The Woods

Big Tits

I send you a text telling you I was going to take my VW for a drive and ask if you want to go, you say yeah you’ll go. We’re driving down the road heading no where really just out for a drive on a warm summer day. It’s pretty hot and muggy and you can feel the moisture in air, it’s definitely the air you can wear. The top is down the radio up my hair tied back in a rubber band so that way it’s not going crazy as I’m driving down the road. I have on a white sleeveless shirt with an airy skirt that’s not tight and today, no panties. We cruise down the road enjoying the freedom from other people, talking about nothing in particular.

You keep glancing my way looking at my chest then down at my legs because my skirt has ridden up a little in the car. My tits are hard because it’s so hot out and I’m sweating a bit but the air-conditioning is on and making them cold because of the wetness in the air plus I’m horny. We get out of the city and neighboring communities radio still on, you reach over and cup my breast and just sit there for a couple of minutes making sure it’s ok when you realize it’s ok, you continue to massage it, moving from one to the other

You unbutton my shirt and see my bra snaps in the front you undo my bra and continue massaging and squeezing my tits. I glance at your lap and notice you’re starting to enjoy yourself, a small moan escapes my lips letting you know I enjoy this. You take this as your queue to continue. You lean over and begin kissing my neck as we’re going down the road, this gets me instantly wet and my nipples stand even harder. I decide to have a little fun with you, keeping one hand on the wheel I pull my skirt up over my ass so I’m no longer sitting on it. I am bare ass on the seat leaving a wet spot on the leather. I take your hand from my chest and place it on the inside of my knee. casino oyna You try and push up further but since I’m driving it’s my way! I move your hand back down and let it rest there for a couple of seconds.

As you continue sucking my neck it makes me hotter and hotter. You lean in a little further and place your mouth on my right tit. I was not expecting this and jerked the wheel a bit too hard we both start laughing and you put your head back down. My fingernails dig into the back of your hand as this feels really good. I slide your hand a littler further up my thigh and you can feel the heat radiating from my core. I take your hand and place it on the seat in front of my pussy not only do you feel the heat but you feel the wetness as well. You moan with delight and bit my nipple lightly in excitement which gets a louder moan out of me. I take your hand and guide you closer to me. You start stroking the outside lips as I continue to drive you lift your head and look at me; I am biting my lip and trying to concentrate on the road. My eyes blinking heavily because this feels good I look over at you with yet another evil grin on my face.

I slide down in the seat a little and place two of your fingers inside my wet waiting pussy. You have a shocked look on your face as mine shows nothing but pleasure. I bite my lip and close my eyes for a brief second as waves of pleasure overtake my body. You continue finger fucking me and kissing my neck. You begin rubbing my clit with your thumb and pinch gently with your index finger and thumb. I moan your name really loud as more wetness comes rushing out. About this time it starts to rain we pull over to the side of the road so I can put the top up. You pull your fingers out, however before you can do anything else I grab hold of your wrist and stick your fingers in slot oyna my mouth and suck off all my juices. Your pants growing stiffer with each passing second we get the top and windows up, I think to myself this would be a great opportunity to fulfill one of my fantasies. Being fucked in the woods while it’s raining as I grab the keys and take off for the woods I grab your wrist and pull you along behind me.

We get to some downed trees away from the road and I tell you this is perfect. I take off my shirt and bra lean back on my elbows on one of the fallen trees. I lift my leg on the other. I look over at you and you’re just staring I ask you if you need an invitation. You come over to me and I tell you how bad I need to feel you inside of me right now. Rain pounding down on us; my hair getting wetter by the minute I look up at the cloudy sky and as I have my head tilted up, I didn’t notice you sink to your knees in front of me until you licked my pussy. You caught me totally off guard and I shrieked. You wrap your hand around my thigh and pull me into your face as to say, you’re not getting away from this. You continue licking me. You look up at my face and see that I’m totally enjoying this. Moaning louder and getting closer to release with each passing minute.

After a couple of minutes you move your hand from my thigh to my ass. You cup my cheek and pull me into you again. It feels so good I place my hand on the back of your head and pull you into me. You dip your tongue into my center. This excites me very much; you lick from my opening back up to my clit. After a few more minutes of teasing me you move your hand from my ass and insert two fingers again while licking me. You feel my muscles clench around your fingers and me moan. My breathing getting shorter and shorter, knowing I’m close. After a few seconds canlı casino siteleri of this you hear me moan. “omg I’m cumming”

You wrap your free hand around my ass and pull me into you and feel me cum on your face. When I am finished my body dripping wet not only from the rain but from cumming hard; I look at you and the stiffness in your pants again. I cup my hand around your bulge and give a gentle squeeze. I press my wet shirtless body into you and lick your lips to taste myself once more. I give you another grin as I drop to my knees and take your full length into my mouth.

I slide my mouth up and down your shaft deep throating every bit of you that I can. Once you’re nice and hard I tell you to fuck me. I turn my back to you and give you a smile over my shoulder. I lean over the tree and pull my skirt up. You place yourself behind me and enter me from behind. I take a sharp breath and let it out in a moan due to the orgasm I just had by your tongue and now you’re filling me. As you move in and out with your hands on my hips I feel you twitch. I back into your thrusts so you can hit hard as you pull my hips into you. I ask you to gently pull my hair. As you pull my hair I gently stand up and press my back into you. You begin sucking my neck as your fucking me. I lean back down and tell you to slap my ass, you do this and it gives me so much pleasure you fell me starting to tighten around you.

You move your hands back to my hips and continue pounding into me. You feel me orgasm around you again. My moans are lost in the rain as I know you’re ready for your own release. I drop to my knees and pump you with my hand. I slide my mouth up and down you again until you’re ready to cum. I place my mouth in front of your dick just as you start to spurt. I get most of it in my mouth but some lands on my chin and drips to my chest. I wipe it off with my fingers and lick it off. I look up at you with the same trademark grin of mine and you just roll your eyes and laugh. I grab my shirt and bra and head back to the car with a huge smile on my face.

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