Three on the Fourth


I was spending the night before the Fourth of July with my girlfriend Nicole. Since I have roommates, I usually spend the night at her place when we want to be alone together. We were each wearing shorts and tank tops. In order to keep the place cool, I ordered pizza delivery and we made a fruit salad. We sliced the fruit in strips in order to have more fun by feeding each other. Nicole is so beautiful to me in many ways but sometimes I have fun just letting myself lust after her. It was driving me crazy seeing her nipples poke through the fabric of her white top. I knew how sensitive her nipples are and occasionally, while preparing the fruit salad, I would reach from behind her and lightly squeeze them between my fingers. This always gets my love squirming.

The pizza arrived and I enjoyed the young deliveryman’s look of appreciation when Nicole opened the door with her nipples as hard as rocks and a hint of moisture at the crotch of her gray sweat shorts. He took the money for the pizza and said “Thanks for the tip” but when Nicole closed the door she said, “But he didn’t take any tip money!” I laughed and told her to look at herself. “Well!” she said, “I guess at least he left with a little more energy in his step!” We got down to eating and watching a video. The pizza was terrific and when we got to the fruit salad, things started getting interesting. You see, we had rented the movie “Nine and a Half Weeks.” We were serving up the fruit salad when the movie hit the refrigerator scene. We didn’t have the assortment of ingredients in the movie but we decided to have some fun of our own. The strips of watermelon were fresh, crunchy and a lot of fun as Nicole slipped them between my lips. I looked at the strips of papaya and smiled. Nicole recognized that smile and asked, “Now what do you have in mind my dear?” I told her I wanted her to stand up. “And if I don’t?” she asked. “Then you can just keep watching the movie,” I said, feigning seriousness. Although she knew I was teasing, Nicole didn’t want to waste any time. She stood up smiling and slowly peeled her shorts from her hips. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her closely trimmed bush was eventually revealed.

I was sitting on the living room floor and I told her to come to me and straddle my hips. As she did so I could see the wetness that started developing along the crease of her slit. As I reached for a strip of papaya Nicole understood my intentions and she opened her legs a little more. I took the thickest strip on the plate and ran it up and down Nicole’s pussy. “Oooh! That’s cold!” she said. The goose bumps along her legs, and her nipples growing even bigger against her shirt, told me that Nicole was looking forward to another adventure with me tonight. I knew I wouldn’t disappoint her but little did I know we would both be in for a pleasant surprise!

I inserted the strip between her pussy lips and her moans promised that my treat would have a considerable coating of her syrup. I slowly slipped the fruit into her until its four inches were fully inserted. I then put my mouth against Nicole’s cunt and lightly licked her clit. Nicole started squirming and I knew I had to get the fruit out before it came out as mush.

She stripped off her top as I clamped my mouth over her entire pussy and teased the fruit with my tongue for a couple of seconds. I then gripped it with my teeth and slowly pulled it out of her as I clasped my hands over her ass. I looked up at her to make sure she could see me suck the fruit into my mouth. She closed her eyes and gave out a subtle Ankara Escort moan. I kept my hands on her ass as I stood up. I kissed her so we could share this delightful treat. As we kissed, she quickly stripped the clothing from my body.

I gave her ass a slight pull and she hopped up, straddling my hips. I held her pussy over my now rock hard cock. She reached down and rubbed the head of my cock along her soaking slit. When the head slid in she stopped and put her arms around my neck and let me slowly lower her body onto mine. I was so hard and big that Nicole gave a loud moan as soon as entered her. She pumped up and down on my prick each time getting even deeper. I was close to cumming but I decided to take her upstairs to the bedroom. As I took her upstairs with her legs still wrapped around me, Nicole teased me by continuing to squirm on me. When we got to the bedroom I let us fall to the bed still joined together. I started to pump into her furiously and she could feel me getting even bigger as my orgasm was approaching. She couldn’t help moaning loudly and digging her fingernails into my back. I came and pumped her full of cum. I slowly pulled out of her and climbed down to her pussy. There, I started lapping up my cum out of her pussy. It had a slight taste of papaya! After bringing Nicole to a fierce orgasm, I rose and gave her a kiss to share the “fruits of our labor.”

It was a warm summer night so we lay down on the hammock on the balcony. After resting for a few minutes, we started stroking each other’s bodies. We were literally getting hot as our excitement grew. It got to the point where we were starting to sweat and we hadn’t even started our “second round.” Nicole reminded me of a fantasy she had about us fucking on her balcony. It overlooks a major intersection and, if anyone were to look up, they would catch us in the act. This type of risk taking hallmarks our sexual relationship. Of course, I said, “Let’s go make love!”

We got up from the hammock and decided to stay on the right side of the balcony so as not to be too exposed. This put us close to her neighbor, Vicki’s balcony. I had turned Nicole around as we approached the balcony so I could kiss her. As I was kissing Nicole, I saw the light to Vicki’s bedroom was on. I also noticed the sliding glass door was also open. I smiled and knew this was going to be a revealing evening. Little did I know.

The excitement grew between Nicole and I since we both knew how close we were to being discovered. I turned her to face the street against the balcony rail. She gripped my cock aggressively and pulled me to her slit. As soon as I felt her wetness, I thrust into her and, once again, she felt my long hardness. Nicole tried not to make any noise but with everything that was happening, she couldn’t help softly groaning with my every thrust. I pulled back on her long hair and she tried biting her lip but I knew her moans could still he heard if someone was listening. Someone was.

At one point I looked over towards Vicki’s Window and noticed her light was off. I kept pumping away at Nicole and, at one point, decided to reach from behind and give her nipples a squeeze. She couldn’t help but to groan, “Oh God! Tony!” I smiled when I looked over and saw that now the blue glow of the TV was gone in Vicki’s room. At that point, I knew Vicki must be watching so I decided to give her a show. I started by slowing down and pulling out of Nicole until just the head of my cock was in. I’d then shove in my entire length until Nicole could feel my balls Çankaya Escort against her ass. Nicole lost control and started moaning aloud. I knew I’d have to do something before I lost control too and we were caught by the wrong people. I had to stop so I turned Nicole around, kneeled down in front of her and started devouring her pussy. This was a “softer” way of stimulating her so Nicole was able to quietly come to a strong orgasm. My face was soaked with her juices. She pulled me up to her and kissed me with fierce passion. She reached down and started stroking my cock.

Nicole decided to reciprocate and kneeled down to take my prick between her lips. As she started bobbing up and down my shaft, I heard a slight scraping sound. I looked over towards Vicki’s balcony and there she was, slipping out in order to watch us! I guess she thought she wouldn’t be seen but my night vision is pretty good and I could see her positioning herself o n the floor of the balcony, sitting on a cushion and spreading her legs. I could tell she was wearing a big T-shirt but as soon as she moved her hand between her legs, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing anything else! As Nicole kept up the pace on my cock, I could see Vicki moving her hand up and down her pussy. It was as though she was matching Nicole’s rhythm! I felt my cock starting to grow, indicating to Nicole that I was about to burst. I started moaning softly and decided to take a chance. As I was cumming, I moved my eyes in Vicki’s direction and tried to look at her straight in the eye. This seemed to surprise and excite her and I could see her bucking against her hand. After Nicole was finished cleaning me with her tongue we went back inside and lay down. Leaving Vicki behind to recover.

I decided to tell Nicole what I’d experienced with Vicki and it made her start squirming. Nicole has shared with me about how she couldn’t help but notice Vicki’s “thick rich lips” She admitted she was a bit jealous that she didn’t know what was going on while we were outside. As I started apologizing for not alerting her, we heard a soft knocking at the front door.

Nicole and I looked at each other and wondered who it could be. She quickly threw her robe on and ran downstairs as I slipped on a pair of drawstring shorts. I heard the door open and some soft words were exchanged. Then I heard the door close and Nicole walking up the stairs. No, wait! There were two sets of feet coming up the steps! Nicole came through the doorway and paused. She looked a little nervous. She stepped through the doorway and came over to my side. She cleared her throat, looked up at me, and said, “Honey? We have company.” She gave me a kiss and sensing my intrigue, looked towards the door and said, “OK.”

Vicki appeared at the doorway smiling nervously. All I could think of to say was, “Nice to see you again Vicki.” It seemed as if both women were waiting for me to do something so I decided to take Nicole with me and walk over to Vicki. We pulled Vicki to us and the three of us held each other in a group hug. This helped to relax us. While still holding Vicki, I kissed Nicole and tugged her robe off. I then moved over to Vicki and kissed her as Nicole took off Vicki’s T-shirt. Nicole licked her nipples until they were firm and had her squirming. Then both women started kissing me and each other as they pulled my shorts off.

We were caressing each other’s bodies and feeling the heat when we simultaneously decided to go to the bed. I guided the women to either side of me and made them lay on their stomachs. Etlik Escort I started fingering them from behind while they got busy kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. Each woman was soaking wet and my cock was getting rock hard without even being touched! I felt Nicole shudder in orgasm but I was still caressing Vicki and trying to figure her out.

Nicole pulled me onto the bed. Feeling how hard I was, she lay me on my back, straddled me, and lowered her pussy onto my prick. Vicki watched in fascination at the size of my cock entering Nicole’s tight cunt. I decided to pull Vicki back into the action and had her straddle my face so I could tongue her pussy. I started licking her slit, slowly leading up to her most sensitive spot. Once there, I struggled to focus on Vicki’s clit as Nicole rode my cock. I put my hands on Vicki’s ass to guide our movements. As Vicki responded, I saw Nicole reach around and squeeze Vicki’s tits and nipples. Vicki moaned and started squeezing her thighs. Nicole paused for a moment to allow me to focus on her neighbor’s pussy and Vicki came furiously, her juices seeping over my face. Vicki had to lie back and Nicole continued riding me. Vicki continued to watch and fingered Nicole’s clit to get her even more excited. Nicole started to move her hips up and down my prick in the special way that drives me crazy. I started moaning and building up to orgasm. All of a sudden, I felt Vicki’s mouth on my nipples. This shot me over the edge! I came moaning louder than I ever have as Nicole collapsed on top of me. Within seconds Nicole and I felt Vicki’s mouth cleaning out Nicole’s pussy and my cock of all of their accumulated juices. This was a first for Nicole and me, and we started squirming and kissing until Vicki was done.

We then rested and slowly stroked each other’s bodies. As soon as my “Old Faithful” started growing again, Vicki focused on it. She had a look of lustful hunger and looked at Nicole. Nicole said, “Go ahead, it’s great.” Vicki straddled me and started to rub her pussy along my shaft. I quickly got wet with her juices and my cock got bigger and harder. Nicole then took hold of me and rubbed the head along Vicki’s slit. Vicki was too excited and did not wait to stuff my member into her hot box. Nicole, knowing I was always willing to accommodate her needs, straddled my face facing Vicki. As I felt Vicki’s cunt slowly wrapping around me, I eagerly dove into my lover’s pussy. Nicole moaned and leaned over to Vicki’s nipples sucking them, one at a time. This made Vicki shove the rest of me into her and ride me even harder. After just a couple of minutes this made her cum as I shot a load into her cunt. Nicole came shortly and her body was shaking from its intensity. I was exhausted and could do nothing but softly moan and beg for a rest. I got a kiss from each of them and they gave me a show by going into a 69 session that only lasted a few minutes. They were both so sensitive that they couldn’t keep still! They then decided that sleeping was a good idea and we all cuddled together. At one point we woke each other and I ended pumping into Vicki as Nicole straddled her mouth. Every time I thrust into Vicki, Nicole received a wonderful jolt of pleasure from Vicki’s tongue. Nicole then licked Vicki clean as I fucked Nicole’s ass. After that we slept until the sun was streaming through the window. Nicole and I woke up alone together with our legs intertwined and my cock in her pussy.

It was eight o’clock and we looked at each other as if we’d each had a wild dream. We didn’t say anything to each other until we went into the bathroom and found a note:

“Thanks for the most exciting night of my life you two. Breakfast will be ready at 8:30. Nicole, I’ll have French toast ready if you think we can get Tony to give up his yummy syrup!”

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