The Waitress Ch. 8


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I dedicate this story to Connie the Hot Cunt.

And its conclusion, which is coming soon, to…
well, let’s call her Miss X for now. She’s in Alabama too… and that’s all I will say 🙂


Douglas and Ashley disappeared in the bathroom.
Trish went to the counter and stood right in front of Sam, still crying.

“Hey what the hell is this, Sam? What the hell you think you’re doing?”

“Mind your own business, girl”

“She’s a human being, for Christ’s sake! I’m gonna call the police right now!”

Sam reached for her neck and grabbed it, roughly.

“You do that and Ashley may not be alive by when they arrive…”

Trish gasped, and tried to take his hand away, but he was much stronger.
He released her neck.

“W-what… what happens to you, Sam? You are different now. You now resemble that Douglas!”

Yes, what was happening to him? He had been a calm little business man for years, and now Douglas had reminded him of a time when he was young and powerful.

He was being fooled by this mirage of manhood, this delusion that he could be a young stud again… but he was old now. And some things will never change, no matter how smart you think you are…

Douglas wasn’t so young either, already at 54. Lemme tell ya, man, itssa big mistake when a man don’t wantsta acknowledge the passing o’ time…


Trish went out of there and drove her battered Ford straight to little Tim’s school, and found to her dismay that the boy wasn’t there in his classroom. Oh shit! Ashley wasn’t able to take care of her child anymore. She had to do something. She headed straight to Mr. Sanders office.

“Hey where you’re going? You need an appointment to see the Director!”- said the secretary.

“I’m sorry, this is an emergency!”- said Trish.


Ashley was allowed to take a bath, but he ordered her to keep the giant plug in her asshole. Her intestines felt like burning, all filled up to the limit with semen, but she obeyed.

They reached the backyard. He ordered her to crawl into Sam’s hens cage and sleep there. It stank of chicken shit, but she didn’t mind. She was very hungry now, but he had said the punishment would be terrible if she dared speak, so she just closed her eyes while Douglas closed the door.

In spite of the hunger of so many hours without eating anything, she fell asleep very soon… The hens at first bit her skin and made lots of noise, but then they got used to the new guest.

Ashley barely felt the bites. She desperately needed to get away from her now unbearable reality…


Betty chose to not say a word at all. What she was being witness to made her want to just go away from that evil place and never come back. But she couldn’t do it.

She just wasn’t capable of losing Harry forever. So she chose to wait, trembling inside, terrified that Douglas might want to abuse her too.

She didn’t like Ashley, but this shit was too much. She said to herself that she would wait for his comeback, he would fix things for sure.

Betty didn’t know that Harry’s trailer had sank to the bottom of a lake in California…


Little Tim was at one of Ashley’s neighbor school mothers’ illegal bahis house, and as she knew the woman too, she was allowed to take the little boy to her own place, just when the woman was about to call the authorities. That wouldn’t be necessary, assured Trish, she was heading for the police anyway, for Ashley was in trouble. The woman of course wanted to know more, but Trish said there wasn’t time for that.


Douglas came again by sunset. Ashley felt it was the cruelest blow to force her to leave the sweet land of her dreams, where there were no evil men…

She was full of chicken shit, scratches and bites by then.

She crawled to the joint again. Sam argued with Douglas, saying that Ashley was who was bringing big money, so she would be the star of the show.

“Hey she’s my slave now! A deal is a deal!”

“No way, Douglie. No way. Yes, she’s yours now, but she’ll be the star of the show!”

“Samsta, she’s in no good shape to be no star of no show!”

“Yeah, thanks to you… Well, I don’t care. The place is mine, and she’ll be the star!”

They exchanged hard glances for a moment.

“O-right!” – said Douglas, a nasty look in his eyes.

He pulled her by the chain, and waves of pain came to her delicate neck. Douglas was furious and he was going to take it on her.

Then she had to crawl up to the stage. The chain was too heavy, and all her body ached painfully. To climb up the three wooden steps was an almost unbearable task.

“Wanna see a little private show, Samsta? I haven’t fucked this lil bitch yet… I think I may do that soon…”

Ashley was ordered to crawl to the center of the stage.
Douglas came and stood beside her.

“Stand up, whore”

She did.

“Now you wait here, bitch. And don’t move…”

She was starving, and now she had to be standing on her feet. Nearly three hours passed. Ashley fell on her knees, incapable of sustaining her body on her feet anymore. Then Douglas tied her hands to the light bars on the stage ceiling, with tight ropes. He pulled the ropes, and Ashley was forced to stand on tip toes, her arms up.

“You want your show, Samsta?”- he murmured- “O-righty, you’ll have yer show!!”

The johns started to come soon after, and this time they paid little attention to Betty at the entrance. The sight of Little Ashley bare naked and tied to the ropes was too enticing…

Douglas waited until the place was nearly full. Then Red Mask came. He was told to hand his mask and whip to Douglas, and he did.

Douglas put the mask on his face. Spice introduced the show, and the new Red Mask took control, while the musicians were swiftly ushered out for the night…

The johns, sensing something, were expectant.

“Showtime, bitch!! Spread your legs as open as you can!”- Douglas yelled.

She obeyed. Her arms were aching painfully now.

Then Douglas put a dog’s food bowl between her legs, and he took the plug out of her asshole. More than two hundreds fellas have deposited their semen up her bowels the night before, and all that cum came down loudly and fell on the bowl.

There was so much sperm inside her ass that the bowl was soon filled up, and still more sperm spilled outside of it. She felt relieved now, and her tortured belly recovered her normal shape.

Douglas took a box of dog crackers and emptied it over the bowl. The resulting mix casino siteleri of semen from 24 hours ago and dog food well- filled the bowl and its surroundings.

He loosened the ropes then, and she was so tired of standing on her toes that she fell on the floor heavily. He pushed her face down to the bowl.

“Eat!”- ordered Douglas, the mask on his face.

After more than 24 hours without eating anything, Ashley look at the bowl with hunger in her swollen eyes. She started to munch the dog crakers noisily.

“You’ll eat all of it, including all the cum. You better leave the bowl shiny clean, whore!!”

There was a heavy silence at the joint, the men struggling to look closely while Ashley ate the dog food with cum. She obeyed and left the bowl clean with her tongue, after she had swallowed all. The men cheered and applauded wildly.

Douglas pulled her roughly again by the ropes in her wrists, and she was forced to stand up on tip toes again.

“There you are! That’s the way to feed your bitch!!”- he yelled. The men laughed.

He whipped the floor then. She sensed what was coming.

“I’m gonna slash you now, bitch! Now you can talk. You gonna count down all of them. 20 of them. If you fail to count as much as one, then we’ll start the count again…”

CRACK!- the first one came out, in full force, lacerating her already bruised back.
“O-one!”- she screamed. The whip left a red tail of blood on her tender skin.

CRACK! CRACK! “T-two!… T-three!”- her voice came in painful moans. But she was almost happy for the simple act of speaking. Not being allowed to say anything for hours was a horrible sensation.


“He was beating her all night long, you say?!”- asked Liutenant Morrow- ” Gheesh, what kind of a night club is that?”

“It just opened for business. If you don’t stop him, he’s going to kill her”

“Is she doesn’t press charges by herself, it will be difficult. We can’t go and just bust the place without a court order”

“That Douglas has a criminal record. And I’m sure all of his friends are no angels either”

“Still, we have no grounds to just step in and arrest them. Not without any evidence that a crime has been commited”

“He’s going to kill her!”

The detective looked at her, annoyed by her yelling.

“Alright… What we could do is send a night club inspector. If he finds anything wrong with the way the place is run, then we may put the license on hold and close the place for a while, open an investigation… That is all that we could do… if there’s anything suspicious at all”

“Yes, officer, please do that…”

Trish decided to not go to the place for a while. She had gotten good money in the inauguration show. She had to take care of Little Tim now, before the city decided to take him in custody claiming negligence…


“N-nine… teen!” – Poor Ashley screamed in agony. Douglas prepared the last stroke. Fearing more slashes, she had managed bravely to count aloud all of the them, but now her mind was barely working anymore. Ashley’s back and ass cheeks were full of long bleeding red marks.

CRACK! – it came… but Ashley failed to count it aloud. She had lost consciousness again.

Douglas thought for a moment. He asked for a cube of water. He threw the water violently over Ashley’s face. She recovered her senses and gasped. The pain on her back and poker siteleri ass was overwhelming. He loosened the ropes again, and Ashley fell, hitting the floor heavily.

He pulled her by the hair and she slid on the polished wooden floor, until he stopped at the center of the stage. He surrounded her delicate neck with the whip and then pulled her head towards him. Now she could hardly breath.

With his other hand, he raised her hips, and then took his penis out and penetrated her pussy. That wasn’t easy, for he was even bigger and thicker than Harry or Sam. But his donkey- like dong received help for the task. He smiled. Ashley’s cunt was wet with her own moisture!!

His whole cock was soon inside her. He fucked her slowly for minutes, taking his prick almost out of her, and then going to the end of her vagina. She couldn’t even take it all, and the base of his penis remained outside, so long it was.

She could barely breath, the whip rolled on her neck, a hissing sound coming out of her lips at every breath…

No one was paying any attention to Betty, so she came to see. It was quite a sight: Ashley’s eyes were almost totally closed, so swollen they were; her red hair caressing the wood floor, her hips up, being penetrated from behind by this big black man; the whip around her neck made her breath heavily.

Ashley started to moan. Softly, then loudly. He noticed and then he loosened the pressure of the whip around her neck. Much to her embarrassment and shame, her hips started to sway out of her control, as if they had a life of their own, reaching for his thrusts.

Douglas finally made her come, and she couldn’t muffle the animal moans that were coming out of her throat. He had managed to release her most primitive female instincts!

He came inside her. Her cunt felt more distended than ever before.

He then kicked her on the ass with his heavy boots, and she screamed again, and fell face down.

“The bitch came! Did you see that? She really is a slut!”

Spice then announced the bidding was going to take place, and the men, with glassy looks in their eyes, surrounded Ashley menacingly.

“Ok, kind gentlemen” – said Spice on the speakers-” we remind you that it is not allowed to be too rough on Little Ashley anymore. Please follow the new rules, we don’t want to have to interrupt you in your pleasures suddenly, so please behave, and… haaaave FUN!!”

Ashley was so full of bruises, marks and bleeding wounds all over her body… the poor child didn’t need any more beatings, certainly… There was an ugly red mark all around her neck now, where the whip had been depriving her of air.

Her first three customers took her three holes simultaneously.


Liutenant Morrow was pensive. He had just received a fax in which the Teamsters Union was formally requesting from Chicago an investigation to be opened. One of their drivers along with the trailer he was driving had dissapeared mysteriously.

He had been last seen at a place called Ashley’s Hot Spot in interstate highway 86-I in Alabama by his fellow truckers, the fax said. So maybe this girl Trish was right, and there were ugly things happening there? Now he had an excuse to get his ass there at once!…





I didn’t have any idea that those kids had been playing by the lakeside, drinking beer, when the DarkHorse fell from the high road, and heavily hit the lake…

Well, you never know when the fates are going to wreak havoc uh? heea heea heea… I’m just an old cleanup man, never known for any divination powers…

To be continued…

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