The Workout


It had been a long week and finally they found time to make it to the gym. Over the years it got more and more difficult to get away from the daily grind. There wasn’t enough incentive for the pair to make a workout more than once or twice a month, even though the facilities were top notch.As usual, they headed up to the cardio equipment first. The area was quite large and humming with the sound of motion. Even with only half being occupied, the ellipticals, stationary bikes and treadmills created a buzz of activity. The monitors on the walls added to the excitement as they blared rock music and displayed an array of sports events.She went straight to a treadmill. In her tight yoga shorts and sports tank, she looked the part of someone who took care of her body. Hair back in a ponytail, she mounted the equipment and began a slow walk to warm up.He took an elliptical in the row of machines directly behind her. He was wearing some sport shorts and a workout t-shirt with a sport team logo on the chest. He jumped on the machine and started warming up as well.Looking over the edge of the workout progress display on his machine, he admired how the tight workout clothes hugged her curves. In particular, the flair of her hips as she took each stride was especially compelling. He also noticed that the yoga shorts did little to hide the shape of ass, at the top of which he spied a barely visible thong impression. Before she sped up to a run, she glanced over her shoulder to Acıbadem Escort see her partner. He was pumping his legs hard already with sweat beading at his forehead. The shape of his calf and thigh muscles stood out with each drive of his legs. She wondered why they didn’t come to the gym together more often as the sight began to turn her on.Turning back to her machine, she sped up her run, keeping up a fast pace for quite some time. Her muscles strained and her breaths became more difficult. Her chest began to heave as the incline increased. She felt a bead of sweat run down the side of her face, down her neck and then down between her breasts.As he watched her from behind, he could see her body strain. She was taking it in stride though and he liked that. His workout was pushing him hard as well with, sweat beginning causing his shirt to cling to his back. With only a few minutes left, he pushed hard.Finishing up their cardio at the same time, the pair got off their machines and met up at the water fountain. As she leaned over to get a drink, she felt his hand run up her back and settle. In response, she reached back to squeeze his leg. Her hand accidentally reached high and glanced over his package, feeling the bulge beneath. Pulling her hand away, they both laughed and grinned. Not being the sort to show public displays of affection, they were clearly a bit nervous about being seen. Finishing their refreshment, they went Acıbadem Escort Bayan to the opposite side of the gym where weight machines and workout equipment awaited. This section was not the large floor where most of the meat heads worked out. Instead it was a bit more private and included an open area for abs.There were a hand full of people in the area working on various machines. He went and grabbed a large disc weight to begin a core exercise where he lifted the weight from his waist on one side of his body, across his body and over his head on the opposite side. It was strenuous and caused him to grunt with each lift.She grabbed a large balance ball and rolled it over to a mirror. Sitting on it, she felt the bounce it returned. Smiling, she bounced a few more times on it and looked over at her partner who smiled back. After steadying herself with her feet flat on the floor, she put her hands behind her head and leaned back to start her sit ups.Continuing his weight lifts, he kept an eye on her. She already gave him a little show, breasts bouncing as she played on the exercise ball. He didn’t think she realized what he was looking at, but that was just her, never realizing how sexy he found her. As she started her sit ups, he watched her abs take shape under the skin tight tank top. Following that down, he could see the mound above her pussy just visible through her yoga pants. As her knees were facing a mirror, he Escort Acıbadem took a step closer and straining, saw a small slit between her legs. He began to stiffen, the sight of her body through the tight clothes turning him on. She continued to work out, not noticing his eyes on her. After finishing her set, her body ached with exhaustion. Turning to her partner, she saw him bend down and set his disc weight on the floor. She stood up, getting off the exercise ball and gave him a slap on the ass as he stood back up.Grabbing her hand, he pulled her close, calling her a naughty girl. Keeping her hand in his, he began walking with her across the workout room towards another drinking fountain. As they approached, they saw a stand up sign down a hallway indicating that a new self-directed video yoga room behind a set of double doors.Interested, she pulled him in that direction. On the sign was a picture of a large room with mirrors around the walls and a large video screen against the front wall. On the picture, about a dozen people were in a synchronous yoga pose scattered around the room facing the screen.Listening at the door, they didn’t hear any sounds so she reached down and tested the door knob. The door opened and they stuck their heads inside. The room was lit but empty. Various pieces of yoga equipment were stacked along shelved in the back of the room. Otherwise, the room looked just like the poster they saw on their way in.They walked into the room, the door quietly swinging shut behind them. In the room, the walls made an illusion as the mirrors on each side reflected off one another, making it look like an infinite reflection of the two of them standing together.As she stood gazing, she felt a hand grab her ass through the soft fabric of her short pants.

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