The Warm Day_(0)


It was a warm, sunny day. The kind of day were it takes very little to cause a stirring in one’s groin, and the kind of day were the need to overdress, or layer jumpers on top of tee-shirts, and then cover with a coat to protect from the elements was not necessary. So, it was on that day as I stood in my bedroom, drying myself after my early morning shower and looking at the cloudless sky, feeling the warm air breeze through the open window, that I first felt that warm stirring in my loins. I must do something different today, I thought; something exciting. Looking down at my quickly swelling cock, I stroked the length of it slowly with the drying towel. I know, I thought, I’ll visit my aunts,hopefully the chance of an opportunity may arise to spend sometime with her daughter; my older sexy cousin, who in the past indulged in a kiss and cuddle, hmmm I recalled, I loved squeezing her pert breasts and maybe this time she’ll take me up on my offer to explore the hard bulge in my jeans. With my heart quickening and my cock now fully erect my mothers call was a timely interruption, ‘what is taking you so long up there? You have been out of that shower ages’!!
‘Just finishing,I’ll be down now’. I replied.
‘Good!! Hurry, I need you to return that suitcase we borrowed from Mr Guy’.
‘Awwh no’, I complained. ‘I was going to aunties to play with John’, I lied.
‘Maybe later, I promised to return that case two days ago and I think he needs it for his holidays’. I smiled as I glanced at my hard cock , saying, ‘maybe later also’, and reaching into my drawer still feeling excited I selected my favourite undies and pulled them on. Looking at myself in the full length mirror I thought what a fine looking young man I was just two weeks from my nineteenth birthday. I flexed my biceps, not bad I considered and that’s a fine cock!!! The still erect cock lay sideways to my legs, bulging in the tiny yellow bikini-brief.
I slipped on my tight white polo shirt,a fine cotton make which let my nipples poke through; in a certain light it was almost see-through and was a short fit, stopping at the waist of my briefs and to complete my attire I decided on my matching white nylon shorts which stopped about two inches above my knees.Although elasticated at the waistband there was also a draw string which I tied in a knot and bow.
My mother met me at the bottom of the stairs, suitcase at her feet!! ‘What? No breakfast?’ I queried. ‘Go on’, she started, ‘skoot over quickly, its midday already, I’ll have your lunch ready when you get back’.
Bloody hell I thought to myself, no point in arguing. I strolled briskly down our street feeling foolish hoping none of my mates would see me with a large cumbersome empty suitcase which would bounce off my legs every now and then.Around the corner at the bottom,quickly I jogged across the open green area to the neutral safety at the other side and turning into Mr Guy’s street I was comforted thinking that none of my mates would definitely see me now.
It was quite a long street which would take me about five minutes to reach Mr Guy’s home. The sun was warm on my face as I day-dreamed aimlessly at first until the inevitable track of my thoughts turned to my cousins breasts, resulting in that warm stirring in my loins again. Oops!!! I better sort myself, I thought, Mr Guy’s house is right here; quickly I squeezed my hand down into the waistband of my shorts to cup my semi erect cock around my balls.,that should do, I hoped. Removing my hand as I approached the door,I noticed old Mr Guy peer out through his window, smiling.I returned his smile and waited for the door to open.
‘Hi,come on in young man’ he said and motioned with his arm towards himself, welcoming me from behind a half-closed door. I entered the narrow hallway with my arms outstretched, carrying the empty suitcase in front of me.
‘Sorry I can’t take that case from you, I’m slightly indisposed at the moment’ he chuckled. It was then I noticed he had a heavily strapped casing on his right foot and extending up to his knee. He was wearing a bright green speedo only which my eyes lingered on for a time. He had such a full bulge I thought. I walked ahead into his lounge quickly and turning to face him,still with the suitcase, I watched as he limped towards me. I could not help returning my stare to the bulge of the tight speedo and I thought, hey this Mr Guy is not as old as I thought and apart from a slight pot- belly was still in good shape.
‘Sorry about my state of dress,,or undress’ he giggled, ‘its just so lovely a day.,too good to cover oneself,’
‘Won’t you have a drink? Even though you look so cool I’m sure you’re dehydrated after carrying that old case here’. I made no answer, my head was feeling a bit light. What was it? I thought, I never felt like this before,my mouth was dry, my heart was beating faster and strangest of all my loins stirred like never before. I could feel my cock strain against the tiny cotton brief as it began to swell beneath my shorts. My eyes gaziantep escort sitesi kept returning to the bright green bulge before me, was that the outline of his cock? It was!! Long and thick, the large knob-head clearly visible,protruding nicely against the thin bright material of his speedo which shape and colour really enhanced his bulge. He smiled as he limped past me towards the kitchen.I’m sure he knew I was excited. He smelt of slight sweat and musk aftershave, nice I thought as my gaze followed his tight ass in the perfect shaped speedo covering just half of his pert cheeks and the line of his ass- crack creasing the tight soft Lycra fabric of the speedo. He opened the fridge door, reached in to get a jug of juice; I took this time to discreetly tweek my own straining bulge through my shorts or so I thought!!!
‘Are you still trying to fix yourself….again?’ He was motionless with his back still to me, but he was looking to the side past the fridge door to a mirror on the wall were my refection stared at us both. I grinned innocently, admitting my guilt. Turning around he motioned to the couch against the wall for me to take a seat.’Don’t worry’ he said ‘its just one of those days’and he openly laughed, looking down towards his now swelling bulge.
I sat on the couch towards its cock rapidldy hardening tightening against my briefs!! My cock was still facing downwards so the straining was almost sore, but still pleasant and a pronounced bulge was now evident in my shorts. This feels good I considered!! After placing the jug of juice on the small low coffee table in front of the couch Mr Guy now had his back to me and was stretching upwards into a kitchen wall cabinet to retrieve two glasses. His ass was pert and shapely, the fabric of the bright green speedo tightened, highlighting all his contours, my eyes were transfixed on his speedo as if hypnotised. His waist was slender and as he turned to bring the glasses to the table for us to use he made a visible attempt to hold his slight pot-belly in. It worked, at that moment, his flat stomach accentuated the frontal speedo bulge before me. It was awesome, right then I knew, I thought, ‘what a lovely sexy sight before me’.He walked slowly towards me,posing, he knew he had my complete attention and my eyes were fixed totally on his swaying bulge getting closer and closer. He was right beside me now, standing to place the glasses on the coffee table. I edged forward closer to the table and Mr Guy, who was leaning to lift the jug of juice was only inches from me. I was now so close to his gorgeous bulge,my face about six inches away. Every detail before me, just inches,the hardening cock stretching the thin material, the swelling of the bulbous head with the tight large balls adding to what I could only think was the perfect bulge only inches from my face. Mr Guy felt my closeness, he was holding his pose as long as he could, eventually he raised the jug and an empty glass turning quickly towards me and for a moment lost his footing,stumbling on his heavily cast foot he swayed towards me.I immediately raised my hand to stop him stumbling further,my hand pressed fully on his swollen speedo. It felt good and I left it there for what seemed ages. I placed my other hand on his waist, my fingers reaching around his ass slightly to steady him, this caused his momentum to press closer to me. Slowly removing my hand across his bulge, squeezing ever so slightly his bulbous cock head I pressed forward to prevent him falling over and for two seconds or so my face pressed fully against his glorious bulge. This was nice I thought, the lovely musky smell of balls and cock was fully appreciated by myself ever so briefly and it was there and then I knew what I wanted that day.
‘Sorry ,sorry’, we both blurted out simultaneously as we parted. We then laughed awkwardly together.
‘Its alright’, I reassured him. ‘We avoided a serious mishap there’. He handed me an empty glass which I held up to receive the juice from the jug. His hand was shaking as he poured firstly his glass then mine. Was he having doubts?? I thought.,he sat beside me, silent as if in deep thought. Time for action I thought, I had felt his bulge and pressed my face against it ever so briefly and I wanted more; I had to let him know that’s what I wanted and more!! He sat silently beside me sipping his cold drink, I could see he was excited, but deep in thought; possibly reconsidering the position we had created. Here goes I thought and with half my drink still remaining in my glass I removed it quickly from my lips jerking it so that the liquid spilled onto my lap, leaving my shorts soaking around my groin!!:I jumped up shrieking girlishly, rubbing frantically at the affected area. Mr Guy reacted instantly. We were both standing, I could see he was fully erect, the top of his penis straining at the waistband of the green speedos.
‘Its okay’, I could hear him say,’take them off so I can remove gaziantep escort forum any juice stains, before drying them’. This is what I wanted.,finally; my head was pounding, my pulse racing as I began to pull the waistband cord loosening the bow. Mr Guy stood two feet from me totally transfixed on my every movement and as I slowly, teasingly eased my shorts downwards. I noticed he was now slowly stroking the length of his erection. He bent to pick up my shorts,staring straight at my straining bulge and as he moved past me towards the kitchen sink he reached his hand ever so slightly onto my yellow bikini brief and with the slightest squeeze in a split second said, ‘you’ll need to fix that again’.
He rinsed my shorts before placing them to dry on a warming radiator that he had just switched on. More heat I thought!!
‘While they are drying, could you please put the suitcase back in my attic.,I ‘ll never manage with this cast on my foot’.
‘Okay, have you a step ladder’, I asked looking him eye to eye devilishly, wondering, you are hard and horny in a sexy speedo, I’m certainly hard and horny in my favourite sexy undies, we’re both bulging, let’s start to have fun. He returned my quizzical stare with a smile as if to say, patience,all in good time.
What the hell I thought, let’s go along with this!!
‘No stepladder,use this’ I heard him say,pushing a small bar stool towards me. It was certainly unsteady and was only big enough to raise me halfway up to the attic; still this was an opportunity to show off my hard cock I thought. I mounted the stool and it rocked from side to side. ‘Its okay, I’ll steady you’ Mr Guy reassured me. ‘You better’ I teased him with sexy smile; we were definitely thinking the same now, I felt. I had to reach my arms fully above my head which lead to the stool rocking from side to side even more. My fingers pressed against the attic door and momentarily steadied the stool.
‘Hold that!’, Mr Guy’s voice was shaky.,
‘I’m trying, it’s hard you know!!’I said.
‘I most certainly do know how hard it is!!’, he giggled.
I then felt his hands grip me above my waist, he positioned himself close to my throbbing bulge,his face opposite. His hands although gripping me to steady my position were also caressing my abs and chest in small circular movements. My cock was throbbing, stretching the thin fabric of my tight cotton yellow brief. I let it throb and stretch the fabric purposefully so Mr Guy could appreciate my every movement. This he did, his hands caressed further over my torso, I could feel his breath on my thighs as every so often his face would press slightly against the head of my cock, once and a while travel the length of my cock. My head was spinning,my cock was throbbing as I eventually opened the attic door noisily. Mr Guy released his caressing grip,’Here you are’, I looked down to see the suitcase adding to my unsteadiness.
‘Okay, make sure I’m steady’, I stressed.
‘Wait a moment then’, Mr Guy replied before repositioning himself, this time he stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist while pressing his face tight against my ass.
‘Right, any time you’re ready’, he stated.
My cock was so hard as his forearm pressed along its length and his other hand passed under and stroked the bulbous head in small circular motions. I lifted the empty case above my head ever so slowly and as I did my momentum made my ass thrust backwards creating a reaction from Mr Guy; he pressed tighter against my ass with his face to stabilise my movement, I could feel his movements pressing into my ass crack, his nose ,then tongue, pushing the cotton brief further into my ass!! My head was spinning now,my legs felt weak as the precum oozed onto the thin cotton, quickly I closed the attic door and let my weight relax into Mr Guy’s safe hands. He gently supported me as I sat on the stool,we both smiled knowingly at each other and as I stood we came together in a manly hug. I let my hand find his hard cock, I grasped it roughly squeezing it as it fill my palm, pressing my hard bulge against him,pressing, groping sweating together. I could feel his lips and teeth nibble on my shoulder before I created the space to drop off the stool,knocking it over as I dropped to my knees, wrapping my arms around Mr Guys waist I buried my head into the lovely bright green speedo bulge. This is what I waited for!! My mouth was open fully,nibbling at the top of his cock, taking the Lycra covered cockhead into my mouth.,licking the length of the full seven inches, My hands squeezing his butt,lowering between his legs lifting his tight balls from behind and feeding them into my eager mouth. This felt like the nicest, most natural thing in the world!! Hmm!! As I vigorously ate and licked every part of that hard bulge, opening my mouth fully trying to fit as much of it in as was possible. My hands pulled at his waistband releasing the flesh within. I stopped to appreciate the naked manhood before escort gaziantep me, millimetres from my face,every sinew,vein in its sexiest guise., I let my face rest against the length and warmth of the throbbing vessel, slowly licking its length, eventually encompassing my mouth over the tip sucking slowly and slightly at first, adding more cock into my eager mouth as each second passed; long sucking motions the full length, faster and longer.,deep throat.I could feel Mr Guy’s cock at the back of my throat as I pressed my lips to its base..hmmm
‘Ummm, hmmph,’ I heard Mr Guy groan. ‘Stop’.. He blurted, pulling me up from my knees, his cock springing from my mouth. We stood face to face, both panting vigorously, what now I thought innocently, as Mr Guy turned grasping my hand and lead me into his bedroom. As he walked ahead of me, now totally naked, I thought, what a nice pert ass he had for a man of sixty, he was an athlete in his younger days for sure. I looked at my hard cock stretching the yellow cotton of my bikini-briefs, I stroked the length of my cock as I followed Mr Guy into the bedroom. I was feeling sexy, adventurous and I wanted that warm hard cock in my mouth again, I loved that. Mr Guy released my hand and lay on his bed, he looked younger,fitter, his cock and balls were shaven. His erection stretched to his bellybutton. He lay looking at me,his hands behind his head, I stood over him thrusting my erection-filled brief as I peeled my polo shirt over my head and onto the floor. Mr Guy gasped at my smooth hairless body. I jumped up onto his bed, one foot at each side of his body, staring into his eyes smiling before I positioned myself opposite, top to bottom 69.…
All I wanted was to taste that gorgeous cock again. I lowered myself onto Mr Guy, I pressed my face into his naked pelvis whilst pushing my groin into his!!
I felt his hands ony ass squeezing, then lowering my brieroomand although for a time they were caught ounnice; ; solid erection, they eventually released the a nice suddenwepring like hardon which bounced against a welcoming face and mouth!! Right then I felt was ‘perfection’, ‘heaven’…sucking hard abd vigorous on a sweet old cock at the same time grinding and riding an eager old mouth.,long slow, sort fast.,Mr Guy had an experienced action, I tried to concentrate on my sucking actions, the taste, the hard fullness in my mouth,filling me,the warmth, the precum taste. But all the while the vacuum pull ony cock overwhelmed all else,.long hard sucking, I could not hold back the inevitable. I vigorously thrust my cock and pelvis into Mr Guys welcoming mouth,’ hmm, umm’ he groaned as my balls tightened. I sucked on his cock lovingly, my tongue flicking over the bulbous head,sucking harder as my cock filled before the feeling in my legs grew to reach my anus and loins tingling.heat ecstasy, explosion.,my cock throbbed and jerked my ass tightened..yes.,yes…yes. I sucked hard one final time as my cock realeased all its contents..Mr Guy sucked, swallowed and cleaned my cock with his loving tongue and mouth. What a guy Mr Guy, I thought. I lay spent half sleeping when I felt a warm hand on my aching worn cock. I wanted to resist but it was nice; the hand was reaching around my body, Mr Guy was behind me reaching around, his touch was soothing as I dosed half sleeping. Moments later I perked up, what a nice sudden pleasantry, a hand was gripping my balls tightly, gently squeezing and kisses were being placed a on my ass.
Hmmm!! I thought, then the flicker of a tongue,the warm breath panting excitedly all the while getting closer to my asandcrack. At first I was unsure, but the feeling was horny in a relaxing way, then, bam!! I could feel the quick flickering of a warm tongue in my anus!! Ever so slightly at first, just a tingle here and there,before long the lingering long wet rimming had me thrusting my ass hard against Mr Guys eager face. Hmmph..,ummmph..We both groaned. I pushed harder, wanting his tongue to penetrate me more. My cock was throbbing again tight in his hard grasp stroking me slowly. I needed more; I squirmed my ass from side to side like a harlot!! Mr Guy’s hard warm cock firstly pressed against my bottocks. He was kissing and nibbling my back,squeezing my cock, my head was spinning and I lost myself in the pleasure, embracing the moment I pushed my ass up and out, welcoming his pressing cock!! His wet fingers opened me,spitting frequently to lubricate my tight virgin ass. The heat of his thick cock eased into me, I opened myself awaiting eagerly. At first it was a stretch, then his head entered, I welcomed and rode his length at first slowly and carefully, before long I lost all abandon and accepted his every thrust with vigour. Long and hard,again and again, every sense in my ass lovingly accepting this wonderful new sensations. I thrust hard as Mr Guy panted and groaned, his breathing laboured, faster, harder.,his cock was swelling more in my ass.,I could feel it throb harder and quicker….’Aargh’, he roared,’Oh Fuck, hah.,ah!!’, the warm moisture filled me once,twice and again and again, hmm, I pushed hard against him with each thrust, ‘Give it to me Mr Guy, give it to me Mr Guy..hmmm please.. Sexy.,sexy Mr Guy!!!’.
And yes, I did make several more visits to Mr Guy’s house that summer!!!
Would n’t you??

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