The Wedding Weekend: Chapter 10


In talking with Marina, I knew her parent’s routine. They ate dinner like clockwork at 6:00 pm, so I needed to either call them before dinner or after. I decided that it would be best to call early.Promptly at 5:40 pm I called the Flores. When Molly answered I made some small talk before I asked if she could get her husband on the second phone. After Jorge was on the phone, I again made small talk before launching into my well-rehearsed pitch. “Mr. and Mrs. Flores, my parents and I would love to host you at the family ranch in Lodi for a three-day weekend, assuming you can get a Friday off work.”We spoke for about fifteen minutes in total and discussed the idea of a trip, the logistics, and how they both needed to check their work calendars. I told them I’d call back the next night.Twenty minutes later Marina called, well before our usual 8:00 pm call. “My parents were so impressed that you called to invite them yourself. It meant far more to them than if I had asked, or if your parents had called.”Quite frankly, I already knew that if I called Jorge would think highly of me. He’s a “man’s man” who expects the man to lead and be in charge. He’s old school just like my father. And I believe I am too. “Good. I can’t wait to hear their answer tomorrow.”Marina broke in as I tried to start another sentence. “Oh, they’re coming. They were thrilled at the idea to see Lodi, the ranch, and to see your parents again. I hope it’s OK, I gave them your phone number and your parents’.”“Of course, it is OK,” I said.“Dad was more worried about logistics. He was wondering if they should fly to SFO or to Sacramento, what do you think?”“Well, bahis siteleri as I recall, your dad said he hates being stuck in traffic. Sacramento might be a better idea since it is less than a one-hour drive. Palo Alto is two plus, depending on the time of day,” I told her. “Don’t worry, I’ll talk with them tomorrow and see what weekend works best for them and if they can fly up on a Thursday night or Friday morning.”Marina laughed. “Oh, it will be an early Friday morning flight. One less night away from home for my dad. Remember, they didn’t want to stay at the Del for Jeanette’s wedding.”“Oh, that is right,” I said.I called the Flores again on Tuesday evening and, much to my surprise, Jorge told me that due to the Columbus Day holiday they could come Friday thru Monday in just two weeks, ten days really. He said he had spoken with Rina earlier and that they would fly to Sacramento early on Friday and take a Monday afternoon flight home.After I hung up with Jorge, I instantly called my folks with the news. They were excited and wanted to send the Flores some tourist info on Lodi, so I gave Christie their address. Mom said she’d FedEx it to their house in a few days.Fast forward to the big weekend and I flew into SFO late Thursday. Knowing that Rina and I would not have much time to be intimate while in Lodi, we spent the evening kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking throughout her home.Knowing that her folks would be arriving in Lodi about 10:00 am, we got on the road about seven-thirty that morning. Thankfully we were going against most of the commute traffic but once we got to Pleasanton it was an easy drive.We arrived canlı bahis siteleri at Sunset Farms just after 9:30 am. My parents were so excited, well at least my mom was. Dad had twisted an ankle earlier in the week in the vineyard, so he was walking with a slight limp.Rina and I put our stuff in “my” room, allowing the Flores to stay in “Jenny’s room” since it was bigger. In all honesty, Jenny’s room was designed to have room for a crib and rocker on top of the king bed and barrel chairs. When my folks remodeled the house, they eliminated the former master room and two bedrooms and the hall bath. That wing of the house now has three rooms, all with their own bathrooms. The other room would have a crib in the future, two single beds, and features a bathtub while the other two rooms have large walk-in showers. All have a pair of french doors out to the backyard patio and pool.My mom had been busy during the ten days and had created an itinerary for each day. Friday would be a day in Lodi with dinner at Murdaca’s Italian. In speaking with Molly, mom learned that the Flores had never been to Lake Tahoe so a day trip was planned for Saturday. Sunday was in Lodi and dinner at the Woodbridge Inn.The weekend had been going great as Marina’s parents loved seeing Lodi and Tahoe. Sunday, they went to St Anne’s Church, being devout Catholics. We were waiting for them to return as mom and Marina had been making a nice brunch for the six of us. Finally, they returned about thirty minutes after we had expected them.Molly apologized for being so late. “We had a nice chat with the Priest, and he introduced a few couples to us. We canlı bahis were very impressed with the church.” She continued, “And Christie, one couple, the Manna’s, said they know you two.” She looked at my parents. “They had nothing but great things to say about you two, and your father, Christie. Mr. Manna said your father gave his dad his first ag loan at the local bank.”Marina interjected, “Yes, I want to hear about your dad’s banking experience. Your son told me to ask you.”Ever the modest woman, mom downplayed her father’s achievements. “He was recruited to the bank based on his ag business skills. He was great with numbers and had a sterling reputation. He continued to farm this land as he constantly bought up his neighbor’s land. He was instrumental in expanding the bank beyond Lodi and his ag connections were key. He’d get influential farmers in other cities to move their accounts and that would lure others who wanted a “local” bank versus a large national bank. He opened offices throughout the valley and would represent the bank in Washington DC with the elected officials.”“Wow,” said Rina. “Now I understand why Scott uses the word legacy when describing his grandfather and the ranch.”A man of few words, Jorge replied, “Very impressive.”As we sat down for brunch, we continued to chat about various topics from our past two days and the Flores asked more questions about Lodi.“Papi, now do you understand why I told you that I thought Lodi was a great community?” Marina said.Laughing, he replied, “Si, Mejia.” Taking a short pause, he added, “I am not a fool. I see where this is going.”“Jorge!” snapped Molly.“It is OK, Molly,” I said. “Yes, I invited you two here to see my hometown, to see Sunset Farms, and to see what kind of life your daughter and I could have if we were to get married and decided to move to Lodi. But that is not set in stone.”

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