The Wish


It was a warm summer evening. I was lying in bed, wearing only a pair of panties, hoping the fan blowing across my body would cool it off. I was alone for the night, with only my teddy bear, whom I named Honey Bear, for company. I kissed him on his nose, and said, “I wish you were real, I want to be held so bad right now.” Kissing him again, I closed my eyes, cuddled up to him, and tried to sleep.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes as I felt something move in my arms. The teddy bear I was holding was moving around. Afraid, I dropped the toy on the floor next to the bed. I watched in amazement as it grew to over six feet tall and turned into a man. He had a long beard, shaggy hair, and was wearing blue boxer shorts, much the same as my stuffed bear.

“Wh…wh…who are you?” I stuttered.

“Your wish is my command, fair one,” he answered in a deep voice. “I’ve been your stuffed bear for a long time now, and just couldn’t bear to see you sad any longer. When you wished for me to be real, I couldn’t say no to you. You are just too beautiful. For one night, I am yours.”

I opened my arms to welcome him into my bed. He sat on the bed beside me and took me in his arms. It felt so good to hold him, and have him hold me back.

“I know,” he said. “It feels good to be able to hold you back.”

I was shocked. Did he read my mind, or did I say that out loud? I decided to test my theory and put an erotic thought güvenilir bahis in my head.

“Mm,” he moaned in my ear. “I would love to give you pleasure tonight. I don’t want you to do a thing except enjoy yourself. I told you when I came to life that your wish was my command. I know some of what you like, from watching you at night tease and please yourself.”

I couldn’t believe it! This handsome man was an answer to my wishes! I let go of him and looked into his eyes, afraid he was joking. He lifted one hand and caressed my face.

“Please believe me, dear one,” he said. “I am not joking. I want to make you happy tonight. Please lie back on the bed so that I may feast on your luscious treats.”

He propped the pillows behind my head, then helped me to lie back. I could see the hunger and longing in his eyes as they traveled down to my painted toe nails and back up to my smile. He knelt between my legs and licked his lips. He reached up, and hooked my panties with a couple fingers and slowly peeled them down my body. He sighed with happiness as he saw my whole body revealed to him.

“I never imagined I would be here right now, doing this,” he said.

I wiggled my bottom on the bed, feeling the effects of having a man gaze at me the way he was doing. I wondered how his hands would feel, touching me all over.

“Let’s find out together,” he answered.

He started with my feet, rubbing first türkçe bahis the left then the right, moving up my legs. From my thighs, he went to my belly, then my arms. With a smile on his face, he used a finger and traced a line around each breast.

I sighed and shuddered at his touch. It had been awhile since someone else had touched me that way. It felt wonderful, but I wanted more.

“Anything for you, my dear one,” he said, and lightly pinched my nipples. I moaned, and he pinched them harder, watching my face. He leaned over my body and took a nipple in his mouth. I moaned louder and wiggled more on the bed as he switched to my other nipple. I wondered how his mouth would feel licking my womanhood. He looked up at me and smiled.

“Your wish, my sweet one,” he said as he kissed down my body, pausing to flick his tongue in my belly button, causing another loud moan.

He spread my legs wider, and licked his lips at the thought of the delectable treat waiting for him. He kissed one thigh then the other, working his way to the center of my body. He licked my lips slowly, parting them with his tongue. Deeper his tongue moved, dipping into the wetness within. He used the fingers from one hand to hold my lips open. He flicked my clit with his tongue and I cried out with pleasure. He inserted a finger and continued to lick and suck my clit.

My moans became louder as the feelings intensified. It was like güvenilir bahis siteleri a ball of light in the very center of my being. The more aroused I was, the brighter the light.

His fingers moved faster, and he lifted his head to see my face. My eyes were closed, intent on what was happening to me. I arched my back, and pinched my nipples. I couldn’t believe the way he was making me feel.

“Is that the spot?” he asked, knowing the answer from my moans. “Oh, that is the spot. I love watching your face when you are close. You are so beautiful. And I love knowing that I am the one making you thrash around on the bed like this.”

Please, please, I thought, I am so close. Make me scream with pleasure from my Honey Bear.

“Oh, sweet princess, I thought you would never ask.” With that, he pumped his fingers deeper and faster. He attacked my clit with his mouth, sucking and licking my clit.

My moans became pants which became shouts of his name. The ball of light became so bright, it engulfed my entire body. My body stiffened, and I cried out from the intense feelings. I pushed my hips upward towards his face, trying to get more of my clit into his mouth. I came a second time from his ministrations. As I came a third time, I cried aloud and blacked out from the intense feeling.

When I awoke, it was morning. I was tucked into bed, with my teddy bear lying next to me. I wondered if it was all a dream. I stretched my arms and legs, and felt a slight pain as if my legs had been stretched out for a long time. I turned to face my bear, and noticed something around his mouth. When I touched it, it was wet, and I knew it wasn’t a dream.

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