The Ultra Sound Test Ch. 4


I was now 7 months pregnant and I was having my 4th ultra sound test. I was booked in at 5pm but today I was running late due to the traffic and arrived at 5.20pm. I hoped that Sandra and Jane had not left thinking I was not coming. I had tried to drink all my water but with the baby being as big as it was at this stage and, my bladder being pushed aside and made smaller it was difficult to hold it in. I was peeing at least twice an hour now. It was good because I could enjoy my new fetish even more now, but not so good when you are stuck in a place were it’s just not proper to wet yourself.

I raced into the clinic and was meet by Sandra, I told her I was busting and didn’t think I could hold It in any longer. She took me into the room were I saw Jane sitting in the chair downing a large bottle of water. Sandra told Jane that I had to pee and pee now. Jane looked over at me and noticed pee dripping from between my legs onto the floor. She suggested that I get my panties off and get up on the table straight away. As I bent my legs to remove my panties from under my dress I could feel my pussy releasing small squirts of pee into the crotch. I think this was the first time that I couldn’t control my bladder. It seemed to have a mind of it’s own it just kept leaking. I got up onto the table and I noticed it had leg stirrups. Sandra told me to put my legs into them, as it would be more comfortable for me. I did as she said and as soon as I had them in their Sandra knelt down and started to lick my wet pussy. Jane now naked had slid her chair between my legs and started to lick my asshole. As soon as Jane’s tongue touched my puckered hole my bladder exploded. My piss was spraying everywhere into both their mouths, over their faces and hair. Jane sat up and Sandra aimed my pee so it was spraying over Jane’s tits as she massaged my pee into her erect nipples.

As the flow slowed to a trickle both of them went back to sucking my pussy and asshole. It was the most incredible feeling to have 2 female’s eating me out of both holes. I reached down and spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could so Jane could jam her tongue as far up my ass as it would go. It felt like she had the longest tongue as she was licking me in places that I never have felt before. I was panting, my heart was racing I had to cum or I was going to die. I screamed to both of them I was cumming and my body tensed as my pussy spasmed and cum poured from my body. They were both going crazy to see who could lick merter escort up the most. I’ve never felt my pussy pump out so much cum before. There was that much I felt it run down onto my asshole. I slid my finger around and pushed my hot cum into my ass and fingered it for all it was worth. It was all too much and I came a second time. I’ve never cum twice so close together I was absolutely spent as my body slumped back onto the bed. Both girls were still licking and sucking up my remaining cum and then they came up to me on either side and unbuttoned my dress and removed my bra and started to suck on my stiff nipples.

My milk supply was just starting to come through and I told them this just in case it turned them off

(Silly me: – they drink my pee why should I think that this would turn them off). They both devoured my breasts sucking what they could from them. My nipples were so sensitive that each time I could feel my milk spray into their mouths it sent a tiny shiver down into my clitoris. This was getting me all hot and wet again and I urged them on to keep going. I slid my hand down and started to twist and pull my clit, the feeling that Sandra & Jane were giving me was fantastic. I could feel another orgasm approaching and told them to squeeze my tits and milk them like a cow. As soon as they did this I was going off again cumming all over my fingers as my chest raised up into their hungry mouths. That was it for me I told them to stop I couldn’t take any more pleasure.

It took me 5 minutes to recover enough to see that Sandra (now naked) & Jane were fondling each other in the middle of the room as Sandra was filling herself up with more water. I got up off the bed and went over and hugged them both telling them that they had just giving me the most intense sex I’d ever had. Jane kissed me passionately on the mouth and told me that it was mine and Sandra’s turn now to do the same for her. How could I refuse her after what she had done for me. Jane lay down on the bed and placed her legs in the stirrups as Sandra and I moved between her spread legs. We were squatting down beside each other as Jane let go a fire hose full of pee. Jane was aiming it at our faces as we both tried to catch as much as we could in our mouths. I turned towards Sandra and shoved my tongue into her mouth trying to suck all the pee from it. As we were kissing Jane was still painting our faces with her warm sweet pee. When she stopped nişantaşı escort peeing we attacked her pussy and ass as if it was our last meal. I started to bite and chew her swollen clit as Sandra was pushing her small vibrator into her ass.

It didn’t take Jane long to explode into a gut wrenching orgasm and scream the house down in the process. I caught what I could in my mouth and got up and leaned over Jane from behind and let her cum drip into her open mouth. She then reached up and pulled my face down onto hers so she could get every last drop. Jane told me she wanted to wash it down with my breast milk, so I leaned forward and started to lick and suck her stiff nipples as she did the same to me. Meanwhile Sandra was still reaming her ass out with the vibrator and she also had 3 fingers in her hot pussy.

Suddenly I felt Jane bite down on my nipple and moan out loud as her body tensed into another huge orgasm. As Jane calmed down she curled up on the bed like a little schoolgirl cooing in sheer bliss. Sandra walked over and told her to get up because it was her turn to be pleasured by us.

Jane got off the bed as Sandra got into position. Jane said that she wanted Sandra to give her a real golden shower. So Jane squatted down between Sandra’s spread legs facing away from her.

I walked around in front of Jane and watched as Sandra started to piss all over Jane’s head just like a shower. Jane was running her fingers through her hair as if she was rinsing it with water. I needed to pee again so I moved forward and spread my pussy lips ready to fill Jane’s mouth. Jane told me to hold on to it as she had a surprise for Sandra. When Sandra was finished showering Jane – Jane got up and went over to her bag and produced a strap-on dildo. I’d never seen a strap-on in real life before it looked about 7 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches around, I suppose about your average size. Jane came up to me and told me to pee into it. I looked down and noticed a plug in the back of it were you could fill it up with fluid. She told me that after you fill it you can squeeze the ball sack and make it cum just like a man. This I had to see.

I filled it full of my warm piss and then Jane strapped it on. Sandra was going crazy and telling us to hurry up before it was to late. Jane moved between Sandra’s leg and coated the dildo with the gel used for the ultra sound and proceeded to insert it into her waiting pussy. Sandra ortaköy escort was going wild bucking her hips with every thrust from Jane yelling at her to fuck her harder. I reached over and started to rub Sandra’s clit I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My cunt was dripping again so I slid my other hand down to get myself off again. Jane was fucking her real hard now and saying to her

“Do ya want me to cum now you piss hungry slut do ya.” Sandra was screaming back at her

“Fuck yes god dam it – fill me full of cum you fucking bitch – make me cum NOW.” Jane then reached down between her legs and started to squeeze the balls on the strap-on squirting my piss into Sandra’s hot cunt. She went absolutely nuts as my piss filled her to overflowing. It started to run out of her pussy each time Jane pushed the strap-on into her. Sandra reached over and grabbed my arm and dug her fingers into my flesh as the biggest orgasm I’ve seen her have ripped through her. She was babbling like a baby as her face screwed up and she screamed so loud I thought she was going to break glass. It was so good to watch this that I came again coating my fingers with my sticky juices.

I took Sandra about 10 minutes to come back to the land to the living. She asked Jane were she learnt to do that as she had never experienced sex like that with anyone before. I wanted a go but they told me I’d have to wait until after I had the baby, but Jane suggested that I could give her a head job if I wanted. I was down on my knees faster than lightning as Jane filled it up with her pee and strapped it back on. I took it in my mouth and for the next 5 minutes I tried to suck the latex off it. Jane was moaning as if it really was her own cock encouraging me on. Every now and then she would squeeze a little pee into my mouth just to tease me. I started to deep throat it trying to get all of it in when Jane told me to start swallowing. She now milked the balls and sent all of her pee rushing down my throat. I started to gag a little but managed to take it all in. I sat back down on the floor as the last bit dribbled out of my mouth. I was completely fucked and I think the others were too.

We all rested for a while and the cleaned up all the mess. All of us took a shower together and soaped each other’s pussies and asses. It was getting late and I said to them that they forgot to do my ultra sound. Sandra told me to come in tomorrow and she would fit me in then. I left that night totally sexed out. The only thing I had on my mind was dinner and bed (to sleep that is). All I could think of on the way home was what the hell were they going to come up with to top that at my next visit.

* * * * *

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