The Tree of Love Ch. 02


The Tree of Love

by Pan

Chapter 2:

Several miles behind them, the enchantress Tegarus and her master Hamish were leading their own pack of warriors. Jesse, the trader; Stephos, the religious man; Sarah, the last of the slave-women; Alex, the Earl of Castania; and Sampson, the blacksmith. The conversation had died off a few hours ago – Tegarus and Hamish were aware that Samael had surrounded himself with pleasant company rather than a strong team, leaving them with the less talkative party members.

Hamish, sitting proudly at the head of the party suddenly stopped. Every else cautiously followed suit, as the old man tilted his head to the left, and then to the right. He turned and faced his daughter.

“Did you hear that?”

She nodded somberly, and without another word, the two quickened their pace. Their horses, used to moving at a slow, casual trot, found themselves galloping through a twisted path in the forest.

The rest of the party looked at each other in bewilderment, and a few seconds later followed suit.

Tegarus tried to reach out with her mind, to see what had caused Samael to use his will, but was unable to. She could hear the boy’s magic (he still hadn’t learned how to cast a spell without the whole world hearing) – it sounded consistent, like he was slowly moving something heavy, or shielding himself, but something was blocking her from seeing exactly what happened.

They were an hour behind; at full speed, no more than thirty minutes. She just hoped that was enough time to catch up and see what trouble he’d gotten himself into.


Samael had never had any form of intercourse before. Back on the farm, his childhood sweetheart and he had locked lips a few times, but it had never gone further than that. He’d never even seen her unclothed; all that they had done was tentatively push their lips together, hands awkwardly dangling by their sides.

Of course, he understood the process. Between the glimpses of farm animals he’d seen, the stories he’d heard the men on the farm share, and Tegarus’ awkward attempt at sexual education (she was torn between a desire to keep him innocent and a desire for him to understand as much of the world around him as possible) he had a grasp of the basics.

But nothing had prepared him for the surge of emotions involved. He’d discovered self-pleasure a few years earlier, and that had contained a hint of what he currently felt – lust, passion, the pleasure involved…but as he looked down at Cherry, laying underneath him on the soft grass underneath the magical tree, emotions were flooding into his head, into his heart, and even into the regions his hands had learned to explore when he was alone.

Samael had dismounted his horse and tenderly lifted the princess off hers. He’d laid her down, removed his pants and boots (the only clothes he was still wearing) and lowered himself on top of her.

Cherry’s face was flushed with desire; she kept nervously biting her lip, and the looks that she was giving Samael were creating butterflies in his stomach. He tried to ensure that his face remained confident and in control – after all, he was the leader. It was his role to ensure that no one doubted him, to appear as though he knew exactly what he was doing.

And with that thought in his head, he lined himself up, and entered the princess.

Both Samael and Cherry involuntarily moaned; for Samael, it was pure pleasure. Cherry was wet and warm and soft and oh so willing, and all he felt was bliss as he sunk himself deep inside her. He had never felt anything that even compared to this – it was impressive that he was able to focus enough to keep his mental shield up as he experienced the greatest pleasure he’d ever encountered in his life.

Cherry, too, was feeling pleasure – not only the physical sensations that coursed through her body, but the pleasure in becoming one with the man she loved, in combining their souls and making their love complete. But as well as pleasure, there was pain in her moan – Cherry was untouched, and Samael was large. The combination of pain and exquisite pleasure brought tears to her eyes, and she was just thankful that the pain was already fading, and would soon be completely overpowered by pleasure.

After his sword reached the hilt, Samael paused. Both the princess and Escort bayan himself were breathing heavily, and he wanted to wait a few seconds so they could both adjust to what was a new and overwhelming experience for them. As they lay on the grass, as close as two humans are able to be, Sir Shane coughed nervously.

The teens started; they were so lost in each other that they’d forgotten where they were and who they were with. Cherry turned to her knight protector, even as Samael was inside her.

“What ails you, Sir Shane?”

Sir Shane had been struggling with himself since the pair’s first kiss; on one hand, he was appreciative of their love, and his whole body sung out that it wanted nothing more than to watch them celebrate it, and celebrate it with them. On the other, he had started to feel stirrings down below, the kind that he struggled with every time he saw his father’s bride, and he was certain that he was certainly not supposed to feel them when watching over the princess he had sworn his life to protect.

He’d kept quiet as their hands started exploring each other’s bodies, even as they disrobed, but when he’d seen their young leader enter Princess Cherry, he’d involuntarily imagined himself in the boy’s place, and his guilt had risen to the level where he was unable to hold his tongue any longer.

“My princess,” Sir Shane said, uncharacteristically quietly. “Thou hast a magnificent body…-“

Cherry laughed, cutting him off with musical peals of mirth.

“My liege,” she responded. “You honour me with your words.”

“But thou must understand,” Sir Shane continued, “magnificent though thy body is…-“

Cherry laughed again, but Sir Shane pressed on.

“…thou must understand, we knights are not to be tempted by such treasures. Hath…-“

Cherry laughed once more, causing sensations untold to run through Samael’s body. He was ready to continue what they had started, but was simultaneously enthralled by the peculiarity of the conversation between the young, naked princess in the middle of coitus and the knight protector, sitting upright on his horse, face beet-red.

“Sir Shane,” Cherry said, her voice dripping honey. “Surely you can see it, surely you recognise love? That’s all that’s happening here, and I don’t want you to be embarrassed or feel left out.”

Sessar and Paddon exchanged glances nervously.

“I may be young, but where I hail from, we believe in our women being worldly. I know what it is that men do to relieve themselves, and I know what this sight must be doing to you. I invite you – nay, I command you – to let yourself feel release as you watch this pairing between princess and peasant.”

Paddon went to speak, but Cherry cut him off before he could begin.

“That goes for all of you, and that’s an order from both of us. Isn’t it, Samael?”

Never before had Samael been asked a question by a naked Princess, especially not by one he was currently penetrating, but he suspected that even if he’d had a thousand years of practice, he’d still be unable to refuse any request asked of him by a lady in such a state.

“Of course it is,” he stated assertively. “That’s an order.”

There was a mix of embarrassment and relief in the motions of Sessar, Sir Shane and Paddon, but as they were being commanded to do what their deepest desires were asking them to do anyway, not even a glimmer of resistance came from the three as they dismounted and unbuckled their pants.

Samael turned back to the naked young nymph in front of him, and whispered in her ear…

“Now, where were we?”

Even before he had left the farm, Samael was in good shape. Life on the farm will do that to a boy – he was constantly helping out anyone who could use a boy’s help, which involved a lot of lifting and running. Since he’d left, however, he’d been alternately on horseback for ten hours a day, learning to sword-fight, or running around and trying to save the world.

Where before he’d been in good shape, now Samael was fit as a warrior. Cherry, as a child, had been surrounded by diplomats and traders, at best men of a slender stature; at worst, men wider than they were tall. Her fantasies had been that one of her stable boys would turn out to be a prince, giving her that coveted combination of a royal beau and a man who practically Bayan escort bulged with muscles.

Samael may not have been royal, but his muscles fulfilled all of her childhood fantasies, and more. She watched, entranced, as he used those muscles to effortlessly pump himself in and out of her, until the sensations became too much for her to bear and she lay back and let their union wash over her…

Even had the three men been blind, the event unfolding before them would doubtless have been one of the most erotic of their lives. The short, passionate grunts of Samael, mixed with the high-pitched squeals and low moans of the princess…the sound alone was enough to arouse the dead.

But when combined with the sights – the tiny, slender, golden-skinned teen princess, laying naked, biting her lip, her small breasts bouncing as Samael thrust inside her…the vision of Samael, the thick-set farmer’s boy with a thick mop of sandy hair and a small muscular behind…the combination of the two, as Cherry wrapped her legs around Samael’s frame, as the two of them dripped perspiration and writhed against each other, without ever breaking eye contact…

It was quickly too much for Paddon, and he was the first of the party to find release. His hand, lubricated by a mix of his own sweat and the saliva that he’d deposited into his hand before pleasuring himself, sped up, and with a strange wail he reached climax, a spurt of his seed bursting forward and landing on the princess’s hair.

Paddon’s eyes widened, as he prepared to be chastised for his emission, but Cherry barely even seemed to notice, and Samael was lost in his princess’s eyes.

Within a few seconds, the other standing members of the party were joining suit; perhaps emboldened by Paddon’s choice in target, or interpreting Cherry’s lack of objection as implied consent, they too aimed for the young princess’s hair, and soon her auburn locks were matted with the thick output of Paddon, Sessar and Sir Shane.

As the three men stood there, basking in the afterglow of their shared experience, they couldn’t help but admire Samael’s stamina. They had been able to last more than a few minutes, pleasured only by their own hands, yet Samael wasn’t standing outside the experience and watching, he was inside the pairing, inside the princess, and yet he had managed to outlast the trio.

It wasn’t easy; Samael was gritting his teeth, biting his lip, doing everything he could to think about anything other than Cherry, panting and moaning beneath him. He was trying with all that he had to avoid thinking of how wonderful their embrace was, how utterly sublime the sensations of her young body felt…but just as he’d failed for the past few months to let his mind wander towards anything but Cherry, he was unable to remember any other topic in the universe, anything that could distract him from his current situation.

The idle talk he’d heard about coupling suggested that the ultimate humiliation for a man was to peak too early, and it was this that Samael was determined not to do. More than he’d wanted to be a good leader, more than he’d ever wanted to impress anyone else in his life, Samael wanted to impress Cherry (especially in this, their first time) and so he was determined to avoid prematurely finishing.

Her eyes weren’t helping – the rest of her body was perfection personified, but somehow Samael couldn’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from hers. It was if when he stared into her eyes, he could see what made her, the very core of the girl underneath him, her entire being, her soul.

And of course, he could see the love that filled her, the pure love she felt for him.

To Samael’s surprise, Cherry was the one to break eye-contact with him. Her eyes suddenly rolled back in her head, and her mouth started producing guttural sounds, like those of an angry bull, or a man about to be sick. Samael momentarily panicked – had he broken her? Was she injured? Surely no one this size was supposed to take someone as large as him inside of her…- but before his mind could get too carried away, her mouth broke into an enormous smile, and some of the foulest language Samael had ever heard started spewing from her mouth.

Samael looked up worriedly, unconsciously seeking advice from the older men, and was quickly comforted Escort by the knowing smiles of Sessar and Sir Shane. It seemed that whatever was happening was nothing to be worried about; their expressions seemed to suggest it was something he should be proud of.

And then Samael stopped thinking, as the convulsions that he’d heard coming out of Cherry’s mouth travelled down her body until they reached the area of their union, and his entire world turned white.

All the self-control in the world couldn’t possibly have posed a defence against the vibrations and sudden tightness that Samael abruptly felt; his mind could have been filled with nothing but images of small children being maimed, and he still would have felt that same familiar tightness in his stomach, the feeling he’d only ever encountered when he had been alone and confident that no one would catch him in the next few minutes.

Samael’s head rolled back as he bellowed with lust, and unloaded himself inside the princess.

A few minutes later, Samael felt his brain being returned to him, and he rolled over and smiled. He was glad that his grandmaster had taken the time out to train him, else an experience like that would almost certainly have resulted in his shield being dropped. But even after that, the most intense experience he’d ever encountered in his young life, the shield was still up, and the flowers were being kept at bay.

He looked down at Cherry; she looked like she was still recovering from their shared embrace too, lying next to him on the ground, a smile upon her face and her hand casually toying with her pubic hair. As if she could sense his eyes upon her, she looked up, and her smile broke out into a grin.

“Not bad, farm boy.” she said.

“You either, princess.” Samael replied, feeling closer to her than he’d ever felt to anyone in his life.

To his surprise, despite the intensity of his orgasm, Samael was still erect. Whenever he’d experienced this by himself in the past, it was followed immediately be a period of recovery (which, if he was alone for long enough, was often followed by a second round of self-pleasure.)

The princess noticed at the same time as he did, and a smile returned to her face.

As if reading their minds, Sessar broke in.

“Tempting though it is, your highness, we should keep moving. We don’t want to end up like…”

Sessar’s sentence was finished with a wave of his hand, gesturing to the multitude of animals surrounding them, continuing to mate.

“Don’t be silly!” the princess replied, the hint of laughter never leaving her voice. “These animals are under the effect of the tree’s flowers; Samael’s powers have stopped the flowers from affecting us, so we know that we’re acting completely out of our own free will. If we decide to stay for the rest of the day and fornicate, we know that it’s our own decision, not because of some silly tree.”

Sessar shuffled uncomfortably, unconvinced, but before he could reply, Cherry noticed the thick matting in her hair, caused by her colleague’s output.

The three men watched with bated breath, wondering if she would be angry, reprimand them. Instead, she tentatively dabbed it with her hand, and then brought her curls to her mouth, tasting it.

A broad smile broke out, and she realised what she’d earlier been too oblivious to observe.

“Now,” she added finally, “it’s your turn.”

Paddon had been watching the lions, his hand continuing to play with his still-erect member. Sir Shane had been bent over, ready to put his pants back on, and Samael had been watching the flowers drift across his mental shield, as if they were being blown gently by the wind while floating on a lake.

At Cherry’s last words, all of their heads snapped towards her. She suddenly had everyone’s attention, and seemed to delight in that fact as she went on.

“Fornicating, rutting, making love…well, it’s all in the name, isn’t it? It’s about love! And while I love Samael – I think I’ve always loved Samael – that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, Sessar, or you, Paddon, or especially you, Sir Shane.”

“The gods have given us sex as a way of expressing love, and especially now that I know how amazing it can feel, I want to express it with you – all of you. Now.”

Before Samael could work out exactly how he felt about this new information, before Sessar could work out the morality of the situation, before Sir Shane could compose a sentence, before Paddon could even comprehend what Cherry had said so far, she continued.

“At the same time, if we can.”

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