Third Floor Stall


It was my second week at college, and I still felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t think I could ever get used to the size of the place and just how many people where here.

I’m from the country where we maybe had 300 people in our church, and probably 250 in my whole high school. So I guess you could say I’m a small town guy. I already attended a class with over 500 students in it! So I was kind of overwhelmed.

At least I could go home at night and didn’t have to stay in one of the dorms. Yes, it was a 50 mile drive back and forth, but I don’t mind. Like I said, I’m not real comfortable with the whole college thing yet. I thought that maybe in a couple of years I could get used to it, but after what happened today I’m not sure of anything anymore.

Well, first off let me say that I never saw so many pretty girls before. And they were wearing next to nothing! I mean stuff like short shorts and tight t-shirts. I pulled so many boners in the last few days just sitting with girls in class I was scared I was going to wear my dick out before I had a chance to use it!

I actually never had a real girlfriend before, so I was kind of hoping that I meet somebody that I can go out with. And I thought I met one today. I was supposed to go to my see my advisor about my language lab, but I was lost. Like I said, this is a big place. So I was looking at a campus map trying to figure out where I was supposed to be.

Then I heard a pretty voice say “hi!”

I quickly looked up, and there was a pretty girl to go with the pretty voice standing right in front of me.

“You take Chem 101 with me, right?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah, I guess.” I answered.

“Cool! So where are you going? Do you need any help?” she said.

I swear to God I couldn’t even think about what she was saying. I was talking to a damn pretty girl. I mean she was talking to me! On purpose! I started popping a boner right there. Man, I was so embarrassed.

Then I came to my senses, kind of, and said “Uh yeah, I’m looking for Mr. Craig’s office. He’s my advisor.”

She almost jumped up and down and said “He’s mine too! He’s in Horton, look right over there.” She was pointing at a building a half a block down the street.

“Uh thanks,” I managed to say.

“Sure,” she kind of sang, “See you in class tomorrow! I’m Patricia, by the way.”

“Hey, I’m Matt,” I said.

I hated to leave her, but I had to go and find my advisor. I watched her walk away, her little butt swinging from side to side. Then she turned around and smiled at me and kind of waved her fingers at me.

Oh damn. I was in love. And horny as hell. Shit, my dick was so hard I know that people could see it through my pants.

I hightailed it over to Horton Hall and took the elevator to the third floor where Mr. Craig’s office was. I just kept thinking about the pretty girl that talked to me, and I kept getting harder and harder.

That’s when I made a decision: I gotta get it out of my system. I’m going to have to jack off before I can do anything.

When the elevator opened on the third floor I looked around and there was nobody in the hall. So I walked a bit until I saw the bathrooms. I walked in, and it was empty. Good.

There ardahan escort were three stalls and I went into the last one near the wall. I hung my book bag on the coat hook on the door. And I undid my jeans and lowered my drawers. I sat on the toilet and began to play with my hard on. Damn, it was so hard it hurt. I needed to jack off real bad.

So I pushed my jeans and underwear all the way to my ankles and spread my knees so I could jerk off better.

I was really into it when I heard the bathroom door open, and I froze in mid stroke.

The guy didn’t really do anything, I mean, he wasn’t making any noise. I guessed he was combing his hair or something. So I began to stroke myself slowly. I was leaking like crazy. I was surprised to see all the graffiti on the walls. Some were pictures of dicks and tits, and some of it was writing like “Come here at 3 oclock for a bj.” I have to admit that I looked at my watch to see what time it was. I didn’t want to be in here if a guy was going to give a guy a blow job, that’s for sure. I was only 1:30 so I was safe. Oh shit, 1:30. I’m supposed to see Mr. Craig at 1:30. I forgot about him.

Well, there was no way I was going to put that thing back in my pants now until I made it soft. And that wasn’t going to happen until I finished jacking off. But with that guy in here I didn’t see how I could finish.

Then I finally heard him moving around, and I thought he was going to leave at last. But instead of leaving he started walking toward the toilets. Shit.

He opened the door of a stall, and I thought about going to another bathroom on another floor to finish. But then I saw his shoes in the stall right next to me. Damn, why didn’t he go to the other one I thought.

So I just stayed put and thought that maybe he wouldn’t take long. I was still slowly stroking my dick trying to be real quiet. It must have been a full minute before anybody made a sound.

Then all of a sudden I look down and this guy is handing me a sheet of toilet paper. I took it from him because there was some writing on it. I looked at it and all it had on it was a question mark. I had no idea what that meant, so I handed it back to him.

Then I heard him say “OK?”

And I said “OK.” I mean, I didn’t know what else I was supposed to say. Suppose it was Mr. Craig asking if it was me or something. Hell, I didn’t know. I swear to God I didn’t even know.

Then I heard him fooling with his belt, and I figured he was getting ready to leave, so I began to stroke myself some more.

He stood up and I saw both of his shoes pointing toward me, so I knew then that he was leaving. Then he backed away, and I was ready to jack off real fast to get it over with.

Then all of a sudden I see his hairy knees on the floor almost in my stall. And I’m wondering what in the hell is going on.

And before I could think of anything else his big dick just pokes right out in the open under the stall. Just like that! I mean not only where I could see it and everything, but it was on my side of the stall! And it’s big and hard. His hand comes under the stall and begins to stroke it.

I didn’t know what to do. I watched this guy artvin escort jack off for a few seconds when he made a motion with his hands like “come see.” I just sat still.

Then I heard him speak. He said “Let me see yours better.”

I wondered what he meant see it better, like could he see me at all? Then I saw holes in the stall wall where an old toilet paper hold was. Damn, he was probably peeking on my jacking myself off I thought.

“Come see. Come down here,” he kind of whispered out loud. “Give me your hand.”

Well, I wasn’t going to go down there, but for some reason I put my hand down there. He grabbed it, and I got scared. But then he put my hand on his dick and I jerked it back. But he held on to it with a tight grip and put it back on it.

I don’t know why but I grabbed his dick. It felt so weird. This is the first time in my life I ever touched another man’s dick, and a hard dick at that.

“Shit, that feels so good, please do it,” he moaned.

So I started to jack him off. He moaned some more. My own dick was just fat and long, but his looked like it worked out! I mean it looked like muscle with thick veins, and it was so hard.

My own hard dick was the only one I had ever touched. It just felt so different holding another man’s hard dick. Not only hold it but I was jacking him off.

Then he adjusted himself and whispered to me, “Put yours down here, man.”

That struck me as really weird having a man asking to see my dick. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided that I wouldn’t do anything.

“Come on, man, just squat down here. Lemme see your dick. I’ll make you feel good too,” he said in a hushed voice.

I guess I was just so horny that I would do anything, so I moved off of the toilet and got down on my knees on the floor, but I didn’t go close to the opening. I just kept stroking this strange dick pointing out from under the stall.

Then I saw his hand reach under and touch my knee. He grabbed my thigh right above my knee and began pulling saying “Come here. Get closer.”

Well, I was already hard as a rock, and believe it or not I was embarrassed to show my hard dick to another man. I mean what would he think about it? It’s too fat?

But I did duckwalk on my knees toward the opening, and I was surprised that his hand went straight for my cock and he squeezed it then stopped. Then he squeezed it again and moved his hand up and down.

Then I heard him say “No fucking way. Holy shit.”

He quickly moved back in his stall, and I was afraid that I might have scared him letting him touch my dick.

Then I saw him peek under the stall. I got a good look at his face. I mean it was a normal face of a kind of good looking guy. I don’t know what a queer looked like, but I didn’t think he looked like one.

“Come over here, come closer,” he said. He grabbed my dick again and said “You can’t be serious, no fucking way” again. I didn’t even know what he was talking about.

But he pulled on my dick kind of hard and I was forced to move toward him. I put my knees under the stall and my dick was sticking up on his side of the wall. I was very nervous.

“Oh shit, man, oh shit, you’re huge,” aydın escort he kept saying. “Goddam, look at the size of that thing. Holy shit.”

And he began to jack me off, and I gotta tell you I never felt anything as good as that before. And I’m pretty good at jacking off, but this guy was an expert. He put one hand under my balls and began to fondle them. I was shocked, but it felt so good.

But if his hands on my balls was shocking that was nothing compared to what he did next. I felt something on the head of my dick, and at first I thought he put some wet toilet paper around it. But when I looked down I could see part of his face, and I realized that he was sucking my dick! I mean a guy was literally sucking my goddam dick!

My head wanted to explode at the thought of that, but the feelings that were going through my body were nothing like I ever felt before.

He quit sucking for a moment and whispered to me “Man, I’d love to put this thing in my ass.” And then he went on sucking again.

I had to think about that. I mean I never screwed a girl before, and this guy wanted me to screw him in his butt. That was way too weird for me. But he was sucking my dick, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too weird about it.

Then he stopped sucking again and started scooting around in his stall. His knees came back under the stall right on the side of me, and pretty soon he was showing his muscle hard dick again. It was almost as if I knew what I was supposed to do, and I grabbed it and began jacking it off.

He was jacking me off at the same time using two hands. I couldn’t lean over like that or I would fall over so I just kept up with one hand.

Then I felt his thumb start to rub right under my dick head, and that’s when I started moaning and trembling. Oh goddam, I was gonna cum right there. This strange man, a MAN was gonna make me cum. I almost felt embarrassed again, but it was too late. My balls squeezed tight and drew up in my sack, and I felt the release come from the end of my dick and I began shooting off and moaning loudly at the same time.

Then I heard him grunt and all of a sudden his dick began shooting off all over my hand. At first I was kind of grossed out, but hell, I just sprayed my sperm all over him, so I just let him gush, and it was getting all over my hand and wrist. It felt like he even got bigger while he was doing it.

Pretty soon both of us were drained, and my dick and his began to get soft.

Then I heard him say, “Goddam, you were awesome. I gotta meet you. I gotta fuck you. I’m Rick. What’s your name.”

“Al,” I lied. I wasn’t gonna give him my real name. Even though I liked what I just happened, I’m not a queer.

“OK, Al. Come back on Thursday at 4 o’clock. I’ll be right here. We can stay here or go to my apartment. OK? I need you up my ass bad. I wanna ride you like a horse. OK?”

“OK,” I said because I didn’t know what else to say.

He got up and I heard him zip up and buckle his pants. Then he washed his hands and left.

I sat there for a few more minutes trying to figure out what just happened. And the more I thought about it the more my dick began to get harder. Then I thought somebody else might come in, so I hurried up and get myself dressed and washed.

Mr. Craig’s office was locked, and there was a sign on the door that he was out this afternoon. So I didn’t miss him after all, but that meant I would have to return another day.

I wondered if I maybe Thursday would be a good day to come back.

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