The Storm


The Storm:

The thunder and lightning stopped as quick as it started. It was a quick storm, but a violent one. Not sure of the town’s damage as all electricity cut out a little while ago. I was home alone as my husband was out of town for a few days, but was glad the majority of the storm was over, just a little light rain continuing.

We lived out in the country a little, so when darkness set in and there was no electricity, it was extremely dark.

I called my husband just to let him know I was OK and asked him a few questions about our electricity, what to unplug, what to do with computers, etc, etc. It was calming to hear his voice as I was a little upset from the storm, but all got better after a few glasses of wine I retrieved from a half open bottle of wine I found in the fridge.

I was able to get some minimal light from an old flashlight I found in the kitchen junk drawer. It was faint and I knew it wouldn’t last too long, but it was enough to get me around the kitchen and illuminate what I needed. I looked out the windows and saw leaves and tree limbs all over the yard. Off in the distance I noticed a faint flicker in the darkness at the house next door and finally figured out it had to be a candle with the flickering light going back and forth.

We had meet our neighbors a couple times just briefly, but since we were relatively new in town, we really hadn’t had the chance to know them well. From what we did know, they certainly seemed like nice people. They were older then Mark and I, but most neighbors were as we were the newlyweds of the block. I thought about the pending night, Mark out of town and the batteries dying in the only flashlight I could find, so I got up the courage to venture off to the neighbors to see if they had some extra batteries I could borrow for my flashlight.

I knocked on the door and John answered and invited me in. We talked about the quick storm şişli escort that blew in and I let him know of my dilemma with no fresh batteries for my flashlight.

He chuckled and said, “No problem, come on in”.

We walked into the kitchen where his wife, Trisha was sitting. She greeted me very nicely and invited me to sit down at the kitchen table while John went to look for batteries for me. The room was not well lite, as it was only the flicker of the candle that illuminated the room, but Trisha looked more stunning then I even remembered. She had long auburn hair, was tall, and had a tight firm body and a pretty smile to boot. John was a lucky man and I think he knew it. Don’t get me wrong, John had a nice athletic physique but you could tell that middle age was catching up to him. I mentioned to Trisha that I at least had a bottle of wine in the fridge at home and she said that’s a great idea to pass the time and got glasses for us and poured us some more that they also had in the fridge.

John was gone for several minutes and finally returned to the kitchen and admitted he could not find the C size batteries that my flashlight needed.

“No problem”, I stated, “it was just a chance”.

John went off to look some more, and Trisha leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, I have lots of C size batteries, my Rabbit vibrator used C size batteries and I have a hidden stash for my use”.

I was shocked she was so open with me and she joked that obviously John was not aware of her hidden stash.

“Obviously, your friend doesn’t use C size”, she chuckled.

I reluctantly admitted to her that I didn’t have a friend like that.

She just laughed and said “You will soon!”.

Trisha went on to say, “I realize you and Mark are newlyweds, but when he’s out of town like he is now, don’t you need some company, if you know what I mean?”. escort aksaray

I just blushed.

Trisha asked John to run to the store and buy some batteries for me, some ice and another bottle of wine. She just did this to get John out of the house. After he departed, she returned to the kitchen with a brand new packaged bright pink vibrator and a couple of packs of batteries.

“I just happen to have this one I have yet to open, please take it as my little gift to you” and she winked.

I looked at her and knew I was blushing bright red, but the thoughts overwhelmed me and I just muttered “Thank you”.

“There’s only one catch” Trisha exclaimed.

“What’s that.” I said.

“You need to to show me that you know how to use it”.

I didn’t know what to say, here was this sexy older lady telling me that she wanted to see me pleasure myself with my new vibrator I had just gotten from her. I was very reluctant and almost said No, but the excitement came the better of me, and I noded in agreement.

“Good, the store I sent John to is pretty far away, but we better get started before he gets home.”

We moved over to the living room couch and she was putting the new batteries in the Rabbit while I just watched.

“Well you better get undressed if you’re going to prove to me you know how to use this”.

I slowly removed my top and was standing there in my little bra right in front of her. I was blushing, but the erect nipples gave away my excitement. I unsnapped the bra and let it slip to the floor, my small but firm tits were now on full display for her to see.

“Continue”, she said.

I unzipped my jeans and stepped out of them as I heard a slight hum in the room, it was obvious she got the batteries in and the Rabbit was ready to jump into action. My light blue boy short panties were the only thing I had left on, and I knew they were kağıthane escort next.

I gathered up the courage and asked, “Are you going to join me?”.

“No this is all about you”, she exclaimed and I slipped off the panties and tossed them on the pile of clothes on the floor.

She handed me the Rabbit as I sat on the edge of the couch. I really didn’t need any warm up as the excitement of stripping naked right in front of her already had my juices flowing. I flicked on the Rabbit and felt the excitement in my hands. It was a whole new experience for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have masturbated before and even used a dildo, but never had a vibrating one anything like this Rabbit. I slowly moved it down to the little tuft of hair I had just above my now wet glistening slit. The sensation was very erotic and pleasing. I rubbed the vibrating tip over my lips and knew immediately, I was going to love this. Trisha sat back and admired my actions and my body

She told me, “I always wondered what I looked like naked.”

I slowly pushed the Rabbit deeper and deeper into my now soaked pussy and my body was moving in rhythm to the vibrations. This Rabbit had an upper extrusion that was for direct stimulation to the clit. Once the Rabbit was deep enough inside my tight pussy, my clit was touched by this extrusion and it wasn;t more then a few minutes that I shuddered into a very intense orgasm.

I just layed there for a minute and realized I had not only one new friend, but two, the Rabbit and Trisha.

She just smiled and said “John is going to be home soon, you better get dressed”.

Wasn’t more then a few minutes later, John came walking in with a few batteries, some ice and other item’s, and he handed the batteries to me and Trisha walked me to the door with the new friend of mine tucked neatly inside a grocery bag she gave me.

She whispered, “John is out of town next week and it will be my turn to put on a show for you.”

I blushed, smiled and rushed home to continue my investigation of my new found friend.

It was a long night, a few more glasses of wine, several more “O’s” and not much sleep. I had a new found love in my life!!

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