The Step Experience


Milly was and still is a very beautiful and quirky, loving woman who’d do anything for anyone if she could. She also has what I would call ‘natural beauty’ she’s never been one to overdo her makeup. A little eyeshadow and liner which enhances her stunning eyes with a smokey blend. She’s not one for bright coloured lipstick so only wears a neutral lipgloss. She has very full lips and if I dare say an incredibly kissable mouth.I and Milly were, and still are very close even though she isn’t mine and we also have a very close bond. Not in a sexual way, you understand. But if she needed someone to talk to or just a fatherly hug, I’m the one she comes to and not her own father. Neither of us knows exactly what this bond is, but we know that whatever it is we can talk to each other and guide each other but more importantly be there for each other. She also has a beautiful daughter whose father isn’t around so she’s everything to her and to her Nan and Pops, and we have the little darling sleepover from time to time which is fun.We go for coffees together, shopping and lots of other things too and she even took my advice well a ‘man’s view’ on şişli escort how she looked when she dressed to go out. Even some comments could be quite suggestive from both sides.And I quite often expressed how good her ass looked in a tight dress, or trousers with it being quite innocent or so I thought.But with no man in her life for a while, she would thank me for saying, “I really need to hear things like that, even if it is from my stepdad.”And she would hug me and give me a gentle kiss.This one day Milly was going out with some of her friends from work and it was a school night so little Teghan and I needed to be at home, so I offered to babysit as the wife was at work.”I won’t be home late and please make sure she’s in bed by eight,” were her last words as she left.”Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,” was my reply.So Teghan and I played for a little while after her dinner until it was time for her to clean her teeth and get ready for bed.I read her a story for a while until it was time to turn out the light. I retired to the lounge to watch a little TV. The usual rubbish was on, which I endeavoured to watch şişli escort bayan for a while.Then about ten o’clock I browsed through the channels again, and came across the porn channels and thought ‘well, no-one’s around I’ll give it a go.’It was quite enjoyable watching, and I found myself getting aroused. I didn’t full-on masturbate I just had a bit of a play and must’ve fallen asleep with my cock in hand.Milly came back just after eleven and found me on the sofa, my cock still in hand. I must’ve been spark out because I never heard her come in even though she was tipsy.The porn channel still on, she gently shook my shoulder and I awoke with an “Oh shit.””You like what’s on then?” she asked.“Well,” I replied.And with that, she started dancing in front of me just like the young woman was doing on TV. To say I was turned on would be an understatement.”Milly, what are you doing?” I asked.She turned to me and placed one finger on my lips and said, “Sssshhhhhhh, enjoy.”She sexily lowered her tight skirt which revealed a skimpy black laced thong, then her top came off revealing her beautiful double D breasts mecidiyeköy escort in a bra that matched her lace thong. Her skin was glistening from the light of the TV. By now my hands were off my twitching cock and I so wanted her to carry on.’She never calls me Dad, so does that make it ok?’  I asked myself.Either way, I was certainly getting turned on as she twerked in front of me. Her legs straddled me as she slowly backed up and her sexy ass beckoning me to touch it. You may say I was weak, or sick but the temptation was too great and I placed my hands on her delectable butt.I gave it a gentle spank, then kissed and licked her peachy butt cheeks. I couldn’t help myself as I gently pulled her butt cheeks apart and started probing her butt hole with my tongue.“So you want to play?” She asked cheekily as she slowly pushed back.My tongue probed deeper and deeper inside her butt hole. My fingers were rubbing and probing the length of her warm pussy from front to back, sliding easily between her swollen and wet pussy lips. My fingers started to probe her tight little butt hole using the juices from her warm pussy as lubrication, one finger then two.She let out a low gentle moan as my fingers and tongue slowly slid deeper inside her. I could feel her trembling as she reached her first climax. Wave after wave came over her, and four orgasms later I could feel her legs getting weaker as her last orgasm subsided.

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