The Takeover of Brooke , Co. Ch. 02


If you’ve read my story “The Taking of Brooke and Co.” this is a continuation of it, enjoy. If not, you’ve missed a lot; you may want to read it first. For those who don’t below is a quick summation of it.

Currently Brooke is tied face down to my bed, my cock in her mouth and 3 of her acquaintances (1 aunt and 2 friends) as well as an unknown blonde we met while fucking on her car in a parking lot are downstairs in my dungeon, locked into place with various machines using them. Brooke is a lovely Nubian goddess of 19 years of age wrote to me as a fan. She even went so far as to send me pictures of herself and friends and not all of them were G-rated. Eventually after corresponding to this lovely lass so long I had enough information to find her—and I did!

Of their own accord all the women entered my house and gave themselves to me as their Master. Each has been well used and fucked and a new day is dawning as we speak. How can I tell? Well the alarm would normally be a good clue but at the moment the best clue is my morning rod growing up into a willing throat.

I looked down my naked body enjoying the sight of a gorgeous 19 year old who told me she enjoyed sucking off long, thick cocks doing just that. Although she had been tied face down in my crotch I had left enough slack to let her do exactly what came naturally to her. Saliva, both wet and dried, covered my hard member as she slowly licked me from top to bottom and back again.

Taking her gently in my hands I instructed her to always look me in the eyes whenever she sucked on my cock as a good slut should show in her eyes how much she desires the privileges she is granted. A look of lust crossed her face before she turned back to her task and ever so slowly took me inch by inch into her. My hands massaged her back winding their way slowly, unerringly, down to her nubile, firm buttocks.

Squeezing her asscheeks in my large hands I let her know how much I was aroused by the attentions of a young nymphomaniac like herself. Kissing her forehead when she stopped for a moment I told her of how much I desired to use her properly.

“Tonight my dear slutty Brooke,” I said lovingly, “we are going out. All you will wear is a tight, light colored top, a very short skirt matching the color of the crotchless panties you will be wearing underneath and your highest, narrowest heeled set of black leather fuck me pumps. From now until then I want you to prepare yourself mentally for the evening.”

Leaving her alone for a moment I went downstairs to check on the slaves in the basement. Aileen was still bound on her knees with the cocksucking machine going and her body covered in her own drool from all the moisture she’d created while taking the massive prong in her, Mischelle was so deep in subspace there was a possibility she’d never leave it after her run-in with my machine version of a dual penetration, Myra’s breasts were still being pumped, her nipples enlarged greatly and the unknown blonde was still bound with her legs and arms above her head as the Fuckzall went on about its business.

“How are my lovely sluts this morning,” I inquired.

Each woman tried to answer at once and I had to take each in turn. All were good health-wise although a few were sore. None, however, wanted their treatment to stop, to leave my service for a minute or more. Myra moaned as the first drops of her milk finally began to be pulled from her nipples. I watched in fascination as the liquid flowed out of her, around the plastic sleeve of the pump and then out the bottom of it to be collected.

Squeezing Myra’s breasts I watched her reaction as I told her about how her bisexual lover Brooke had been the reason she is now being milked by like a cow. I also told her how it was my desire to see her with her breasts giving me milk on a regular basis. Brooke would be assigned the daily duty of milking them.

Lining myself up with her mouth I had her work to milk me of my baby making fluid, but before she had the opportunity to do so I pulled out of her and, from behind, entered her sweet, tight cunt. I could feel her trying to rock herself onto my hard prong, to take me as deep as she could, as if she were trying to get me deep enough in her to make her pregnant with a single shot. Lucky for me that is not a consideration, I fire blanks. Pounding her fast and hard, giving her all the cock she can handle, I release until she is overflowing with my male juices.


Whack! Whack!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

The staccato sounds of my spanking Myra rang throughout the room as I left my large handprints in red on her luscious derriere. Bending forward I turned her face toward mine and kissed her fiercely. The look of lust in her eyes told me she desired the treatment I was giving her as much as I enjoyed giving it to her. The pumps attached to her very sensitive and enlarged nipples swung with each pump into her no matter how hard and each swat to her lovely rump as well.

Loud enough for istanbul escort everyone to hear I explained how each of their previous lives had ended when they met me and how those who pleased me would, in turn, be allowed pleasure themselves. Those who displeased me would be subjected to my tender mercies—and I have no mercy.

Picking up a phone, the number I dialed unseen; I called a friend of mine to assist me. My response from him was that he could stop over after work until I told him coming over was work. 30 short minutes later Brian showed up on my doorstep with his work tools in hand. “Where to,” he asked succinctly as I led him down to the basement.

Brian’s eyes went wide as he saw the dungeon with 4 naked, bound, hot, wet, slutty bitches in it. “Starting your own whorehouse,” he inquired, “harem or just having fun for the day?”

“Harem actually,” I replied, “and each needs some body modifications.” Slapping Aileen on the shoulder I told him that each of the women was to get a number of piercings on either side of their pussy so it could be cinched together with several small locks thereby making it impossible for them to do more than touch themselves or pee. Sex would be an impossibility unless it was with the holder of the keys—me! Next each woman was to get her nipples pierced, except for my milk slave, as well as her clit and her tongue. A permanent chain was to be connected between of the nipple piercings and would be immediately obvious if they wore any clothes that revealed the breasts in the slightest. Finally, at least for now, each of them was to be tattooed on their asscheeks with my tattoo of ownership.

Brian started by sanitizing everything from the smallest needle to the gynecologists’ table before beginning. Next he had me bring the women to him one by one. A large container of heavy stainless steel rings sat beside him, the rings in a solution to keep them sterile and very clean. Mischelle was the first woman to spread her legs for his special treatment.

Brian would begin by shaving Aileen of any hairs or stubble that was in the way. Then, her smooth skin cleaned of stray hairs, he would tighten her restraints so that she would not, could not, struggle and hurt herself on him. Next he would mark each of the spots to be pierced so as to give the proper effect when looking at the rings.

A large spreader was suggested by me before the piercings were done to prevent screaming. The spreader allowed things to enter each slave’s mouth but not allow them to scream. I would have loved to hear each of their screams but it would have made Brian’s job more difficult. Plus, since each was going to have their tongues pierced it was the perfect device to prevent Brian from getting bitten accidentally.

Aileen was the first one up for modification and her naked form was strapped down quickly and efficiently whereupon Brian’s vicious looking straight razor was applied to her bikini area after an application of shaving cream. Stroke by stroke Brian removed what little hair was there until Aileen was smooth as could be. Next a speculum was used to spread her lower lips as wide as possible.

A silent scream escaped Aileen’s lips as her clit was pierced but it could not escape her mouth let alone the basement dungeon we where in. Due to the pain Aileen passed out temporarily which made the permanent rings attached to her labial lips easier to insert. The locks were inserted into place locking her lips together as he proceeded to pierce her tongue. Aileen was then put back into the method of bondage she was before and the process was repeated until all four women were done; only Myra’s nipples were not pierced.

While Brian was working I’d gone upstairs to get Brooke. After a quick blowjob from her I took her downstairs. She was surprised to see Brian, but was even more taken aback by the modifications each woman now possessed.

“The only one who has not had her breasts modified with nipple piercings is Myra. I plan to keep her as our personal milk maid. As you can see she has already begun to produce a little milk and soon enough it will be a constant flow. Your duty, among other things you do to keep me satisfied, will be to make sure to empty the container her milk drains into and to help me train these sluts properly. What do you think dear Brooke?” I asked knowing the answer already.

“Whatever you desire Master. I am your slut to do with as you please,” she replied.

“Very good dear. Please go grab my riding crop from the wall and bring it back here,” I intoned. Quickly she ran to the wall to get it and brought it back. It whooshed through the air to land on her asscheeks firmly after she handed it to me.

“Slaves do not walk. They crawl on all fours. Do not forget it again! Now assume the same position as Myra right alongside her,” her response to my intonation was instant.

My naked body, Brian now packed up and gone, walked behind each of the side by side women. Each had the most perfect, escort bayan made to be spanked, made to be fucked, ass. “Kiss her Brooke,” I said as I massaged each of the women in turn. Their fine hard-bodied asses moved in response to my large hands pulling and pushing on their skin.

Brooke had joined Myra in a kiss that had both women tingling as evidenced by the goosepimples being raised on their skin. “Does she taste good Brooke,” I inquired.

“Yes Master. Wonderful,” she replied.

“And how does Brooke taste to you Myra,” I further questioned the other woman.

“Like warm cinnamon toast Sir,” she replied.

Staccato slaps, playful slaps, landed on the women in rapid succession leaving a glowing reminder of each hand’s passing. Then, walking in front of them, I placed my member against Myra’s lips and pushed forward. Brooke then began licking me as well as her girlfriend.

“Tasty, slaves?” I asked.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” they purred together.

“Let them continue a bit,” I thought to myself as this dynamic duo worked my cock over like never before. Myra’s mouth was doing magical things to my cock as Brooke worked to eat all the secretions that were carried out of her friend off my cock as well as her. From time to time Brooke would lick underneath my cock as well as taking my cum-laden balls in her mouth and hum a happy tune.

My thrusting was sporadic, not wanting to cum too fast and all, but it soon enough I was feeling the need to release. Taking my organ from Myra’s mouth I dragged it across her cheeks slowly to allow myself time to calm down. By the time I got to Brooke’s mouth it was obvious how much she wanted it. The look in Brooke’s eyes told me to stop torturing her and get it down her throat.

I knew from Brooke’s writings, from her X-rated photos, that she enjoyed a long, thick, hard cock cumming down her throat. The mere feel of the submissive act excited her as she truly was a submissive. She loved men who took control and that is what I’d done since the moment I’d found her.

The sight of my 6′ tall, brown-haired, hazel green-eyed body in front of her, my hard white member working its way to the back of her throat slowly was turning her on immensely. It was nearly as much as her long, dark hair, gorgeous breasts, pierced tongue, smooth legs and contrastingly darker skin were turning me on. My fingers ran through her hair pulling it to the side to allow me to see her slutty, submissive countenance as she went down on me.

My sword seemed to lengthen with each and every descent her mouth made upon it. The muscles in her were rippling as she started to gulp air to take me in deeper. It was as I’d thought I hit bottom that my cum poured straight into her. She pulled from me for a moment to show me my large load, swallowed and then demonstrated to me that every drop was gone.

“Stay where you are slave Brooke. You may kiss and play with slave Myra but she and you may not cum,” I said as I walked over to the other women who’d each been put back in the way they were before their modifications.

Mischelle was sitting in a puddle of her own juices as the dual penetration machine had “accidentally” been set to a higher level. And, since Mischelle’s pussy had been sealed shut, she was now in the process of getting dp’ed anally. “Impressive,” I thought, “I would not have thought she’d be able to take both at once there.”

Her breasts were jiggling from the thrusting and the chain that connected them was keeping them together well. Putting myself into position I teased her sealed lower lips as I let her taste the other women off of my cock. With her pussy sealed, her mouth full and her ass doubly full Mischelle was nearly airtight. Of course the anal dp ruined the airtight seal just a bit.

A slight pull on her new rings got her attention as she ran her other newest piercing over my flesh pole. The feel of it was incredible as it tickled the part of my cockhead underneath where it joins to the shaft of my cock. Sucking hard my member responding accordingly and I felt the need to pull myself deeper, harder, more firmly into her mouth. Taking her it seemed I was in her stomach and let loose with several hard shots of cum.

Next, I went to the unknown blonde and had her work on my member as well. It took some time to get me back to full hardness, but, once there I removed the Fuckzall from her pussy, which had been left unlocked previously and which was so wet it seemed a river ran out of it, and filled her with my human cock. By this time she was as I expected a horny, babbling, drooling, cumming piece of female flesh. Ramming myself inside her I went back and forth letting her taste the juices she deposited on my cock.

When I finally pushed myself into the space between her asscheeks she barely cared as long as I was inside her she seemed to be fine. The blonde mewed as I slowly stroked her insides, a smile crossing her face even bigger than the one on mine. Both large hands Kartal escort held her cheeks firmly together. I did it as much for the pleasure of enjoying her flesh in my hands as for the pleasure the extra tightness afforded my cock.

Pulling myself out I gave the blonde an unexpectedly hard thrust as I took her hair in hand and pulled her into a kiss so intense to almost anyone else it would appear brutal in that intensity. How long I’d been going I did not know but I thanked myself for the repeated doses of Viagra I’d given myself as a bolster. After all 1 on 5 is not fair odds, even the best of men begin to lose their erection after multiple times cumming in a short period.

I had to remind myself just how much of a freak Brian was. I hired him for the work he did for just that reason and I knew that those he locked shut and those he left available were done so to satisfy his urge for the unusual. Hence why he’d sealed Mischelle shut—because he wanted her dp to be something special indeed. It is also the reason, I suspect; he left the others available for use. Heaven loves us freaks; why else would he keep us around? Or, if you ask some of my freakish lady friends, why did he seem to give us all the larger cocks then the “vanilla” men of the world?

Having taken enough time with the other, keeping them all wet and horny, I went back to the wettest, horniest, sexiest, sluttiest one of them all: Brooke. Taking Brooke aside I pushed her up against the nearest wall and told her to suck me like she had her life depending up on how good a job she did. Her tongue, its ring/piercing dancing across my member, soon had me ready to use other parts of her body. Raising up just a bit I slid my cock between her breasts, through that valley of pleasure, into the nirvana that willing mouth of her could bring me.

Pulling her forcefully to my root I gave her no leeway except to act like the submissive fucktoy she always wrote to me that she wished to be. As her mouth did its work on my member I began to think of how she’d let other men use her body, of how they’d made her strip and fuck with her dad in the next room, of how they had tried to get her drunk to do things, but how they had no clue as to her real nature.

Making sure the other women were locked into place, I headed out the door pulling Brooke out behind me with my fingers crooked inside her pussy to do so. “Time for you to get dressed,” I said, “We are going out.” I had her put on what she had at the club when I her originally and, though it was sexy indeed, it was not slutty enough.

“What are the directions to your house?” I inquired watching the look of confusion in her eyes. Arriving there as fast as I could get there I had her take me in with her to get some things. “Where are your clothes? I want you to wear the sluttiest outfit you have.” She led me to her bedroom which looked to have come out of some 1950’s version of a female bedroom. It was pink, frilly and submissive looking in its description. Her closet, however, was altogether another matter.

Opening her closet doors, going to the back of the closet, boxed up and hidden away were all her sluttiest, most submissive, thoughts and dreams. Inside one box was undergarment after undergarment. The panties, mostly crotchless, were in numerous colors. Every color one could imagine was there except for the dominant colors of red and black. Bras, apparently, she did not believe in unless they left her nipples completely visible. Each bra was either a half-cup, had nipple cutouts or was simply a framework for holding her breasts in place.

The bras and panties weren’t the only clothes. No, in addition there was fetish wear in rubber, latex, silk, satin, leather and lace. It took me a second but some of her fetish wear I realized was of the paint on variety. The liquid latex allowed one to literally paint one’s clothes on however one choose thereby allowing them to show as much or as little as they felt like.

Another box, buried even further in the back, was filled with various toys. Dildoes, both single and double, vibrators, strap-ons, nipple clamps, ropes, cuffs and more filled the box. What came next was even more interesting—the third box.

Opening the last box I found it to be filled with implements of every kind. I chuckled to myself when I realized that she’d purchased a lot of them from an online friend of mine, herself a submissive, who makes these kinds of adult toys. Floggers, whips, clappers, cat-o-nine tails, single tails and more filled the chest-sized box to past the ¾ mark.

“Such a nice collection you have here my pet. Now put on a framework bra, matching crotchless panties, a nice, light, see-through top and a skirt. Those fuck me pumps over there will be fine,” I said pointing.

Quickly Brooke got dressed and we left. Driving to the worst part of town I found a billiard hall and in we walked. Every eye in the place was on us as we proceeded to play a few rounds. If she didn’t know how to play she did shortly after we got there. Taking the lead I broke and then assisted her with each shot. She was doing pretty well until her first scratch of the cue ball. Two dark eyes glared back at her after she’d hit him in the back and he’d missed his shot as a result.

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