to me her voice hardly audible “Your big hard cock fills my pussy completely daddy I do love you so much, oh fuck me hard daddy make me cum,” I tried to make it last but was so excited it wasn’t long before my throbbing cock started to jerk inside her as I reached an orgasm and was filling my lovely eager daughter up with her daddy’s hot creamy cum.

She reached her orgasm at the same time as me as I held her tight, my cock spurting and jerking deep inside her, she screamed “Oh yes daddy, oh yes daddy don’t stop I feel so full of you, how I have thought about this ever since I came back to you.”

We stayed quiet for what seemed ages enjoying what had happened between us, my cock slowly shrinking and sliding out of her, I looked in between her open legs and saw my cum dribbling out from her glistening lips, god it looked so sexy. We collapsed on the floor, kissing and holding each other just resting in each other’s arms thinking of our intense love making and enjoying the moment. both thinking how wonderful it had been, our first fuck session together but definitely not the last.

( More to come )

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