Tina’s Mom!

Tina’s Mom!I would have thought my girlfriend would have been really pissed off at me when she walked in and found me with my dick buried deep inside her mother’s pussy. I couldn’t help it. She had such big tits and I really was turned on by her. She caught me on more than one occasion checking out her big tits when she was wearing a tight shirt or looking down her top to see her deep cleavage when she was wearing something loose. She’s always just give me a tiny flash of a smile before turning away. Tina invited me over to pick her up after she was done work and so I showed up early knowing she wasn’t going to be there. Her mom invited me in to wait for her and then as a pleasant surprise she started putting the moves on me. She told me she needed to take a shower and then deliberately left the door to the bathroom open. Of course, I peeked! Then she walked around the house in nothing more than a towel that barely covered her ass and even cried out “Oops!” as it fell to the floor to attract more of my attention. She wandered around her bedroom naked with the door open for me to see and when she asked me to help her do up her bra I didn’t need any more clues.I made sure she could feel eryaman escort my hard cock bulging from behind my jeans pressing against her ass as I did up her bra for her. Then I grabbed her big full breasts and gave them a squeeze as I started kissing and sucking on her neck. We started making out like a couple of teenagers in heat and before long I was balls deep inside of her dripping wet pussy. I pounded her harder and faster than I ever gave it to her daughter. She was moaning so loud and it felt so good I didn’t want to stop when I heard the door. I knew I was gonna be busted but since I hadn’t busted my nut I wasn’t gonna quit. I don’t know why but she started cumming all over my cock when she heard her daughter cry out, “Hi, I’m home!” I was just going to enjoy it because her dripping wet pussy felt so good. It was her third orgasm since I got inside her and she was moaning really loudly. She pretty much exploded all over me as soon as I entered her, and then again when she was bent over and I was spanking her ass.Tina came into the room and I braced myself for the screaming and slapping that I knew was sure to ensue. I kept my eyes tightly shut and continued thrusting escort eryaman inside her mom with my big hard cock. I heard Tina moving around behind me and waited for the shock of it all. Her mom moaning and pulling on her nipples right in front of me. Instead, she just got down on her knees behind me, and whispered into my ear, “I knew I’d catch you doing this to her sooner or later.” She gave my nipples a tiny pinch and then started undressing. “Mmmmmmmm, you gonna join us?” her mom asked. “Depends, are you gonna suck my pussy?”“Ooooh absolutely!” Just hearing them talking like this was getting me ready to cum, but I knew I had to fight off the urge in cum because things were just starting to heat up. Tina didn’t even finish getting undressed. She had her skirt off and lowered herself down on her mom. I couldn’t believe what was going on but I was finding it so fucking hot. Tina started moaning in my mouth as we kissed and she got her pussy eaten out. I fucked her mom harder and faster just so I could hear her muffled moans as her face was buried in pussy. They came pretty much at the same time. Her mom came all over my cock one more time and Tina came all over her mom’s eryaman escort bayan face. Tina climbed down and started sucking her mom’s juices off my thick cock. They changed places and I was fucking Tina hard from behind while she was in a 69 with her mom. I spanked her ass hard as I felt my big heavy cum-filled balls being licked by her mom when she wasn’t so busy lapping away at her daughter’s clit. That was enough to put me over the edge. As good as I knew it would feel to fill Tina with my load I didn’t want to. I pulled out and pushed her off and her mom knew just what to do. She squeezed her big tits together and stuck her tongue out. I jerked my soaked cock until it erupted with my thick cum. I shot spurt after spurt of my love juice all over her big tits while she sucked on my balls. She took my cock in her mouth and milked me for every drop of my cum. Tina turned around and started lapping up my creamy cum off her mom’s big tits. We all moaned from the pleasure of it all.Tina looked up at me and winked as she slurped more of my cum from her mom’s big tits. I was still in such a pleasurable shock from what was going I didn’t know what to say. Her mom raised her head and looked at Tina, “You’re boyfriend is so delicious, I hope you’ll share him with me again!””Oh I have a feeling he’d like that just as much as I would,” she said with another wink and a smile as she licked more of my cum off her mom’s nipple.

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