Subject: Time with my nephew part 9 The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story may depict sexual situations between minor males, and minor males with adults if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, BenCraig, and should not be re-posted or reproduced without his permission. ©2022 Ben Craig. Please donate to Nifty to keep this archive free. Address all comments to: ook Time with my nephew part 9 (half term part 5) The next morning after a very close inspection of Adam’s poohole and a leisurely outside breakfast it was decided to go and visit the small town near the camp site. We persuaded Adam to wear a nappy under this swimming shorts, in case after last night his poo was a bit runny. It was a lovely day and the town was bustling. As I was walking hand in hand with Frank I felt as if been with him my entire life. We stopped at a little cafe for a coffee and the boys were sent to the shops with 20 pound each. `So’, Frank said, `what’s for us after today?’ `I have been thinking about that too. I would say you could come with me. I have a big house and I am very self sufficient. But you have a career.’ `I know’ he answered, `I have not been happy for a long time though. I give it all up for you. Like you I have enough money, I have my own house which I would sell so money is no object. I have fallen head over heels in love with you.’ My eyes welled up, I grabbed his hand and said `I feel the same. Look you have the rest of the week off. Come with us stay at mine we see how we feel after that. If it all fits we can look what the next steps are going to be.’ He leant over and kissed me passionately. `You won’t regret this’, he said. The boys came running back with bags of sweets. `Look they shouted excitedly’, showing us their hoard. `Yuck’, I recoiled, `think about your tummies and your teeth.’ We got up and walked on, the boys chasing each other. It was a great sight to see. A park was indicated so we wandered in that direction. In the park Aden decided that he needed a poo. istanbul travesti Obviously, being a boy, he could not have decided that at the cafe. Lucky enough there was a small public toilet signed so he ran off while we sauntered on. Aden entered the toilet and ran into a stall he sat down. As he pooed he heard a ticking from the stall next to him. He noticed a hole in the wood partition. He looked through the hole and saw a man rubbing his willy. He quickly turned his head back. Then an eye appeared at the hole. The man was watching him poo. Then a hard willy pushed through the partition. Aden instinctively knew what to do he took the willy in his mouth and half a minute later the man spurted his load in his mouth, he swallowed it all. Next a 20 pound note slid underneath the partition and the door next to him slammed shut. Aden pulled his pants up and left too. Aden walked out of the toilet block as we approached. `Did you wipe your bottom’, I asked teasingly. Quick as anything he turned round and flashed his bottom by pulling his shorts down. It was obvious not much wiping had occurred. Poo streaks all over his buttocks and half way up his back. Just that second a young girl walked by with her mummy. `Eww mummy look that boy is showing his bare bottom!’ `Come on Emily, don’t look.’ Frank, who was closest, gave the bare bottom a smart spank. `Ow.’ Shouted the boy. `Cover that up and get in that toilet’, Frank said crossly. `You can’t say that you can’t smack my bottom’, Aden shouted. `Do as you are told’, I growled. Meekly the boy disappeared in the toilet block. Frank followed him in. Frank ordered him in a cubicle and made him bend over. He then took out a travel pack of baby wipes out of his pocket and proceeded to clean the wayward bottom. After the naughty bottom was cleaned he turned the boy round and said `do not ever cross me! You will be sorry. Later on I will see to you properly!’ The row had kind of spoiled the lovely time we were having and we made out way back to the car. Aden was uncharacteristically quiet and Adam did not have much to say for himself either. We got back to the site around 3. At the caravan I said to Adam we better kadıköy travesti go and pack the things that are left in the tent. Tomorrow we have to leave real early. `Is Aden not coming’, Adam asked. `I think he’s got something to sort with Frank’, I answered. Frank and Aden disappeared in the caravan. `I really don’t like to do this’, Frank said, `but I will not be spoken to like you did earlier.’ `I’m sorry…’, the boy started to say. `Too late, come over here.’ Slowly he walked over to Frank. Frank pulled Aden’s shorts down and pulled him across his lap where he proceeded to spank him hard. Aden quietly sobbed he knew he had been in the wrong but being spanked like a little boy made things really bad. After several minutes his bottom was glowing. `Get up’, Frank said, `stand in the corner there with your hands on your head and no touching that bottom.’ Aden was now sobbing with embarrassment. It was at that moment Adam and I walked back into the caravan. Adam did not know where to look, seeing his friend standing in the corner with his bottom showing and his hands on his head crying like a little boy. 10 minutes later Frank called Aden over and hugged him. `Now I don’t want to do this again. I’m very sorry I had to do this but you had to be shown who’s boss. Do you understand?’ Aden nodded quietly and said `I apologise for my behaviour Frank. It won’t happen again.’ `Good boy, that’s just what I wanted to hear. Now ask your friend to rub some cream in those glowing buttocks of yours. Of you both go to the bedroom.’ Both boys disappeared to the bedroom. I had to admit that the whole scene had got me quite worked up in the willy department. There were times that I craved this kind of treatment myself. `It looks like you approved.’ Frank said pointing at my erect willy. `I have to say that I sometimes dream of being treated like that.’ I said blushing. `Really? Well stick with me and I will be happy to spank your bottom anytime you like.’ Frank then sat on my lap facing me, he guided my hard willy into his poohole and rode me gently until I spurted my load deep inside him. In the bedroom the Adam was looking after Aden’s bottom. `Wow’, bakırköy travesti he said `your bottom is proper red and it feels warm. Did it hurt bad?’ `It was not real bad but it was just that I felt like a little boy and then when I had to stand in the corner with my hands on my head and not being allowed to rub my bottom. It was just embarrassing.’ `Was you really sorry? Or did you just say it?’ `I shouldn’t have been rude I know. My daddy would have been loads worse. He would have spanked my bottom and I would have been grounded for weeks.’ `I have never been spanked! Adam said. `I get treated like a little boy with time out and the naughty step. I think I rather have my bottom spanked to be honest. `I know a sure fire way to get your bottom spanked, trust me! Just talk back to Frank!’ Adam laughed out loud.’Now lay on your tummy and I will rub cream in for you.’ Very gently he started to rub the cream in. As the cream was rubbed in Aden told him what happened in the toilet in the park `Oh wow, you are so bold. I would never have sucked that willy.’ The bottom rubbing had an expected result on Aden’s willy. He crooked his finger and said `come here’. Adam moved closer. `Let’s see what your spurts taste like’, as he gently took his friend’s willy in his mouth. Adam soon filled his mate’s mouth. `Don’t swallow’. He ordered. He sank to his knees and kissed his friend his tongue dancing in his own spurts. `That was nice, I never tasted my own spurts.’ `Really? Don’t you suck your own willy? I do all the time. Look I’ll show you.’ He sat on the bed and bent over. Slowly he worked his own willy with his mouth. After he spurted he kissed his friend again. `There, now we mixed our spurts in our tummies now we are spurt brothers.’ In the living room Frank was working my bottom he licked my poohole. I never knew a tongue could go that deep I was in ecstasy. `This guy was magic’, even though I had only just filled him I was getting hard again. It was his turn though. He gently entered me and pounded me for a good 15 minutes before he filled me up. We both sat on the sofa spurts dripping from our pooholes. Both boys came back in the room, one look showed them what had happened. Four faces were displaying happy grins. Later that afternoon we ordered a nice Indian meal and had it delivered to the caravan. It was a very early bed as we had to leave at 6am for the five hour journey back. Tomorrow afternoon was the photoshoot.

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