The Wedding Dress Ch. 02 – Susan and Keira


You do not need to have read “The Wedding Dress” but it may help to develop the characters, and understand what brought them to this point.

This story contains fictional characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities and are 18 years old or older. Please feel free to leave constructive feedback. All rights reserved.

Keira cuddled up to her mother in law’s naked body, her head laying on Susan’s shoulder — as they both dozed lightly. It had been 3 weeks since the incident at the wedding, where Susan and her son had fucked while Keira had slept. Then Keira had awoken, and caught her new husband with his dick firmly in his mother’s pussy.

Somehow, Susan had convinced her daughter in law that it had been Keira’s idea all along and what then ensued was nothing short of a delicious night of wild debauchery between the 3 of them.

Since then, Daniel and Keira had stopped over at Susan’s house several times — each time culminating in the inevitable orgy of incestuous sex.

And that morning had been no difference, save for the fact that Daniel had been called in to work early, leaving his wife and mother to enjoy their lay in for a bit longer.

Susan was the first to stir, opening her bleary eyes and glancing down at her daughter in law’s face with a sense of renewed desire. The previous night had been incredible, in its intensity, passion and sheer sexuality. Susan still could not get used to the pleasure of having her own son fuck her, and to also have her daughter’s pussy to munch on too — well, that was more than a bonus for her.

“Mmmmm … morning sleepy head.” offered Susan as Keira’s eyes fluttered open.

Keira grinned in response at her Mother in law “What … what time is it?” she enquired blearily.

Susan grinned broadly “Oh time aplenty” she giggled, lifting her hand up to softly stroke Keira’s breast. Using her thumb, she flicked the tip of Keira’s nipple and it popped out as if it was spring loaded.

Keira’s neck arched and Susan took the opportunity to plant a passionate kiss on her daughter in law’s lips. Keira responded, letting her lips part slightly so that Susan’s tongue could snake its way into her mouth. Once inside, the tongues touched and wrestled with each other as their mouths pouted and pressed against each other.

Keira’s hand swiftly pulled back the bed covers, until both of them were uncovered and naked. Susan rarely slept nude but the introduction of her son and daughter in law to her bed had made sleeping naked a lot more practical and pleasurable. In contrast, Keira always slept naked and had since convinced Daniel to do likewise.

Susan shivered slightly at the coolness of the air on her skin. It wasn’t cold in the bedroom by any means, but not having the covers over her made her feel a little cool.

Keira’s hand drifted down Susan’s body — tracing a line down from her neck, between her breasts and down to just above her mound. In response, Susan gave a low moan and a gasp of approval as she realised where the fingers were heading.

Susan continued to kiss her daughter in law, before breaking off and dropping her mouth onto Keira’s breast, while Susan’s other hand massaged the other breast gently, flicking the nipple to full arousal.

“Fuck you’re good at that,” mewed Keira in response to Susan’s tongue on her nipples. “You’ve done it a few times I guess.” ventured Keira, unsure of quite what she was asking.

Susan broke off her licking. “Actually, you’re … you’re my first.” added Susan with just a hint of embarrassment.

Keira had started strumming Susan’s clit lightly but stopped in astonishment at the revelation.

“What … you mean I’m the first … I’m your first lesbian encounter?” she asked excitedly, before continuing without waiting for a reply “How cool … I got to ummm … well, take your lesbian virginity I guess.” Cooed Keira, genuinely surprised.

Susan blushed slightly in response. “I’ve always been a … umm well, I’ve always liked cock and never thought of munching the carpet.” she began in explanation.

Keira grinned widely “Until the wedding night you mean?” she offered.

Susan nodded, and moaned lowly as Keira resumed the strumming of her clit. “Ah … mmmm … yeah, that was my … ooohhh … my first time with a woman.” added Susan, her mind now beginning to really enjoy Keira’s fingers on her clit and pussy.

“What about you?” asked Susan after a small pause, she drew her fingers down onto Keira’s pussy and gasped at just how wet it already was. Using her index finger she separated Keira’s pussy lips before sliding a deft middle finger into Keira’s hole.

“Oh fuck …. Mmmm … me?” gasped Keira, her legs spreading to allow Susan better access to her love hole. “I … well, oh fuck … that’s soooo good … I … umm … Uni.” Keira managed to babble before letting out a long moan of approval.

Susan inserted a 2nd finger into Keira’s wet pussy and then began thrusting it in and out in a ‘fucking’ motion. Keira cried out in response, Kıbrıs Escort as her own fingers sought to do the same on Susan’s cunt hole.

“Aahhhh ahhhh fuck … do you … ooohhh … do you use toys?” enquired Susan, her mind racing as she tried to maintain some semblance of control over her heaving and excited body.

In response, Keira pressed her mouth firmly onto Susan’s mouth and kissed her long and passionately before breaking off with a little giggle.

“I fuck myself with all sorts.” she laughed, throwing her head back in abject pleasure.

Susan’s mouth dropped somewhat. She knew women occasionally used household objects instead of toys but to her mind it was always second best. Susan did have a variety of tools, and she laughed at the thought — comparing herself to a tradesman that perhaps a tool for every job.

“What sort of things?” asked Susan, genuinely interested.

Keira smiled in response. “Fruit and Vegetables, mainly — got to get my 5 a day in,” she laughed, before continuing “Hairbrushes, spray cans, Kitchen Utensils …” she offered.

Susan immediately picked up on it. “So that’s where my favourite wooden spoon went.” she laughed, slightly bemused by this latest revelation.

“You’ll find it under your son’s bed,” she answered boldly, before adding with a giggle “I … I wouldn’t … I wouldn’t use it for cooking again.” she ventured, adding “It’s been in every hole — mine and Daniel’s.” she laughed loudly.

Susan wasn’t sure what shocked her most, the fact that it had been in all of Keira’s holes or that it had been in her son’s arse.

Susan thought for a moment. “But all those things, aren’t they … I mean, isn’t a dildo so much better?” she enquired.

Keira gave a loud howl, partly in response to Susan’s fingers thrusting into her, but moreover — at the naivety of Susan’s statement. “It’s … it’s not just the feeling …” added Keira between pants of breath as her orgasm began to formulate. “Although the feeling is goooooood.” she elongated the last word as her orgasm took a step nearer.

“It’s … it’s what they represent?” offered Susan, seeing where Keira was trying to go with the explanation.

Keira nodded, for a brief moment unable to speak as pleasure and ecstasy washed over her body. Finally, grabbing a breath she continued “The household items … I get a kick … ummm … seeing people use them and only me knowing where they’ve been.” She moaned lowly.

“Every time I see someone use them, I remember when I fucked myself with it.” Keira laughed loudly as she finally let her orgasm crash into her. “Oooho fuck yeah … just there Susan …” she moaned, her legs wrapping around Susan’s hand as Keira shivered to her first orgasm.

“And MY Veggies?” asked Susan, a little miffed at the possible revelation she was about to hear.

Keira gasped then giggled lowly before offering “Some of them, I’m sorry Susan … I … I …” she spluttered, aware only now that she may have upset her mother in law.

Susan grinned in response, no sign of any upset, just a strange mischievous grin on her face. “How far up did you get the cucumber?” she asked directly, looking into Keira’s lust laden eyes.

Before Keira could finish, Susan continued “Maybe we should find out?” she laughed, immediately getting up off the bed and running downstairs.

Keira’s mind whirled and flashed at the possibility and soon Susan was back brandishing a large cucumber.

“Oh FUCK yeah!” was all Keira’s excited mind could manage, spreading her legs in eager anticipation of being fucked by the large vegetable. But when it didn’t immediately happen, Keira opened her eyes and saw Susan, who was now holding the Cucumber up and eyeing it in very odd manner, the mischievous look still obvious on her face.

Susan’s mouth opened, but no words came out immediately. After a few seconds, Susan uttered “Well, ummm … I wonder … I mean, it’s large enough … I wonder if we could both …?”

“Scissoring?” shouted Keira, the glee and absolute delight in her voice so apparent that Susan took a double take.

“What?” asked Susan, a little confused by Keira’s outburst.

Keira smiled at her mother in law. “You’re … you’re talking about scissoring.” said Keira excitedly, adding “Where 2 women … they … um …” she said, struggling a little to describe the act.

“Oh it’s easier if I show you!” pronounced Keira after a little thought. Getting off the bed she took the cucumber from her mother in law and then announced. “OK. Lay on the bed, on your back legs wide.” she instructed.

Susan’s mind began to do cartwheels, whatever her daughter in law was going to show her, it was certain in Susan’s mind that it was going to be incredibly pleasurable and extremely exciting. Quickly, Susan flopped on the bed, then spread her legs wide.

Keira gasped at the sight. Despite the times she had eaten out her mother in law, she was always incredibly surprised and turned on at the utter unbridled sexiness Lefkoşa Escort of Susan’s pussy. Taking the cucumber, Keira rubbed the tip along Susan’s crack and enjoyed the low moans that it elicited from her.

Satisfying herself that Susan was indeed wet enough, Keira slid the cucumber into Susan’s hole.

“Oh holy fuck … that’s … ooohhh that’s fucking bigger than I expected.” announced Susan, gasping slightly in surprise as the felt the vegetable slide further into her. Keira smiled in response and slowly fed the vegetable into the voracious hole.

“Didn’t expect it to stretch my pussy quite that much.” offered Susan, as she craned her neck to try and watch the cucumber disappear. She was surprised, and a little excited that it seemed only about 4 inches into her pussy, and yet her pussy was already feeling quite stuffed.

Keira stopped the pushing, much to Susan’s frustration. “Right, now … shuffle up a bit higher up the bed so I can get on.” offered Keira, using a shooing motion with her other hand.

A bemused Susan obliged, moving up the bed unto her head and back was on the headboard.

Keira clambered onto the bed, and sat facing Susan with her legs pulled up, then grabbing Susan’s left leg she lifted it, before extending her own legs so that her left leg went over Susan’s right leg, while her right leg went underneath Susan’s left leg.

A flicker of understanding crossed Susan’s mind and her mind fluttered and whirled at the thought of what was to come. Her breathing began to labour in anticipation of what she now understood to be the intention.

Keira huffed slightly. “Now is the … umm … slightly tricky bit.” she giggled, worming her hips slowly up the bed toward the cucumber tip and toward Susan. “We … we need to make sure that part stays in your pussy while I …” she gasped, the tip of the cucumber finally coming in contact with her own wet pussy.

Susan shivered slightly, watching Keira position and then push her pussy onto the other tip of the cucumber until she too now had about 4 inches inside of her.

Both women gasped and moaned in unison as they got used to the feeling of the vegetable in their respective pussies. “We …” huffed Keira lowly, still trying to get used to the large size and the way it stretched her pussy hole.

“We need to try and move toward each other,” she finally managed, after a deep breath. “Just go slowly.” she warned, aware that this was totally new to Susan.

Slowly the 2 women shuffled up the bed toward each other. Their pussies slowly sliding further onto the cucumber as they did so, until there seemed to be barely half an inch of vegetable visible.

“Oh fuck that feels …” began Susan, her mind already swimming with the pleasure.

“Fucking great isn’t it?” concluded Keira, before adding “and the best thing is we can fuck each other. If I thrust. Like this …” offered Keira, giving a flick of her hips that of course — caused the cucumber to push slightly further into Susan’s pussy.

“Oh wow!” moaned Susan. “That’s … fucking incredible …” she gushed, before adding “My turn.”

Susan flicked her own hips, it wasn’t quite as smooth a movement as Keira’s had been but Susan felt sure it was something she would get better at. Her mind already making appointments to fuck her daughter in law this way.

The cucumber was now well and truly buried in the 2 cunt holes, and their pussies pressed together as Keira sought the final pleasure. “We need to … a … bit … further.” she offered, huffing with effort until — with a low howl of ecstasy she managed to get her clit to mash against Susan’s little nub.

Susan’s mind exploded in a firestorm of fireworks as she felt the contact on her clit, unlike anything she had felt before. Waves and waves of pleasure and lust washed through her as Keira continued to grind her own clit onto Susan’s.

Both women were breathing heavily now, with effort and with the intensity of the orgasm that both were soon going to be getting.

Keira bent over and kissed Susan passionately, their tits rubbing against each other such was the closeness of their bodies. Then Keira, sensing that Susan was close to orgasm and knowing that she too would soon go over the edge — pushed back on Susan slightly then lay on top of her so that she could then use her knees to push up off the bed. In turn, this allowed Keira to ‘fuck’ Susan with the cucumber that was embedded in both of them.

Susan wailed loudly, feeling the cucumber slide in and out of her.

“Oh my fucking … oh shit … I’m coming Kei … fucking cumming … yes …” Susan wailed as Keira continued to pound. The thrusting and pounding of course, was having a similar affect on Keira’s own pussy as the cucumber slid in and out of her with every stroke.

Her own orgasm imminent, and seeing in Susan’s face that she was already awash with pleasure — Keira began to take her own pleasure, this time flicking her hips in a slightly different angle and in Girne Escort a different way so that the cucumber now slid further into her.

It wasn’t perfect but it was enough, thought Keira as she felt her orgasm roll through. It wasn’t the hardest, deepest or most intense of orgasms but this had been a learning curve for Susan, and Keira knew quite well that with experience and coaching — Susan would soon understand how to enjoy the act a bit more.

The 2 women lay there in silence for what seemed like ages, Until Keira spoke up “What did you think of THAT?” she giggled.

Susan opened her lust laden eyes and smiled back “I … I think … we … need to practice … more.” offered Susan with a wicked grin.

Keira returned the smile somewhat ruefully. “Nice though that was, when is Daniel back … I really need some good cock.” she offered matter of factly as if she was talking about needing food.

Susan glanced over at the clock, “12 hour shift, so not till tonight around 8pm.” lamented Susan, aware now that this little dalliance had indeed woken her pussy up to the desire of actual cock.

“It’s a shame we don’t have another cock.” said Keira, laughing at the ridiculousness of her words. “I mean … someone with another cock.” she added by way of explanation.

Susan though for a moment, before coming out with a statement that stunned her, even as she said it. “I’ve only got one son, but you’ve got a dad.” she offered cautiously.

In truth, and in the weeks afterwards — Susan always wondered where the thought had actually materialised from.

Keira seemed genuinely shocked, and yet it was not a look of disgust or revulsion. As Susan gazed at her daughter in law’s face — it was a face that screamed “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Susan was surprised too, she had expected a bit of push back from her daughter in law. A bit of disgust or even revulsion — but there was none, just a strange look of possibility.

“It won’t be easy.” added Keira after a brief thought.

Again, Susan’s mind whirled with the unexpected response. She had expected Keira to rule it out of hand. Instead, the girl was actually considering it.

“Your Dad’s a bit of a stick in the mud.” offered Susan, the semblance of a plan starting to formulate in her mind. Something she had seen in a porn film, many months ago. “We’ll need a plan.” she giggled.

Keira looked over at her mother in law, who was now grinning ear to ear. “A plan.” was all she could mutter as the thought of being fucked by her own father totally encompassed her.

Susan stood up off the bed and headed to the shower, then casting a glance back at Keira she said “Leave it to mommy.”

It was 2 weeks later before Susan was finally happy with the plan, and happy that she had explained it all in great detail to Keira, even down to the very minor but important details.

As the 2 women now approached the hotel, Susan handed a key-card to Keira. “Your room is next door to ours, it has an adjoining door — I’ll make sure that’s open my side. While I’m at the bar, make sure you spray the lock with WD40 so that there is no hint of a squeak when you open it.” added Susan, sounding as calm as she could.

Keira took the key-card with a nod then asked “How do you know Dad will be in the bar?” she enquired.

Susan stopped and smiled at the girl. “I do my research, Keira. I don’t leave anything to chance. All you have to do is … keep your mouth shut when you’re in our room. Not a word. Understood?” again, Susan tried to make her voice as calm as she could. In truth her heart was going twenty to the dozen and her mind was doing somersaults.

Once in the hotel, Keira disappeared up the stairs whilst Susan headed into the bar. Immediately she spotted Ted, Keira’s father — on a bar stool with his back to her. Other than Ted there were 2 other guys at the bar and a young couple at the far end. The bartender was busy cleaning some glasses as Susan approached the bar, took up a place about 3 meters from Ted and asked for a glass of Chardonnay.

There was no one in between them, so at the sound of the voice — Ted spun around.

“Oh hello. Susan? Surprised to see you here.” offered Ted, a little surprised at his own bashfulness.

Susan smiled in response “Oh Ted. Haven’t seen you since … the wedding.” offered Susan with a slight hesitation.

Ted blushed slightly, remembering his own drunken efforts to try and chat up a couple of ladies at the wedding, one of whom was Susan. “I … You meeting someone? Can I … umm can I buy you a drink?” stumbled Ted.

Susan smiled disarmingly in response “Relax Ted. It was a wedding, we were drunk … I … I mean on any other day …” Susan stopped mid-sentence, deliberately leaving it hanging.

“You can buy me a drink.” offered Susan, by way of deliberate diversion, but Susan could see in Ted’s eyes — the desire was there.

“So … are you?” asked Ted — handing the bartender a note then dismissing the change.

Susan paused momentarily, she needed to get her focus just right for this part to be believed. “Am I what?” she asked, fully knowing what Ted meant.

Ted frowned slightly, irked at having to ask twice — it made him seem too keen, he ventured to himself. “Are you meeting someone?” he asked once more.

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