To My Patricia – In the Kitchen


I was in the kitchen getting a bowl of cereal for my breakfast.

Patricia came into the kitchen as I was pouring the cereal from the container into the bowl.

She was in her nighty as she usually was first thing in the morning.

I could see her one right breast taking up space in the nighty, and the other part of her chest where her left breast should be, was flat against her chest.

I then looked at her in the eyes and said good morning.

This was about two weeks after our first sexual encounter which was still a massive and most amazing experience in my life.

She saw me move my gaze from her breast to her eyes.

..and she smiled at me, and said, “keep looking, Im not self conscience and really am liking the attention my body has been getting from you.”

My penis got hard almost instantly.

Her husband was still in bed. He was due to get up shortly.

I said to Patty, “I love you so much Patty!”

Patty was the name her husband called her. No one else ever called her that.

But now, I did.

Pat stepped closer to me, about two feet from me.

I lent in and kissed her on the mouth.

Then, I placed my hands on either side of her face, and began to lower her to the floor with the intention of escort gaziantep bayan having her suck my penis.

she was on her knees, and she slipped her hand into my short, (up my leg to my penis), and she began to gently squeeze and rub it.

I was so hard and getting wet.

Then Patty stood up and said that her husband would be up shortly and he would be in the kitchen and we cannot get caught.

I then hugged her and kissed her on the lops and told her I loved her so much.

I then told her that I both loved that she slept with her husband and was also becoming slightly jealous, maybe turned on by the fact I couldnt be with her at night.

I pulled her tightly against my chest and I could clearly feel her one breast.

I then said I love your body so much.

Then I said, I want you to try to have sex with your husband again.

I dont think she was expecting that because Pat pulled away from me a bit to look at me in the eye. She said, “what? but we havent for years. We dont even sleep in the same bed and I have been thinking about moving into another room.”

I said, “do you love me?”

“Yes, of course I do, you know I love you. And that goes way beyond what escort gaziantep bayan ilanları we’re doing.”

I kissed her on the mouth.

She kissed me back.

I then said, “I really want you to have sex with him again and often too. As often as we do it.”

All she could say was, “if that is something you want me to do, then I will do it.”

I had this deep feeling inside me like my nerves, and I said to Patty, “Patty, will you do anything for me? Anything at all?”

She said, “I think so, yes, probably I would.”

I kissed her again.

I then placed my hands on the side of her face again, and forced her to go down on her knees.

I said, I want you to suck me and make me cum before he comes into the kitchen.”

She sucked and sucked and di in fact make me cum.

I told her to swallow my cum.

When she was done, we heard her husband moving around and would likely be in the kitchen shortly.

I helped stand her back u from her knees, and then told her, “when he comes out to the kitchen, I want you to go and kiss him, like you kiss me, and then I want you to whisper in his ear, ‘I want you to make love with me, right now.’

I gaziantep bayan escort reklamları mean it, I want you to say that, and then if he is responsive, to just go and do it right away.

She kissed me and said to me, “I know this is to turn you on, so ok.

She kissed me again, and turned to meet him before he came into the kitchen.

She went up to him and I could see her back just around the corner. She was almost out of sight.

I could hear her actually kiss him. Then I could see them hugging.

Then, I saw him pull her tightly and he was rubbing her back.

I knew she said that to him.

Then they went to their bedroom.

So, they were gone for close to 45 minutes.

Apparently he fell back to sleep – after she had done something they had not done for years. She actually mounted him and they fucked.

She came back out to the kitchen and told me. She also told me he is resting and was asleep. As soon as he feel asleep, she came out to me.

I asked her is he had cum inside her.

She said yes.

I then said, quick, lay on the floor.

She slowly got down, and then I lifted her nightly up exposing her vagina.

It was wet, and I could see his cum was seeping out and the inside of her thighs were wet too.

I lifted her legs gently, and shuffled into her, and then I said to her, “now I am going to slide in on top of your amazing husbands cum and I am going to cum inside you too.”

And then I slid slowly and gently into her.

I slowly slid in and out of her for close to 30 minutes before cumming inside her.

She was so wet by the time I finished.

Patty smiled for the rest of the day.

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