The Visit


As soon as I finished the call, I called Chris.

“Hey there. I just confirmed the meeting in LA is going to be next week. I need to go out Sunday afternoon for meetings that start Monday morning, and we’re supposed to finish by Wednesday noon.”

“Okay,” she replied, “that’s when you thought it would be. Honestly, it’s good timing. Trial is only two weeks away, so I’m going to be working crazy hours for the next couple of weeks, including next weekend.”

Chris was on the partner track at a large law firm, so long hours were not unusual. But leading up to trial, it shifted into an even higher gear.

Chris continued, “You should visit Anna for the weekend — she’d love that.”

Anna was Chris’ younger sister, who was working on her Master’s degree. We hadn’t seen her in over a year.

“Yeah, I thought about that. If it works for her, I’d love to see her.”

“Call or text her,” she said. “Sorry, I gotta run. Don’t wait for me for dinner tonight — I’ll catch something here.”

“Okay. See you later. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

Chris and I met early in our freshman year at college. We started dating and quickly fell in love. She’s smart, funny, a good person and, in my opinion, quite beautiful. She’s 5 feet 5 inches and in good shape thanks to yoga and spin classes, which are usually VERY early in the morning. She has brown hair that goes below her shoulders. She has small, firm breasts which I find absolutely beautiful. Her light-blue, large eyes sparkle and captivate anyone who looks at her.

We got married the summer after we graduated. Two months later, she started law school, and I entered the working world. Three years later, she began working at a major law firm, and I went back to school for my MBA. Now, I’ve been at my firm for two years. We are both very ambitious. We work hard and play hard.

We both want kids — but not quite yet. More and more people are waiting until their 30s to start a family, so we figure we’ve still got some time. Of course, we get the usual pressure from the parents, but they know we’ll make the decision when WE are ready — not when THEY are ready.

Both of us grew up in middle class, loving families. She’s got two sisters, and I’ve got two brothers. Both of our families really love our spouses, and the feeling is mutual. Chris’ parents have always treated me like the son they never had; they’re both terrific.

Chris and her middle sister, Vickie, get along, but they’re not as close as Chris and Anna, her youngest sister. Vickie and Chris are only two years apart, so maybe there was too much competition growing up. Anna, on the other hand, is six years younger than Chris. They were never even in the same school, so there was no competition between them. When Anna was eleven years old and starting the mood swings that every kid goes through, she often clashed with her mother. She’d go to Chris for comfort.

Chris, of course, at 17, sometimes had her own teenage wars with her mother. If nothing else, they could commiserate with each other. But to an eleven-year-old, your popular, 17-year-old sister is the really cool person you strive to be. And you think your older sister has all the answers. Fortunately, both of them outgrew their teenage years and grew into really wonderful women.

When I first starting dating Chris, Anna was only 12. She was the typical, obnoxious pre-teen who teased her sister about having a boyfriend. By the time she was 18, she had grown into a stunning woman. Her breasts were much larger than Chris’, and she teased her about it all the time. But it didn’t bother Chris because she knew how much I loved her AND her small breasts. Anna said I only married Chris so I could spend more time with her (Anna). If she was alone with me, she would sometimes put her hands under her breasts, lift them and say, “These are what REAL tits look like!” And then she’d start laughing.

I texted Anna to see if she’d like me to visit her after my meetings. Ten seconds later, my phone was ringing.

“Hi, Anna,” I said.

Before I could get out another word, she screamed, “YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

I laughed. “You know,” I said, “you once yelled at me when I called someone after they texted me. You said I violated one of the basic rules of texting: never reply to a text with anything other than a text.”

“Yeah, well fuck that,” she said, laughing. “I was too excited. I haven’t seen you guys in SOO long!”

“I know,” I said. “But it will only be me. Chris has to work that weekend.”

“Fantastic,” Anna said. “We can finally sleep together when my sister isn’t around.” Then she started laughing as I didn’t respond.

“You’re terrible, you know,” I said.

“Oh, come on,” she said. “You know you want it. How long will you be here?”

“My meetings end Wednesday afternoon. I figured I’d work from there on Thursday and Friday, and head out Saturday morning. Is that okay?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Anna immediately said. I hadn’t heard her so excited in a long time. “Will you stay İstanbul Escort with me after your meetings?”

“Yep, that works.”

“I’m really excited to see you, Ryan. You’ve made my day. Hell, you’ve made my whole week. And bring your credit card. I’m gonna let my successful brother-in-law take me out for a nice dinner every night.” Again, Anna was laughing.

“Okay,” I said. “Good to know I’m just a meal ticket.”

“You’re not JUST a meal ticket,” she said. “SOMETIMES I even like talking to you.”

“Oh, okay,” I replied. “THAT makes me feel better.”

“Okay, I gotta go. I’ll plan on seeing you sometime next Wednesday. Thanks, Ryan. Love you. Say hi to my sister.”

“Bye, Anna. Love you, too.”

Over the next few days, I did some prep work for the meetings the following week. Chris was working crazy hours, so it was easy to work late, either at the office or at home. Fortunately, THIS weekend they decided to take Saturday evening off at the law firm, so Chris and I could have a night together before I left. We went out for a nice dinner, and Chris was happy to drink most of the wine from the bottle we ordered. She definitely was releasing some pressure from this case and the trial preparation.

When we got home, as soon as we walked in the door, Chris hugged me and kissed me hard.

“I’ve got a lot of pent-up pressure, and there’s only way to release it,” she said. “And lucky for you,” she continued, “I’ve chosen you to help me release it,” as she put her hand on my dick and rubbed it through my pants.

“Well, I guess I’m glad you chose me, too,” I said, having a little trouble talking smoothly with her hand on my dick. “Were there a lot of others in the running?”

Chris laughed. “Oh, yeah, I considered hundreds of guys. But it came down to just five finalists. And it was close,” she said, still laughing as she talked. And as she squeezed my dick harder, she said, “but you won by an inch. Come show me I didn’t choose the wrong person.”

She broke away and started walking toward the bedroom, and I quickly followed her. As soon as we got there, she turned around and started kissing me again. She was definitely ready for action. As I unbuttoned her blouse, she kept her arms around my neck and grinded on me. As soon as I released the buttons, I grabbed both of her breasts for a quick massage, which brought pleasant moans from her. After a few seconds, she pulled off her blouse, threw it toward the corner, and turned around. I unhooked her bra, slid it over her shoulders, and let it fall to the ground.

I reached around her and cupped both of her breasts, massaging them a little roughly as I pulled her toward me. Now she was grinding her ass into my dick. As I kissed her neck, I pinched both of her extended nipples, bringing more sounds of pleasure from her. I turned her around and smiled. I always loved her small breasts. Her bright red areolas had thin, long nipples pointing at me. I bent down and started flicking my tongue over her left nipple and then sucking on it.

“Oh yeah, Ryan. That feels good!”

I reached behind her and put one hand on each butt cheek and squeezed as I pulled her against me. I switched my mouth to her other nipple and performed the same flicking and sucking action on her nipple. Feeling her grind on my dick was getting me very excited, too.

I released her butt to unhook and unzip her pants. I didn’t push them to the floor — I just spread the two sides. I slipped my hand in her panties and rubbed her very wet pussy.

“Lick me, Ryan. I need your tongue!”

Our sex life is pretty vanilla, but, happily, Chris likes me to perform oral on her. I pushed down her pants, pulled off her shoes, and slipped her pants off. I finished undressing her by sliding her panties down and off. I kissed her dark landing strip and gave a quick lick over her clit, causing a soft cry to come from her.

“Lay on the bed,” I said, as I pulled off my shirt. I kicked off my shoes, ripped off my socks, and took off my pants and underwear. She lay on the bed spread-eagle, and I got in-between. I licked the outside of her outer lips on each side, purposely ignoring her inner lips. Then I kissed her outer lips. I licked each side again.

“C’mon, Ryan, quit teasing me.”

Satisfied that she was ready, I shoved my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head. I tongue-fucked her for a minute and then flicked my tongue between her inner lips. I finally gave her what she really wanted, and I quickly flicked my tongue over her clit.

“Oh, yeah!” she cried, as she thrust her pelvis up just a bit. Chris has a very sensitive clit, and it usually doesn’t take her long to orgasm when she has direct clitoral stimulation. I continued licking her clit quickly, and I could sense she was getting close. I suddenly stopped licking and started kissing her outer lips.

Chris let out a short, disappointing whine. I kissed back and forth, licking her outer lips but staying away from her more-sensitive inner Anadolu Yakası Escort lips or clit. After a minute, I went back to licking her clit, and she quickly got very close. I backed off one more time and just kissed her lips. She knew what I was doing and let out a soft whimper.

But I couldn’t keep her waiting any longer. I started licking her clit very quickly. After being so close twice before, it took less than a minute before she started grunting, shaking, and enjoying an intense orgasm. She grabbed the sheets beneath her hands and pushed her pelvis up every few seconds. I continued licking to help her ride it out.

After 30 or 40 seconds she lay flat and pushed my head away from her. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me.

“I love the way you do that,” she said.

I smiled at her. “And I love doing it to you.”

“Now,” she said, “show me what else you like to do.”

I crawled up the bed and licked both nipples. I got up on my knees for just a second so I could give both of her breasts a gentle squeeze; I could never get enough of them. I stroked my dick for a few seconds to get it rock-hard and got into a pushup position with my dick hanging just above her. She reached forward and put the tip into her entrance as I pushed all the way in. She tensed her pelvic floor muscles and squeezed my dick; it felt incredible.

Having already teased her once when I was eating her, it was now time for hard action. After only a couple of slow strokes, I started thrusting fast. Chris usually comes pretty quickly the second time, so I wasn’t too worried about having to wait until she was ready. I was taking full strokes, backing out until just the tip of my dick was in and then pushing forward hard. I also tried to make sure my pelvis flattened against her to rub her clit.

After a few minutes, my arms got tired and I had to drop down to my elbows. But I kept thrusting hard, feeling the tension build. After a few more minutes I went back into a pushup position to increase the speed and intensity. I knew I was right near the edge. Based on Chris’ breathing and moaning, she was, too.

Suddenly I felt her pussy contract around my dick. After one more stroke through a tightened tunnel, I exploded just as Chris was having her own orgasm. I let out a soft grunt with each glorious squirt into her. I tried to keep pumping when I was done to enhance her pleasure, but after a few strokes I collapsed onto my elbows on top of her. She continued spasming for another 20 seconds and then went quiet. We lay together silently, except for our breathing, enjoying the feeling of each other’s body.

After a minute, I rolled off of her but managed to drape one arm across one breast and rest my hand on the other. I gave a very gently squeeze, and Chris giggled.

“Don’t you ever get tired of these?” she asked.

“Nope. Never,” I said. She giggled again.

“Guys are so weird,” she said, and we both laughed.

We both went into the bathroom to clean up and get ready for bed. After we were in bed, Chris gave me a sweet kiss.

“I’m gonna miss you next week,” she said.

“I’ll miss you, too,” I responded.

“You’ll just miss my tits.”

“Well, yes,” I said, “I WILL miss your tits. But I’ll miss the rest of you, too.”

“Good to know,” she said. “Good night. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

My flight on Sunday was uneventful. I checked into the hotel and did some final prep work for the meetings. The three days of meetings were surprisingly productive and effective. I’ve attended too many meetings — especially “classes” — where they manage to “squeeze” three hours of material into a three-day event. Fortunately, this was not one of those. We ended the meeting agreeing we’d try to meet in person once a quarter.

As I got ready to leave the office, I called Anna to tell her I was planning to leave and making sure the timing worked for her.

“Perfect,” Anna said. “I’m really excited to see you.”

“Me, too.”

“Hey, just one more thing I need to tell you,” she said somewhat nervously. “Umm, my roommate is…” She paused for a couple of seconds, then continued. “My roommate is a little different. I mean not different, but…okay, she’s basically a nudist.”

I laughed out loud.

“Maybe that’s overstating it,” she continued. “But she sleeps naked, and, in the morning, she never wears anything until she gets dressed for the day, even like when she’s eating breakfast. And in the evening, after she gets ready for bed, if we’re just watching TV or talking, she doesn’t wear anything. I asked her to please cover up when you’re here, but who knows what she’ll do. So don’t be shocked if she’s just walking around naked.”

I laughed again. “Hey, fine by me,” I said. “Feel free to walk around naked yourself,” I said.

“Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she replied. “You going to join us?”

“I could check with your sister, but I’m pretty sure I’d know her answer. I’ll have to take a pass.”

“Okay, well Üsküdar Escort good to know it’s only my sister that’s stopping you,” she said with another laugh. “Get out of the office and please get your ass here.”

“Okay,” I said, “I’m on my way.”

Twenty-five minutes later, I pulled up to her apartment. I grabbed my bag and hit the buzzer with her name.

“HellOOOOOOOO”, her voice sang out. “Who is trying to break into my apartment?”

“It’s the pizza delivery guy.”

“Oh, good, I was afraid it was my brother-in-law. YOU can come in. Second floor.”

The buzzer sounded, and I walked in. I carried my bag up to the second floor and knocked on her door. The door whipped open and Anna was standing there with a huge smile on her face. She opened her arms wide and pulled me into a tight hug, which I returned.

“Good to see you, Ryan. It’s been way too long.”

She continued squeezing me tight, smashing her boobs against me.

“It’s good to see you, too, Anna.”

She pulled her head back and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“Grab your bag and let me show you where to put it. There’s a small third bedroom — more like a closet — but it’s got a small couch with a pull-out bed. I hope that’s okay.”

“It’ll be fine,” I said, as she showed me the room. I left my bag in there and we walked into the kitchen.

“Want some wine?” Anna asked.

I accepted, and she poured two glasses. We sat in the small living room and started catching up. After a half-hour, the front door opened and a stunning woman walked in. She was tall — maybe 5 foot 8 inches. She had curly, black hair, large, brown eyes, and a huge smile. She was wearing a grey business suit with a skirt that almost went to her knees, nylons, a white blouse, and black heels.

“This is my roommate, Taylor. Taylor, this is my brother-in-law, Ryan.”

“Hi, Ryan,” Taylor said, still smiling as she looked at me. “Nice to meet you.”

“Hi, Taylor. Nice to meet you, too.”

“Want some wine? And we’re going to get some dinner in about a half-hour,” Anna said to Taylor. “Will you join us?”

“Dinner sounds great, thanks” she said. “And I could really use some wine. Let me just go take these clothes off.”

I suddenly thought about Anna’s comment where she described Taylor as a nudist.

Then Taylor continued, “I gotta get out of this fucking interview suit and go put on jeans.”

When Taylor came back into the room, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She had really long legs — I learned she was a swimmer in high school and still used swimming as a form of exercise to stay in shape. She had small breasts — probably a B-cup — that fit her body perfectly. I thought her breasts were about the same size as my wife’s.

I had told Anna I would gladly pop for dinner, so she asked if we could go to a nicer Italian restaurant she liked. She told me it wasn’t too outrageous, but it was definitely more expensive than Olive Garden. She showed me the menu on her phone. I laughed and told her I thought I could handle it. I also told her I’d be coming to L.A. every few months, so maybe we could save the excitement of Olive Garden for another visit.

Dinner was great. Anna and I always got along and enjoyed making fun of her sister (only in a loving way, of course) and her family (USUALLY in a loving way). Taylor enjoyed the stories and seemed to be having a good time, too. Both women were very smart, and we talked about everything from politics to music to their future plans after grad school. I told the girls to drink as much as they wanted as long as Anna gave me the keys to her car so I could drive home. They weren’t drunk, but they definitely had a nice buzz.

I tried to be subtle, but Taylor caught me checking out her breasts a couple of times. She smiled but didn’t say anything to embarrass me. I didn’t think she was wearing a bra, and the way her t-shirt hugged her body, they just looked fantastic.

When we got back to the house, we sat around talking some more. Taylor said she was tired and going to get ready for bed. After ten minutes, she came back into the living room wearing a football jersey that went halfway down her thighs. Anna looked relieved. After a bit, Taylor said she was going to bed and said good night. Right after she left the room, I told Anna I had to go to the bathroom.

Just as I turned the corner to walk down the hall, Taylor was approaching her bedroom. She pulled the football jersey over her head just as she walked into her bedroom. Just as I thought (fantasized??), she wasn’t wearing anything else. I stopped walking, half out of surprise (and pleasure), and half not to make noise so she’d know I was there. Her very toned, very long legs supported a beautiful firm ass, a thin waste, and a sexy back. She flipped the door closed without turning, so I assumed she didn’t see me.

When I got back to the living room after peeing, I didn’t say anything to Anna about Taylor. But I certainly thought about the vision later that night as I got into bed.

Thursday morning, both girls had classes and other commitments that required them to be on campus most of the day. Fortunately, I remembered to ask Anna for their wifi password the previous day, so I just worked from their dining room table most of the day.

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