The Usual Friday


Lights dimmed, candles lit, music playing, he glanced around the room. Everything in its place, he began to disrobe. The clock—an old grandfather given as an anniversary present—chimed seven. First the tie, a solemn black, then the Oxford button down, and finally the Italian leather belt trailed in his wake. The marble tub gleamed and winked as it slowly filled with steamy water. As the tendrils of heat rose off the water, the moist sultry air caressed his naked chest.

He sat on the toilet, removed his socks and threw them into the bedroom. His shoes followed haphazardly. He stood then and stretched; a perfect ripple of masculinity gliding down his body starting at his shoulders and ending at the small of his back. His pants were already unbuttoned. Completing the half-finished task, he unzipped them and in one fluid motion, he removed both pants and briefs. He stood quietly as the mist began to engulf him. It was a pleasurable sticky feeling. Sweat beaded and rolled down his chest into his navel. There was a pool of moisture gathered at the base of his back, sliding into the cleft of his ass. It reminded him of his first time—the heat, the moisture, the anticipation. The clock chimed. It was now seven-thirty. The water parted gently as he stepped into the tub. Silence continued canlı bahis to tick away when the faintest jingling of keys could be heard. The door sighed seductively as it opened. The mistress was home.

“Thought I’d keep it warm for you.”

She stood in the doorway clad in the sheerest panties and his solemn black tie. It hung loosely around her neck just barely touching her erect nipples.

“Will you wash my back?” Anticipation deepened his request.

“Why should I?” She glanced into the tub. “You didn’t wait for me.”

Crouching down, she ran her fingers through the water grazing hiserection.

“If I promise to make it up to you, will you scrub my back?” A slow smile migrated from his eyes to his lips as he ran his damp fingertips across her extended nipples.

“Perhaps I’ll go and visit some of my other friends. Maybe then you won’t be so cocky.” She grasped him fully and began to stroke him.

“I thought you liked me cocky.” A deep groan worked its way through his clenched teeth.

“Not cocky dear.” She smiled as he began to spill. “Just cock.”

He looked at her through semi-sated eyes. “What other friends?”

“Oh just the boys at the office. You know how accommodating they can be.”

“We can be accommodating.” He began to harden bahis siteleri again. “I can show you if you like.”

“Okay. But you only get one chance. If I’m not fully satisfied, you’ll suffer my wrath.” She stood up and removed her panties.

“And if you are?”

She stepped into the tub so that she was directly above him. “Then you suffer my wrath.”

She lowered herself onto his lap. She could feel him growing even harder. Running her hands along the sides of his neck and down his shoulders, she began to nibble on his lips. Head thrown back in ecstasy, he bucked trying to enter her.

“Are you going to be a bitch and tease me to death?” Their hands intertwined. He bent her back slowly and grasped both her wrists together.

She was rubbing her warmth against him now. She could feel his fingers probing between her buttocks. Slowly he slipped one, two, three fingers into her anus. It was then that he positioned the head of his cock against her.

“Nope. I married you because you’re and easy lay.”

With one thrust he was inside her completely. Heat intensified and water slapped against naked skin spilling over the cool marble onto the floor. He released her wrist and pulled her head back so that he could feast on her. She gripped the side of the tub bahis şirketleri as he continued to move within her body. The roughness of his tongue sent tiny electric burst spiraling through her. She quivered as he took her anus roughly yet gentled inside of her.

The clock began to chime again, the phone was ringing; neither could hear beyond the rustled sounds of their groaning. Her nails trailed down his back angrily and curled into his buttocks. He had released her hair and was gripping her breast painfully. She bit into his neck as he pulled on her over sensitized nipple. His grip was both pleasuring and bruising. The dizzy sensation of climaxing ebbed through both of them as they raced, pushing and pulling, towards the edge.

Their intermingled screams echoed around the bathroom walls and soaked into the pores of the room. He took her lips violently now as if they could somehow merge into one. She was limp and filled to the brim with the sensation of his cock-still hard-inside her. And then he began to move. It would never end; he was unstoppable. Already the tension had built to a terrifying frenzy again. Her mind went blank as desire took control once again.

He ran his fingers through her hair entrapping her. His eyes unblinking and intense stared into her as he took her again. He continued to fuck her regardless of the passing time: minutes slipping into hours into days, as it had only begun. Eventually Monday would rear its formidable head, but for now it was the usual Friday.

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