They Owned Me Pt. 02


It had been a few days since that wild Saturday night. I’d like to say things were getting back to normal, but in reality I spent a lot more time in my room jerking off to those images over and over. Her incredible ass bouncing up and down on that big cock, her magnificent tits bouncing as she rode him, the way he slapped my hands away from those tits. I kept picturing the power he had over her as he flipped her around, driving his impressive dick inside of her repeatedly. Knowing I’ve never done anything like that in my bed. The worst part was when I finally did cum, it was always when I got to the point of the story when he looked down at me and made me watch him unleash his load on my face. I always remember that he told me that she wouldn’t even let him do that to her, but I put up no fight when a stranger did it to me.

Eventually my roommates noticed me retreating to my room more often than not. Of course they figured it was because I was still upset over the breakup. I couldn’t tell them the real reason. So Tuesday night they dragged me to campus for a little pick-up basketball. We used to do it all the time and I had no viable excuse to not go that night. Now I wish I hadn’t gone.

The gym itself was pretty quiet and we got into a game quickly. I played well and was finally clearing my head of everything. We won pretty easily and another team was ready to step up. Then I saw him. It was undeniable. The man from me bedroom was on the other team. We went up 4-0, with me scoring the first bucket, before their defense switched up and now he was guarding me.

I turned the ball over the first time and I’m not sure why, but my heart was pounding. I didn’t want anyone to know, I didn’t want anyone to wonder, I tried to play it so cool, but I airballed a quick three point attempt and it felt like I was wearing I sign that said ‘This man came on my face”.

The next time down the court I was determined to settle down. I moved off-ball and he was on me like white on rice. Then he spoke for the first time since the start of the game.

“Yeah, you remember me.”

I made a quick cut to the key but ankara escort couldn’t shake him.

“Just say it.”

I popped out to the three point arc and got the ball.

“How many times have you replayed that image?”

I tried to drive left, it was blocked. Then I tried going right, shut down again.

“Too many times right? Finally having a real man fuck in your bed.”

I tried to pass the ball down to the post and it quickly got picked off. I tried covering the man on the fast break the other way but he took the pass and scored an easy layup. He was relentless as we jogged back down the court.

“Come on man, we let you watch. Just tell me your favorite part. Do that and I’ll let you score once.”

I was speechless, but all the images kept rushing back to me. I couldn’t help starting to grow hard. He saw, he knew. He just laughed. I made a quick excuse that I didn’t feel good and just ran to the locker room. I yelled back to my roommates to go on without me. We were getting killed and they were probably better off without me anyway.

I made a beeline to an open stall and locked the door behind me. I needed to calm down, control things, but I couldn’t get the images out of my mind. I started to stroke myself before I was snapped out of my trance by a knock on the stall door.

“Derrick, you cool man?”

It was my roommate.

“Yeah man, just need a few. I take it we lost?”

“Ha, yeah, but now I know why you played like shit. We’re going to get going, you cool just taking the shuttle back?

What did he know? About that night, that guy? I decided to misdirect him.

“Yeah next time I’ve got to take a shit I’ll just bow out of the game before I start playing like shit.”

No answer.

“Yeah I don’t mind grabbing the shuttle back, might stop by the emporium for a bite to eat anyway.”

“OK, later dude.”

At least the chat with Mark helped my hardon. I waited a few minutes to make sure he was gone before I flushed and made my way out. It was like a slap to the face. As I washed my hands, he walked up antalya escort behind me. Stark naked, two towels over his shoulder. I stared for a minute in the mirror, unsure of anything and everything. He spoke first.

“We’ve got to talk. Meet me in the showers.”

I stammered, “I don’t have a towel.”

He tossed me one of his.

“Now you do, you’ve got two minutes.”

I went to the locker and started to slowly undress, then the time limit hit me and I quickly shoved my clothes into the locker and wrapped the towel around my waist. It wasn’t doing a great job hiding my hard on so I darted to the showers. I stood at the entrance, he was there, alone, soaping up his body. He seemed bigger and better in every way.

“Let’s go,” he confidently ordered as he turned on the water to the shower right next to him.

I hung up the towel on the nearby hook and walked over to the shower, testing the water and desperately trying to hide my erection. He started the conversation, not even looking at me, but continuing to do his normal shower routine.

“You never answered me out there, but based on your little hardon out there, I take it that you remember me all too well.”

I got under the water, trying to wash away this whole situation. I found myself softly answering him, “Yeah, I remember.”

“Good. She’s something else man, huh? I can’t get over how well she takes cock.”

He continued to describe her body to me, what she has done to him and where. I couldn’t help but touch myself. I haven’t been with a woman since my girlfriend, and even when we were dating she hadn’t put out in a while. I was aching and he was getting what he wanted, whenever he wanted.

He stopped talking, so I took a quick peek. I’m sure I looked like a Looney Toon character as my jaw must have dropped to the floor. There he was, eyes closed stroking his rock hard dick. I didn’t know what to think, but I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t tell how much bigger he was, but I knew he was. I stroked while watching him stroke. The image of the girl he fucked not even in my head gaziantep escort anymore. He opened his eyes and looked right at me, somehow knowing that I as watching.

“Man, she does everything except take my load on her face.”

He looked away again, but I didn’t. My eyes fixed on his hand stroking his cock, my own hand furiously stroking mine. He spoke again.

“You do though, don’t you?”

I froze. I wasn’t even stroking anymore, just watching him, speechless.

“I need an answer. You take facials, don’t you?”

No answer.

“Maybe I remember incorrectly. I’ll have to go ask Sara if you were the guy who looked up at me while I unloaded on your face. I think she has a great picture of it.”

He turned off his shower and looked like he was ready to leave. I could finally mutter a word, “Wait.”

“What was that?”

“Please wait.” I didn’t even know where I was, “Yes, you came on my face”

“I thought I did.” He stood there a foot away stroking his cock. “So you take facials?”


“I’m confused. Do you or don’t you?”

“I did, but I’ve never before.”

“People change. I bet you keep replaying that moment.”

I felt like I had to answer. Softly I said, “yes”

He stepped towards me, still pumping that cock, “No doubt. So you take facials?”


He stepped forward again.

“It’ll be easier if you’re on your knees.”

I still don’t know what came over me, but I lowered my self to my knees. It didn’t feel wrong. The warm water on my back, his big, thick cock in front of my face.

“Look at me Derrick.”

My gaze turned upwards just in time to see him shoot. Stream after stream covering my face, my hair, my eye and, to my surprise, my open mouth. He shook his dick one last time, accidentally hitting me on the cheek getting the last remnants of cum from his dick. I just knelt there.

He grabbed his towel and mine, leaving me in the shower.

“Good to finally find a bitch that loves facials. Can’t wait to let Sara know.”

I could hear him get dressed and the door close behind him before I even got off my knees. I scrubbed his cum from my face and turned the shower off. Without the towel I had to airdry by the lockers. Not sure where to go from here. I wasn’t drunk this time, I wasn’t high, but I took another facial. I dressed before I as completely dry. I needed to get home and jerk off.

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