Together Ssn 05 Ch. 11 – Gospel


***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

Mia Milosevic, 18, is feeling sexy, wrapped in black lace and soft silk hugging her curves quite flatteringly, with a bodice squeezing in her belly, and her breasts held firmly, sleeves adorn her arms with embroidered floral swirls, and a lace choker binds her neck with a small silver bell dangling from it. Her legs smooth and black in tights covering her feet up to her waist, she has never felt so good about herself; a treat from her work flaunting on camera, affording her a new perspective to try new things.

This newfound look isn’t just for the young teen though, as she has a date with her college tutor, John John, 38, who is taking her to his house. He has opted for their first date to cook for them, enjoying a nice meal, with some classic rock bathing the air with electric pulsing matching the electric pulsing through their bodies. Bottles of beer are offered and tasted as the pair dine and drink to fuel their true appetite; for each other. Spending hours in each other’s company, they share laughter, and small talk, flirting but not getting too close.

John invites Mia, “Come,” leading her down into his basement, descending the stairs deep down steep steps, arriving underground in a cellar with racks of wine stored, and boxes taped sealed, and a heavy wooden door being pushed open by the tutor, unveiling a room with leather walls, floor and ceiling, manacles hanging from chains threaded through rings on the far wall, a wooden chair covered in spikes, and an iron cage suspended from the ceiling.

Mia looks around at everything, shocked by this revelation from someone who seems so plain. He hardly seemed interested in her on their first encounter, but he was the one who asked for this date, so maybe he was just playing hard to get? I don’t know. I’m intrigued by what I see, so how about I show him a good time.

John proposes, “You should strip,” standing, watching, waiting.

Mia slowly teases her dress off her shoulders, but John is not wanting to take things slow, hurrying to her to tear at the delicate dress, ripping it apart at the seems, pulling away the silk from her skin. Distressed, Mia protests, “Hey, watch it! That wasn’t cheap. What the fuck?”

John slaps the young teen hard across her cheek, glaring at her with wide-eyes, and huffing loudly from his nostrils like a dragon breathing smoke. He continues to disrobe the teen by force, holding his intense stare into her eyes, captivating her attention as she struggles to maintain her composure.

Standing completely naked for her teacher, Mia is taken by the wrist and dragged across to the chained manacles hanging from the wall, having them clasped to her wrists, feeling the cold metal freeze her soul. She is no stranger to bondage, and she does trust her tutor. He has a duty of care. He asked me on this date. He wants me. This is a surprise, but that’s not bad, right?

John commands, “Sit.”

Mia reluctantly squats, soon feeling the strain of the chains, not long enough to comfortably get lower, so she resists, saying, “I can’t.”

John pushes on her shoulders, pressing down, seething, “Sit,” forcing her to meet the floor with her arse with a hard bang.

Mia’s arms are stretched up above her head, hurting her hands and thumbs as the manacles squeeze against the bones, and her shoulders feel as if they are going to be pulled apart from her body. Naked, and hurting, the young teen finds strength to ask, “What is this?”

John explains, “I don’t like you; not in that way. I barely know you to like you as a person, and, you are far from beautiful enough for me to be aroused by you, but, needs must. You see, I have a friend, who needed me to lure you in, all so he can have his way with you.”

Mia looks confused at the tutor, hearing footsteps behind him as she looks to see her father walking towards her. She scuttles back with her thighs, hardly able to move even an inch from the position she is in, but she struggles anyway, her heart pounding in her throat, like she wants to be sick. She watches her father closely as he looms over her.

John continues to explain, “You see, you never questioned how I knew about your home life, because all the police told me was you had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted. They didn’t say by whom, and they certainly didn’t elaborate on any details, but he did. He came to me, knowing you would be coming in to class, knowing your hopes and dreams of your studies leading to a better life, so he reached out to me for help. He told me everything about you, and I gave him safe harbour from the authorities.”

Mia’s father scolds his daughter, “You are a whore; a filthy whore. And, stupid for thinking that anyone could love you like that.”

Mia bitterly scowls, “You keep coming back for more though.”

Mia’s father preaches, “I have a duty as a father to teach my child, and I teach my child kocaeli escort the filth and disgrace of the flesh, and it’s corruption.” He gets his penis out, holding it steady as he rains a golden shower to spray over the young teen, saying as he does so, “I wash away that corruption, in the hope that you will abstain from any more ideas of being a whore, like your filthy mother.”

The piss pouring over the young teen smells strong, and is dark in colour, making Mia have to decide between holding her breath, and inhaling the stench, both are uncomfortable. So, Mia holds her breath, trying as hard as she can to block out the rich stench, but, with the spattering of the yellow droplets, and the pressure of the golden stream on her skin, she has to inhale hard, taking into her mouth a bitter mist tinging her tongue. Quickly, she presses her lips shut, spitting from her closed mouth, hoping to empty it of the mist.

A thick glob of spit splats on her face from her father, and the rain ends with a few additional splashes shaken from the foreskin. Mia sounds scared as she says, “I am a whore… I’m sick… I’m sorry… I just want to come home to you, Dad… Let’s go home, please?”

Mia’s father screams, “You think you can be forgiven that easily?,” slapping his daughter hard across her face. He grabs hold of her throat, throttling the life out of her, relenting only to stand astride her face, pressing his limp cock into her mouth, brushing her teeth until the blood flows to inflate him like a balloon. He squeezes his daughter’s throat harder, forcing her to open her mouth, taking his penis inside.

The young teen feels the pathetic penis pressing her tongue, making her gag as she tastes an intense, smoky bitterness pervade her senses from the unclean meat in her mouth. She knows better that this is not right, and is not good. Repulsed by her body, she pukes up all over her Dad’s dick.

Mia’s father recoils, stepping back and away from his daughter, furious as he feels the bile burn hot on his dick, seeing how it clings to his trousers, and shoes. He grabs his daughter’s head, pulling her to him as he barks, “Clean it up. Eat it all up. Go on.”

The defiant daughter struggles against her Dad, forced between the pressing of his hands on the back of her head, and the pull of the manacles around her wrists, watching as her Dad shifts his hips into position to smear her face against his crotch, and around his trousers down to his knees. Her mess is pressed into her cheeks, with a chunk of something lodging into her nostril, opening her mouth to accept what she dispelled from her body back inside.

Mia’s father orders her to, “Clean my shoes,” pushing and pushing down to yelps and pained moans as his daughter is stretched to her breaking point, making him groan angrily, “For fuck’s sake,” unbinding the teen’s wrists as he stomps on her back, showing his shoes to his daughter now bent down to them.

Mia grimaces as she is met by not just her vomit on the shoes, but dirt and dust from their wear, but she bravely licks hard and fast, eager to be free of this. She plasters her tongue with the gritty soil and acidic bile, swallowing down her father’s filth. The young teen sits up, looking up into her Dad’s eyes to ask with a wipe of her mouth, “Is that enough, Dad? Do you forgive me?”

Mia’s father stares down at his daughter with pity, saying softly, “It’s a start in the right direction. Tell me you are sorry?”

Mia stares straight into her Dad’s soul as she apologetically answers, “I’m sorry, Dad. I really am.”

Mia’s father smiles ever-so-slightly, saying, “I believe you.”

John disappointedly shouts, “Is that it? What happened to the days of punishment, breaking her down, being free to use her as we please?”

Mia’s father turns to face the tutor, to tell him, “It’s done. I have my daughter back. We’re going home. It’s over.”

John argues, “No. It’s not over. We can have all sorts of fun with her you haven’t considered. Look at all of this stuff.”

Mia’s father expressly states, “No. This is not fun for me. This is about teaching her a lesson. That’s all it ever was, so she doesn’t end up like her mother, leaving for another man, abandoning her child. Do you think this is fun?”

John asserts, “How many father’s can say they’ve used their daughters? It’s a dream. A fantasy. For you, it’s a reality. Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy it?”

Mia’s father pushes John back onto the spiked chair, causing the teacher to wince in pain as he settles onto the spikes, trying to find comfort as the father bears down over him, saying, “I don’t appreciate your assertions. You are disgusting too. Settle down,” clasping John’s wrists in the arm cuffs, and tying his legs in the leg restraints, leaving the teacher unable to move.

John pleads with Mia’s father, “Tibor, let me go. I understand your reasons, but it doesn’t have to be like this. I was promised a good time.”

Mia’s father stands over the teacher, saying, kocaeli escort bayan “You had a perfectly nice date with my daughter. No more a dignified way to have a good time than that,” feeling a leather strap clasp around his throat, and a foot press to the middle of his back as his neck is strained back, collapsing to the floor, clawing at the leather collar as it is pulled unbearably tight, foot firmly planted, pressing down into the floor as all goes…

Coming to with a gasp, Mia’s father finds himself laying on a leather surface, with his wrists and ankles tightly restrained, unable to wriggle nor turn to any degree. He calls out, “Mia?,” but finds his mouth muffled and bound by a soft silken fabric tied around his head, held by tight lace straps.

In a sing-song voice, Mia can be heard, “La-di-da-di-da… La-di-da-di-da… La-la… Di-da… di-da,” coming into her Dad’s view, leaning over him, dressed in a tight, button-down shirt, too small for her bust, and her lace panties, bought specially for this evening’s entertainment. She’s also freshly clean, hair soft and flowing as it bounces and hangs, and her skin appears so smooth. She says to him, “I am sorry. I am so sorry, Dad, but, it turns out, I’m not so different than Mom. I am a whore. I love to fuck cock. And, I don’t even care where it comes from.”

Mia’s father stares up as his daughter dances above him, standing astride his beefy mass, rubbing her boobs in her shirt ever-so-tenderly, as she moans softly, “Mmm, it’s just so good.” Squatting down around her father’s crotch, she fishes for her Dad’s dick from his trousers, nursing it in her hand as she exclaims, “Oh, Dad! You’re getting all worked up for me. I’m going to have to do something about this, surely. I can’t leave my Dad wanting like this. I’m your special girl. I can make it feel all better.”

As her father groans in protest, the teen teases her pussy along the length of her Dad’s dick, feeling how it engorges and forces up against her clitoris, groaning herself in pleasure, “Oooooh, I feel how you want me, making me so wet.” Sure enough, she rubs her wetness onto her Dad, holding him erect as she slowly sits on it, inviting him inside her.

Mia’s father sobs as his daughter rides, hearing her being so vocal, “Yes… Yes, Dad… Yes… Oh, I love you so much… A-ha… Oh, fuck, Dad… Mmm… Oh, yeah… Yeah, Dad, yeah, yeah, yeah, Dad, yeah, da- da- da- da- ah,” riding with more vigour, catching her breath as she looks so pleased with herself, shaking.

Shuddering his head, flushed and red, Mia’s father watches with wide-eyes at his daughter as she teases, “I’ve cum. You should too. Ah! That is such a good idea! And, so naughty. Oh, I should be so lucky to be Dad’s little cumslut. Come,” riding her father with renewed vigour and purpose, supposing, “Oh, I can’t wait to feel you fill me up. Oh, please, Dad, yes, but… Oh, what if I get pregnant?… Well, I have it on good authority that you are a lame-duck, and a lame-fuck, so I’m going to take you for everything you have. Oh, yes, Dad. Oh, yes… Fuck… Oh, Dad, fuck me… Fuck your daught… a-ha!”

Mia feels her father leak lots of thick slime up inside of her, and she sits there, shock awash across her face, as her Dad’s spunk soaks into her and his dick deflates. She runs her hands through her hair, and laughs boldly, looking at her father’s face looking back at her with such fear. Mia shakes with adrenaline, overbursting with energy as she lifts herself up, and stands over her Dad, informing him, “I’m done with you. I’m going to make sure you get everything you deserve. Rotting in prison. I won’t be there. I don’t love you. I’m not sorry. Good bye, Dad, and good riddance.”

On her way out of the basement, Mia climbs up onto John’s lap, forcing him deeper onto the spikes he sits on in his chair, hearing his muffled screams become almost quiet as the young teen hugs her big boobs against his head, telling her tutor, “I should’ve stayed away from you. I was desperate, naive, stupid. You gave me an easy choice; do I want to get fucked? Well, yeah… Yes… Absolutely, fuck… I felt so angry and bitter when we first did it, because you only cared about yourself, and left me far from finished, but, when you called me, asking for this date, I thought I could teach you a thing or two. Now, you’re an accomplice to kidnap and rape, and I’m not going to miss you. I wonder if your replacement will be more considerate of my needs, helping me to reach that fullest and most rewarding of potential?”

The young teen calls for the police, explaining everything in her words, telling of how they planned to lure her to her tutor’s basement, being forced upon by her father again, and taking her chance to fight back, tying them down before calling the police in. They keep screaming out that she gave herself to her father willingly, but, given our history, who are the police going to believe? A known rapist, and an accomplice with his own sex dungeon, or izmit escort the young girl who has been victimised on more than one occasion?

Taken home to her flat, Mia lets herself in with her key, finding the flat empty, remembering that everyone is going to be out clubbing, so, let’s find a change of clothes and head out to Cross Town to celebrate my win…

The young teen salvages from her date: her tights, torn but sporting a gothic appeal she likes, her lace gloves, slightly stretched but still sensual to wear, and her lace choker, which snapped at the back of her neck, but she ties a knot with the elastic, hugging her neck even tighter, feeling her blood pulsing in her neck, but she likes it; it is a choker after all. She wears her favourite black boots, cut-off jean shorts, and a rock band t-shirt to complete a look she feels comfortable and sexy in, heading out into the night.

Taking a taxi into town, the driver compliments her, “You are looking rocking tonight. I’m too old for you, but when I was younger, I used to pick up girls like you at gigs,” regularly checking out the young teen in the rear-view mirror as he ferries her to her destination.

Appreciative of the attention, Mia blushes, “Thanks,” blowing the driver a kiss. Reaching the club, as she flashes her bank card to the driver’s card reader, she proposes, “I would love to ride some more,” cheekily winking as she steps out into the bright streetlight on the curb, strutting sexily inside Cross Town.

Daisy May, 24, notices the young teen approaching their regular booth, calling her over to greet her, “Mia, come join us,” concernedly asking her, “what happened with your date?”

Mia sits beside her friend, replying, “It’s not going to work out. I got a nice meal out of it, and enjoyed my time in the end, but it’s not happening again.”

Daisy comments on the teen’s appearance, “What happened to your tights, your choker, and where’s your dress?”

Mia comes closer to her friend’s ear to confide in her, “Things got a little rough, but nothing I couldn’t handle. The dress got the worst of it.”

Daisy turns to the teen’s ear, “If you want to talk about what happened, if something went wrong…”

Mia interrupts her, “No. Nothing is wrong. I feel good about it.”

Daisy presents Mia with a glass, offering, “Here, drink this!”

Mia accepts, sipping the sweet mixture, laughing after swallowing, almost choking, “That tastes awful, but… could be worse,” wearing a wicked smile.

Drag starlet, Cassieopeia, takes to the stage at the rear of the club, speakers all around blaring a bold, disco sound, as she sings, “Do you have what it takes to move on? Will you shake off your shackles and run? Can you hear all the voices singing? Understand how the chant’s enchanting? Time to comprehend, this is not the end. There’s enough space for the rules to bend. We can all find joy, now don’t be shy. No need to weep, but it’s fine to cry.

“Let your hate fade away, at the end of the day, it’s had it’s time in the sun. Take a stand and fight, long into the night, let your voices be strong. Soon the sun will rise, on a new beginning, and your hard work will be done. Open your eyes to the dawn, do your hearts beat as one, in good time let it burn, burn bright.

“Do you have what it takes to move on? Will you shake off your shackles and run?
Can you hear all the voices singing? Understand how the chant’s enchanting?
To time let yourself outta your shell. No inhibitions you won’t go to hell. Shed your skin free of all you despise. We all seek love, now open your eyes.

“Let your hate fade away, at the end of the day, it’s had it’s time in the sun. Take a stand and fight, long into the night, let your voices be strong. Soon the sun will rise, on a new beginning, and your hard work will be done. Open your eyes to the dawn, do your hearts beat as one, in good time let it burn, burn bright.

“Let your hate fade away, at the end of the day, it’s had it’s time in the s-“

A loud crash disrupts the performance, and the music over the speakers mute, as a mob pours into the club, with a man at the front preaching loudly, “God has turned away from you, you Godless wretches, for dancing immersed in the fires of Hell, inviting all to your call, the sound of sin, luring the good flocks to eternal damnation. Have you no shame? How can you? When you have the glint of the Devil in your eyes, his horns protruding from your flesh to claw in unseemly fashions, and his tongue wrapping around your throats, silencing your reason, tempted to debauchery and disgrace. How far you have strayed from the righteous path to Heaven, seduced as you are by unnatural countenances and abhorrent rhymes. May He whom is good find mercy and absolution for the cleansing of your souls, though when your souls are suitably cleansed, would all you were be rubbed away with the silt into the soil, staining the barren wastes of Hell for eternity more? I would have pity for you, but my charity has more worth for those who languish in poverty, rather than you who flaunt your earnings with such disearnest. No love for the diseased. No penance for those susceptible to the madness. Blessed are we called to defend the innocent from this unholiness.”

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