The surprise I liked part – 1


The surprise I liked part – 1Hi everyone this is the continuation from My time in a PUB, this is what happened after that. Hope you like it. After Stella and I got back to the bar where Vicky was. Then Jack and Rony came to use to talk, Jack was next to Vicky and Rony was standing between me and Stella. We all talked to get to know each other. Had a few drinks, even through all the talking and drinking Rony’s hands were busy. They where on mine and Stella’s ass, squeezing and fonding them( right now I only got my skirt and top nothing else). After sometime Vicky and Stella left, before they when Rony made plan with me and Stella to meet up tomorrow. Now it was just me, Rony and Jack. Jack moved next to me, now I was between them. We had few drinks and talked about few things, now Jack had his hand rubbing my back. I asked them do they always share and they said we alway do in our family. buca escort I knew they didn’t have any plan to let go of me. We left after some time, they were still holding on to me as we walked to the car. As we reached the car Jack gave me a deep kiss, it lasted a few minutes. Then we got into that car, Jack was driving and Me and Rony was sitting at the back. Rony was squeezing my tits and then lifted my top up and squeezed again. He then started to pinch my nipple and pulling it slowly. My nipples were getting harder, he began to twist them. Then he licked it and was play with his tongue circling around my nipple, then he bit and pull. He did it for sometime and started to suck both my nipple I was getting horny and wet form all this. I could see that Jack was more concentrating on the action than the road. Rony put his fingers on my wet pussy and rubbed it then escort buca he put the same finger in my mouth and said to me to suck it. He took out his cock and started waving it then he grabbed my head and pushed to his cock. He push till all his cock was in my mouth he was hold it there for sometime before letting me lift my head. He said to me ‘suck my cock bitch ‘ and I did as he said. I started to suck his cock while his hand grabbing and spanking my ass. After some time we reached the place as soon as the car stopped Jack got out of the car opened the door next to me and pull me to him and he took out his cock, his hard cock landed on my face, I knew he was watching what we were doing at the back but never did I expect he to react this way but it made me more wet that how bad Jack wanted me. I started to suck him. He then pulled me to him and started kiss, our buca escort bayan tongues met it became intense I put my arm around his neck, he then lifted me up and I put my legs around him and he grabbed my ass to hold me we didn’t stop kissing as we moved into the house. Then we stopped not sure how much time passed ( he was a good kisser) he let me down and he told me to stip and face the wall. As I stripped and turned around and he pushed me to the wall and said to put your hands on the wall and stick your ass out and did as he said. He first felt my ass then he spanked me hard I screamed from to shock. Then Rony came and spanked me too they did it a few times, then they took me to a room. Both of the were striped now I could see there Big Black Cock which was make me excited. I when near then and grabbed there cock and started to feel it, I was slowly rubbing my hands over them. I went down on the knees and started to kiss them both then licked the head then slowly slowly taking it in my mouth feeling it enjoying the taste. I was sucking both the cocks and was having my fun then I suddenly I saw something in front on me…….To be continued

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