TOP COP Ch. 07


This is the seventh part of fictitious story of Melissa, a young female rookie police officer selected to participate in an undercover assignment assigned to a federal task force. Gene, her FTO will serve as her guardian angel and security back up. The girls head back into town with Nikki the confidential informant before the agents fly to the academy for training before Nikki goes under. The story takes place in a large metropolitan city on the west coast. All of the names and characters are fictitious and do not work for any law enforcement agency.


The women cops arrived at Melissa’s government provided east side apartment to spend the night letting Nikki coach Melissa (Liza) in what she might need during the operation. The next day Liza and Gene along with Brian and Sam will meet up and fly to the academy to begin the required undercover training. (Since Melissa is now in her undercover role, she uses her UC name through the rest of the story) After an interesting encounter with an elderly couple on the elevator, they arrive at Liza’s apartment.

The women sat on the couches in the great room while Liza reached into the mini wine cabinet and pulled out a nice Pinot Noir, “Please make yourselves comfortable anyone up for a glass of wine?” It was a crazy question; they all raised their hands giving a yes vote and a unanimous decision. Liza pointed to the glasses hanging from a rack in the kitchen and Jo got them and passed them around. Nikki suggested that they look at Liza’s wardrobe and they all followed Melissa into her bedroom.

Nikki scanned through the closet and with her eyes indicated her approval of the clothes that were hanging, some still with the tags from the stores on them, in the walk in closet. Nikki pulled out a beautiful black evening dress the hem fell to just below Melissa’s knee when she held it to her body. Nikki first gave it a disapproving shake of her head until Melissa showed the slit on the right side that nearly reached Melissa’s love triangle and would show off her sexy legs.

“Your dresses look fine but I would suggest you get a leather mini or two and a leather jacket to go with them. Mr. P loves leather on a girl, ha ha! Where is your lingerie drawer?” She noticed that Liza had color matched all of her panties and bras. Looking at the sexy undies, she noticed that Melissa had conservative nylon French cut panties to the skimpiest thongs. “Do you have garter belts and corsets?” Melissa, with a look of surprise told the perky Italian “I go bare legged who wears stockings?”

“Any girl that wants to get close to Mr. P., he has a huge nylon fetish, so add those to your list, be sure and get a variety of colors and of course fishnets for fun and while you’re at it maybe pick up some slutwear, your panties and bras are great but not slutty enough for him! I know a lingerie shop the owner will stay open late for me, we can go there tonight!”

Liza looked around the room, the wine had started to take its affect, and Nikki was leaning against Jo’s arm almost dozing asleep. Sam decided it was too early for this party to die, she stood and walked to the balcony enjoying the view of the yacht basin and further to the bay and open ocean. Liza does this classy place have a pool or do we have to go to the harbor?”

“Of course, it is on the roof, very nice also there is a spa?”

Sam asked the girls, “What do you ladies think? They all went to the bedrooms to change; since they were going to be in public they selected sexy but more conservative suits than they wore at the safe house. Jo was stunning! She had a one-piece black suit cut down her back with shimmering material barely covering the split of her nicely rounded ass cheeks. Nikki slipped her olive skinned body into a two-piece white floral suit that accented her perfect breast. Liza walked out wearing a purple one piece and wore sandals with a slight heel that showed off her toned legs. Sam the oldest of the four was last to come into the living room. She was wearing an aqua blue two-piece with a skirt warp around her waist showing off a cute navel ring that dangled just above the skirt.

Ok, one of us at least needs to be armed who wants to carry “the bag?” Jo laughed, I guess since I am the senior agent I will, since if we didn’t it would be my ass on the line!” She took a small bag that resembled a fanny pack and placed her undercover weapon, extra clip, and her creds into the bag.” Liza grabbed towels from the bathroom and they headed for the elevator. Jo was half hoping to run into the older couple again!

Walking out onto the roof, it was windier than if they had been in a ground level pool. Only the lifeguard a few others were sitting in the chairs behind a windscreen that at least allowed them to talk while enjoying the sun. The lifeguard didn’t recognize any of the ladies and walked over to introduce himself and explain the pool and spa’s features.

“Hi ladies, I am Jack, I assume one of you is a escort şişli resident of our fine establishment?” Liza looked at the muscled young man in his red trunks with the normal white cross at the bottom of the leg. Squinting into the sun from laying on the chaise lounge she told him, “Yeah I just moved into 33G, oh ok did you get the tour?”

“No not really, it was rush move.”

“Well, if you would like, I will give you Jack’s 25 cent tour.” “Sure, Jo would you like to join us?”

“Are you ladies new to the area?

“Well yes we are, Samantha will be visiting me often, and I am Liza, I moved from Louisiana. So looking to meet and make some new friends.”

“Well we have a pretty active social calendar with a lot of pool parties, luaus up here pretty much every weekend, anything you would like.”

“Where is the hot tub?”

“Follow me ladies.” Jack walked the ladies over to an area near an unoccupied bar with several hot tubs; next to the bar was a door that led into a glass walled area with tubs indoors for those rainy days. “The bar isn’t open today but if you want refreshment use the phone to call the club downstairs and they will send it up and put it on your monthly bill, it operates like a country club.” If you need anything else you know where to find me.”

Walking back over to the where the other two had stretched out enjoying the sun Sam reached for Liza’s hand and walked back so that Jack would notice the mature lady and younger girl holding hands, hoping to start his imagination working.

“Are you ladies happy out here or would you like to join us in the hot tub?” Jo raised her head and looked at Sam and Liza, “No I think we are good, meet you inside when we are done, OK?” Sam and Liza grabbed their towels and bags and headed back over to the hot tubs, not noticing that Nikki had reached over and was now running her fingers along Jo’s arm that was dangling over the edge of the chaise.

Walking into the spa, they noticed the change of temperature and the humidity rising from the frothing water. Kicking off their sandals, they gingerly walked down the steps into the bubbling water and took seats in the water feeling the jets spray on their bodies. Moving along the bench Sam found a seat where the jet would hit between her legs. Sam smiled at Liza hoping they would have some privacy before leaving for the academy since her husband would expect her to stay at home for the few days she would be in town.

Sam extended her leg across the spa and began running her toe along the inside of Liza’s thigh hoping she would get the signal that she wanted to play. Liza knew exactly what Sam was up to and looked over the warm water and smiled at her newest lover.

“Baby, what are you trying to do to me?”

“Liza, you know what I want (Still using Melissa’s undercover name)!” Liza moved through the water and knelt with her legs startling over Sam’s legs; getting the benefit of the jet spray and letting her head drop back as the spasms of enjoyment began to build. Bringing her head forward she lowered her lips to Sam’s and slid her tongue into Sam’s open mouth. While her hand went behind Sam’s head and loosened the knot of her swimming suit. The top feel free exposing her breasts that were just under the waterline.

“Baby, kiss my nipples.” Sam moaned feeling the soft touch of Liza’s fingers touching her breast. “Oh god that feels so good!”

“Sam, I have wanted you the whole drive down.”

“Well I am yours so what do you want to do?” Liza lifted Sam to the edge of the spa and spread her legs before she started licking Sam’s inner thigh until she reached her pussy lips and started licking until she had Sam’s clit between her teeth and Sam on the verge of an orgasm. Just as Sam was about to explode the door to the spa opened and Jack, the lifeguard, and Nikki and Jo walked in catching them in an after orgasm kiss.

Jo looked at them shaking her head as if passing judgement, “Well what have we got here, two lovebirds.” Laughing and with their faces beginning to blush but not quite as crimson as Jack’s was turning, Sam and Liza climbed from the hot tub.

“We invited Jack to down to the apartment for happy hour; we didn’t know we were going to walk into an orgy. There is a storm coming in and he has to shut down the pool and is free for the evening.” The four and there new boy toy got on to the elevator and laughed as Sam and Liza sheepishly avoided eye contact and giggled about getting caught. Once in the apartment, Nikki and Liza decided they would go shopping at the lingerie store and leave Jo and Sam with Jack “the boy toy.”

Liza and Nikki changed into shorts, t-shirts, and sandals and headed out shopping, leaving the happy hour party, closing the door “don’t wear out your new toy, girls!”

Getting into the Porsche, which was delivered while Liza and Gene were at the safe house, was a bit hilarious as Liza wasn’t sure where the key hole was much less any of escort the other controls needed as the sun began to set.

“So what can you tell me about this Mr. P?”

“Well, I have known him for about three years; he is dirty as can be. He is into extortion, money laundering, and all the other vices including drugs and prostitution. His soft spot is his kinky sex and it is the easiest way for a girl to get close to him. As I said he is really into nylon and lingerie, so if you dress sexy you will be his girl. One other area is he does like to tie up a girl, maybe do some spanking, nothing to weird but weird enough. Oh and he is a voyeur! He will give a girl to one of his young capos and then watch them or have two girls perform a lesbian scene for him. What do you think?”

“Well some of it sounds interesting, not too sure about the bondage and getting spanked, I have had a few love pats but that is about it.”

“You have a while to get to that level! He only does that with girls he has known for a while.”

Liza saw the shop on the right and turned into the parking lot, Nikki directed her to park in the rear of the building. Liza wasn’t comfortable at first from a security standard; she was alone without a back-up going into a business that could be a set up.

Nikki got out of the car, started walking towards the back door, and pressed a doorbell next to a sign saying no deliveries after 1:00 pm. It didn’t take a minute before a classily dressed lady opened the door and gave Nikki the traditional Italian double kiss on the cheek.

“Come on in, this is Alexandra, meet my new friend Liza, she is new in town and needs to supplement her wardrobe, hee hee!”

“Glad to meet you, I have picked out a few things that may work from what you told me when you called.” I have closed for the evening so we won’t be interrupted. Nikki led Liza into what appeared to be a private sales area, which had nice upholstered chairs and a sofa, the lighting especially set off the erotica of wearing alluring lingerie. Judy walked in, a striking red head, dressed in a leather bustier, black stockings with a seam down the back of each leg, and black patent leather “come fuck me” pumps with an elegant gold ankle bracelet on her left ankle and a matching necklace with a butterfly around her neck. “Judy, can you get our guest a flute of champagne?” Walking back in Judy stopped in front of Nikki and Liza with a tray of drinks and little crackers and caviar to snack.

Alexandra began by telling Liza to strip so she could get accurate measures ,quipping that most women wear the wrong size of lingerie. Liza stood in front of the others in her matching light blue bra and panties with white lace until Alexandra told her, “Didn’t I say strip!” Taking the hint Liza unsnapped her bra and slid the filmy panties over her hips, standing in front of the others with her right hand on her hip and a sly smile looking towards Nikki.

Judy, came back into the room carrying a leather bustier similar to hers and began helping Liza put it on and adjusting it while Liza held it in place. Judy then adjusted the hose suspenders to the right length while Nikki and Alexandra looked on giving an occasional nod of approval. While Judy went back for a second outfit and Liza took the bustier back into a box that was sitting on a chair, she noticed that Alexandra and Nikki were holding hands and looking at each other in what could only be described as “seductive glances” and an occasional kiss.

Judy brought in a leather bikini outfit, Liza put it on, sliding it gingerly up her legs and over her cute bottom having never worn leather panties before. She closed a gold zipper on the left side that pulled the leather taut around her private areas. Judy held the leather bra for Liza to put her arms thru the straps and Judy stepped behind her to close the clasp. Again, a perfect fit, attesting to Alexandra’s ability to fit her properly. Looking again at the two sitting on the coach she notice Nikki had removed Alexandra’s ample breast from sexy white lace bra which looked so sexy against her olive skin.

Judy brought to Liza an assortment of lacy garter belts, panty, and bra sets, Liza told her to just put them in the box. Not really caring what they cost, since it was all being paid for by the government.

Liza noticed a pair of black knee length boots on a display she really liked and asked Nikki’s opinion, purposely interrupting her lovemaking on the couch. Judy chimed in giving her approval and pointing out the gold accents would match the gold zipper on the bikini.

Judy went to the back room and returned with a pair for Liza to try on. Slipping her feet into the boots and zipping them up, she walked through the room in the boots and nothing else to the approval of the other three ladies. Judy knelt in front of Liza to help her remove the boots. When both were back in the box; she took Liza’s foot into her hand and began kissing the tops of bakırköy escort Liza’s foot smelling the slight smell of leather even though Liza had only worn the boots for a few minutes. Judy kissed and began licking Liza’s bare feet, along the arch to her ankle and moved up her calf paying particular attention to back of Liza’s knee. “Judy, My god what are you doing to me?”

Back at the apartment, Jo and Sam had brought the cute young lifeguard down for happy hour. Sitting out on the balcony overlooking the yacht basin was a treat but the young man sitting on the rattan chair was even better.

“So Jack, How did you end up as a lifeguard?” Jo asked as she handed the strapping young man a bottle of Sam Adams and a glass.

“Well after I left the service to go back to college, I needed some extra money. So here I am! I am in my senior year at State majoring in criminal justice, then I want to try to get on with one of the federal agencies or apply for a commission and go back into the Navy.”

“Really, that is interesting!” Sam remarked hoping to get more info from the young man that was sitting across from her in a pair of khaki cargo shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. “What did you do in the Navy?”

“A little of this and a little of that, I spent a lot of time in Iraq. I know what is a squid doing in the desert?”

Jo had left the two on the balcony and gone into shower. Sam noticed an interesting tattoo, slightly covered by a woven bracelet on his right arm. “What is the ink on your wrist and the bracelet?”

The tattoo was a plain simple trident-the forked weapon of Neptune. One night the team decided we would all get tats after completing a special training class in diving. So, we ended up with the tats and a little bit of a hangover in Key West. The bracelet is also a reminder of the teams; I wear it mostly to cover the tat. A lot of civilians don’t understand.”

Jo walked onto the balcony wearing a heavy white terry robe that she found behind the door of the bathroom. “Hey why don’t you get ready and we can get something to eat?” Sam gathered the empties, “I’ll be right back” looking over her shoulder at young Jack almost giving him a cougar wink! Jo sat down a glass of white wine on the coffee table her robe falling on each side of her legs as she crossed her legs putting her feet on the coffee table. The robe split and fell to the side just about at the point of her love triangle that her bikini bottom had covered just a few minutes ago while at the pool. Jo asked similar questions as Sam had, she came to the same conclusion Jack was a guy a lady might like to know.

Sam in the bed room stripped from her suit and looked over her toned yet mature body in the mirror thinking not bad, not bad… Stepping into the shower she did the essentials, knowing that the others were waiting but took a few minutes to rub her clit wishing Brian was there to satisfy her. Just as she was about to cum when Jo yelled in the bathroom, “Hey, we decided to eat in is pizza ok?” Trying to cover the fact she was about to cum, Sam yelled out, sure I eat anything” before the orgasm began moving through her body and she slumped to seat mounted on the wall of the shower.

Knowing they were staying in for the evening, Sam put on a t-shirt and jeans and went out to see if the pizza had arrived. Walking out on to the balcony dressed like a suburban soccer mom she sat down after noticing that Jo and Jack were sitting closer together. The speaker next to the door announced that the pizza was in the lobby and Sam went over to press the button to let the deliveryman bring it up to the floor. Giving the driver the money for the pizza, she brought the pie to the balcony sitting it down on the coffee table.

Jo went back into get another round of drinks and showed Jack to one of the bathrooms so he could drain the beers he had consumed. Walking back to the balcony Jack passed one of the bedrooms and noticed a Sig P229 sitting on the dresser of one of the ladies bedrooms and immediately wondered whose it was and more importantly why any of these ladies needed a weapon. Raising his caution wall, he began looking for other signs of who these four ladies were.

Picking up a slice and settling back into his original seat, not so close to Jo, he broached the question, “So what kinda business are you ladies in?”

Using their rehearsed legends that they were well practiced Jo said she was a college sports recruiter while Sam started explaining she was international business consultant. Neither story explained the weapon!

Back at the lingerie shop, the four ladies had progressed from petting and kissing to full sex, Judy had started very submissively licking and kissing Liza’s feet and legs and ended up between her legs licking at her love nest, getting every drop of her sweet pussy juice. While Alexandra and Nikki had ended up on the floor in a torrid 69 with Nikki on top, both licking and fingering the love nest of the other. Judy with a final lick she pushed Liza over the edge and squirting, something she had never experienced before. Judy left Liza to recover and moved over to where Nikki was straddling her boss, the owner of the store and her mistress.

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