Top Cut or Bottom Cut?


It was time for a haircut, but I got extended out of town for longer than expected. I was walking down the street in a very chic part of this southwestern town when I walked past a place with a catchy name that was, in essence, a “barbershop for men”. Not that it was a jock place with a sports feel, it was kind of hard to describe – it just had a masculine look to it. I also noticed that all of the barbers (and I was informed that, yes, they are barbers – quite different from being “hairstylists”) were attractive females dressed in a sharp looking white, button-down, uniform – a bit different because they also wore white stockings and white pumps with a slight heel. It was somewhere between the look of a nurse and a clinician. When I walked in, the place felt instantly comfortable and there was great jazz music playing.A middle-aged man, rather handsome but not intimidating, very pleasantly greeted me, introduced himself by name (“Charles”), and welcomed me to the place. We shook hands and I looked around the place, noticing that there were ten chairs, six of which had clients. Every barber looked great and was very engaged in conversation with her client. Every client seemed to be very comfortable.“So, how can we make your day better today?” Charles asked.I thought that was an interesting question given that I was in a barber shop. I looked around for something that would let me know the prices, but I didn’t see anything. I liked the look and feel of the place, so I just asked, “I’d like to get a haircut, is anybody available?”Charles looked back at the 6 occupied chairs and then he pointed to the 4th chair on the left. “Nikki – it looks like she’s finishing up in just a moment. Please, have a seat,” Charles said, as he directed me to one of the very comfortable leather arm chairs. I sat down and he walked away but returned a short while later with a filled glass in one hand and a card in the other hand.“We’d like for you to enjoy some Pom juice while you wait,” he said as he handed me a glass with the dark purple liquid. I thanked him and took a sip – very tasty but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I later found out that it was pomegranate juice. Then he handed me the card which was a list of the services they provide. It had a unique look to it, prepared stylishly with a firm backing. Quickly looking at it, I noticed that this was not a place for the budget conscious; then again, I already felt great in this place so I felt as though I should stay and see what it was all about. Charles helped me out. “For you, I’d recommend the Razor Cut, with a Shampoo and a Shoulder Vibration – $50, but altogether for first-time visitors, $35. What do you think?” he asked. “Sure,” I answered. I was a bit taken by surprise, but what he suggested sounded good and made sense. “Okay. The way we do this here is you provide us with a debit or credit card number and your e-mail address; we charge that account and send you an e-mail receipt after your visit. If you were fully satisfied and you agree, you acknowledge the e-mail; if not, you check Escort side a box and we contact you to work it out. There’s never a need for any cash here,” and he smiled and chuckled a little bit when he said that. So, I gave him my credit card number and e-mail address and, by that time, Nikki had finished up and her client was walking out the door. Nikki walked to the front of the shop where Charles and I were standing. Charles introduced me to Nikki and she led me back to her chair. She was stunning, very professional. I guess maybe she was in her early thirties, tanned and pleasant with a big smile, well spoken and she fit in her uniform well. We walked past her chair and through a door into a small room with a set of ten lockers. Nikki approached locker # 4, opened it, and pulled out a hanger. Handing me the hanger she said, “We don’t like to mess up your shirt, so take it off and put it back in the locker. In there, you’ll see a drape to put on. Come back out when you’re ready.” Nikki left the room, closing the door behind her. This was very different, but I was liking it. I took off my shirt and hung it on the hanger, then hung it in the locker. I saw the drape folded on the shelf of the locker. It was maroon in color and like a long sheet with a hole in it to be slipped over the head. I put it over my head and it was long enough to reach my knees. One thing was for sure – I wasn’t going to get any hair on my clothes! I left the changing room and headed back to Nikki’s chair. I sat in the chair and Nikki ran her hands through my hair and over my face as we made small talk. I was wondering how she knew what I paid for and then I saw her look at an iPad and tap the screen. I guess they have an electronic system and Charles sent her the orders. Pretty cool. She reached into a cabinet and pulled out something that looked a bit like football shoulder pads. She fitted it on my shoulders and it had some weight to it. “This is the shoulder massager. I’m going to turn it on and change the level of intensity until you tell me what feels best,” she said. I felt it start to buzz and vibrate and the speed and intensity changed as she worked a box in her hand. It was an ok feeling at first and it got better and then it was a bit much so I told her to back off, and we found a level that was just right. It felt good sitting there with a bit of pressure on my shoulders and the buzzing and vibrating sensation. “Okay – now enjoy that while I lean the chair back and shampoo your hair,” she said. She leaned the chair back and my head was now cradled over the sink. I looked up and straight into her eyes and her beautiful smile. “I want you to close your eyes and relax,” she told me. While I really wanted to keep looking at her, I couldn’t fake closing my eyes. It really did feel good as she used the warm water on my hair and ran her fingers through it. All the while, the shoulder massager was doing its thing. When she put the shampoo in my hair, she used her fingers to scratch my scalp and wash my hair, and manavgat escort then she rinsed it with the warm water and a soft touch, followed by her fingers to apply a conditioner, and then the soft touch for the final rinse. She sat the chair up and used several towels to dry my hair. “You can open your eyes now,” she told me. As I opened my eyes, Nikki was using a blow dryer to dry my hair. It felt so good to feel the warm air on my scalp, her fingers running through it, and the shoulder massager kept on going. I was so relaxed. She took the razor and started to run it through my hair (“a 5 on top and a 4 on the sides” she told me). I enjoyed watching her work in the mirror and she also looked good in her uniform as it tightened in various areas when she moved. She had nice breasts and firm buttocks for sure. When she was finished with the electric razor, she took some warmed shaving cream from a machine and put it on the back of my neck, using a straight razor to trim the hair there. She used a warm washcloth and wiped off the shaving cream. “Close your eyes for a bit,” she told me. I did, and she was using a comb and scissors to trim up my eyebrows. Then, I heard a vacuum sound and she was using it behind me, over the shoulder massager, and along the front of the drape. I felt the shoulder massager stop and she took it from my shoulders. But, I also heard the sound of something else buzzing and I felt her hands on my shoulders – one hand was vibrating and the other hand was not. She rubbed both hands on my shoulders, across my back, along my neck, and down my arms – one hand providing the vibration and the other hand simply kneading the area. After a few minutes, she stopped and I opened my eyes. I saw her taking a device off of her hand (I suppose that was what was buzzing and causing the vibration on her hand). She had always been behind me and I could watch her in the mirror. Now, she approached me from the front and she bent over, looking me in the eyes, and placing her hands on my shoulders. Of course, this gave me a great view of the tightened uniform across her ass. As she massaged my shoulders, she spoke more softly, and occasionally her hands would run down my arms and across my chest upwards back to my shoulders. “Are you completely satisfied?” she asked. “Yes, very much so,” I replied. Unfortunately, that was also the answer that led to the completion of the “haircut”. She straightened up and took me by the hand, leading me out of the chair and back to the changing room. She closed the door behind her. “You may remove the drape and leave it in the locker. The bathroom is over there (pointing to a door to her right) where you may freshen up. If there’s anything you need, just turn on this switch (showing me a switch on the wall) and I will come back. Otherwise, you may put your shirt back on and I’ll see you on your way out,” she told me. Then she left the changing room. I went into the bathroom and it was large and very nice. There was a shower, towels, soaps and shampoo alanya escort bayan – of course, a toilet and a nice sink. On the wall over the sink was a shelf, and on the shelf were four boxes of “CVS Disposable Enema”. I wondered why they were there. Hmmm. On the wall over the toilet, the “MANLY SERVICES” menu was also posted. I read it over again and noticed how they provided a wide range of services. I wondered what “Bottom Cut” meant and I thought to myself, “Why not ask?” So, I relieved my bladder at the toilet while studying that menu, and then I used a washcloth to wash off my face. Did Nikki really mean to throw the switch if there was anything I needed? What could I need? – but, I was curious about the menu. I stepped back into the changing room, hesitated for a moment, and then I threw the switch. It wasn’t too long before Nikki came back, very pleasant, and asking me what I wanted. I told her that I wondered if I should get any more services while I was there, and I inquired specifically about what a “bottom cut” was. She giggled a little bit before replying. “Oh, that’s a cut at the bottom,” she said while looking and pointing towards my lower area. “Some guys like their pubic hair to be trimmed or shaved completely, and some guys like the area around their anus to be shaved.” That was a novel idea, not that I hadn’t thought about it but that the “service” was available. “Do you want to try it?” Nikki asked. I stammered. “Ummm, well . . .” “How about we just do a little trim and you can see?” she asked. “Do you do it?” I asked. “Of course – unless you want somebody else,” she answered. “Oh, no. I was just curious. Uh . . . okay, let’s give that trim a try,” I said. “Okay – put the rest of your clothes in the locker and then I want you to go back into the bathroom and shower, wash your lower area very well, and when you have dried off, put the drape back on,” she instructed me. “I will be back shortly.” Nikki left the changing room.I didn’t quite know what I had gotten myself into but I took off my shoes and socks, and my pants, and put them into the locker. I went into the bathroom and took off the drape and there I stood in my underwear. I took them off and got into the shower. It was a good shower, lots of water pressure and no shortage of hot water. I took a nice, relaxing shower and then I remember what Nikki had said: “…wash your lower area very well…” I took the soap and lathered up below my waist, washing my genitals and even stroking my penis with my soapy hand. She mentioned something about trimming around the anus, so I spread my buttocks and washed between them, even slipping a soapy finger into my anus to make sure it was clean (and it felt good, too). This made my penis start to become erect and I stroked myself while fingering my anus. I was developing a full erection but this was headed in a direction where, if nothing else, I didn’t have time to devote to it. I stopped stroking my penis and I removed the finger from my anus. I rinsed off and got out of the shower. I dried myself and put on my underpants but I noticed that the drape was a different color, now dark blue. While I was showering, somebody came in and replaced the maroon drape with a fresh blue drape. Whoever it was didn’t take long and I sure hope they didn’t see me pleasuring myself! I lowered the drape over my head.

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