Three teenage boys having sex conclusion

Three teenage boys having sex conclusionFranklyn pulled from my anus and Paul tried to push his cock into my butt, I was straining to accept him and he was straining to enter me. Finally Franklyn squirted some more lube into my butt crack and on Paul’s cock, with a good push Paul plunged into my anus with an audible plop as I grunted and groan loudly in pain.The two of them took their time and used my butt with out coming once in four hours. It seemed to get worse as time went on, the both of them seem to be trying to out last the other and would not come in my butt. The two of them did punish my anal opening so that I was so tender that as their penile gland would encounter my raw opening I would let out a loud güngören escort groan as they tried and did enter my rectum.I was beginning to loose control of my feelings, the pain and brutal way that my two friends assaulted me, my anus was getting very sensitive to the touch. I was moaning very loudly by now from the pain and lust.Being on ones knees for hours with two young cocks buried in your butt, takes a toll on the body and emotions. The two of them were far worse than Daniel, Bruce and Charlie, at least with the three of them I was allowed to rest between insertions. But Franklyn and Paul, mounted my butt as quickly as one would pull out.Finally I was begging my two assailants to hurry up and come escort güngören in my butt. This seemed to please them, that they had me begging for their dicks. Finally Franklyn took hold of my hips and begin to ram deeper and deeper into me. Soon I felt the rush of his fluids flood my rectum and leaking down my thighs.As soon as Franklyn had pulled from my flooded anal cavity, Paul plunge his solidly rigid cock into my flooded rectum. I almost screamed from the pain of his huge penile glans plowing through my anal muscle ring. Thankfully it didn’t take Paul long to let loose his flood of baby making fluids.Thinking I was finished with these two perverts, I went to the toilet and forced their come from my güngören escort bayan butt. As I re-entered the fucking room, Paul and Franklyn ordered me to suck their cocks at the same time. Kneeling before them, I struggled to get both their cock heads in to my mouth.Seeing that this wasn’t going to work as they had planned, the two of them decided to fuck me again till they came one more time. I was forced to my back and my feet were pulled up till my butt was sticking up in the air. While one held my feet up, kneeling over my head, the other held my thighs down and rammed something fierce into my upturned butt.The other one had me lick and suck his testicles and penis and that spot between his ass hole and nuts. When the two of them had filled my butt twice more they had their fill and allowed me to leave. Thankfully it had gotten dark and no one could see the dried come all over my face or see the streks of come streaming from my ruptured anal opening.

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