The Wet Spot


I was getting out of bed after a nap and saw a slightly crusty spot on the sheet. I rubbed my hand on the dried cum and thought about how it got there…

It was earlier in the day and I was laying in bed with my husband. We had written a story about our amazing day of sex and fun. We had fucked out back after I was laying in the sun with a remote controlled plug in my ass. My husband was proofreading the story which always entails us reading it together to look for mistakes and confirm the accuracy of the events.

As he was reading out loud, I was getting wet as hell. We were both naked and I was rubbing circles around his nipples and feeling up his hard chest. God he gets me wet!

My man drives me crazy. He is a few years older than me and we are both in our 50s. I know that sounds old, but we fuck like we are in college! He is very fit, running and working out regularly. He often teases me with a flexed bicep or just his raw, naked body. He thinks it is just teasing because I smile, but looking at him goes right to my pussy.

Anyway, we were laying in bed, him reading out loud, me touching him, and me getting super wet. I knew this was not going to last long.

I trailed my fingers lower. I saw that his growing cock was trapped between his legs. I reached down to free my best bursa escort sex toy. It popped up onto his lower belly. He then reached further down and pulled up his balls. He shaves for me and I love the softness of his skin without hair.

I continue to caress him and watch his cock continue to grow for me.

I looked at his chest and looked at his cock. His cock won.

I leaned down and took just the head into my mouth. I slowly swirled my tongue around the mushroom head of his dick. It was soft and warm, but not yet leaking pre-cum. I could not wait to lure out a taste treat for my tongue!

I dangled my left hand lower and caressed his balls. I was hoping that a little stimulation of his balls would get his juices flowing as much as mine were.

I continued to lick and suck the head of his cock. I continued to tease his balls and then gently stroked his shaft. As I squeezed at the base and worked my hand up, I was rewarded with just a bit of pre-cum. It leaked onto my tongue and he tasted so wonderful.

That was all it took for me. My soaking wet pussy needed to bond with his hard cock and I was ready to make that happen. I looked up at him and smiled. He knew my goal.

I said, “move over-scoot down.” As he did so, I moved a few pillows out of the way. As bursa escort bayan soon as his hips stopped moving and settled on the bed, I was on him. I lined him up and slid home!

Oh GOD he felt so good!

I am on top.

I am in control.

I own his dick.

He is my toy.

I take my satisfaction.

And he loves it!

I wanted to cum hard. I wanted his dick as hard as it gets. I quickly began to play with his nipples. He gets so hard when I touch him in this way. It also makes him cum so I need to be delicate with my timing.

I rode him hard and fast. In less than 40 seconds I was cumming all over his nice hard cock.

I smiled again and kissed his lips. I paused for the briefest of seconds and then went for round two.

I should mention that he was still reading our story while I fucked him. It was so hot listening to him talk about fucking on the patio and riding him at the same time.

He pointed out that I was in a hurry for my second orgasm. He knows me so well. I wanted him to cum with me.

I reach down a bit and pulled my tits right up onto his chest. In this position I am able to tug on my sensitive nipples and rub his nipples at the same time.

I heard him groan and then say, “I fucking bursa merkez escort love it when you play with your nipples.”

He stopped reading and began to fuck me in earnest. He was pounding up and I was slamming down.

Again, I came quickly due to my heightened state of arousal. I was juicing all over his dick. I could tell it was leaking down his balls and coating his thighs. As I was cumming he slipped the tip of his finger into my ass.

Holy fuck did that send me to the next level.

My orgasm ripped through me.

My stomach tightened.

My nipples became rocks.

I pressed up on his chest which brought my pussy down further onto his dick.

He felt me tense.

I groaned.

He surged up and fully planted his dick inside me.

I was in heaven.

As I was riding out the final surges of my orgasm, I realized he had not cum yet.

And then my phone went off. It was a friend who was right around the corner and would be dropping off some stuff for work. I laughed at him and said, “poor baby”. I threw him a tissue to clean up the copious amounts of my girl juice off his cock.

I hopped off of him and landed on my side of the bed. I landed on the sheets and raced to get dressed.

As I look down at the crusty spot on our bed, I realized something. Oh my god, that isn’t his cum. I realized that the large wet spot on the bed was all me. That entire spot is the leaky, juicy cum from my pussy after I rode him to an excellent orgasm.

I guess I owe him a good fucking later! Perhaps in the morning I will suck him and fuck him again.

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