Toya and Kendra’s Summer BlowOut


Kendra and Toya were sluts. The two curly haired 22 year olds had their sexual initiation fairly early in high school and now they were too far gone to turn back. Kendra adjusted her bikini top in her bedroom mirror for the ninth time, trying desperately to cover her massive tits. The large H cups made her back sore but the creamy lush mounds were absolute eye sores in the pink string bikini top. Her chocolatey nipples were trying to peek out of the tops of the triangle squares.

“Fucking hell Kenny, get a top that fits your giant udders… jeez look at these things.” Toya playfully slapped her breasts causing them to sway and jiggle.

“Screw you Toya, we weren’t all blessed with a concave chest like you.” Kendra sneered back.



Toya self consciously rubbed her decent B cups. They weren’t small, but they paled in comparison to the set of stripper tits that proudly jutted out from her friend’s chest.

They’d been getting ready for the summer beach bonfire that was always held before the start of school. The two girls were always invited but usually never went. Since this year would mark their last year of college, they decided to go out with a bang. On their shared 18th birthday they both sat down and made a very long list.

“So who did you pick?” Toya asked playfully.

Kendra only smiled coyly in response. Walking to stand behind her friend, Kendra lightly skimmed her lips over the back of Toya’s neck. Toya shivered at the gentle caress, her nipples puckered slightly in anticipation.

“I’m horny just thinking about it.” Toya purred.

“Really?” Kendra let her fingers disappear down the front of the shorter girl’s bikini bottoms.

Her warm fingers found Toya’s juicy core wet and ready for the night ahead.

“You are wet and so fucking juicy. Only a little while longer.”

She removed her hand and slipped her fingers into her mouth to taste the tangy-sweet flavour of Toya’s pussy.

This year, along with going out more before the end of college the girls had made a “bucket list” or sorts. The list was comprised of the sluttiest things they could think of and they wanted to finish it before they graduated. They’d swapped cum, done fisting and even had a 10 man bukkake but tonight they would do the second to last thing on the list; a FFM threesome. Toya and Kendra had fucked many times in the past, but it would be their first time sharing a single cock. They were both usually too cock hungry to even consider sharing.

“Tell me who you picked.” Toya whined stubbornly.

Kendra could only roll her eyes. “It’s a surprise.”

“I hate surprises.” Toya pouted her full lips.

“Mine are always nice.” Kendra told her, she applied a thin layer of gloss to her pink lips.

“I don’t know….I might need some convincing.” Toya sat on the bed as she spoke, gracefully stretching out her body and spreading her legs.

The thong bikini sat high on her shapely hips. The fabric was stretched over her mound and it could barely contain her puffy pussy lips. Her pouty labia was straining the crotch of the thong.

“Doesn’t it look good? Don’t you wanna just eat my fat fucking pussy? Shit, look at it…” Toya pulled the fabric taut against her hairless mound so the outline of her hard clit could be seen. “C’mon Kendra. Come lick it.”

Kendra had to swallow a mouthful of saliva as she stared at Toya’s pink juicy pussy.

“Let’s go. We’re gonna be late.”

At the beach everyone from school was there. Girls lounging near the fire, some guys smoking near the water and an intense game of beach football was being played by the frat boys. But none of that mattered to Toya who was more interested in who Kendra had chosen as their third for the night. Since they’d been there, Kendra hadn’t said a word about it but was instead making polite conversation with everyone.

“Are you never going to tell me?” Toya sipped her beer daintily.

“He’ll be here soon, until then shut up.” Kendra rolled her eyes again.

The bonfire went on uneventfully until finally, Kendra perked up when a certain someone came towards them. Toya couldn’t believe it. Of all the people Kendra could pick, she chose Neville. The biggest, nerdiest most awkward boy in their year. He used to run like an anime character in the halls for a full two years when they were in high school. Toya narrowed her eyes as he approached them; there was no fucking way he was going to touch her.

“H-hey Kendra.” He stuttered.

His hair stuck up in all directions, on some men it probably would have looked effortlessly sexy but on him it looked insane. Like he’d been caught in a dust storm on his way over.

“Hey Neville. Are you still going to help us with that thing tonight?” Kendra was terrible at being coy.

“You were actually serious?” He looked bewildered.

His shock was understandable. Toya and Kendra were without a doubt the two hottest girls at their college.

“Yup. Make sure you show up to the place.” She smiled teasingly almanbahis showcasing her dimples.

“R-right.” He nearly fell over himself stepping away from them.

When he was out of earshot, Toya turned to face Kendra. “What the fuck! You can’t be serious.”

Kendra smirked and gave a one shoulder shrug. “You’ll get over it.”

Toya was fuming. There was no fucking way.

Before long it was time. Kendra came around and found Toya so they could go to the secret sand pit. It wasn’t a large pit per say, but it was deep enough that people could have a “secret rendezvous” without fear of being seen. It was on the far side of the beach, far away from everyone at the Bonfire.

“I’m not fucking him Kendra. He’s so gross.” Toya was absolutely sure that she would die if she tried to fuck Neville.

“That’s fine. Just don’t change your mind.”

Toya wasn’t sure what Kendra meant but it really didn’t matter anyway. Finally they got to the sand pit and carefully slid in. Neville was already sitting on a log waiting for them.

“A-re you S-sure about this?” He asked them both.

Kendra nodded before draping her pale arms around his neck and pulling him in for a passionate kiss. Toya nearly puked as she watched them make out. Their tongues swirled and licked at each other’s open mouths.

“I wanna try a three way kiss.” Kendra gasped out as she pulled away.

She looked at Toya pleadingly. Toya sighed heavily before drawing closer to the horny couple. Their three mouths met in a sloppy wet kiss, tongues arching and licking wildly so much so that nobody could keep track of whose tongue they were sucking on. Toya couldn’t deny the arousal she was feeling. The heavy make-out session was making her clit swell and a slight blush was spreading across her tanned skin.

“Do you wanna see our tits?” Kendra was being more wanton than Toya had ever seen.

Neville nodded his head causing his limp curls to shake. Toya could barely hide her cringe as she took in how wiry and scrawny he was. She liked to fuck big jocks, with muscular shoulders that she could grab onto while their muscular asses flexed as they fucked her into oblivion. Kendra had already started pulling off her bikini, the small pink triangles peeled away to reveal her Hershey kiss nipples. Neville couldn’t hold back, he lunged at her and immediately began moulding the soft tit flesh in his hands while his warm mouth engulfed her nipple. Neville suckled passionately on her breast, alternating between scraping his teeth lightly over the peak and flicking with the tip of his tongue. He gave his attention to both her massive mounds; sucking both nipples like a starving man and massaging them with his skilled hands.

“Toya,” Kendra moaned. “He’s so fucking good at this. You have to try it.”

Neville pulled away from Kendra’s engorged nipple with an audible pop. Her nipples glistened under the moonlight, coated in a thin layer of saliva from his ministrations.

“No way am I letting that nerd touch me.” Toya scoffed loudly.

Kendra smiled gently before moving behind her to caress her neck and shoulders. Kendra nipped and sucked at the sweet spot she knew was at the base of Toya’s neck. Toya let out a long lusty moan in response. She felt Kendra pull at the strings of her bikini top; the material finally fell and exposed her already hard nipples to the cool night air.

“Neville come over here and taste her nipples.” She squeezed and kneaded the sides of Toya’s breasts.

He wasted no time getting them in his mouth. Toya couldn’t stop the loud moan that escaped her lips as Neville’s tongue lavishly rolled over her nipples.

“Mmmm I might have a taste too.” Kendra whispered breathily.

Suddenly Toya felt herself being dragged down to the sand. Neville and Kendra were pushing her down so they would be able to control their shared fucktoy. Not losing any of his suction on her tits, Neville continued his gluttonous feast in a kneeling position. Toya unconsciously had knotted her fingers in his hair to further anchor him to her chest. Instead of giving her attention to her other neglected breast, Kendra manoeuvred herself from behind Toya so that she was now between the other girl’s legs. Kendra shifted the thong bikini bottoms to the side so she could begin properly feasting on Toya’s pussy. The small taste she’d had earlier was only enough to whet her appetite.

Kendra began giving her slit slow tentative licks that were guaranteed to drive her insane. Without warning she delved her warm wriggling tongue into Toya’s gooey hole. Kendra grunted at the delicious taste of pussy juice. Her tongue lapped at her friend’s clit the same way a dog would drink from a bowl. The quick strokes of her smooth tongue had Toya’s pussy trembling and squirting. The feel of her tongue being milked and squeezed inside her friend’s tangy juicy pussy was making Kendra’s pussy start to ooze cunt cream.

Neville, not wanting to miss out, released her nipples to join Kendra between her legs. almanbahis adres Immediately Toya’s eyes rolled back at the feeling of not one but two probing tongues licking away at her slit. Her two lovers hadn’t quite settled on a rhythm so their tongues simply glided over each other’s on a few strokes. They were simply too focused on devouring Toya’s creamy cunt. Soon Neville was tongue fucking her juicy hole while Kendra was licking furiously at her clit. The sensation of the tongue penetrating her while her little nub was being stroked by a smooth gliding tongue was far too much for Toya. She felt her skin start to get hot as the coil in her belly tightened. Her eyes squeezed shut and her hands flew to the two heads buried between her legs to push them deeper right where she wanted them. Her orgasm wracked her body with shudders as she squirted out even more of her warm nectar onto their tireless tongues. Her hole clenched and rippled milking the thick tongue slithering in her molten cunt.

The two tongues finally pulled away from her when she thought she would collapse if they kept going. A thick slimy string of pussy juice and saliva connected to Neville’s chin snapped as he pulled back from her sloppy cunt.

“Mmm Neville. You’ve been such a good boy, why don’t you take out your cock so we can reward you.” Kendra licked her sticky lips.

Neville wasted no time in dropping his board shorts that were a size too big. Toya glanced at him in a post orgasmic haze but she couldn’t tear her eyes away as his dick was slowly revealed.

“What the fuck is that?” Toya nearly screeched in surprise.

“I told you my surprises are always nice.” Kendra grinned wickedly.

Neville had the biggest dick that Toya had ever seen. She had seen and sat on many dicks but none like this. The shaft was long and thick like a baseball bat, the veins along the side pulsed angrily as his dick hung in the air and the large mushroom head had a bead of pearly pre-cum that was so thick it looked like a drop of glue.

“Go on, suck it Toya.” Kendra urged her on.

Toya was dickmatised by the massive cock, she felt herself going closer as if pulled by some unknown force. She slowly opened her mouth to claim the light pink head as hers. The pre-cum had a neutral flavour, but the smooth texture of the head in her mouth caused her to instinctively swirl her tongue around it. Neville groaned when he felt her tongue.

“Didn’t you hear what I said slut, I told you to suck it.” Kendra growled before shoving Toya’s head down further on the huge cock.

Toya gagged and retched when she felt the cock ram down her throat. Kendra shoved her head back and forth effectively using her mouth as a cock sleeve. The nine inch monster punched her throat and caused saliva to dribble down to her tits and leak out of the sides of her cock-crammed mouth.

glug. glug. glug

“That’s right slut, let him fuck your mouth. He’s using your mouth just like a pussy. That’s what you like?” Kendra’s taunting was making her pussy tingle.

“K-kendra I don’t t-think I c-can…”

“You wanna cum? Cum in her whore mouth. The slut knows exactly how to swallow cum, don’t you cunt?” Kendra began using Toya’s hair as a leash to push even more cock down her throat.

Toya gurgled and moaned as he throat fucked her. Kendra too wanted to taste his cock but she was so turned on watching Toya deep throat the huge dick that she was content to suck his nuts. She sucked his balls into her warm mouth, using her tongue to massage the fleshy sacks. Saliva from Toya’s mouth dribbled into Kendra’s as the slutty co-ed gagged on the thick cock in her throat. Neville started to feel his balls tingle, he could feel the load building up in his shaft that he would release any second.

“Can I cum in your mouth Toya?” He sounded pained as he tried to hold back his orgasm.

Toya looked up with teary red eyes, her face was covered in a mixture of tears, pre-cum and saliva(both hers and Kendra’s). She looked wrecked but her eyes had a cum-hungry look in them. She nodded her head and continued slamming her mouth down on his cock. The moment he felt his orgasm, he pushed his cock as far as it could go down her throat; pressing her nose to his pubes. It felt like he had deposited his load straight into her stomach, she didn’t even need to swallow.

Slowly, Toya dislodged the prick from her throat. The moment it was out she coughed off a small glob of cum.

“Damn it Kendra! I could barely breathe.”

“You loved it.” Kendra grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“Well he’s still hard. That means you’ll be going first.” Toya wiped at her spit covered chin.

Kendra rolled her eyes. “Neville why don’t you lay right here.”

Wasting no time, he quickly spread out on the sand before them. His cock lay on his stomach like a shiny spit covered offering, dribbling cum lazily. Kendra decided to straddle him so she could properly ride his cock. With her strong thighs planted on either side of him she began almanbahis giriş grinding her pussy on his cock.

“No no, you have to sit on it.” Toya sneered nastily. She had a cruel prank in mind.

Kendra raised up and grasped the now slippery cock in her hands. She angled it towards her hole and began her slow descent down the giant fuck stick. He was so thick that at first her pussy struggled to take the head inside. The thick meaty cock was long too, so long in fact that half the length felt buried in her throat as she made her descent.

“For fucks sake.” Toya huffed before going closer and spitting on the cock to lube it up.

“Ooh do that again Toya.” Kendra moaned. Toya spat on the shaft and the exposed head twice.

Now slick with juice and saliva the cock could glide in a bit easier but was still a tight fit.

“I’m sorry I’m too big.” Neville gasped out.

“Not at all Neville. Kendra here has a cunt just fit for pounding. Don’t you Kenny? Why don’t you show him how well you take cocks?” Toya put her hands on Kendra’s shoulders and used all her strength to slam her pussy down on the invading prick.

Kendra felt her spine bow as her pussy was forced to take all nine inches in one stroke. Reflexively Kendra tried to get up but each time she tried Toya would push her down further on the massive dick.

“Don’t run from him Kendra. You take that giant fucking cock in your whore pussy like a good slut. Didn’t you say you were a size queen? Well here you go, a nice big fat cock for you to ride.” Toya continued slamming Kendra down and Neville started fucking up into her so hard she thought she would break.

“Oh Please Toya! He’s too big! Let me get off.” Kendra pleaded.

For that Toya began slapping her big tits. “Oh you don’t like it? I know what can help.”

Toya slapped her tits a few more times causing them to redden. Then she put her head where they were joined and began licking hungrily at Kendra’s clit. The sensation of being fucked up by Neville’s huge cock and Toya’s tongue on her clit was driving her mad with lust. Her attempts to close her legs and reduce the intense pleasure in her clit proved futile since Toya was feasting on her hole. Her pussy leaked more juice to try to ease the passage of the big dick in her hole.

“I’m going to cum! You’re both going to make me fucking cum so hard! OH GOD OH GOD IM CUMMMIIIINNNGGGG!”

Kendra splashed juice everywhere. Still Neville didn’t stop fucking her pussy so her love juice leaked down his cock right into Toya’s waiting mouth.

“Fuck her until she falls over Neville.” Toya commanded.

Neville began humping Kendra’s pussy like a man possessed. The wet sounds of her pussy smacking on his pelvis echoed in the sand pit. Kendra was nearly passed out from pleasure. Sensing this Toya braced Kendra’s body with hers to prevent her from collapsing. She rubbed her fingers on Kendra’s clit all while Neville jack hammered her cunt from below.

“He’ll stop fucking you once you pass out from cumming so hard. He’s going to destroy your fucking whore hole. All you can do is sit here and take it in your pussy. I bet it feels so good you want to cum again don’t you?” Toya rubbed furiously at her clit all while whispering in her ear.

Kendra felt the familiar tingle in her pussy lips and lower belly as another wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her.

“Oh you fucker I’m cumming again! You’re fucking killing me with your cock! Oh shit, oh shit! IM FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN FUCK ME OH GOD OH YES YESSSSSS YESS AHHHH!” Kendra screamed into the night.

Finally Toya moved away, without Toya there to support her Kendra flopped forward and collapsed on Neville. Kendra rolled off him allowing his turgid cock to slip out of her used hole with a loud “slurp”.

“Oh you’re still so hard Neville. How about you use my hole for a while.” Toya cooed at him.

She lay on her back in the warm sand and brought her knees to her chest. Neville who had abandoned his inhibitions after cumming down Toya’s throat wasted no time scrambling from his position on his back to nestle his cock between her lips. He pushed into the molten gooeyness that was her cunt and began fucking her hole without concern for onlookers.

Toya could barely believe how long and thick Neville’s cock was. The scrawny nerd was carrying a serious fuck stick in his pants that she would definitely be enjoying again with or without Kendra present. Speaking of Kendra, she was still recovering from her pleasure overdose but she wasn’t passed out like Toya believed.

Toya groaned loudly as Neville’s rod continued to pole into her upturned pussy. He was delivering powerful strokes that were both stimulating her G-spot and her clit. She was in heaven with this cock slamming into her drooling cunt. She spread her lips wider so he could really slam it in there.

“Fuck her harder Neville.” Kendra’s voice came from the side.

Neville set a punishing pace that made Toya cry out with ever thrust. His heavy sack smacked into her ass with each thrust and his pounding was making her juicy pussy squirt a little on every out stroke. Kendra crawled over to where the couple was fucking passionately. She licked a trail from Toya’s nipple to her mouth where they shared a sloppy kiss.

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