Toy boy

Toy boyWorking as VIP chauffeur, I was waiting for my customers in the lobby of the Grand hotel when an elegant American mature lady came to me to tell me she was in town for a few days and needed a tourist guide. Apologizing I was booked for the day, when I saw the disappointment on her face, I told her I could meet her later on, if she wanted and we agreed to meet at the bar around 6PM.Meanwhile, I called my boss to ask for a few says off but, being very busy that day, I could only manage to arrive 15 minutes late to an empty lounge so I ordered a cup of coffee before heading back home. As I was about to leave, Linda appeared and joined me to plan her visit and tell me about herself while sipping a glass of wine.In her mid fifties, Linda told me she was a lady of leisure married to a rich businessman, away most of the time. It was the first time she came back to Paris since her college days (I didn’t dare asking how many years).First, we walked to the Harris bar, a few blocks away then had dinner in a brasserie karşıyaka escort on the boulevard, next to the Opera. While eating, she made no secret she fancied me and I had to confess than mature ladies always turned me on, not telling her I was entertaining a secret affair with the own mother of my former GF who dumped me a few weeks ago.On the short walk back to the hotel, Linda took my arm, squeezing it while asking me to her room where I asked permission to have a shower as I had a long working day and needed it. I was under the hot stream of water when Linda came in the bathroom to soap my back but she stayed much longer on the front, amazed about the softness of the skin of my hairless crotch because my very first mature lover removed it permanently to match her own, a dozen years before.If Linda was disappointed about the size of my cock, she said or showed nothing as she panted while rubbing and licking her cunt before she had the chance to wash it and remove the woman’s real flavors I have escort karşıyaka always been so keen on. Not used to cunnilingus, especially when she was unwashed, Linda was holding my head tight against her womb to help me licking away all the generous flow of juices most of her former lovers complained about.Breathless after the third earth shattering orgasm, Linda asked to let her go for a pee which I begged her to let me have. Making sure I really wanted to drink her piss, it took a little while before she felt confident enough about pissing in my open mouth the way my mother in law did each and every single week for the past couple of months. Impressed with the performance and the kinkiness of it, Linda adored the sensations so much that she then turned round, showing her bum to spread the cheeks apart to expose the tight hole, she dreamt to be used, unsuccessfully so far. Begging me to break her back door, Linda was happy about my penis size, perfect for anal sex, according to her as she was wanking karşıyaka escort bayan herself like crazy to cover my shaft with her juice to act as lubricant. Entering very slowly and gently, gradually Linda increased the rhythm until she was fucked hard and fast to make me fill her with my semen.Breathless, Linda turned round once again to kiss me while holding me tight against her hanging rather large breast before having another necessary shower, soaping and rinsing one another with TLC.Once on the bed, Linda confessed that I was the most surprising lover she ever met but was very happy about it as she was playing my limp cock which responded so fast that she went down to suck on it greedily for seconds which she swallowed before confessed the taste was fantastic, compared to most guys. Then we fell asleep in the 69 position…If Linda didn’t see much of the museums she had planned to visit, she didn’t complain about the numerous times her ass was being pounded among other perverted acts during her stay she was already looking forward to renew more often.After I left her at the airport, I found an envelope on the side pocket of my car with a very generous amount of cash and a note where she asked permission to give my number to a friend of hers I would love.

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