Tongue and Groove

Aika Saya

The large island in the kitchen had been the last cabinet to be installed and now the granite top was in place. I surveyed the rooms to ensure the floor had been swept and cleaned before starting the flooring installation.”Is everything ready for you?” I turned around to see Donna standing in the hallway.”I think so,” I replied. “Everything looks good.””I hope this isn’t a problem, but John had to go into work today and won’t be here to help you,” she said in an apologetic tone. “But I can give you a hand if that helps.””That will be helpful,” I said. “An extra set of hands can make it easier.””I promise I’ll do whatever you say,” she said. “You just tell me what you want me to do.””Hmmm, interesting,” I said with a smirk. “Then you are hired.”She smiled and disappeared down the hallway. When she returned she had her hair in a ponytail and was now wearing a pair of faded jeans and a low-cut t-shirt. güvenilir bahis I told her to put on some shoes and she returned with a pair of sneakers on her bare feet.I explained to her what my plan was and how I wanted the planks laid out. We laid out a few rows and I showed her how the flooring went together. I explained that the “tongue went into the groove” and helped lock the pieces together.She giggled as she held the two pieces in her hands and put them together.”Put the tongue in the groove…. he he he,” she mumbled with a smirk.”You like that, do you?” I asked.She blushed and gave me a wry smile as she handed the boards back to me.”I like the way it turns out, too” I said with a wink.She looked down at floor bashfully and giggled again. “Put the tongue in the groove… that’s funny.”I laughed and began getting the flooring installed. As I worked she brought additional planks and watched güvenilir bahis siteleri intently.”I need you hold this in place for me,” I said.She knelt down in front of me and put her hands where I showed her. Her t-shirt bellowed open as she leaned in and allowed me an open view of her ample cleavage. I hesitated for a moment as I enjoyed the view before focusing on the work on hand. As we moved along she would put her hands down and lean in, and each time her shirt would open up and expose the valley of flesh underneath.She gave me a wry smile as she stood up and stretched. She lifted her arms over her head, her shirt rising and exposing her lower belly above the jeans. She slowly twisted her upper body to the left and then the right, her breasts straining against the material and her curvy hips slightly undulating. With a little moan she brought her arms down and put her hands on hips.I iddaa siteleri gazed at her openly, my eyes travelling her body as she stood in front of me. She flashed a smile before turning around and walking to the stack of flooring. My eyes followed the gentle sway of her hips. She glanced over her shoulder at me as she bent over to pick up the planks and her shapely ass filled my view. I pulled my eyes away and began to focus on my work as she laid out the planks in front of me. After completing a few rows it was time for a break. I stood and stretched as she disappeared down the hallway and returned with two cans of beer.”Here,” she offered as she handed me a can.”Thanks,” I replied as I leaned against the island and twisted my torso to loosen up the muscles.”You must get sore muscles doing that all day long.” I chuckled. “Yeah, get pretty stiff and sore at times.””Turn around and I can rub your back for you,” she offered.”Sure,” I responded.I turned around and put my elbows on the counter top as I arched by back slightly. I felt her hands on my back, tentative and gentle.”Oh yeah,” I groaned as her fingers began to work the sore muscles.

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