The Sucking Professor Part 2 (True Story)


The Sucking Professor Part 2 (True Story)Part 2 of the first story, comments and ratings are appreciated.I’m sitting down at the bar with Joe and I really wanted to know how the hell he knew that Professor Jamie, just sucked my cock, and what did he have to do with it. Joe had a funny little smirk on his face, and he knew I wanted to know, but he kept stalling, talking about the game on the TV, and other pointless bullshit,I had finally had enough I told him I would kick his ass if he did not spill the beans. So he finally told me. He said that one day while hanging out with Jeff at the porn store( glory hole), he noticed Professor Jamie walk in. He mentioned to Jeff that he knew her from the university, and Jeff had mentioned that she is a regular. Now at first, Joe told me he thought Jeff meant a regular customer, but then he changed his whole world when he said that she was a regular, that uses the glory hole on the other side. He told me he immediately went to her room and tried his hand at her blow job skills, of course from the blow job that I had just received, I knew she blew him good. He told me that he found this out months ago, and I asked him what took him so long to tell me, he said he had to see if I was alright before he did. He said he knew I thought she was sexy, so he devises a plan for me to test her out. I thanked him for enlightening me, he said I owed him, and I did, so I let him fuck one of my best fuck buddies when ever he wanted.So now that I knew who the women behind the wall was, I was addicted. That night I went back to Jamie’s house(which was my house for the remainder of the holiday break.) and Jamie was still at the glory hole, for all I know and her husband Tyler and son Alex were there watching Pulp Fiction( one of my favs). I sat down and watched the movie but the whole time I, was looking at both of them, thinking about how I just had my entire cock down his mom and his wife’s throat and she swallowed all my cum, and she was still out sucking more dick. I have to admit at felt a bit guilty, but then my horny other half got the better of me. The next morning I woke up and we all sat at the table eating breakfast, Tyler had made some pancakes and sausages. Jamie walked in smiling and she rubbed Alex’s hair and kissed him and kissed Tyler on the lips and said good morning to every one. She sat right across from me and she was wearing a robe, that was short, showing of her sexy legs and I noticed she was topless under her robe. I got a glimpse of the top part of her breast there was no bra. Tyler said, “”another department meeting last night honey?” ,and all she said was yes and smiled. This guy thought she was having meetings or stuck at the office he could not have been so oblivious. So for the whole time I was staying at her house for break I would go down to Jeff’s video store and have my cock sucked by Jamie, more than once a day two. I was the only one who knew, she did not even know she was sucking the cock, of her student, and the k** who lives in her home and sleeps 10 feet away from her.The break was over and I was back to classes and back to my dorm, but before I left Jamie told me that Alex took a liking to me and not be a stranger and to come over any time, little did she knew I would not be a stranger and I would cum over and over in her mouth lol. So I was in my same routine now that classes started, I would go to class, study a little bit and hang out with friends and fuck college girls and party. I also had a new hobby, after class I would go to the glory hole and have Jamie suck my cock and swallow my cum, but that was starting to not be enough for me I had to step it up a notch. I had started to devise a plan in my head one day in professors Jamie’s class one day. I was so distracted by the thoughts of her sucking my cock, I did not even know what her lecture was about, so after class I went to her office,and I asked her for some onwin giriş assistance. She mentioned that she noticed I was not focused in class and she wondered what was bothering me. I lied and told her a bull shit story about a girl I liked, she instantly told me that she was there to help me and all that stuff teachers say to cheer you up, knowing the type of person she is and the relationship we had, I knew what was coming next, she told me to come over to her house and we could talk about it over lunch. It was her last class of the day and mine too, it was the middle of the afternoon, so her husband was at work and her son was at school.We arrived to her house, my mind was spinning, was I really gonna go through with this?, how was I gonna go through with this? , Would she even want to go through with this. I had a million things going through my mind, but I knew I wanted to fuck her,and I had a feeling that she wanted too also, I just felt this vibe we had between each other it was hard to explain. She looked sexy as hell, she was wearing a sexy secretary get up, her hair was in a tight ponytail, she was wearing a tight great dress that hugged her hips and showed of those sexy curves, and that amazing heart shaped ass of hers. She was wearing the purple blouse and black heels and she had the most intoxicating fragrance. I was so fucking horny I was ready to pounce on her. After a whole bunch of small talk she, got to the point and asked me about my female problems I told her it was nothing I not really one to beat around the bush, I just told her I needed and excuse to come over her house with her and I winked at her. She smiled and threw a pillow at me from her couch, i don’t know but I think she jokingly called me an asshole i can’t remember. But she told , that I did not have to do that and that her house was mine. We watched some TV, the exact show was Law and Order SVU. She was leaning on me focused on the tv, and then I had my arm around her, it wasn’t plan it just happened and we were so comfortable, she had her head on my chest and we sat like that for a few minutes. I decided now was the time to make my move.She had her head on my chest and eyes glued to the television, I took my friend hand and I was wearing basket ball shorts, so I pulled my now semi hard dick out and let it lay there, and I told Jamie I had a surprised for you. Now this may sound wrong but, my plan was to see if she would just be okay with it, but if not I would black mail her, thank goodness it did not come to that. She looked at me and then looked down, her eyes were bugging out and she jumped off the couch and out of excitement, she screamed ,What the fuck!!. I told her everything from the weeks at the glory hole and how I wanted to fuck her and how I thought she was hot, and she and I would always flirt. She could not take her eyes of my dick but she was still standing in front of me. She said that she could lose her job if anyone found out, and I assured her that I was not telling any one,and then she kind of smiled and said, she did think about me in sexual ways a lot. She said that she remember my dick, because their were not many dicks my size and that not a lot of them were black. My dominant side kicked in and told her to show me her tits, with out any hesitation , she showed me her tits. She unbuttoned her silk blouse, and she was wearing a black lace bra and then she took her bra of real slow and sexy, teasing me. They were a sight to see, she had big white creamy tits, 36 D to be exact and her nipples were pink and like gum drops, but her alveolars were flesh wide and flesh tone I loved it. She told me to wait and that she had an idea, she turned around and put her iPod on her Bose stereo system. The music was sexy and it was old R&B slow jams from the 90’s. She told me to lay back and relax and not to touch my dick,which was out my shorts were off on the floor by now, all onwin yeni giriş I had on was a T shirt.Jamie started dancing and stripping for me to the music. She was biting her lip and her boobs were already off, and her she turned around and tease me by bending over and showing me that round ass of hers, and began to pull off her skirt. She was wearing a matching black lace thong, she slapped her ass and then she peeled them off and pull them up again just showing me a little bit of her ass crack. Then she turned around and showed my her shaved pink pussy. She pulled her panties off and she stood completely naked in her black heels. Her pussy lips were fat and puffy I wanted to eat right there. I could not take it any more I took off my shirt and got up and kissed her. Her lips felt so soft, out tongues wrestled and she sucked on my tongue, my cock was hard now and leaking pre cum, and it was rubbing against the front of her pussy. I grab a hand full of both of her ass cheeks, they were so firm and soft at the same time. I really enjoyed playing with her ass and she really liked it cause she moaned and laughed at me squeezing and slapping her ass. She said she wanted to suck my dick, but I told her I wanted to please her first, there is nothing more than making a woman cum first , at least to me, because they usually return the favor ten fold. I took her down on the living room carpet and I laid her on her back. I got on top of her we kissed some more,and then I kissed down her neck and them came down to her lovely tits and flick at her nipples which were hard by now, and then lick around her areolas and then sucked on her breast like a new born baby. As I sucked her tits, my hand found its way to her now wet pussy and I rubbed her clit, which was swollen and then I made my way down from her tits to her stomach leaving a trial of spit from my tongue down to her love pussy. I licked her pussy and sucked up her sweet juices, her pussy tasted like a sweet peach. I really got into it, my tongue lick all over her pussy and clit, I fingered her while I sucked on her clit,and she asked me to stick two fingers in and she really lost it. She told me to keep going for about a half an hour I ate her pussy and frigged her clit until she surprised the hell out of me. She tensed up and her body convulsed , I have been with many women by this time, so I knew she was getting ready to cum, but I never saw a female squirt in real life. She squirted all over my face, and I was little bit caught off guard but I was hot. She kept saying holy fuck holy fuck!! I knew I accomplished what I planned to do. She leaned back and her chest was heaving up and down and then after she came to, she said it was her turn to make me cum. My dick was so hard it was twitching, she complimented me on my size and thickness, I laid on my back and she spit on my dick and stroked and she started off my licking my balls. I love getting my balls licked and sucked on, she was jerking my dick as she place each of my balls in her mouth and sucked on them, then she licked my shaft up and down on both sides. She then sucked my head , I remember her doing this trick, where she place her tongue under my head and pushes it against the roof of her mouth, I almost lost it. She sucked my she showed so much enthusiasm, bobbing her head and deep throating my dick and gagging a lil bit, but I love that gagging sound. I had enough I cam in her mouth, and she made a comment about how familiar the taste was. I guess she was joking about blowing me when she did not know it was me at the glory hole. I still was hard after I cam( the pleasures of being young lol).It was funny , we both said we needed to fuck each other at the same time, I remember we laughed after that, it was like we were on the same wave length. She told me she wanted to ride my dick, I got up on the couch and she straddled me, I lined my cock up with her pussy onwin güvenilirmi and she slowly sat on my cock. She said she wanted to fuck the shit out of me, I was turned on by that, I knew that my professor loved to suck dick, but this felt so forbidden and sexy, I saw her in a real new way and I liked it. She sat on my dick and rocked back and forth slowly at first she squealed a little bit , it was so sexy. Then I grabbed her ass and started humping up in her pussy, she started to rock back and forth and moan, her boobs were bouncing up and down. I sucked on her tits while she rode me, that was the best. Her pussy was tight no too tight like a virgin but tight. She kept telling me how she loved the way my dick felt in her tiny white cunt. I admit I loved hearing her talk that way. She then start to really ride my dick , I had to lean back and let her ride me. I was in heaven, she was screaming loud and I was moaning cause her pussy felt so good, it was like a velvet glove wrapped around my dick. I grabbed her phat white ass and slapped it, she really like that cause she asked me to spank her harder. I then stood up and held her under legs, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I pumped my cock like a piston up into her pussy she was loosing it. She kept screaming fuck yea , stretch my white pussy. She was loosing it, she dug her nails into my back, it felt good in the heat of the moment. After awhile of fucking in this position , I was close to finishing off, and I wanted to fuck her from behind. I pulled out and she said she wanted to taste her pussy, she really was surprising me on how freaky she was, she sucked my dick and suck her pussy juices off my cock. I did want to cum yet so I pulled out.I turned her around and bend her over the arm of the couch, and stuck my dick h=in her dripping pussy. I did not have on a condom so I knew I had to risk it and try the pull out method. I fucked her pussy and she was pushed back on my dick her ass looked so sexy ass I pounded her pussy, she was creaming all over my dick. I was rubbing her tits and pulling her pony tail, her pussy squeezed my dick and and almost milk it, she was cumming again, and I knew I was close . I fucked her and speed up and pound her back out, about 9 0r 10 more powerful strokes I pulled out and busted load after thick gooey load over ass and back, and some got in her hair. I was so spent I leaned over onto her body and we collapsed on the floor. She rolled over and laid on top of me and sucked the rest of the last cum drops out of my dick til it was soft. We just laid there in each others arms, I looked over at the clock and noticed we fucked for 2 hours straight. Professor Jamie looked into my eyes and we both smiled at each other, she asked did I feel guilty now,and I told her hell no, I asked her if she felt bad and she said the same thing. We laid there and for ten more minutes. She got in the shower and I got dressed, she came out in more casual clothes, she still looked sexy and hear hair was down. She made us some food and we ate it in the kitchen, we just kept smiling at each other and we kept kissing each other.It was late in the afternoon and school was out and Alex’s bus pulled up to the house. He came in through the kitchen wear we were. We weren’t naked but we still did not want to look suspicious, Alex was surprised but happy to see me. I thought quick on my feet and told him that I can over to take him to the university gym to hang out and shoot some hoops, and I told him that he could try to score a college girl, he was stoked and he ram up stairs to change. Jamie smiled and kissed me and thanked me for playing it cool. I told her before I left with Alex, I wanted another blow job, she smiled and made a joke I don’t really recall. But anyway she said she did not want to get caught , so she took me to the basement and sucked my cock for about ten minutes and I cam all over her face. I left her there cause we heard Alex coming down the stairs. This was the start of a beautiful relationship.The End[b]I hope you guys liked the second installment, there will be two more coming , feel free to leave ratings and comments. I will have more soon.

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