The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted 08


Chapter 8 Who’s That Knocking at My Back Door

Beth was humming happily as she buzzed around the kitchen. Titus was off somewhere doing errands which bothered her to no end. For the third time that day, she took her phone out and checked his online folder. There were no new porn videos posted since he’d agree to be with Beth exclusively three weeks ago and no new clips of Beth either. Nor had there been. It looked like he was keeping his promise.

The last three weeks had been amazing, the best of her life. David had spent maybe ten nights at home the whole time, but except for Sundays, he’d worked every day. The rest of the time he was away on overnight trips. This was fine with Beth as Titus had fucked her every single day, coming into her room as soon as David left for work in the morning. When David wasn’t home, Titus would wake her when he got home from the bar around 3:00 am and they would fuck until dawn. One time they almost got caught when David came home in the middle of the night just as Titus was filling her pussy up. Titus slipped into his room as David was coming up the stairs. Her husband got into bed beside her, leaned over and kissed her before climbing on top of her. Beth pushed him off when his little penis slipped loosely around in the sloppy mess his half-brother had deposited inside her. She apologized telling him her period must have started while she was sleeping. That got her out of sex with him for a week.

It wasn’t just the sex either. Beth quickly found herself enjoying spending time with him. Titus knew how to enjoy life and was just plain fun. He took her to Haulover Park which was the only legal nude beach in Miami. They sunbathed and snorkeled nude. Her tan lines faded so that her entire body was golden. They went on an airboat ride through the Everglades on her suggestion. Something David had never shown interest in, but Titus thought sounded like fun. Their mornings would start with a blow job then turn into Beth riding his still hard cock. They would shower together before riding off to rent jet skis, visit the zoo, swim with dolphins at the Seaquarium or visit Coral Castle down in Homestead. Otherwise, they spent their afternoons relaxing at poolside tiki bars or having lunch at bayside marina bars.

She couldn’t wait for Titus to get home. She planned on falling to her knees and sucking his big cock the second he walked in the door. She bent over and opened the oven door to check on dinner.

“Good God! What are you wearing?”

Beth jumped, standing up straight. She forced a smile on her face and turned to face her husband.

David’s briefcase dropped to the floor. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” His eyes were frozen on her stomach.

“I thought you’d like it.” She held her hands over her stomach, framing her spade piercing.

“It’s just like Ashely’s.”

“I noticed how much you liked hers on New Year’s. Consider it a Valentine’s present. I know how much you like navel piercings.”

“And the outfit?”

“Oh, this?” Beth spun around. David may have ruined her plans with Titus, but the awe in his eyes had her smiling naturally. “Since I quit the diner, I felt I needed to start working out.” Beth was barefoot and wearing new yoga pants that hugged her fit shapely calves, thighs, and hugged the counters of her perfectly shaped ass. Her top was a crossback sports bra that struggled to contain her bosom. It left her sexy stomach bare and displayed her new belly button piercing.

David stepped forward, closer to her. “Upstairs now!” he ordered, sounding surprisingly manly.

Beth raised her eyebrows in surprise and cocked her head. David looked anxious for a moment, his wife was not someone that liked being bossed around by men, but her half smile relaxed him. “No time. Dinner’s almost ready. But…” She fell to her knees and fumbled with his belt. He groaned as she reached into his pants and pulled his dick out. This wasn’t the big black cock, she’d been craving, but since Titus hadn’t given her permission to fuck her husband, she figured she just quickly suck him off.

“Oh god,” he moaned as her lips engulfed the head of his penis, easily taking him all the way into her mouth. “You’re..uh..the…um…best wife…unh unh… intheworld!” His penis twitched sending a tea spoon’s worth of semen at her uvula.

Beth clamped her lips down over the root and sucked upwards. David’s little penis jerked again, shooting several drops across the back of her tongue. She immediately regretted it. His runny semen tasted horrible. She gagged a little, pulling her head all the way back, draining the last drops of sperm from his shaft. Beth pulled back wiping her mouth, a look of distaste written on her face.

“Oh god, I’m sorry,” he pleaded. “I should have warned you.”

“It’s fine,” she sighed, walking to the table and taking a sip from a glass of wine that she’d been drinking. She was going to miss having the taste of a real man in her mouth when Titus left. Was a blow job even cheating? bedava bahis She suddenly pictured the Bull Pen bulletin board in her mind. All those black cocks offering themselves up to be sucked. She remembered holding Da’rion’s stinky cock in her hands, so big, so close to Titus’ ebony perfection. Beth licked her lips then came to her senses. She couldn’t believe she was considering sucking an unwashed ghetto nigger’s cock. She wanted to do more than just suck it. Stop it, Beth.

“You alright?”

“Yeah fine,” she said.

“Shit,” said David. “Titus just pulled up. There goes our reunion.”

“‘ Sup Bro,” said Titus walking in the door. “How’s tax season treating you?”

“Keeping me busy. Haven’t told Beth yet, but I gotta hit the road tomorrow.”

“Oh,” she sighed, making a sad face. “Just a couple more months to go I guess.”

Titus sniffed the air. “I see you finally domesticated your wife. Something smells good.”

“Be nice Titus,” said David, glancing nervously at Beth, but she was bent over displaying her magnificent ass in the yoga pants as she took a roast chicken out of the oven. “It’s a nice surprise. Especially given that she wasn’t even sure I was going to make it home tonight.”

“Well, it smells great.”

“There’s enough for you too, Titus,” said Beth.

Titus rubbed his hands together. “Winner, winner chicken dinner.”

David was surprised but shrugged it off. Beth was making the best out of the final days of having his obnoxious brother as a houseguest. David was crossing his fingers hoping that it would be years before either of them ever saw the arrogant black man again.

“Get me a beer,” said Titus.

David was surprised again to see his wife go over to the refrigerator and get a beer for her brother-in-law. She held a second one up for David and he nodded. David watched for the next few minutes as Beth opened the two beers, setting them down before the brothers before bringing the food out to the table without asking for help. He had no idea what had come over her but decided that he liked it. Seeing her dressing sexier and quite frankly happy and pleasant was a welcome change to the bitchy wife he was used to. Maybe, it wasn’t just Titus getting out of their hair that had her happy? Maybe, she just hated the diner so much, she was happier, and now that she was unemployed, she’d decided to step up with her housewife duties. Whatever, he wasn’t complaining.

Dinner was fantastic consisting of the roast chicken, carrots, and a baked potato. Titus being the large lusty man that he was consumed the most. Beth jumped up and got him another beer as soon as she noticed he was empty.

“That was delicious, honey,” said David sitting back.

“Yeah, Beth. If you kept feeding me like that, maybe I’d stick around longer,” said Titus.

David looked alarmed for a minute, but Titus expression showed that he was kidding. Even Beth had a wry grin on her face that told him she wasn’t worried he was serious. She started clearing the table. “I’ll clean up,” said David. “Then we’ll watch a movie.”

She smiled at him. “I’ll go get changed then,” she said.

“As far as I’m concerned you can wear that outfit all the time,” said David.

Titus stood. “I think I’ll get changed too and go for a run.”

David started clearing the table while his wife and brother headed upstairs.


“Sorry, I didn’t think he’d be home,” said Beth, falling to her knees and fumbling with Titus’ pants button. “I’ve been wanting this all day.” She pulled out the plump black cock, watching it swell and harden in her hand before planting her lips over the head.

“Better hurry,” groaned Titus, planting one hand on her head, guiding her up and down his cock.

“Mmmphh!” she agreed, sucking for all she was worth. Still, Titus didn’t cum easily or quickly and getting him off speedily wasn’t an easy proposition. They probably had around a half hour before David finished with the dishes. She got him off in twenty minutes.

Beth didn’t want to have to explain why she had sperm all over her face, so she let him pump the first big loads down her throat before pulling back, so he could fill her mouth. It was a little disappointing as his first loads tasted the best. If David hadn’t come home, she would have let him fill her mouth several times before spraying the rest all over her face. The taste of a real man’s seed was better than anything she could have cooked up in the kitchen.

Beth kissed his spent cock before standing up and licking her lips. “What if he wants sex?” Though if David could get it up again after blowing him earlier, she’d be surprised.

“Go ahead,” said Titus after a moment’s thought.

“You don’t mind?”

“It’s good to remind you of his shortcomings.”


David expected to be disappointed when Beth came downstairs. He wasn’t. Her usual movie watching attire consisted of sweats. It was their usual ritual to sit beside each casino siteleri other while he rubbed and scratched her back while they watched television. It was a small intimacy they shared. He didn’t mind. He liked touching her bare back and it was one of the few times, she’d go braless.

“Gawd damn,” he stuttered, watching her come down the stairs.

“You don’t think it’s too much?”

“Not at all.” His eyes swept over her body. She was still wearing sweats, but of a much different variety. The sweat pants were gone replaced by drawstring pink shorts. Her top was also pink and essentially a halter top that somehow managed to cover her breasts which he noted happily were still swinging freely with some indentations where her nipples were. He suspected they’d pop out if she reached up for anything. He didn’t care how much these new outfits were costing him. Whatever the price, they were worth it. “Upstairs now,” he said again, pointing to the bedroom.

She laughed, and David felt a renewed love for his wife swelling his heart. He’d never seen her this happy. “I figured if you get the piercing, you shouldn’t dress to cover it up,” she said.

He stared at the black spade dangling under her navel. The lights made it glisten. It was the sexiest sight he’d ever seen on Beth, but it wasn’t the prettiest piercing being too dark with the gold Q in it. “Could I buy you a different one? Maybe a red heart for Valentine’s day or an actual diamond?”

“Hmm, I like this one, but I’ll think about it.”

The thought of going shopping for belly button piercings with his wife was sexy and astonishing to David. He looked up her belly and at her breasts, then her face. He frowned, concerned. “You feeling okay?”

“Great, why?”

“It’s just your cheeks are a little puffy.”

“Oh,” she said, startled. “I’m fine.”

“What do you want to watch?”

His wife startled him again when she replied. “You pick.”

Titus came downstairs just as Beth stepped off the bottom step. David gulped uncomfortably when he saw the massive tube-shaped bulge running down the thigh of the big black man’s tight biker shorts. He was wearing a tight white tee shirt with a black Superman S logo on it. The shirt hugged his heroically muscled chest. “Be right back,” he said, leaving.

He and Beth would probably be done the movie by the time “right back” was up. A run for Titus meant a two-mile jog to the park which had a fitness course. David had made the mistake of going with him once. He couldn’t handle running two miles there and back, so he rode his bike. Titus kept up with his bike, ran straight for the pushups bench, then the sit-ups bench, and finally the pull-ups bar. The ex-marine did about a hundred of each to David’s ten or so pushups and sit-ups. David’s arms couldn’t do one pull up. Titus wound down by doing some sort of martial arts forms. David got bored watching the black man and turned his bike around, peddling exhaustedly home. He was panting when he parked the bike in the garage and surprised to see Titus rapidly jogging up the drive behind him.

David didn’t want to test her too much, so he picked a movie they both liked. He sat beside her dutifully rubbing her back, shoulders and neck, the next two hours. Titus returned just when the credits started rolling, his mighty chest rising and falling, controlling his breathing, but he wasn’t panting. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it over the railing of the stairs. David couldn’t help staring enviously at the black man’s defined musculature now glistening with a sheen of sweat. Even his Titus’ hating wife was checking him out. Titus headed to the kitchen, forgoing a beer and throwing back a bottle of water. “Let’s head upstairs,” David whispered to his wife.

Beth glanced at Titus and nodded. He took her hand and led her upstairs. The next forty minutes were some of the best of their marriage. The main light was out, but Beth made no move to turn the nightstand light off as David sat on the bed and pulled her into his arms. He bent down and kissed her belly button, using his lips to move the chain holding the spade out of the way while his hands tugged her shorts down. He kissed up her stomach, raising her top up until her incredible breasts sprang free. He spent some time worshipping her breasts leaving one nipple wet and pointy before moving on to the next. She rubbed the back of his head while he sucked her hard nubs.

David’s hands slid down her waist, pushing her back and moving her around. He slipped off the bed as she fell back on the mattress. He kneeled, knowing he needed to show he appreciated her recent changes in behavior. David planted his lips on her pussy as she spread her legs for him. He licked her slit with a gusto, he’d never shown before, and it was amazing. He looked right up her body, the Q in the black spade drawing the focus of his eyes as it hung over the slight swell under her navel. He moved his eyes up watching her belly undulate, his hands sliding under her bahis siteleri legs reaching up her body and pinching her nipples. Her pussy bucked on his tongue as she came. David was filled with pride, sliding his hands back down her body. He added two fingers to his tongue, slowing working them in and out. His other hand opened his pants and pulled out his penis. It usually couldn’t get hard again after he’d come only three hours ago when she sucked it, but this time it was eager, and a few tugs had it sticking straight out. Beth surprised him by cumming again as he fingered her. Two orgasms during one session almost never happened and he swelled with pride again.

David stood, and Beth made the mistake of sitting up to guide his penis inside her. As her hand closed around his hard five inches, his mind pictured the same loving hand stroking Titus’ unnatural black monstrosity. His prick lost some of its steel, but it was still hard enough to push inside her. Beth didn’t seem to mind. Her legs squeezed around him, tightly, trying to pull him deep, continuing to squeeze and pull him deeper even when he was fully penetrated. She raised her pussy into his shaft, grinding hard against it. She moaned, but he couldn’t tell if it was from pleasure or frustration. It was too much for David. His semi-erect penis squirted a few drops of his seed inside his wife.

In his mind, he was spraying his cum deep fertilizing an egg. The reality was that he’d secretly been tested, and his semen would never get Beth pregnant. He’d been delighted when the doctor told him he had around three million sperm in a millimeter of his semen, but then the doctor had told him that 40 million to 300 million was the normal range. He suffered from oligospermia or a low sperm count. He hadn’t told his wife and felt guilty that Beth assumed she was the problem they’d never conceived as her mother had difficulty conceiving her.

He kept himself in her wonderful pussy for close to a minute. Her vagina was contracting downwards against his spent penis and when he finally pulled out, almost all his semen was on his penis anyway or on the lips of her vagina. So much for shooting it deep. Beth’s head was turned, and a tear was rolling down her cheek. “You okay?” he asked, concerned.

She looked up and smiled. “Yes honey, I’m crying because it felt so good.” She pulled him down to kiss her. “Get me a tissue,” she whispered.

David got up and went to the bathroom. At least the mess would be easy to clean up. He took her some toilet paper which she used to clean herself off before going to the bathroom herself.

David Shorthose had worn himself out. He stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed. Beth slid in next to him and the last thing he remembered was her staring at him as he fell asleep.


Beth tried to be quiet as she left her sleeping husband. She felt another tear roll down her cheek. Things weren’t going back to normal when Titus left. She had needs now that a five-inch penis would never satisfy. Nude, she slipped out of her room, walking down the hall.

Titus was awake, laying on top the covers. He was nude, his plump cock hanging over his thigh. It started rising as she entered his room. How could two penises be so different? Erect, Titus was eight inches longer than his half-brother’s and nearly three times as thick. The big black cock had really opened her up and nothing shy of a real man’s cock would ever satisfy her again. She’d need to use the Bull Pen or borrow one of Ashley’s studs to keep her sexual frustration from driving her mad.

Titus held his cock up as she straddled him and raised herself up over the head. “Fuck me,” she moaned, sinking down over his shaft. “Fuck me.”

“I’m gonna fuck that white pussy good,” he said.

“YES! Fuck my white pussy with your big black cock. Fuck me. FUCK ME!” Beth rode him to a satisfying orgasm. This was a real orgasm, not a weak tease like she’d had with David going down on her. “Cumming,” she screamed. Another powerful orgasm rocked her body. She had six in total as she rode him over the next twenty minutes. Titus grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard into his lap as his cock erupted his first wad of voluminous seed into her womb.

Titus had been forced to take a DNA test in the Marines after impregnating a female officer. Titus got one look at the sexy doctor and insisted they use his semen for the test lying that a childhood illness had left him infertile. The female doctor had stared at the overflowing vial of semen and gave Titus a strange look when he told her he had to clean the rest up. She’d been overawed by the results of his semen analysis. Titus had 450 million sperm per ml. In a normal man that, much sperm might have resulted in overcrowding and inhibited pregnancy, but Titus’ semen volume matched his sperm count and his sperm’s motility rate was equally impressive. He acquiesced when she asked to examine his testicles. Her gloved hands spent a lot of time fondling his balls and squeezing his thick shaft. She stared cross-eyed down his hard shaft. She was still holding it when she unprofessionally asked him to meet her for a drink later. “Sure,” he answered, and she gave his hard cock a little squeeze before reluctantly releasing it. He knew what that meant.

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