Together in the Rain


*** This is my first submission to this site. It is based on a real friendship and an encounter which very nearly was. Hope you enjoy it and please leave me feedback! Warning: It is a cliff-hanger and leaves the best part to the imagination. ***


The cold, frigid drops of water were raining down hard all around. Hitting against the tin shelter with a low, constant drumming. The blanket of water shielded the shelter from the rest of the world, but no one was around anyway. They were the only two people foolish enough to be out on such a miserable day.

The air in the shelter, however, was far from cold. There was a living heat in the air, a palpable tension so thick that it could break at any moment and out would flow an endless hot stream of raw desire.

Amanda was sitting down on a stone bench leaning back on her outstretched hands and looking up at Rick who was standing about a metre away, leaning on a concrete pillar. The two were dueling. Sparing, stretching, challenging each other’s minds and connecting while debating fiercely.

He loved the way her mind worked, so complex, rational, well ordered and yet with obvious emotion and a hint of naivety.

She was frustrated with his strong arguments which she was struggling to find a hole in. She knew she was never going to win as he held a superior mind but her stubbornness wouldn’t let her concede so easily and so she continued, throwing up one new losing argument after the other. All the while admiring his mental fortress of well crafted points despite the overtones of the spiritual so obvious in his position.

While Amanda was raking her brain for new perspectives to throw at him, her thoughts were being distracted by other, darker, lustful thoughts. She was busy thinking how quiet it was and how no one was around. How much she wanted to torment Rick and use him for her selfish, carnal desires. She knew he didn’t really want her in that way. He valued their friendship too much and yet at the same time, it was so obvious that he did in fact desire her. She could tell by the way his words would sometimes trail off and he would glance at her quietly. She knew his desires were strong when he averted his eyes, forcing himself not to stare. She knew he was on the edge.

Rick wanted her. There was no other way to put it. She was gorgeous, young, intelligent and yet he couldn’t bring himself to take the plunge. What would he become if he let his desires control him? It would go against everything he stood for and had been telling her all along. But how long could he really resist when she exuded so much willingness and sexuality?

Eventually, Amanda ran out of points to make and frustrated by both her losing position and her distracting thoughts, she suddenly stood up and grabbed Rick by his shoulders almost shouting her final points at him as she shook him. Realising how silly she was being, she stopped mid-sentence and stared into Rick’s eyes shocked into stillness by how passionate she had gotten about this theoretical argument, it was but a simple sparring of the minds.

Rick had also frozen taken aback by her sudden outburst and simply stared into her eyes, wondering what she was thinking and being painfully aware of how good it felt to have her hands holding tightly onto his shoulders. The simple touch sent his mind going off on a wild tangent as he briefly, yet vividly, imagined how the rest of her body would feel pressed up tightly against his own.

Amanda noticed the glint in Rick’s eyes and while she realised she was still gripping his shoulders rather tightly, she couldn’t bring herself to remove her hands. Instead, improper thoughts filled her mind and she realised that it was now or never. She had to have him and if she wanted to have him, she had to take bahis firmaları him. Quickly, she grabbed his shoulders even tighter and before he could react, she swung him around and pushed him to sit down on the stone bench she was perched on earlier. Keeping her hands firmly on his shoulders she swung her right leg over his legs and straddled him kneeling down on the stone bench over him and pressing her body against his. She leaned down over him and kissed him.

Rick had barely recovered from his straying thoughts when he suddenly found himself sitting down and pinned in place by Amanda’s perfect body sitting on his lap. Her lips were on his and the dam of restraint was beginning to leak. He kissed her back, enjoying the sweet feeling of her lips and the slither of her tongue as it brushed against his lip. He told himself that he could still stop before it got out of hand that he was just going to enjoy this embrace, this kiss, for a while…

Amanda had other plans. She was wearing a short skirt and unknown to Rick, she had no panties on underneath. She was on a mission today and she would be damned if she didn’t get her way. There was a cool mist blowing into the shelter as the wind forced stray raindrops over them, wetting her body and making her thin singlet stick to her body. She wrapped her hands around his head and shoulders, pulling him into her as she deepened their kiss, breathing in deeply and savouring his scent, her body shivering slightly from the cool water and the lust washing over her.

She could tell that Rick was enjoying this but was still holding back. He hadn’t given in to his desires and it both frustrated her and excited her. She would make him throw restraint to the wind. She would make him lose control over, she would make him hers.

She used her legs to push his and turn his body so that he was sitting more sideways on the stone bench. She pushed back on his shoulders and pressed her body over his, forcing him to lie down on the bench. When he was lying down she continued to pin him there for a few more seconds, silently instructing him to stay put. Satisfied, she kneeled up over him and leaned back just as a gust of wind blew in more rain and covered them with a light spray. Closing her eyes and spreading her arms out, she let the water hit her body and enjoyed the cool water against her hot skin, knowing full well that it was wetting her white top and making it stick to her body more. Still with her eyes closed, she pushed forward her hips slightly. She wasn’t looking but she was sure that from his position, Rick could finally tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She could just feel his eyes on her, taking in every inch of her wet, youthful beauty.

Rick had all but fallen. Every fibre of his being was screaming at him to reach out and grab this beautiful girl who was kneeling over him. He longed to run his hands up her thighs and cup her buttocks. To wrap his arms around her slender waist, to reach up and peel off her basically see-through top. He wanted her and had never felt such a strong, animal desire before in his life. His cock was already fully erect and screaming at him to take what was so obviously being offered to him – it has been so long, it begged. And yet there was still a thin thread freezing him in place. Some lone soldier in the corner of his mind, shouting frantically to stop stop stop!

Amanda glanced down at Rick and saw that his eyes were glazed with desire. But he was still just lying there, paralyzed. She knew he was still struggling, he hadn’t given up. She’d need to take it further still. She reached down and brushed her hand over his trousers. He was hot and hard under her touch and she pressed her fingers firmly against his member, gripping it carefully and squeezing it through his pants. kaçak iddaa His eyes fluttered, closing briefly but opened again as he continued to simply watch her, not moving. She upped her game. She reached her hands between her own legs and leaning back, let him watch as she touched herself in front of him. She circled her clit and ran a finger down her wet pussy and pushed it gently inside her letting a small moan escape her lips. Pushing her finger all the way in, she then withdrew it and locked eyes with Rick as she brought the finger to her mouth and let him watch as she sucked it clean. She repeated the motion and this time, when she withdrew her finger from her aching honey pot, she brought it to his lips. He tensed but she insisted, using her slick finger to trace his bottom lip.

The soft, inviting touch of her wet finger on his lip was driving him insane. He could smell her arousal just centimeters from his nose. He knew that once he opened his mouth to taste it he would be well and truly over the edge and there’d be no turning back. She had lost the debate but won this battle. He knew it already but was delaying the inevitable, torturing his own body and only fueling his own desire. When he could delay no more, he finally let his lips part and let his tongue slide out to lick his bottom lip. She pushed her finger into his mouth and he hungrily closed his lips around it running his tongue over her finger tasting every surface. She tasted so sweet, so hot, so ready and it made him light headed knowing that she was wet for him, Rick.

Amanda smiled to herself. He had finally given in. So now it was time to have fun, finally. She withdrew her finger from his eager mouth and shifted position. She climbed up towards his head and pinning his arms down with her legs, she straddled his face. She just knelt there, too far for him to reach but pinning him in place. Totally in control. She looked down at his face, between her legs and she knew that he was hers. Completely and she could do what she wanted with him.

She slowly, inch by inch, lowered her body onto his face. She could feel his hot breath on her wet lips and he blew a stream of air over her pussy as it drew nearer and nearer. As it closed the final gap, and she felt his lips touch hers, she closed her eyes and threw back her head, letting out a soft moan as she felt his tongue flick over her sensitive clit and felt his lips close around it, sucking it into his mouth. He continued to run his tongue over her clit until she pulled herself up forcing him to release her clit from his mouth. She shifted forward and lowered herself onto him again, forcing him to focus on her waiting hole. She wanted to feel his tongue inside her. She wanted him to taste her completely and have her juices dripping into his eager mouth.

Rick was in heaven, pinned under such a perfect young woman, being forced to taste her, to pleasure her, to devour her sex. He loved every moment of it and the taste of her desire was so sweet and intoxicating. The last lone solder in his mind had shut up or died and all he could think about was how much he wanted her. He wanted more of her. He wanted all of her. He could have lay like this forever but there was another burning desire in his pants fighting for attention and quickly gaining ground.

Amanda moaned softly as Ricks tongue slid in and out of her running up and down her wet lips and teasing her clit. Glad that he had finally given in, she knew the hard part was over. Now she just wanted more of him. She shifted and removed herself from her position pinning his arms down. She returned to straddling his legs, sitting down on his lap and helped him rub his arms, worried they were sore from her weight. She also leaned in to kiss him as she ran her hands soothingly up his arms. kaçak bahis She tasted herself on his lips and hungrily ran her tongue over his, swirling it around in his mouth before sucking his bottom lip into her mouth and biting down ever so lightly.

Suddenly remembering where they were, she had a frantic look around. They were in public for god sake! But the rain was still heavy and she was relieved to see that there was no one around. In fact there were sounds of distant thunder rolling through the air and she knew the storm was only going to be worse. No one was going to go out to a park in such weather. They had their privacy, thank nature for that. But she really couldn’t have cared too much as she was so hott with pure desire.

She knelt down on the floor in front of him and reached up to undo his pants. He quickly sat up and forward, giving her access to his belt and trousers buttons. She fumbled with them but got them open and he raised his hips so she could slide his pants down his thighs. She was impatient so she removed his underwear together with his pants and when his cock sprung free, she abandoned the pants halfway down his thighs and reached up, wrapping her hand around his throbbing member. She looked up at him and smiled sweetly before bringing her face closer to his cock. She slowly poked out her tongue and let it brush against the tip. Looking into his eyes as she rolled her tongue more firmly over the sensitive tip. She tightened her grip and started to stroke it up and down slowly. Breaking eye contact, she closed her lips around his cock sucking on it gently and then lowering her head onto him, sliding his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

She took him completely into her mouth and let the tip rest against the back of her throat, swallowing lightly to let her muscles contract around his cock. He let out a moan as her mouth moved around his cock. He could feel her warm tongue sliding around him, her throat pressed up against his tip, the wetness of her saliva coating him and making him smooth and slick. As she started moving her head up and down, he wanted to bury his hands in her hair and pull her onto him, fuck her beautiful mouth. The beautiful sensations on his cock were shooting throughout his whole body and numbing his mind to everything but the pure pleasure that she was giving him. He looked down at her beautiful face, her mouth firmly wrapped around his cock, her eyes closed and an expression of pleasure on her face. Her fringe was falling over her face and blocking the beautiful view. He reached down and pulled back the hair from her face and held it on her head so he could enjoy the sight of her young, beautiful face bobbing up and down on his cock. Every now and then, she would open her eyes and look up at him as she worked his cock.

She was moaning on his cock and she wanted more. She reached her spare hand down between her own legs and started to play with her clit and finger herself. She pushed two fingers into herself as she pushed her head down onto his cock, withdrawing her fingers as she took her head off his cock. She matched the rhythm, fucking herself with her fingers in time to how she was sucking his cock. She pushed her mouth all the way down his cock and moved her head slightly trying to take it deeper. While she did this, she curled up her fingers inside her and swirled them around deep within her. She could have made herself climax like this but she forced herself to hold back. She wanted to cum with his cock buried deep inside her. She knew that it wouldn’t take much as she was so wound up and hungry for his cock.

Finally she pulled away and stood up, stretching her legs briefly while pulling at Rick’s trousers, wanting them out of the way. She was more than ready to feel him inside her but now she wanted him to take charge. She knew he would take her. So she stood there in front of him and just stared at him. Smiling invitingly in her wet top and pantyless skirt, not making a move, not uttering a sound…

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