Too Hot To Handle


She’d been in a state of hyper-arousal all day. It wasn’t a new thing, but she didn’t remember it being this strong before.

Sometimes it was linked to her cycle; sometimes it was called just being 25 and never having been with a man. She was well-acquainted with her vibrator, though.

Some of her troubles had to do with the flirty conversations she’d been having with a ‘Net friend as of late.

At work, she’d groaned internally, feeling every nerve in her breasts brushing against her shirt. Her suitcoat likewise stimulated the nerves in her arms, and its collar her neck. The clock didn’t seem to move as she tried not to writhe in her chair in frantic need.

Stepping into the restroom, she saw her nipples were rock-hard, pressing through the red tanktop she’d worn beneath her jacket. Eyes closed, she brushed her fingertips across her still-covered nipples, moaning softly at the jolt that shot straight to her pussy. Unable to take the time to fully let go, she brushed her nipples once more, adjusted her suitcoat to cover the evidence and stepped back out.

Finally the clock hit quitting time. She headed to the store to pick güvenilir bahis up some chicken and a salad for supper. As she shopped, she ran her tongue around her mouth as she often did. Her mind drifted to what it would be like to have someone do that to her. Then her tongue drifted across a particularly sensitive spot, and she nearly jumped at the unexpected rocketing of sensation, again straight between her legs.

“Oh God,” she whispered softly to herself, trying to surreptitiously touch her breasts again in the middle of the store.

Hurriedly checking out, she drove quickly home, windows down. But strands of hair fell out of her updo and tickled the tips of her ears.

She gasped as that, too, nearly undid her.

The breeze continued, and she clapped one hand over one ear, wailing “Stop, stop, stop,” nearly in glorious physical pain.

She hurried into the house, signing on to AOL, heading straight to her favorite smutty stories site. She read a few stories, then clicked on the “free sex video,” watching an Asian clip.

Her pussy heated and wet, she signed off, slid her pants down and laid on the couch. Slipping türkçe bahis her hands beneath her tank top, she caressed her generous breasts, moaning in delighted pain when she pinched her nipples.

She moaned deeply, running her hands over her stomach, sides and arms, torturing herself by delaying her pleasure. Finally, her right hand crept downward, slipping through the dark blonde curls, slipping into her vagina. She stroked herself — a little by her entrance, circling up by the sensitive spot she knew would send her over the edge, but not quite touching, back down, then over the clit.

She hissed at the unexpected shiver that hit her.

Her arousal was almost frantic by this point. Her other hand kneaded her breasts, playing with the nipples, while her other hand frantically rubbed her clit. She dipped a finger into her sopping wet entrance, moaning again.

“Fuck,” she whispered. “Oh… OH…”

Contorting herself slightly, she frantically rubbed her clit and pounded her fingers into herself. She came in a fury of feeling, literally an explosion in her stomach. Her breath caught as she arched her back, giving herself totally güvenilir bahis siteleri to the moment, lost in the feeling.

Her left hand, which had been clutching the back of the couch, brushed hard rubber. Her silver speckled vibrator with its 2-inch circumference fell into her hand.

Surprised, she pondered it. She’d often used it to incite orgasms, but never after. She’d read enough sex stories to know that often the girl comes and then the guy enters her and the girl often has another orgasm.

Curious, she slipped the tip into her dripping hole. A lightning bolt of sensation hit her.

“How come no one told me…” she wondered in passing.

Not yet turning it on, she pushed the big vibrator into herself, groaning at the fullness and the riot of sensation in her pussy. She shook as it touched passages she was eminently familiar with but had never felt quite this ratcheted up.

Reaching between her legs, she turned on the vibration and immediately nearly fell off the couch as her whole body seemed to explode.

She moaned frantically in the silent room. She couldn’t do it all herself. It was too much sensation and she didn’t have the strength to fan the flames any further.

“Damn,” she said, satisfied, as she laid on the couch.

She looked at the night sky and wished on the first star that she’d one day have someone to try that with.

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