The Tutor Ch. 01


Rick opened his eyes. For a moment, he was disoriented not knowing his location in space and time. He became aware of his headache. He felt ill. He remembered the party. The grainy wood inches above his face appeared to be the underside of one of the coffee tables in the communal room where the party had centered. The headache induced him to remain very still while trying to piece together the current situation. Too much beer and too much marijuana and his own lack of moderation had conspired to place him in this location.

“Amanda.” he said her name mentally and felt bad, guilty bad, for not thinking of her sooner. “This is a bad, bad hangover.” He turned his head slightly to try and place himself in the room. The room spun filling him with nausea. He closed his eyes and lay still.

“I wonder if Amanda left me to sleep it off and went back to the apartment. Would she be angry with me,” he wondered. He dozed.

Upstairs from the communal room, Amanda’s experience upon awakening differed considerably from Rick’s. She emerged from a deep sleep with an intense feeling of sensuality and sexual arousal and vague memories of unbearable ecstasy. She opened her eyes to pillows and sheets not her own. She lay on her left side. A stranger’s arm, an African-American appendage, was thrown across her chest. She remembered Derrick. She had come up to Derrick’s room continuing a conversation about, about… As she breathed her chest expanded touching her back against the chest of the person behind her. She felt the sheets along her body where she lay. “Oh my God I’m naked. Is Derrick behind me?” Now, like Rick downstairs Amanda felt bad, guilty bad. She felt the respirations of her bedmate. The evenly measured breaths suggested the person was asleep. And then she noticed not only did the person sleep behind her he slept in her. His penis filled her vagina. It filled and stretched the tissues from the orifice to the untouched regions beyond the reach of Rick’s smaller penis. “Oh my God what have I done? Please don’t let Rick find me like this,” she pleaded to unknown powers. Of course, all of this took only a moment and not necessarily in the sequence listed. Behind her Derrick shifted slightly in sleep and pulled the penis back slightly. Amanda felt the movement of the huge intruder. Even though it was the largest penis she’d ever known she couldn’t help but notice the pleasant sensations it produced moving slightly.

Rick woke after a time and immediately wondered about Amanda. He remembered she danced with Derrick. Derrick was trying to teach Amanda how to “spoon.” To spoon meant dancing with your back to your partner with your bottom pressed into their crotch trying to gyrate your hips in time to the beat and your partner’s motions. Watching Amanda press into Derrick’s loins produced a slight sense of discomfort through the fog of beer and marijuana. “Probably jealousy,” he remembered thinking then. He never learned to dance so he really couldn’t say too much about her dancing with someone else. Derrick’s hands on Amanda’s hips assured Amanda maintained the correct position. Amanda’s laughter, while dancing, lessened his jealousy and in truth there existed an element of excitement watching her dance with someone else in such a provocative fashion. Nearly everyone was spooning.

The house did not stir. The light around the blinds indicated dawn was still in its very early stages. The body behind her stirred slightly, let out a sigh and leaned against her more heavily. This movement pushed the penis, forward past the cervical knob, to the very limits of her vaginal vault. She lay very still not wanting to wake Derrick, the probable owner of the organ impaling her. Another wave of guilt, guilt from betrayal almost broke her resolve to lie still and think. She wanted to tear herself free from the body behind her and dress and leave quickly. She wanted to find Rick, wake him, and get out of the house without him finding out she’d had sex another man. Then she remembered Susie. “I wonder what happened to her?” She couldn’t pile out in a panic and leave her friend behind. She inhaled slowly and exhaled even more slowly. Resignation regarding the immediate past was the only real choice. “It’s too late to panic now,” she said trying to calm herself, to recede from the ocean of panic that threatened to drown her. Immediately, she started her relaxation breathing. She did her routine as slowly as possible not wanting to wake her partner. “God let it be Derrick,” she thought. Amanda couldn’t help approximating the dimensions of the penis inside her. It had to be at least three times bigger than her husband’s. Rick would just die seeing her impaled by this ebony monster.

Rick woke up again. “I don’t remember going back to sleep.” Simple thoughts were easiest. Sudden movement reminded him immediately of his state. The party had been hosted by three jocks, starters, from the football team. Amanda and Susie were invited because bahis siteleri of their work tutoring academically challenged players. Amanda’s advanced degree in teaching people with learning disabilities had landed her the job. Now, she and Rick wouldn’t have to live hand to mouth on his graduate-school stipend teaching introductory history classes. Additionally, the counseling department, being informed by the athletic department of Amanda’s amazing ability to teach and have her students retain fundamental mathematical concepts and improve their reading comprehension assured that Amanda would be assigned the task of tutoring the most important player or players on the team. Invariably, he mused, they were the worst students. He shared this observation with Amanda but she had defended her charges.

“A lot of players are used for their athletic skills in middle school and high school and are not prepared for the challenges that college presents.”

Rick did not tease her any more about the players. She would rise to the moment and defend her students. Now, football season in full swing, Amanda had been ordered to focus her tutorial efforts on only one player. That player was Derrick Millpass, All-American running back, and the reason the team ranked nationally. His presence on the field was too important to dilute the tutorial help he needed by tutoring him with a group. The coaches and her immediate supervisor in the education department insisted Derrick receive individual attention.

Derrick rose slowly from the dream. The sexual content of the dream must have been fostered by the unbelievably, tight pussy he found himself occupying. He did not stir. He wanted to savor the moment and last night’s memories. His goal, to fuck his tutor, Amanda, had been achieved. He relaxed and enjoyed a multitude of thoughts and images: remembered experiences of last evening, the incredible sensations of the present, and the possibilities of future excitement. He felt her chest rise and fall slowly. He observed her respirations by the feel of her flesh on his. He enjoyed the rhythmic increase and decrease of the pressure she exerted against his skin. He timed them: four seconds to breathe in and twelve seconds to breath out. Amanda was doing breathing exercises. She was trying to relax

“Then she’s awake.” The thought excited him. He felt his penis begin to engorge. “I must pretend to be completely out. Impossible to stir.” She will think the party has put me in a deep chemically induced sleep. I’ll pretend to sleep deeply, so deeply, she can’t wake me enough to get me to move off and out of her.” This thought and the tightness of Amanda’s pussy only served to excite him more with the consequent effect the blood vessels in his dick dilated more.

Amanda felt the penis grow larger. “Oh no, don’t wake up,” she thought. “I have to think.” She felt the loins behind her begin to move slightly. The penis withdrew, about an inch or so, and then slowly plowed forward recapturing the vacancy. She felt some discomfort from its movement now that it was bigger. Not enough to really hurt and make her wince. After all, she apparently slept with it inside her all night, her vagina making the necessary accommodations. She lay very still trying not to respond to the motion.

Rick realized he would have to succumb to the old treatment, “the hair of the dog.” He visualized several aspirin and a cold beer or two before attempting any coffee. “I should have concentrated on the weed,” he thought, “no hangover there.” Just weed and Amanda and he would be waking up at home in their own bed.

“But no,” he thought, “I had to try and match Derrick drink for drink. I wonder what he’s feeling this morning.”

Derrick was feeling Amanda’s tightly, stretched pussy lubricate. He hoped she would think his slight thrusts the reflexes of a man deeply asleep, dreaming of sex. This idea of feigned sleep and her physical helplessness excited him even more. Soon the excitement manifested as pressure in his head. “I too, must relax,” he thought, “if I’m to prolong this moment. Besides if I get too active she will know I’m not asleep.” He wanted to prolong the present as much as much as possible before having to acknowledge reality and get up and start the day with all its’ obligations.

Additionally, he didn’t want to generate any ill will or animosity in Amanda by emphasizing his dominance of her, here, at this moment. Instinctively, he felt, from her past behavior she would apologize to him for her behavior when he expressed remorse at what had happened between them. He knew she would feel guilt for betraying her husband. Maybe he could even instill in her a sense of gratitude for his kindness and discretion. Derrick didn’t fear exposure. He just didn’t want a scene. No yelling and shouting alerting her husband passed out below of events upstairs. He knew his word against hers would be sufficient to keep trouble at canlı bahis siteleri bay. People he didn’t know would make excuses for him because of his importance to the school’s football team. The fact she and her husband had drunk with and condoned the use of alcohol by minors argued against any protests by Rick and Amanda Grayson.

His reason for using gentility was the desire to maintain Amanda’s good will. He didn’t want any hard feelings to keep him from enjoying her body again.

Even though upset with herself for failing her husband, she could not deny the growing arousal of her body caused by the motion of the huge intruder. Her body urged her to answer the gentle, measured thrusts. She assumed the physical contact of their genitalia caused the sleeping body behind her to move back and forth in some primitive, prehistoric reflex.

Amanda’s body ignored her mind’s commands not to respond to Derrick’s thrusts. Her pussy lubricated easing the movement of the invader. The lubrication ameliorated the last vestiges of bearable discomfort caused by the enormous staff. She remembered vaguely, coming to the room with Derrick. She and Derrick kissed and touched each other in provocative and flirtatious ways. Derrick’s digital manipulation of her clitoris while dancing had erased her inhibitions and all efforts at self-control. Even when Rick turned and caught sight of Derrick’s hand in her panties, the sensations of intense pleasure blunted any attempt by her to hide the activity. Then she was upstairs with Derrick. She remembered clearly now, stretching out on the bed in Derrick’s arms kissing him her tongue pushing against his. She’d faded then. When awareness returned she was supine, legs bent back and spread wide, Derrick’s muscular buttocks pumping between them. She recalled the exquisitely intense physical sensation of him pummeling her pussy. Then she remembered nothing more until now. What else had she done? Returning to the present, Amanda realized her pelvis had started answering his thrusts grinding back against him as he pushed into her. She knew now she was past the point of trying to stop and gain control over her behavior. Her awareness focused exclusively on the pleasure being generated by the motion below.

Rick decided to lie still and doze until such time that he could turn his head without generating the debilitating waves of nausea. As he dozed, he dreamily remembered Derrick touching Amanda. The three of them had been sitting on the sofa sharing a joint, when Derrick started talking about how he liked the way weed altered his senses. He said his senses seemed magnified: food that tasted good tasted even better; music sounded so much deeper and rich; how touch was enhanced giving greater weight and pleasure to that sense. As an example, he had caressed Amanda’s hair getting Rick to join in and share the sensation of what Derrick referred to as the finest corn silk in the nation. Rick noticed how Amanda flushed at the attention they paid her. She sat quietly, eyes dreamy, enjoying the moment.

Next, Derrick had started to caress the inside of Amanda’s left thigh, he sitting to her left. He encouraged Rick to do the same to the right thigh Rick being seated on Amanda’s right. Derrick talked softly as he stroked Amanda’s inner thigh. Rick rested his hand on his wife’s right thigh. He felt some ill-defined reservations caressing Amanda in so open a fashion. Rick had toyed briefly with the idea of stopping Derrick in some polite way. He remembered hesitating for some reason. Now, with light of morning beginning to dilute the dark, he could not remember why.

They were all obviously caught up in the sensuality of the moment. Rick recalled growing excited by the sight of Derrick’s hand on Amanda’s thigh. He just set there watching the dark paw rub up and down. Rick let go Amanda’s thigh and took her right hand. He held Amanda’s hand throughout the rest of Derrick’s demonstration. Rick tried to get her attention by squeezing her hand gently. She had responded with a slight squeeze of her own sitting still between them eyes focused on a point far away. He tried to catch her eye but they maintained their distant focus. Obviously, her thoughts were of the sensations from her left thigh. The ebony hand now caressed the area of flesh from the knee to an inch or so below the white strip of thong between her legs. Rick noticed Amanda’s nostrils flaring as she breathed. Her breathing was rapid. Her legs relaxed, spreading slightly, exposing the flesh not covered by the thong. Amanda was definitely enjoying the caresses. Silently, passively, he had acquiesced completely and allowed Amanda and Derrick the moment. Rick stared, unable to turn away from the sight. They, the three of them, were oblivious to the party around them. Despite the pain between his ears and the feeling in his stomach Rick became aroused recalling the scene. Derrick’s caresses expanded until his touch covered güvenilir bahis the inner thigh completely. Closing his eyes, Rick recalled the scene with clarity: the huge, dark hand exploring his wife’s inner thigh, its movement slow and sensuous, from the bend of the knee until the edge of the hand rested against the strip of thong.

“Feels good, huh?” asked Derrick his voice husky with lust.

“Oh yes,” Amanda replied breathlessly.

Now lying under the table, Rick noticed his boner was more pronounced. After a time, Derrick asked Amanda to dance again. As they got up, Rick could see the outline of a huge tubular bulge traveling half the length of Derrick’s thigh.

Derrick smiled when he felt her responding to his thrusts. Amanda was grinding her bottom against his loins more vigorously seating and reseating his penis in her tight, succulent interior. He was careful not to increase the power and length of his thrusts or move in any way that might hint that he was awake and not sleeping and dreaming. In fact, limiting his movement seemed to have had the delightful effect of inspiring Amanda to increase the tempo and range of her movements. She called his name. Derrick lay still except for the slight motion of his pelvis.

“Derrick,” Amanda whispered again. No response. He must be sleeping she concluded erroneously. In her defense, all she had was the evidence of her senses. And her senses could not reveal the state of another brain, nor reveal if the mind produced by that brain consciously or unconsciously guided the penis bringing her to such a high pitch of excitement. The dimensions of Derrick’s penis was such that it stretched taut the tissue surrounding her orifice. This tautness produced mass movement of her tissue there. This movement was communicated to the tissue covering her clitoris causing it slide back and forth creating the most exquisite sensations. Rick couldn’t produce these sensations. His penis was too small. It didn’t stretch the tissues enough.

“I could get addicted to this,” she thought. The confusion and guilt produced by this new awareness was attenuated as the movement continued. The pleasure growing ever more intense about her vulva joined with the mental excitement engendered by being so thoroughly filled served to degrade Amanda’s ability to think clearly.

She had been disappointed on her wedding night to find Rick inept in lovemaking. They had married virgins. Yet, Amanda had had more romantic and involved notions of what constituted lovemaking. Rick had immediately and clumsily groped between her legs fondling her until she was lubricated and then pounced stroking her rapidly in the standard missionary position. He came very quickly; way long before she was ready. After months of marriage she managed, through subtle verbal and direct non-verbal means to get Rick to lie on his side and let her do the work. This position somehow delayed him long enough so that she was able to have her own orgasm before he deflated completely. Amanda accepted this as the best she could expect from Rick. She met her own needs and helped Rick reach his. Not how she envisioned sex, but she loved Rick enough to be content with this bed play.

She tried to restrict her motion, not wanting to wake Derrick. But the sensations produced by his prodigious prick over ruled subtle motion. She knew he must awake soon with her movements becoming more uncontrollable and vigorous. She thrust her pelvis back against his crotch until her pussy was full of penis. Amanda realized, suddenly, Rick would never experience her cervical knob or the top of vaginal vault with his diminutive tool like Derrick did now. The huge black shaft filled her completely, its movement producing heretofore-unknown pleasures and tingles. Amanda’s genitalia grew more engorged, making her tissues more sensitive. More than anything now, more than privacy, more than fidelity, more than proper behavior with her student she wanted to come. Her breathing came louder now. Between clinched teeth she hissed, “Yesss, Yesss,” over and over.

Derrick smiled broadly, behind Amanda’s back, as she worked her pussy back and forth along his shaft. “Soon,” he thought his excitement growing now, paralleling hers, “She will come and that tight little pussy will convulse gripping my dick causing me to dump a load of cum inside her. Sure hope she’s on some birth control,” he reflected. Though in his present state of excitement, he wasn’t concerned enough to stop her activity.

Later someone had produced a pornographic movie that captured everyone’s attention. Everyone had made jokes and catcalls and editorialized about the abilities of the actors and actresses. He remembered the hero, the best hung, was a Negro. His dimensions were unbelievable. He was buff, ripped with muscles, tall and talked with a voice that produced a deep, honeyed baritone. By then, Rick was to drunk to stand. He could barely focus his eyes and knew he was close to passing out. The actor’s dick dangled a good seven to eight inches in its limp manifestation. Susan, another tutor and Amanda’s close friend, had blurted without thinking, “No way anyone gets that big. A penis that large can only be produced in the editing room.”

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