time to reconnect with Bob (skatergirl story)

time to reconnect with Bob (skatergirl story)Kat rolled down the sidewalk still tingling from the orgasm she had just experienced. This definitely wasn’t the first time she had done something like this, but this guy seemed different. Usually she would have to fight them off her even though she had established clear boundaries, or they talked to her like she wasn’t human.This guy was nice and truly seemed to appreciate the fact that she was willing to help him cum in exchange for keeping his mouth shut. He wasn’t bad looking and she had even considered blowing him, but stopped herself because she didn’t want him to think there would be more.That’s why she had hoped he found her number which she shoved in his pocket while she was on the ground between his legs.A couple days passed and she had all but given up on hearing from this polite stranger, until…Her phone dinged and there was a message from a number she didn’t recognize which simply stated, ” ‘sup. ” She giggled out loud at his message. It was simple and not what she had expected from someone his age. She was sure he had struggled with how to respond so she thought she would turn up the heat by sending him a nude photo of her.She stepped into an alley and pulled up her shirt, giving him a good look at her tits. She snapped the shot and sent it to him.Bob had fought with himself over whether he should contact the girl who had hit his truck. Obviously she wanted him to contact her. Why else would she give him her number. Still, couldn’t have been much out of high school and he was practically old enough to be her dad. However, she was hot and he never imagined he would experience what he did with her.So two days later he sends her a simple ” ‘sup.” She responded with a photo of her glorious tits.His response, “thank you.”Kat laughed out loud this time at his response. She quickly asked him if he would like to meet back at his office. escort eskişehir He responded that now was not a good time, so she texted him her location and asked him to pick her up.Bob barely had time to text ok and put the address in his GPS as he jumped into his truck and headed toward this dream come true.Kat decided it best to once again set some ground rules. She texted and told him she would like to suck his dick and wanted him to make her cum, but she wasn’t ready for anything else. Bob almost ran a red light when he saw her message. He responded with an affirmative while waiting on the light. He saw her sitting on a fire hydrant as he rounded the corner onto the street she said she could be found on. He pulled up, reached over and opened the door for her.She mouthed a quick thanks as she hopped in before telling him to drive. Bob wasn’t sure what to do next. Kat took the lead by lifting her shirt over head, knocking her hat off. Her blond hair poured out across her face. One side of her head had been shaved, but the amount of hair left could be quickly brushed over to hide the fact. She slipped out of her shorts, leaving a naked 19 year old sitting cross legged in Bob’s truck.Kat smiled at Bob as she began touching herself. “Don’t wreck or we’ll both be in trouble,” she playfully warned as she slipped a finger up and down her pussy lips. She leaned over and nibbled on his ear as she unbuttoned his pants. He lifted himself off the seat so she could get his pants down, releasing his six inch hard on.She leaned over and smiled up at him as she took hold of his dick. She turned toward his manhood and began to lick the head of his cock. He flinched when her tongue first touched his cock. It had been at least three years since a woman’s lips had touched him there. She licked the full length of his cock before swallowing it whole. Bob gasped as she took all of his eskişehir escort cock in her mouth. The skinny teenager worked her way up and down his shaft as he struggled more and more to avoid on coming traffic. Bob found a parking lot and made his way to the back corner to where he could enjoy the blowjob this young lady was giving him.Kat enjoyed sucking dick and Bob’s member was just big enough to let you know you had one in your mouth, but not so big you couldn’t breathe. She felt the truck turn and then stop. She started to get up to see what was going on, but he assured her he was just parking so he could enjoy her attention. He asked if he could touch her, which she thought was nice. She told him sure, just not too rough.Bob ran his hand down her back to her ass. He massaged her ass cheeks before running his finger down her crack to her pussy. Kat spread her legs for him as he began rubbing her pussy. She increased her rhythm on his dick as he slipped a big bony finger into her cunt. She was so wet that he had to lean over to make sure his finger didn’t slide out.They both worked on each other until Bob felt his orgasm build within his balls. Apparently Kat felt it too and reached down to slide his seat back. She hated to lose the attention he was giving her pussy, but she really wanted to be at his feet. She slipped into the floor and began to jerk his cock with the head resting on her tongue. He leaned back with his hands resting to his side as she brought him to an orgasm.She loved the way fresh cum felt when it sprayed into her mouth. The warm, wet gooey feel was like no other. He came hard and before he was through she was wiping at the corners of her mouth to keep from losing any of it. She looked up at him and smiled, showing him the fruits of their labor.He helped her out of the floor and turned her toward him once she got back to her seat. He leaned over eskişehir escort bayan and began licking her pussy. He was awkward at first, but it felt nice as he gingerly lapped at her pussy lips, making his way to her clit. She let him play around for a little while before helping him find what worked. She knotted her fingers in his hair and guided him to her clit. She loved it when guys sucked her clit and he soon got the message.Bob leaned up and slid a finger in her as he licked and sucked at her button. She moaned and began to rock against his face as she felt her orgasm building within her groin. She gasped as he slipped a second finger in her pussy which by now was sloppy wet. She rocked against his hand and face as her climax overtook her. She bit her hand to keep from screaming. Bob stopped what he was doing and let her ride her orgasm out. It was one of the best she had had in a while. Bob sat up, smelled his fingers which now dripped with her juices. He then licked them clean before nervously looking to her as if to see if it grossed her out. She smiled as she leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits. He squeezed at them and pulled at her nipples as she enjoyed the aftershocks of her orgasm.Motion to the right caught Kat’s attention and she noticed an attendant walking toward them. She told Bob to drive. He stopped when he got next to the attendant and paid him for the time in the lot. His truck sat high enough the guy couldn’t see Kat who, still naked, had dropped to the floor. She gave Bob directions to where she needed dropped off and spent the ride playing with his limp dick. Once they arrived to her destination she sat up in the seat and snapped a picture of herself which she sent to Bob.”Something to remember me by.” she said as she text it to him. She quickly dressed as he watched and hopped out of the truck. Kat leaned back in before closing the door to remind Bob to keep in touch. She hopped down from the truck and was quickly lost in the crowd. Bob looked over and noticed a visible wet spot on his seat and fought the urge to lean over and catch a sniff before driving away.

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