The Woman on the Bus Ch. 03


The Woman on the Bus


Gina and the Second Week


“This past week was one for the books,” I thought to myself as finished preparing my dinner.

I intended to sit and watch TV for the evening since Ben was gone again. I couldn’t get Melissa out of my head. I wished she were there with me. I doubt I would have been watching TV if she were there. I began imagining all the things we would or could do to each other when Gina texted me.

“Whatcha doin’?” Gina asked.

“Just sittin’ here about to watch a movie.” I replied.

“I’m bored and I’ve seen all the movies I have. I’d watch one of my shows I have queued up, but I’m not interested in those right now.”

I think I knew what she was getting to. She was probably wanting to know what happened that passed week and didn’t want to wait another day to hear about it. I wondered if she went home last weekend and rubbed her pussy thinking about my first encounters with Melissa and the text conversation I had with her. I would not have blamed her a bit as I had masturbated a few times simply rereading the text message exchange we shared. As soon as that thought drifted away, another came soaring in after that. I began imagining Gina in her bed. She had one hand on her tit, pinching her nipple with that hand and the other hand was on the vibrator she was fucking herself with.

“Melissa turned me into a raging lesbian,” I thought out loud and laughed.

“Why don’t you come over and we can watch a movie together?” I replied, wondering if I should change the movie genre or start with what was already playing and see how things go.

“I would like that! 🙂 I’ll hop in the shower and be there shortly,” She replied, not too urgently.

“That’s probably a good idea,” I suggested aloud to myself. “I could use a freshening up and perhaps trim some areas that may need attention.”

I looked at the phone and it was only a little after seven. I wondered if Melissa would text me later that evening or if she is expecting me to text her first. Maybe Gina would be there to witness a conversation. No matter, I needed to get into the shower.

Not long after I finished showering, Gina arrived. She brought some wine with her and shared some with me. We sat on the couch facing the TV and she snuggled close to me as she usually does, shoulders touching each other. I decided again to leave the movie choice as it was.

“So, I picked out this particular movie because it will probably help me in the not-too-distant future.” I said, staring at the TV.

“Yeah? What’s it about?” She asked, unaware.

“Well, with the story I told you Sunday and the heated text message exchange, I realized that when I do actually meet up with Melissa, I may want to have some idea of what to do, right?” I said, second guessing my choice again. I wasn’t sure why I was asking her, she wasn’t a lesbian or even bisexual, so she wouldn’t know.

“So, it’s a lesbian porno!” She said, laughing out loud.

I playfully slapped her arm. “No! It’s a lesbian movie, but it’s an independent full-length movie I found on this streaming service we have.”

“Well, you have another week’s worth of story to tell me, yes?” she asked, “and I think we’re in a much better environment for your particular story.”

“Yes, I absolutely have more of the story to tell you and you might even witness her texting me tonight. I was debating about whether to text her first, but I’ll wait a bit more and see if she texts first. So, I guess I should start with Monday since I didn’t hear from her at all after I left you Sunday.”

“Before you start, I’m going to get another glass of wine. Would you like another?”

I looked at my glass and realized I would want another before too long.

“Grab my bottle and yours and we’ll sit Sincan Escort for a spell, and I’ll tell you all about last week!”

As Gina walked away, I caught myself staring at her ass. First, Melissa caught my eye and that turned out to be sexual in nature and there I was objectifying my best friend. Though, it didn’t surprise me considering I imagined her masturbating in great detail not long before her arrival. I decided then that things were happening fast enough that I would learn the outcome sooner than later. Also, that if I was thinking of Gina masturbating, then the person who I thought I was two weeks prior was not who I was in that moment.

Gina came back with both bottles in hand, set them down on the coffee table, and got comfortable on the couch facing me after pouring us each a glass. She stared at me with anticipation. Not only was I interested in keeping her up to date about my interactions with Melissa, but also about where my thoughts of Gina were headed.

“Okay, so, I didn’t hear from her Sunday as I mentioned, but Monday it resumed precisely where it left off with her,” I said, just prior to narrating the story that was my second week engaging Melissa.

5 Days Ago

“After our quite explicit exchange the previous Saturday, I was anxious to see what Monday would bring. I did my extended primp and polish session as I did the week before. One last look in the mirror and I was ready to go. My heart was beating with anticipation of what would happen on the bus that morning. I could barely sleep the night before thinking of the previous week, our text conversation, and what the combination of the two could bring for that day.

“The bus turned the corner and my heart started racing. The last couple days I rode the bus, she made her way onto it before me. It came to a stop in front of me and I scanned the windows to see if I could see her before I boarded, but I couldn’t. I stepped on to a mostly empty bus and, again, looked around. She wasn’t there. I didn’t think anything I said would have scared her away from me. I resigned myself to the thought that she would be at her normal stop.

“My anxiety kicked into overdrive as the bus rounded the turn toward her normal stop. The bus had filled significantly between my stop and hers and there were few seats remaining, none of which were next to me. I was sitting there wondering how that morning was going to work out. It would make me seem overly needy if I got out of my seat and sat next to her. We pulled up to her stop and I straightened my posture to see if I could see her outside. I watched as everyone boarded, and my heart sank when I realized she wasn’t there. I wondered if it was something I said or did. Maybe she was just sick? She could have told me she wasn’t going to be there that day. I was disappointed to say the least.

“There was one more stop before mine and then I would have to be on my way. I was not going to be happy that day. Thoughts flooded my mind about what I could have done differently and what was said that could have made her run away from me. Next thing I know, she was standing in front of me! I was overwhelmed and could not speak to her if I wanted to. I was so relieved, I felt as if my head was spinning, and I hadn’t realized I had put my hand on her leg. As soon as I realized what I had done, I quickly removed my hand and snapped my head up to look at her.

“She was already looking down at me smiling and could feel the redness building in my cheeks. I must have had the most idiotic smile on my face as I watched her drop her backpack on the floor. She was facing away from me, and I scanned her from top to bottom, admiring her curves. It appeared she took the extra effort to show a little skin that morning. Her pants hung a little lower on her hips, her shirt didn’t go down quite as far as it used to, and her perfume was a bit different that morning. I couldn’t Escort Ankara place it.

“It felt like only moments until I was at my stop. I stood up slowly and made sure to brush up against her every chance I could. When I grabbed my bag off the seat and turned again to walk away, she turned to me and placed her hand on my arm. I got instant goose bumps. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. “

“Are you ready for this?” I said to Gina, excited.

She was staring intently at me and nodded.

“She said ‘Tomorrow, wear a skirt… and no panties.’ I looked at her, shot her a sly grin in confirmation, and walked away. My god, the things that were on my mind all that day.” I said, leaning back into the couch.

“Were you instantly wet?” Gina asked me, touching my arm.

Her words and her touch sent a slight shiver down my spine.

“Yes, and most of the day as well. Do you know how difficult it is to function when you have encounters such as that? It was clear she planned all of it out. At least now I know that if something is different than the day before, then it was almost certain her plan for it to be that way.

“That evening, I was careful to pick out what I was going to wear. I picked out a sexy skirt that didn’t make it obvious that I wasn’t wearing panties, but also was appropriate for work. I matched it with a silky blouse that was heavy and showed the outline of my bra.”

“I didn’t hear anything else from her the rest of the day or night so the next morning, I was almost a nervous wreck. I mean, was she going to try something on the bus or is the thought of me not wearing panties a turn on for her?” I asked without expecting an answer.

“I didn’t sleep well that night as you could probably imagine. I woke up the next morning ready to see where the day would go. I was excited. I quickly showered and dressed. All the usual makeup was applied, and I put on my favorite perfume. As much as I wanted to ensure she smelled it, I had to ensure I didn’t smell like a whore all day at work. I grabbed my things and was about to walk out of the house when my phone beeped. I locked the door on my way out and took my phone from my purse. Melissa sent me a text message.”

“Gina, my heart raced for a moment. I didn’t know if she was changing something, if she was standing right outside my house, or what. Anyway, she said ‘When you see me sitting, stand in front of me and no matter what happens, don’t turn around. help her. Before I could decide what to do, she snapped out of her dream state, jerked her hands out of her pants, and her eyes flew open wide.

“I’m so sorry, Christy! Your story last week started my engine and then it got better as soon as it started, and I couldn’t help it…” She rattled off quickly, bowing her head.

I smiled softly at her and went for the hand that was inside her pajamas. I don’t know what I was thinking but I took her hand in both of mine as she watched. I brought it close to my face and took two fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them for just a moment and released her hand to see where Gina was at with everything that is happening. The look on her face was priceless.

“Christy, I have a confession.” She stated, a tear forming in her eye. “We’ve been friends for a long time, longer than I can remember. Not long ago, though, shortly after my husband left me, feelings I didn’t understand began emerging within me and I stuffed them deep down inside me thinking it was misplaced anger or loneliness. Once you began telling me your story on Sunday, it all came flooding back to me. I went home and cried most of the afternoon.”

She sniffled a little and continued. “It’s not that I’m in love with you. I do love you. I always will but I just want to be closer to you than I ever have before. I’m so sorry, I got caught up in the moment. Do you want me to leave?” She squeaked out, tears flowing from her eyes.

I Eryaman Escort Bayan gently touched her face, turning it to face mine. “Why would I want you to leave? You’re my very best friend and your feelings are valid and important! I can’t compare mine with yours, but perhaps together we can search through them, and we can both figure out where we’re going. Besides, I’ve been recently thrust into such feelings, thanks to Dumbo up here!” I smiled, pointing to my brain trying to make light of the situation. She sniffled and smiled at me, wiping her tears from her eyes.

“Where do we go from here? I feel like a giant weight is off my shoulders and now I feel like I’m wandering through a forest blind folded.” She said.

“Well, for one, I think I should continue my story. Why don’t you get a little more comfortable and I’ll give you the abridged version of what happen the rest of the week and we’ll see what happens?” I said, sliding down to the floor and moving in front of her. “Does that sound like a plan?”

I felt bold. I was empowered and I was going to run this show.

“What are you doing?” She questioned me.

I reached out to her, putting my hands on both hips, sliding them into the waistband of her pajamas.

“When I start to pull these down, you’re going to remove your top at the same time, ok?” I reassured her.

She nodded, as uncertain about everything we were doing as I was. I began to pull her pajama bottoms down and she instinctively raised her butt to make it easier for me. Shortly after I started, she was unbuttoning her pajama top. She didn’t remove it right away as I did her bottoms. I sensed she was a little uneasy about what was happening, though she did let me completely remove her bottoms, leaving her naked from the waist down. As I was about to reassure her, I couldn’t help but notice she was clean shaved. I reached my hand out and touched her and she was beautifully smooth.

She shook beneath me, and I looked her in the eye and nodded. “It’s okay, Gina. This is a safe place and you’re my best friend. I love you.”

Her smile broadened and she nodded at me, continuing to remove the remainder of her clothes.

“Lay back and I’ll begin,” I said.

She rested against the back of the couch, and I leaned in closer. “I spent the rest of that day smelling whiffs of perfume and my sex. It was an intoxicating blend.” I said, beginning to gently run two fingers across her clit. She closed her eyes and exhaled.

“The next day, I boarded the bus at my stop and she was not on it at.” I said, looking at her vagina. I wanted to lick her, to suck her clit into my mouth, but I had a story to tell. “I waited for her stop and watched as she boarded. The bus was full that day, before I even got on so, she stood next to me. A little while after we left her stop, she put her arm around my waist and stuffed something into my jacket pocket and held her hand there. ‘This is for you. I hope you enjoy it.’ She told me.”

I moved my fingers down to Gina’s opening and rubbed her slightly, getting my fingers wet before inserting them inside her slowly. She quickly gasped and looked down. I looked up into her eyes as I continued the story of my interactions with Melissa.

“I didn’t look what she put in my pocket until I got to work and used the ladies room. Inside the stall, I pulled it out and it was a bag with a note and a pair of panties. I read the note: ‘Christy, I bought these special for you and wore them last Saturday night.’ I couldn’t believe it. Without thinking, I snatched the panties out of the bag and brought them to my nose. It was an intoxicating mixture of her perfume and her scent. I spent longer than I should have in there smelling her panties,” I said, getting visibly excited as I pushed and pulled my fingers in and out of my friend’s vagina.

Meanwhile, my other hand found its way into my own panties. I paused a moment and reflected on the fact that I was now engaged in my first ever girl-on-girl experience, and I was enjoying it. I was going to make us both cum.

“I kept the panties in my pocket all day and would smell them whenever I could. It was very distracting.”

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