THE TIES THAT BINDMy daughter Amber was five years old when her mother left me. I sent cards and gifts and paid my c***d support, but I didn’t see Amber for the next f******n years. So when my nineteen year old daughter, my only c***d, asked if she could move in with her stepmother and myself, I couldn’t deny her. She still looked like an innocent girl, and I was still imagining she was the five year old I remembered her as.Months went by and Amber seemed to settle into life in our city, far away from the mother she’d apparently had a falling out with. She got a job and started dating a young man. She talked about starting college soon. Best of all, she and my wife seemed to get along great, so there was no tension in the house. I was a happy and blessed man. It was a Wednesday afternoon that I came home from work and watched those picture perfect dreams shatter. They were replaced with something I’d have never thought up on my own, but dream of every night now.I let myself into the house, headed down the hall, and stopped short in the doorway to the living room. My wife, Rebecca, was lying naked on the couch and Amber’s boyfriend was thrusting his cock in and out of her. I’m a little ashamed to admit that my first thought was how sexy Rebecca looked with her 38 DD tits bouncing up and down. That thought was quickly replaced by a question. What would Amber do when she found out her boyfriend and stepmother had betrayed her this way?A feminine voice behind me said, “He needs to fuck her every now and again. He needs her pussy. I’ll only let him pinbahis yeni giriş fuck my ass.” I turned around, and there was my daughter, not so innocent after all. She was naked, and her small tits… maybe 34 B… had hard nipples. Her pussy was shaved, and one hand was playing with her clit as she approached me.”It’s not real sex if he only fucks my ass,” she said. Before I could argue with that logic or even tell her to put clothes on, she went on. “He fucks Becca’s pussy since he can’t have mine. But he shoots it on her tits because I like to lick his cum off of her.”Speaking of Rebecca and the boyfriend… they had to have known we were there, but they didn’t stop going at it. My wife has a very dirty mouth when she’s horny, and she kept up a stream of chatter for him. “Mmmm… you like that cunt? You like it when I play slut for you like this? Fuck my cunt! Fuck me hard!” Rebecca pinched and pulled at her own nipples while Amber’s boyfriend slammed in and out of her. Seeing her do that, thinking of all the times I’d sucked those beautiful tits, I couldn’t believe my own daughter sucked another man’s cum off of them. My own cock was rock hard, but I just couldn’t move. I was in shock.Amber pushed her way past me and leaned over the side of the couch. “I’m going to suck Becca’s juice off your cock after I clean up her tits,” she said. She spread her legs and fingered her pink shaved pussy. Finally, I could move, but I seemed to have no control over what I was doing. I took off my clothes and moved behind Amber. It pinbahis giriş seemed important to her that she only be fucked in the ass, so that’s where I aimed the head of my cock. But as soon as I touched her, she stopped me. “Not my ass. Not this time. I want you to take my cherry.” I didn’t move for a few seconds. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… or what I was doing, for that matter! When I didn’t enter her, she spoke again. “Fuck my pussy, please. Fill my cunt with your hard cock!”That was all it took. I slid into the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt. She was very wet, but there was still some resistance until I broke through her hymen. Amber screamed, and I was terrified that I’d hurt her, but then her screams actually formed words. “Oh, fuck yeah! Give me that cock! I want it the way Becca gets it!””She gets it hard,” I told her.”Give it to me hard, then! Fuck my tight pussy!”As I slammed in and out of my beautiful daughter’s tight opening, Amber’s boyfriend was about to pull out of my wife as he reached his peak. “No,” Rebecca gasped. “You fucking shoot it in me this time!” And he did. He shot his load deep inside my beautiful wife. Amber pulled away from me and moved to the side of the couch, crouching down on the floor. I followed and slid back into her from behind as she started sucking her boyfriend’s cock. Rebecca kept up the dirty talk for us. “You like fucking her, honey? She’s got a sweet cunt, and I bet she’s extra tight. Amber’s wanted to fuck you for so long. I tell her all about how you fuck me while she pinbahis güvenilirmi eats my pussy.”Amber, who’d been moaning in pleasure all this time, let go of her boyfriend’s cock and interrupted Rebecca to say to me, “Tell me when you’re about to shoot.”My balls were tightening and twitching, so I said, “I’m almost there!””Shoot it on Becca’s tits!” Amber insisted. My wife held up her breasts, and I watched my cream shoot out and flow all over them. I knew what was coming next. Amber would get the joy she’d been robbed of when her boyfriend filled Rebecca’s pussy with his seed. I watched my daughter lick every drop of my cum off her stepmother’s gorgeous tits, then suck her nipples until Rebecca was crazy with lust again.Rebecca got down on the floor and pinned Amber to the carpet. She licked down her young body before going at the pussy I’d just fucked with her tongue. Amber squealed and squirmed. I looked over at the boyfriend and saw that he was stroking himself as he watched. Amber saw me looking at him and said, “Don’t worry about him. You did him a favor. He can finally have my pussy now!”I haven’t touched my daughter again. I doubt I ever will. But I’ve heard her upstairs going at it with Rebecca, or sometimes the boyfriend. Maybe there have been times it was all three of them and I just didn’t realize it. I’ve noticed that where I used to be happy having sex with my wife three or four times a week, it has to be everyday now. I need it more. And when my cock slides into her, it’s not her I think of. I think of how it felt to slip into that wet virgin pussy of Amber’s. But Rebecca knows this. Just the other night, as I was pumping away at her, she said to me, “I want to see you fuck that pretty little girl of yours again. I want to see that cock fucking that pretty cunt.” The truth is, I’d love that, too.

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