The Time I Was in a Foursome


Around midnight during the December before last, one of my fuck buddies called me for sex. I promptly got dressed and drove to his apartment. Upon arriving, I was a bit taken aback to find he had two friends over playing videogames. I settled in, putting down my purse and taking off my jacket. My dude hugged me from behind and gave my pussy a firm squeeze through my sweats.

“Hey!” he shouted, causing his friends to look over towards us. He pulled down my sweats and panties in one quick motion, and I stood there bare bottomed for his friends with my bushy winter pussy exposed. I cannot explain how intense and heart-racing it is to be thrust into one of your sexual fantasies without warning. I may have stopped breathing. I could not make eye contact with them, and I must have been bright red from embarrassment and arousal.

“Why don’t you kneel in the easy chair, babe,” my dude said before walking into the kitchen to grab a beer. I obeyed and knelt backwards in his burgundy, leather, easy chair with my genitals on display for his friends.

“I think she needs her pussy played with,” my dude said, urging his friends to have their way with me. I could hear them walking towards me as my heart pounded in anticipation. They were right behind me when a gentle finger rubbed my asshole. I couldn’t help but let out a little whine of relief. Another finger or two stroked around the opening of my pussy and searched through my folds. I didn’t even realize I was biting into the chair.

“Ok, ok…” my dude said with a little disappointment, walking over to me. “Get avrupa yakası escort on the floor.”

I climbed off the easy chair, still unable to make contact with the strangers that had briefly fondled my genitals. Stepping out of my bottoms, I knelt at my dude’s feet. He took his cock out, guided my head towards it, and I gratefully took him in my mouth. When in a sexual situation so intense and charged as this one, I stop thinking and go on base sexual instinct. My mind becomes narrow and intense, and I lose the careful consideration I often give to my actions. Once it occurred to me strangers were watching, I had the powerful desire to be thrown down and have each man take turns forcing himself inside me.

I can say with no vanity that I am an excellent indulgent cocksucker, and I suck with the attentiveness and eagerness of any woman. Sucking dick is a treat for me and any man that has experienced me. When I suck I try to keep as much dick in my mouth as possible at any time. I can’t get enough of a man’s girth in my mouth, and I am supremely content when a man decides he wants my throat.

After I sucked my dude good and hard, he urged me to attend to his friends who only briefly hesitated before letting me pleasure them. I couldn’t help touching myself as I took a stranger in my mouth. My pussy was a sopping mess. Surely I was ruining the carpet.

“Alright,” my dude said, signifying I should move to his other friend. Crawling on all fours, I assumed my position in front of his second friend who fed me his dick. bağcılar escort I couldn’t even bring myself to orgasm sucking off this complete stranger when he exploded in my mouth without warning. It’s not like in the movies where everyone stays hard until the last minute somehow, accidents happen.

I did not begrudge my new friend though, for I’m rarely happier than when I have a mouthful of sperm. I swallowed his load happily, giving his waning cock a gentle kiss after.

“Alright, bitch, back in the chair,” my dude said, and I was eager to obey. I hurried to the chair, kneeling backwards like before. My dude came up behind me, spit in his hand, and worked it into my tiny asshole before sinking himself inside me. I tried to breath and relax as he took my pale chubby butt.

“Take her mouth,” he ordered his friend who walked around to stand in front of me. He hesitated for a moment as my mouth hung open waiting for his erection. Finally I just took him in my mouth. At that point I was as close to sexual nirvana as I’ve ever been.

Pinned between two cocks and helpless to escape, I was just a small sexual object for these two men. My dude increased his depth and speed in my butt, pushing my body forward with each thrust, causing his friend to go deeper in my mouth. I snuck a hand between my legs and was quickly on my way to one of the most intense orgasms of my life. The expression “out of body experience” comes to mind as the orgasm flooded every nerve ending in my body and turned my mind to slush. Neither bahçelievler escort of the men fucking me slowed down to let me compose myself. I was still the little doll pinned between their cocks.

“Alright switch it up,” my dude said, removing himself from my butt and giving it a firm smack, making me coo. My dude stood in front of me and pushed his very dirty cock into my eager mouth. He knows how I love oral and being a human pocket pussy for his aggressive cock. His hands rested on the back of my head as he humped my face making me feel small, objectified, and complete.

His friend came up behind me and sunk into my loosened asshole. I started playing with myself again as the emotions became so intense. My dude fucked my mouth so aggressively that every thrust pushed me back onto his friend’s dick. There was barely anywhere for my body to go; I was truly spitroasted on two cocks. As I trembled and cried through my second mind altering orgasm, I wanted to cry, pee, and explode all at the same time.

His friend pulled out of my butt and blew a load onto my back. Male instinct, I guess. My dude grabbed me by my hair hard and guided me to the floor. He grabbed me violently by the head and proceeded to literally fuck my brains out. I have never been facefucked so ferociously in my entire life. It was like he was trying to augur my face. I couldn’t breath or think or react. He was screaming at me, telling me what a stupid pathetic bitch I was as he slammed into my throat over and over, choking me with his violent cock. He finally came, directly down my throat, and I could feel it drip down like the first sip of coffee in the morning.

After he emptied his load in me, my dude immediately grabbed up my things, yanked me by my arm, and shoved me out of his apartment bottomless. My throat ached for days afterwards, and the whole world felt a lot quieter after that night.

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