The Torch Singer Ch. 03


Thanks for all the nice comments, my lovelies. It warms my heart (and other things, if I’m being honest).

On with the show…

*** **


[The delivery of an emphatic point – the emotional pinnacle of a musical phrase. Some say it is what transforms mechanical performance into art.]

Frankie and Jake waited (impatient though they were on the inside) for a few passengers to clear the elevator before stepping in. Several hipsters who appeared to be together crowded in with them. They were rather intoxicated, talking to each other loudly and taking up more space than needed.

Jake swiped his card key and pressed the Penthouse button, and then moved to the back wall and yanked Frankie with him. One arm coiled around her waist to press her against him. She felt his growing erection pressing into her ass, and then stifled a gasp as his other hand slipped up under her dress from behind to play with the edge of her panties, his fingertips moving underneath the fabric.

Frankie’s face was flushed scarlet, and she was having trouble breathing normally. If the people around them hadn’t been so drunk, they’d have definitely seen what was going on.

Mercifully, the noisy crowd arrived at their floor and exited, calling out a friendly goodnight as they stumbled to the left.

As the doors glided closed, Jake spun Frankie around and pressed her to the wall, his mouth coming down hard on hers. Frankie made a moaning sound as she submitted completely, winding her arms around his neck. His hips ground into hers, his cock spearing her through their clothes. Jake growled as Frankie surged toward him and sank her teeth hard into his bottom lip. He snarled and pushed her, slamming her back against the wall. Her chest was heaving as she glared heatedly up at him, desire burning in her eyes. He wrapped a hand around her neck – and though it could have been an aggressive move, his touch was light. Instead of being intimidating, it was wholly erotic.

Breathing heavily, they looked at one another. Frankie’s head was tipped back, her lips were moist and parted. This was the Jake she’d always dreamed about, and yet he was somehow more so. She had no idea what he was thinking or what he was going to do – unlike with her fantasies. The lack of control was deeply thrilling. She wondered if he was experiencing anything like this, too.

Slowly, he brought his face down closer and brushed his lips across hers. The tension in both of them was palpable – they were barely containing a violent passion.

The elevator chimed, indicating they’d reached the Penthouse. Jake released her neck and stepped back, waiting for Frankie to exit the elevator first. The sound of percussion from the rooftop nightclub could be heard faintly as Jake tugged her by the hand down the corridor to his room.

He released her as they reached his room. Looking at her in an outright challenge, he used the keycard to open the door. He pushed the door inward, indicating she should enter. Frankie could see how fragile a hold he had on himself. She bit her lip and gave him a beguiling smile, then suddenly dashed by him and into the room before he could catch her. Jake swore violently as he entered, stopping to lock and secure the door’s “do not disturb” notice.

She ran into the living room of the suite, and stopped in awe at the view. None of the lights were on, so the floor-to-ceiling windows showed the black mirror of the Hudson River and the twinkling lights of New Jersey on the other side. The moon was full and the stars glittered in a navy blue sky. She felt, rather than heard him come up behind her. Not actually touching her, his body – his presence – surrounded her. He was barely an inch away. Frankie forced herself to stay still, even though the need to rock backwards into him was like a physical ache.

“Frankie.” His voice was low and sexual. Downright dangerous. “Do you want to know what I’m going to do to you?” His lips were so close to her ear, his breath made the fine down of her skin flutter. She shivered, her heart pounding.

“Tell me.” She whispered. Goosebumps rose, the tiny hairs standing up on end electrically. She could barely take in enough air.

“I’m going to take you to my bed, remove that delicious little dress, those soaking wet panties, and I’m going to taste every square inch of you.” She shivered, and in her belly she felt as if she’d just accelerated down a roller coaster.

“What else?” She asked, tremulously.

“Then, I’m going to feast on your luscious, hot little pussy. I’m going to make you cum with my mouth, and these two fingers…” He lightly teased her lips with the index and middle finger of his right hand. Frankie didn’t resist him when he slipped them into her mouth. Instead, she closed her lips and sucked them in further, playing her tongue over the tips. He breathed in through his teeth, his other hand flattening against her abdomen as he gently pulled her back against him. His mouth lightly caressed the side of her neck.

Frankie took güvenilir bahis the hand on her belly and coaxed it up her body until he was cupping one taught breast. He made a growling noise that caused a vibration in her skin. She sighed excitedly when he began to tweak and pinch her straining nipple. Before she even realized he was moving, the fingers that had been in her mouth were now inside her panties, drawing little circles around her hard little bud. She cried out at the sudden, shocking pleasure of it. His mouth was back at her ear, making a tiny bit of suction that caused her knees to weaken. He began to speak again:

“After I’ve made you cum – made you scream as you orgasm – then I’m going to fuck you, Frankie. I’m going to put my hard cock inside you again and again, my Angel. We’re going to fuck in as many positions as I can think of until I feel you clamp down on me and cum again.”

A tiny sob escaped her. She was now grinding back into his rock-hard shaft. She was pressing his hand even harder into her wet sex. “Please, Jake…” she moaned. She had no idea what she was begging for, all she knew was that she was wracked with need.

In one swift movement, Jake scooped her into his arms and swept her off into the bedroom. Being carried by him was an exhilarating rush – it made her dizzy. It made her feel safe and in danger at the same time. The moonlight gave Frankie a glimpse of a big white bed and an obscenely large soaking tub by another wall of windows. He threw her on the bed none too gently. She cried out in arousal. He was on her in a second, straddling her legs, holding her down, as he impatiently began to remove her dress.

“Help me Frankie or I swear to god I’ll rip it off.” She made a noise that was part laugh, part moan. Her shaking hands fumbled as she worked open the tiny buttons. Jake helped her pull the dress up and over her head. He froze for a moment as he looked down at her, the white glow of her hair looking like a halo in the moonlight. Her pale, smooth skin looked like satin. Her bra and panties were not much more than a few triangles of pale lace – he couldn’t really tell what color they were in the darkness. He was almost overcome at the sight of her beneath him. How many times had he envisioned this moment? Jake had to keep telling himself that this was real – that the girl of his dreams was actually here and wanted him as much as he’d always wanted her.

He leaned down and caught her mouth in slow, sensual kiss. Stretching on his side on the bed next to her, he wrapped her in his arms and made her wild with his kisses. Frankie was frustrated that so much clothing still separated them, and was desperately trying to unbutton his shirt. She fleetingly wondered when he’d removed his jacket, but then immediately forgot it as his bare chest came into contact. She gasped in excitement.

Parting his shirt and urgently pushing it off of his body, she ran her hands up his hard muscled arms, over his broad shoulders and down the front of his ripped chest lightly dusted with dark hair. Trailing kisses down his chin, over the front of his throat, she nipped his Adam’s apple with her teeth, eliciting a deep groan from Jake.

Her hands moved down along the vee of wiry hair to his belt buckle, deftly unfastening it, then working through the button fly of his jeans. All the while, she was kissing her way down his chest, at last catching one nipple between her lips and sucking it into her hot, moist mouth. He whispered her name over and over as he clasped her against his body. She was driving him mad. His cock was so hard it was almost painful. The fact that she was practically assaulting him in her desire was turning him on beyond every wet dream he’d ever had, and she was much stronger than he expected. The real Frankie was far sexier than he’d ever imagined.

She kissed her way down his abdomen, teasing his navel with the tip of her tongue. Her hair, soft as corn silk, tickled his skin. Jake laughed, arching his back, and reached for her. She caught his hands and pressed them down on the mattress as she pushed him fully onto his back. She rose up and swung one leg over his body, straddling his thighs. His erection was pushing upward, covered only by his boxer briefs, as Frankie began to tug his jeans down his hips. He felt strangely vulnerable as she looked down at him. Almost as if he’d never had sex before in his life. The desire to please her – to make this an experience worthy of the years of waiting – was consuming him.

“Let’s get these things off, shall we?” Frankie’s deep voice was shaky as she shimmied down his body, dragging his jeans along.

His feet were dangling off the edge of the bed, so she jumped down and yanked off his boots, throwing them behind her with a flourish. She laughed delighted as they landed on the floor with successive thuds. Then she finished removing his jeans and socks. She stopped, standing at the edge of the bed, and her eyes swept over Jake’s body – the glow of the moon and stars outside illuminating his lean, muscled türkçe bahis physique. He raised himself up, resting on his elbows. His now large erection was pointing straight up at his navel. He was silent as he watched Frankie’s face. His heart thudded in his chest. He’d never felt more naked in his life. The combined look of love, lust and tenderness on her face was something he never wanted to forget.

“Fuck, Jake. You are a work of art.” Her melodious voice was low and matter-of-fact. He exhaled impatiently.

“Come here.” He commanded, and he lay back down.

Frankie climbed back on the bed and crawled over him. Her lace covered crotch came to rest on top of his hard cock. Her mouth came down on his, and they devoured each other, their tongues doing battle inside her mouth. She ground herself against him and they both groaned in unison. His arms curved up around her and he suddenly rolled them over, his body crushing hers into the soft mattress.

Gently, he moved her hair out of the way so he wouldn’t pull it.

“You cut your hair.” He commented, as he kissed his way along her jawline.

“Mmm. Years ago.” She laughed huskily as she murmured her answer, her hands moving up and across his sculpted back muscles.

He leaned up, looking down at her, smoothing a hand along the side of her face.

“You have always been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And you still are. You take my breath away.” She closed her eyes for a moment, and then smiled up at him, pulling his head back down to kiss him again.

“Make love to me, Jake.” She whispered against his lips. He laughed against her and kissed her more deeply.

“When do you have to work again?” He asked. She looked up at him in surprised confusion.

Searching for her wits, she numbly answered. “Uh… Not until Saturday night.” A tiny amused frown creased her brow. “Why?” She asked bemusedly.

“Because I don’t intend to let you leave this room for the next thirty-six hours, at least.” He licked and bit his way down her neck as she groaned in pleasure.

“That’s okay by me.” She sighed as his mouth found one pert nipple through the fabric of her bra. His hands moved under her and deftly unhooked it. Leaning up, he looked down at her as he pulled the garment off her pliant body. Frankie closed her eyes, draping her arm across her face in an unconsciously insecure gesture. Jake was still for a few long moments. She was unaware that she was holding her breath. It was her turn to be vulnerable.

There was no way she could know this, but Jake’s heart nearly burst from his chest with love at this display of genuine humility. ‘How can this woman not know how magically beautiful she is?’ he wondered.

Gazing down at her, he was moved almost to tears at how perfect she appeared to him. Her rose-red nipples were fully erect, and sat high on her small, classically formed breasts. Jake realized with a small epiphany that the real woman far surpassed his imagination.

Finally, he pulled her arm away from her face, pinning it to the bed over her head. Frankie’s face was turned toward the windows; she opened her eyes but stared unseeingly toward the night sky.

“Look at me, Angel.” He quietly commanded.

Frankie expelled a quivering breath, and very slowly turned to look up at him. A tear glistened in the corner of her eye, and slid down to her temple. He leaned down and kissed it away, and then leaned back up to look down at her, endeavoring to find the right words.

“Do you understand how perfect you are?” He asked, his voice was hoarse from passion. She took in a breath that sounded like a tiny sob. Her chest was heaving and her eyes shined with unshed tears.

“Do—” her voice broke, she cleared her throat a little. He brushed her hair back, trying to soothe her. “Do you really think that?” She asked, her voice barely audible as she fought back the tears threatening to spill over.

He gave voice to his true thoughts: “You – the reality of you – well, you’re far more beautiful than all my fantasies have ever been.”

“You’ve dated super models, prima ballerinas –” she began. A tiny frown formed between her brows as she spoke the words. Jake began to laugh, and her frown deepened even as the corners of her mouth tugged wide, since his laughter was rather infectious.

“How is that funny?!” She demanded, but a touch of laughter was creeping into her voice.

It took Jake a minute to compose himself, he pressed his face between those perfect breasts as he calmed. She stroked his hair as he lay against her – loving the feeling of his face against her bare skin. He finally leaned back up, shaking his head at her.

“Don’t you know? Don’t you understand what you are – how staggeringly gorgeous you are?” Frankie laughed nervously, shaking her head in denial. He cupped her face with one hand to stop the negating gesture and made her look at him. His eyes were intense.

“Staggeringly, heart-stoppingly beautiful, Frankie. Yes, you are. Inside and out. Why do you think I call you ‘Angel’? güvenilir bahis siteleri Because you are the closest thing to a perfect being I’ve ever seen. It takes my breath away.”

She stared up at him, now serious. “You almost make me believe it.” She whispered.

“Believe it.” He growled, and then reclaimed her mouth in a fierce kiss. She drank him in, winding her arms around his neck, clinging to him for dear life.

After kissing her until she was panting for breath, he moved his mouth down her throat, collarbone, the tender space between her breasts, and then at long last, his mouth clamped down on one of her ripe nipples. Frankie cried out, her voice like dark honey. At some corner of Jake’s brain, he registered that she sang out a D note.

When he moved over to the other one, she cried out an A. He moaned against her, the vibration teasing her nipple so much that Frankie arched her back up, digging her fingers through his hair. He thought she tasted like strawberries. Leaving her breasts with great reluctance, he travelled down her taut stomach, noting as he did that her abs were beautifully defined without seeming hard. As his lips approached her delightful little navel, Frankie’s body jerked upward.

Jake grinned wickedly, looking up at her. “Ticklish?” he asked with a mischievous growl.

“No – don’t – Ahh!” She squealed charmingly as he gently dragged his fingertips across the hypersensitive area. They tangled for a bit as Frankie tried unsuccessfully to pull his hands away from her midsection. Both of them laughing, their legs intertwined.

He moved back up and as their laughter turned into something else, he kissed her again, grinding himself against her supple thighs. She could feel slick moisture from his precum on her skin. They were again clinging to each other as Frankie pushed her hips up into his.

Jake moved down her body with deliberateness now. He needed to taste her precious pussy. As his face drew even with her panties, he locked eyes with Frankie and hooked his fingers in the fabric and slowly pulled them down. She obligingly lifted her ass to make it easier for him. She was worrying her lower lip with her fingers again – a habit Jake found adorable.

He rolled to the side as he slipped her knickers down her thighs. She helped by bending her knees. Carelessly tossing the panties aside, he ran a hand lovingly down her long slim legs. Catching hold of one pretty foot, he first kissed her polished toes, and then pressed his lips to the sole. She jerked her leg and giggled.

“Mmm. Another ticklish spot, eh?” He asked. But he was in more of a hurry now. His lips moved up the inside of her ankle, calf, the smooth skin of her kneecap, and on up her lean muscular thighs. He positioned his body between her legs, his broad shoulders forcing them further apart. Gentle fingers probed the flesh between her thighs as Frankie’s breath hitched. He could see her belly undulating, and goosebumps rose on her skin. Her scent wafted up to him – he found it intoxicating.

Jake stared, rapt, at her pussy. He wanted to savor this moment, despite the violent urges he was feeling to plunder it without mercy. He could see she was glistening with arousal, and her velvety nether lips were full and puffy. Frankie’s mound was mostly bare, with just a small tuft of pale blond hair at the top of her cleft. He could feel her trembling under his hands.

He looked into her eyes again, and they seemed dark – her pupils dilated, her eyelids slightly heavy. Parting her labia with his fingers, he groaned as he saw her sweet, dark pink center. Her clitoris was swollen at the top, and he saw another tiny trickle of wetness appear while he watched. His mouth descended upon her suddenly, brusquely. He needed to taste that nectar – to drink her in.

Frankie virtually screamed out. ‘High D sharp’, Jake thought. His tongue plunged inside her tight, hot core. He loved the sweet and salty taste of her. He pushed her thighs wider and began to run his tongue up to her clit. When the pointed tip of his tongue made contact with her hard little bud, she flung both arms over her head and groaned, her body rising up to his eager mouth. He loved watching her, lips parted, eyes closed, neck muscles tensed.

He gently sucked her clit into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it repeatedly. Frankie cried out his name and her hands came down to press the back of his head even closer. He felt drunk with lust and erotic power. He relented for a moment, allowing her to catch her breath, silently positioning his hand in place for the next onslaught. As Frankie opened her eyes to look down at him, he smiled darkly at her and thrust his long index inside her dripping folds.

He was rewarded by the keening sound she made, and her vaginal muscles squeezed him tight.

“God, you’re so tight, baby.” He growled, then went back to flicking his tongue against her. His hand began to move, finger fucking her. Frankie began to buck under him so hard that he had to bring his other hand down hard over her abdomen to hold her down. Her fists were pulling the sheets toward her body and she was making a primal noise in the back of her throat. Jake was so turned on by her raw sexuality that he worried he might cum from the sight alone.

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