To Plant The Seeds of Love


Emma caught her reflection in the store window as she passed. Tall and curvy, she looked like an Amazon gone gypsy. At least that was her impression of herself. She stopped for a moment and surveyed the image staring back at her. Tall, she stood a little over five ten in her bare feet. Her flat sandals kept her there now. Like many Washington natives, her skin eschewed all traces of sun baked color, preferring instead to remain creamy, milk white. Her eyes, a pale jade in color, took in the heavy mane of copper and gold curls that fell to her waist. More trouble than it was worth most times, she generally just left it down and called it good. She ran her hands over her hips and eyed them critically. In times of androgynous models and pre-pubescent beauties, her full curves were nowhere near fashionable. Even less so were the full, ripe breasts that strained every shirt she owned and never seemed to want to stay hidden.

Today, in honor of earth day, she had put on her favorite silk skirt. Her best friend had hand painted it for her in shades of water and air with brilliant swirls of ocean blue, sparkling silvers and every shade in between. Emma had topped this with a simple, emerald green camisole and her favorite sparkling beads. With lace up sandals and a jingling coin belt, she could indeed have stepped out of some exotic, Romanian countryside with a tambourine in one hand and a wicked dagger in the other. Shaking her head at the fanciful image, Emma moved on and made her way to the celebration happening just down the street from where she stood.

Emma raised her face to the cool, golden sunlight of early spring. Its gentle warmth was like a lover’s caress on her cheeks and lips. Breathing deeply, she took in the combined scents of wet, verdant grass, freshly turned soil and cherry blossoms. All around her, Mother Nature used a free hand with her palette of colors. Green pine trees swayed against a sky so crystalline blue it made you want to laugh aloud. Birds were decked in their feathery finest, flashes of blue jay, oriole and humming bird rainbows decorating branches like precious jewels. All in all, Earth Day could not have chosen a lovelier way to welcome its celebrants.

Today was March 20th. It was a most special day indeed. Pulling out her notes, Emma looked at the scribbles she’d jotted down on the way out of the house. Today was the day that the sun would at a precise moment in time, announce astronomical mid-spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and astronomical mid-autumn in the South Hemisphere. In other words, the center of the sun would be directly above the Earth’s Equator for a few brief, magical moments. That time, she noted upon checking her watch, was less than an hour from now.

Joining the comfortable flow of people that was slowly filtering into the celebration, Emma enjoyed the companionable press of warm bodies and multiple scents. Voices high and low rose and fell around her. Bits of conversation, snatches of musical foreign languages, these all combined in a delightful orchestra of sound.

Soon, she was laughing and applauding with the rest of the crowd as the Parade Of Species wound by. From the exotic to the playful, the endangered to the more common, all were represented in some creative way as people showcased their favorite animals. Next came floats decked in various Earth Day themes. From a very round little mother earth sitting in a rocker knitting leaf garlands to miniature earth ship homes and beyond, one by one the amazing creations passed by.

Checking her watch again, Emma decided to wander a bit further out and celebrate the Equinox in her own, more private way. Less than a fifteen minute stroll away, there was a peaceful Wildlife Sanctuary where multiple paths curved around the acreage in sensual abandon. There were many private grottos where one could sit and meditate while being serenaded by the bountiful array of creatures that called the area home. Before she knew it, the gate was in front of her and Emma was stepping through with light steps and a carefree smile. Only twenty minutes to Equinox. That would leave her plenty of time to find the perfect spot to celebrate.

There! A small clearing with soft, green grass, a small pond and trees looming all around in protective majesty; this was where she would welcome the season. Sunlight dappled the ground and the water like exotic lace and a small family of warblers rejoiced with full throated song. Emma moved quietly and slowly so as not to disturb the impromptu concerto then sank to the sarıyer eskort ground by the pond and stretched out flat on her back. Sun warmed earth soaked into her skin and luscious breezes played like lover’s fingers over her body and through her hair. Emma let herself drift into a state between here and there, a special place she called her own that existed between the Now and Then. Her body began to register the movement of the sun as it drew ever closer to its Equinox positioning. But what was this? Distantly her conscious mind registered the shift in energy and place as her subconscious reached out instinctively to embrace it. Time lost its meaning and place became irrelevant as her entire being shifted with the Equinox into a new Time and Place. After a moment or two, Emma opened her eyes and sat up. She appeared to be in the same place but she felt different. She felt ‘Other’. Looking down she saw coils of vines winding along her wrists and arms like loving jewelry. She was clad in leaves and flowers, most of her skin beautifully and naturally bare to the elements. Even her breasts were rising full and proud from between the garlands of flowers she wore. Her tight, dark little nipples the same shade as the deep pink flowers that caressed them.

Emma stood and stretched, she imagined that this was how the trees must feel in spring when their sap became warm and liquid once again; coursing through their branches, rushing to their roots and bearing life and fertility in its path. There was no way for her to deny the fullness of her aroused body or the liquid heat that had gathered in between her legs. She felt…alive….powerful, like the ultimate manifestation of all that Woman could be.

A sound from behind her had her whirling in startlement. She shivered as the silken strands of her hair flew about her sensitive skin. It was the vision that greeted her however, that had her body waking to a volcanic state of lust that nearly brought her to her knees.

Tall, well over six feet, this man, this breathtaking being was gliding towards her with all the leashed intensity of a panther on the prowl. Muscles glided and bunched in erotic display, his broad shoulders and proud head were signaling that here was an Alpha Male to be reckoned with. At first, Emma thought his hair was blue, but it was only that the silken stuff was so ebon black that it glowed with an electric sheen of blue under the spring sun. Just brushing his shoulders, the riot of waves called for the touch of her fingers. Eyes as blue as the sky overhead caught her gaze and challenged her to try and run from him. As he saw her moment of indecision, full lips that cried out for savage kisses curled in a sensual grin. His scent came to her on the breeze. Emma caught traces of rain and cool, clean male. A light musk that surely was born of his arousal underlay those scents and had her body loosening and becoming even more damp.

Before Emma could even think to move, he was there in front of her. In that moment, the ‘Other’ stepped forward in her conscious mind to take control. From a distant place, Emma watched her slender fingers curl into the man’s hair, tugging his face down to hers. Her lips parted with need as she prepared for his tongue to invade her warm, wet mouth. Lips met lips and her world exploded into an inferno of need and aching frenzy. Distantly, Emma noted that nothing barred his proudly jutting cock from her soft belly. Warm liquid wept from the head of his cock and made its way down her shivering skin to her belly button, where it lightly pooled.

His lips and teeth tore at her mouth in demanding hunger. Nips of sharp pleasure pain caused her to cry out, her moans of need being greedily swallowed by his relentless mouth. His tongue penetrated her soft lips and dueled with hers, while further down, her second, neglected mouth flushed with demand and a clenching, urgent need. Lowering her to the ground, the man, (if such he could be called), pinned her hands above her head. Ropes of what looked to be solid clouds of white appeared and he bound her to the tree just behind her. As soft and ethereal as they looked, no matter how she tried, they stubbornly denied her freedom. Resting back on his knees, powerful thighs roped with muscle easily bore the weight of his massive body. The man studied her from head to toe. Every spot his eyes stopped at felt like an intimate caress. Her lips softened and parted on a sigh as his gaze touched there first. Next, his eyes found her breasts, pale and full; her nipples escort puckered and darkened even further as her arousal rushed blood to the sensitive buds. They begged wordlessly for attention and he was all too happy to give it.

Lowering his head, warm lips enveloped her nipple, trapping a few flower petals in his mouth along with the sweet flesh; he alternated deep sucks of his mouth and soft caresses of tongue and flower. Moaning with a primal kind of need, Emma/Other arched her back and pushed deeper into his mouth, demanding more. With sharp, quick nips he complied and chastised her impatience at the same time. Moving very deliberately, he captured the other nipple and did the same, the long, warm fingers of his hand rolling the wet aroused nipple he’d just left to painful levels of stimulation. Not content with this, his lips wandered down feathering warm kisses and hot love bites over her stomach, stopping briefly to lap up the pre-cum from his own hardened shaft that had gathered in her belly button. Emma could feel her breath freeze in her lungs as waves of pleasure rose from the stabbing of his tongue into the small indentation over and over again. Moving once more, he licked, nipped and suckled her softly curved hips, her silky, parted thighs and the creases where her scent lay strong and musky. Emma could feel the ‘Other’ smiling in anticipation as he worked closer and closer to that part of her that was shamelessly thrusting at his face, mutely demanding his deepest intimacy.

Meeting Emma’s gaze again, the man slowly lowered his mouth and took a long, slow lick of the wet little slit that oozed the liquid of her desire. She watched as his eyes darkened to indigo at his first taste of her. With a growl that raised goose bumps over her skin, he plunged his head down into her pussy and thrust his tongue, once…twice…three times into the moist channel he’d found. Screams of pleasure tore from Emma’s throat as his tongue circled the swollen, crimson bud where her desire centered. His lips pursed around it, sucking it deeply and powerfully as his tongue flitted over it again and again. Emma whispered soft, hoarse pleas as her body rushed towards a blinding orgasm. Her toes curled and dug into the soft loam beneath them, her nails clawed at the warm bark of the tree he’d bound her to. Blind to all but the sight of his dark head buried between her thighs, Emma felt herself convulse against him. Urgent, shuddering pulses of pleasure pushed more sweet liquid out and he lapped it all up greedily. Gently he nursed her along into the more gentle waves of aftershocks that finally subsided to random pulses.

Leaning back once more, Emma watched as his large, powerful hand wrapped around the hard demand of his cock. Her mouth began to water and she licked her lips as she imagined what such velvet heat and steel might feel like…taste like in her mouth. Another wicked grin let her know that once again he’d read her desires. Moving up her body, he stopped and fed the flushed, plum colored head into her waiting mouth. With greedy sucks and long licks, Emma explored every inch of him. Her tongue pressed with urgent demand against the sensitive vein on the bottom of his shaft. She watched as his eyes drifted closed, the dark crescent of his lashes shadowing his cheekbones. He thrust slowly into her mouth now, no longer content to let her play. His powerful hips drove him deep into her mouth, over her tongue and into the back of her throat. Deep groans of male need and satisfaction rumbled out of him, increasing her efforts and willingness to pleasure him. He surged into her faster, long, hard strokes that had her gasping for breath. His balls tightened against her face and she knew her lover was so close to completing.

With another moan he pulled out of her mouth and drew several deep breaths to regain control of his body. Reaching above her head he undid the cloudy shackles, leaving them to float lightly in place for a moment. He gave her no chance to reach for him though. Quickly, he bent, drew her to her feet and turned her slightly. There stood a broad stump, its top worn smooth from the elements. Putting her on her knees, he drew her arms around to embrace the rough bark of the stump, once again using the pale manacles to secure her. Pushing the riotous waves of her now leaf green hair to the side, he began to place kisses along her spine, rubbing his fingers slowly up and down her exposed sex. Soon she was wild with need again, all but sexing herself on the methodical strokes and thrusts of kağıthane eskort his hand.

Then, the fingers were gone. Instead, the broad, hot head of his cock was nudging at her entrance, pushing, separating and spreading the pink lips of her needy lower mouth. Teasing for a moment or two more he suddenly thrust home hard and deep, seating himself to the very end of his shaft, deep inside of her. A scream of sheer pleasure filled the glade as he began to thrust in and out of her with long, deep strokes. His speed went from hard, fast thrusts to long, slow strokes that hit the very wall of her cervix. Once again Emma/Other felt that curling wave of heat start. Her walls clamped down hard on him in their own, primitive rhythm, forcing him to fight her body to withdraw and thrust. She could feel him swell inside her, filling her even more as he prepared to spill his seed deep into her womb. Listening to each other’s bodies, reading the signals of arousal, they timed their releases to come at the same instant. Just as his hot semen jetted out to fill her body, Emma’s pussy clamped down on him, milking him for every precious drop. She laughed aloud in pleasure as his teeth sank into the back of her neck, marking her…claiming his dominance over her. He rocked into her body with each release of his seed and she received him each time eagerly. All too soon though, the waves ebbed and the pleasure receded like the ocean tide. Gently, slowly the man withdrew from her trembling body. He loosed the cloudy manacles and carefully picked her up in his arms, cradling her in safety, her head lolling into his shoulder. Emma/Other smiled as the scent of their sex filled her nose. Looking up she caught the same pleased smile on her lover’s face.

Step by step he walked them into the cool, cleansing waters of the pond, gently ministering to her body and cleaning her thoroughly. When he was done she returned the favor, using the time to explore and learn his body completely all over again. Such touches led to more love play both in the water and out of it. They sated their other appetites on fresh berries and mushrooms that grew in abundance around them. Soon though, dusk began to ease into the sun’s domain and the sky turned from radiant blue to deeper indigo and purple as night fell. Looking into her lover’s eyes, she watched as the color shifted along with the sky. He leaned down, gently placing a kiss on each eyelid; softly closing them, then dropped one soft, lingering kiss on her lips. When she opened her eyes, her lover was gone and she was once again in her silk skirt and cami. A voice as timeless as the earth and as dark as the good, fertile loam echoed in her mind, “Thank you child for the gift of your passion and the sharing of your body. My greatest gift is yours in return.” Then, the Other too was gone from her and she was left, just Emma, standing alone in a moon lit clearing. As she made her way through the silvered paths and shadowed grottos, Emma thought about all that had happened to her that day. Inside, where her intuition lived, the knowledge of what had passed came to light.

Mother Earth had needed the comfort of her Consort’s body, and so had found Emma a good and willing receptacle for Her spirit. Father Sky found Emma pleasing to the eye and beautiful to the touch. So had the consummation older than time taken place in the time of the Equinox. Smiling, Emma once again merged with the dwindling crowd. This time, happy exhaustion brought an air of peaceful quiet to most as parents carried sleeping children and lovers walked quietly hand in hand. Driving home that night, Emma realized that she had been blessed in a way few mortals ever experienced, in quiet joy she sent her heartfelt thanks out to the two lovers who’d shared themselves with her that day.


Angry wails sounded in the birthing room as first one, and then another struggling child was pulled from their mother’s body. A good sized, healthy boy was laid on Emma’s chest to warm up and nuzzle for milk that he could sense was nearby. Moments later, a delicate, lovely girl child was laid down as well. Everyone commented later about the unusual children. Many wondered over the eyes of the boy that were like crystalline blue skies. Others still spoke in hushed voices about the ethereal little girl with the pink, flower petal birthmark on the right side of her chest, almost crowning her tiny nipple. Special, was what they all agreed these children would be. Only Emma, who smiled and listened patiently, knew the truth of the matter. These two babies were the seeds of a new generation. Two seeds, planted with love and blessed with their parent’s elements, they would grow to be the signs of new hope in a world that was ready to bloom once more.

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