Toys are Us Ch. 02


It was the third Tuesday of the month and Brenda was antsy and restless. The second toy of twelve was due today and she was as nervous as a new bride. The first toy, a large rubber dildo, had awakened her mind and body to all sorts of pleasures and feelings. She was doing her housework in the nude, a new thing since the toy had arrived.

She had her housedress laying on a chair near the door for when the UPS man arrived. The thought of being naked under it when she answered the door made her blush deeply. The thought of answering the door naked flashed like fire through her mind.

She took a deep breath and tried to get her mind off the new toy and sex in general, but her mind wasn’t cooperating. Her mind kept going back to that first toy and her weekend alone. She had had her first orgasm that weekend Ron was gone and several dozen since then. She had even had several with Ron.

Her mind turned to the Monday night that Ron had returned. It had been interesting, to say the least. He had been loving and attentive. He always was when he was gone for a few days. She hadn’t expected him until the next day but he had called from the airport. He had grabbed a cab while she started supper.

She had rushed to meet him at the door and they had kissed long and hard. His hands had been all over her back and even dipped down to caress and squeeze her butt. She had been whimpering and moaning as their tongues dueled fiercely. Her hands were all over his back also, which was unusual. Normally she just held on to him but tonight her hands wanted to roam.

Ron raised his head and looked into her eyes. “God, I’ve missed you. I hate not being here with you, especially at night. Hotels are the loneliest places.”

Brenda nodded and smiled shyly. “I’ve missed you to.” She whispered softly.

Ron hugged her again and then stepped back. His eyes ran up and down her thin housedress. “Are you naked under that dress?”

Brenda blushed and nodded. “My breasts, especially my nipples have been very sensitive and tender. My bra actually hurts when I have it on to long.” The truth was, she hadn’t had one on since she had returned home from dropping him off at the airport.

“What about your panties?” Ron asked in a teasing voice.

Brenda felt herself blushing again even deeper as she whispered, “I think of you and I get them wet. Anyway, if I’m not wearing a bra then why should I wear panties?”

There was a hissing sound from the direction of the stove. Brenda turned and almost ran over to it. Her spaghetti was trying to boil over. She cut the heat down and waited until it settled down to open the lid and stir it. She gave a little jerk of surprise as Ron’s hands slid around her waist and then up to cup her breasts.

She gave a shivering shake and felt her pussy get wetter than it had been from their kiss. His hands were lightly stroking her breasts through the thin cloth and her nipples were hard and tingling. She rolled her shoulders back, pressing her breasts tighter against his hands. They had always been sensitive but now she was set on a hair trigger. She moaned as his hands rubbed her nipples.

“They are sensitive aren’t they?” Ron whispered.

Brenda nodded and whimpered softly. Her playing with them all weekend had made them super sensitive, and now with a different set of hands on them she was afraid she’d come right there in the kitchen. She squeezed her thighs and shifted her hips, feeling the wetness getting even more slippery.

Ron gave her breasts a little squeeze and she pulled back. “Careful dear they’re tender, remember.” She whispered with a hissing breath. Ron went back to caressing them lightly.

“Much better dear.” Brenda told him.

He leaned in to nuzzle and kiss her neck. Brenda shivered again, her hands coming up to cover his. She guided his hands in a light caressing circle over the whole of her breasts and then barely brushed his palms over the hard bumps of her nipples. As she did, she moved back against him and rubbed her ass over the hard bulge in the front of his dress pants.

“What’s gotten into you dear?” Ron whispered in her ear as he kissed and nibbled it.

“I don’t know for sure but I suddenly want you and want you bad.” Brenda whispered back, a breathy catch in her voice.

The memory of that big toy dick in her pussy made her moan softly. The way it had rubbed her and made her feel so full was a building itch and ache in her lower belly.

“Take me to bed,” Brenda heard herself whisper and then didn’t believe she had said it. “I’ve been waiting all weekend for you.” She added as she moved his hands down across her stomach and placed one on either side of her sex.

“Is my little girl horny?” Ron asked teasing her.

Brenda nodded and then arched her back as one of his hands brushed over her mound and the other pushed the cloth of her dress against her sex and between her thighs. She would have to wash the dress her mind flashed and then she moaned as his fingers brushed her clit and she didn’t think Escort Kız of the dress again.

Her hands were on her breasts as his hands played with her sex. She wanted the dress out of the way, to feel his hands directly on her skin. She hurriedly undid the buttons down the front with shaky fingers. She hadn’t felt this way under Ron’s hands since very early in their marriage. A flight of butterflies was doing loops and swirls in her belly.

A few moments later she shrugged her shoulders and slipped the top of the dress off. Ron’s lips left her ear and returned to her neck and shoulder as the dress dropped around her hips. When Ron moved his hands back up to cup her breasts the dress fell to the floor to pool around her feet. His hands on her bare skin made her moan loudly and the thought of standing naked in the kitchen with Ron sent a chill up her spine.

Her hands fumbled with the knobs on the stove turning off all the burners. When she had everything off, she turned around and kissed Ron with more passion than she had ever felt before for him. He kissed her back with a growing hunger of his own as his hands caressed and stroked her back and ass.

The next thing she knew, Ron had her up in his arms and was headed for the bedroom. Her heart was beating faster and she was on fire with need. Ron laid her on the bed and kissed her hard and deep, his tongue going wild in her mouth. She wondered for a second what that would feel like on the other end of her body and then she moaned loudly.

Ron broke the kiss, stood up, and started to undress quickly. Brenda’s hands found her breasts and gently teased and caressed them. Ron’s eyes hungrily followed her hands. When he took his pants off, Brenda’s eyes were on his hard manhood where it stood upright against his lower belly.

Right now it looked bigger than she remember it being, not as big as the toy but closer than her mind had told her it was. She whimpered softly as her fingers lightly pinched her nipples. That was something she had found by accident, that and pulling on them gently. Both shot flashes of pure pleasure straight to her pussy.

As Ron got on the bed, Brenda had to force her hands to stay where they were; she wanted to grab his dick so much. She wanted to know if it felt like the toy. She wanted to know what it felt like and tasted like in her mouth. She wanted to tease it and herself so very much but she couldn’t do any of it without shocking Ron.

Ron moved over on top of her and plunged his dick into her pussy in one lunge. She gasped loudly and arched her hips up as he made a second stroke. His pelvic bone brushed across her clit as his dick rammed home. Brenda yelled loudly as she came and came hard, her hips hunching up against Ron as wave after wave washed through her.

A few seconds later, Ron made a loud grunting groaning sound and came deep inside her. This just pushed Brenda even farther into her orgasm as the fiery heat bathed her insides. Ron was pressed tightly to her and she was pushing back, as her legs wrapped over his and pulled.


As they both slowly came back to earth, Ron started to get up as usual but Brenda’s arms and legs held him in place. He relaxed with a sigh and nuzzled her shoulder and neck. Brenda made soft murmuring sounds of happiness and hugged him tightly.

“I love you so much,” Brenda whispered softly.

“I love you to,” Ron responded between soft sweet kisses on her neck.

Brenda sighed. “I love what you’re doing. It feels so good, so much better than you leaving me after we….” Shocked at what she was saying she left the sentence hanging.

Ron pushed up and rested his weight on his elbows. “I always though that that was what you wanted. That I was to heavy to stay on top of you.”

“We could roll onto our sides. I’d just like for you to hold me afterwards, to know that you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Ron did just that. With a couple of false starts they ended up on their sides cuddling. Ron’s dick had slipped free but it didn’t seem to matter.

Once they were settled, Ron whispered, “I always enjoy making love to you, you know that.”

“Yes, I do dear but sometimes I need reassuring.”

Ron nodded and held her tightly. “You sure seemed to enjoy it tonight. I haven’t felt you react like that since our honeymoon. You’ve seemed different since I came home but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Brenda giggled as she thought about the big toy and then said, “I’ve missed you and thinking about you made me horny as hell. Like I said, I’ve wanted you since you left.” Brenda paused as she sensed an opportunity to open things up a little.

“Uh…. Dear…. Uh…. I have a confession to make.” She began but wasn’t sure where to go from there.

Ron kissed her forehead and chuckled. “Don’t tell me you had an affair with the post man.”

Brenda laughed and hit him on the shoulder. “No! It was the milkman, if you must know.”

“Dear, we don’t have milk delivery.”

“Oh! Oh, yeah.” Brenda replied with a giggle. “Actually, I did something I hadn’t done since I was a child. Something my mother beat me for. Something I was told was wrong but it can’t be wrong, it feels to good to be wrong.” Brenda was close to tears now as she talked about something she never had before put into words.

Ron watched his wife closely as he wondered just what the hell she was talking about. “What did your mom beat you for? She was a mean old woman at times but–.”

“For touching myself!” Brenda blurted out.

“Oh!” Ron said as the light dawned. “There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a natural thing.”

“Mother didn’t think so, she said I was going to hell for it.”

Ron laughed and pulled his wife tightly to him. “If that was so, I’d be on fire right now or have very hairy palms.”

Brenda looked up at Ron with a questioning look on her face. Ron kissed her deeply as he stroked her back lightly. Brenda surrendered to the kiss and moaned softly as Ron’s hands explored her ass and then one of them moved down between her legs.

His fingers explored the wet mess around her opening and then dipped inside her. She gasped loudly and lifted her top leg up over his hip, allowing him easier access. His fingers made a soft squishing sound as they moved in and out. Brenda shivered and pushed back against his fingers.

“Did you do this to yourself?” Ron asked softly. Brenda nodded and then gasped as a third finger joined the first two.

“We need to get a shower in a bit and then after supper, I want you to show me what you did.” Ron whispered as he continued to finger fuck his wife.

Brenda moaned softly at the thought of Ron watching her and a louder one as his fingers moved more forcefully. An orgasm was building and Brenda moved up Ron’s body a little ways. She was now partially on top of him and she could feel his dick swelling and getting firmer under her hip. She rubbed her hip against him as she pushed back against his fingers.

Ron hadn’t touched her like this since their honeymoon and Brenda wondered why that was. Ron’s thumb brushed over her anus and she gasped loudly, all questions lost as her orgasm washed through her body. The memory of her own three fingers in her pussy just pushed her higher.


Brenda sighed deeply and snuggled against Ron’s chest. He had one arm around her waist and his other hand rested wet and sticky on her ass cheek. She giggled and moved her hips from side to side, feeling his hot hard manhood under her hip. She was very happy and content, she realized.

Ron kissed her hair and smacked her lightly on the ass. “Okay, it’s shower time for us, my messy little wife.”

Brenda giggled and replied, “It’s all your fault I’m so messy.”

“Uh huh.” Ron said with a chuckle as he smacked her ass again.

Brenda wiggled at the tingling of her ass cheek and kissed her husband gently. Ron kissed her back and ran his hands over her back and especially her ass. Brenda murmured softly in the pleasure his hands brought to her skin. This was so much better than the quick love making from before his trip, especially the cuddling part.

Ron’s hand smacked her ass again. Brenda broke the kiss and grinned at him. “You better quit that, I’m beginning to like it.” She said jokingly.

“Oh, is that so?” He said as he popped her a little harder.

Brenda gave a little yelp, more startled than hurt and got to her knees. “Well, maybe not.” She said as she back toward the edge of the bed. Her head was even with Ron’s dick as she paused to study it closely for the first time in their married life.

The big toy was bigger in length by several inches and a little thicker but other than that they looked very much alike. The toy had larger, more exaggerated veins but she could see some on Ron’s dick. The circumcised head was what fascinated her. It looked like a mushroom with a rounded notch at the bottom and it was exactly like the toy.

“Uh, did you find something interesting?” Ron asked.

“Well…. Uh…. Yes…. I realized that I had never really looked at you closely. We always go straight to sex. I’ve never even touched you there.”

“I’m sure you did on our honeymoon, or at least I think you did.” Ron said with a slightly confused look on his face.

“That was five years ago dear and I don’t remember touching you. Although I may have in the heat of the moment.” Brenda replied and then blushed. A vision of her grabbing it and sucking it into her mouth crossed her mind. She could feel the heat rising from her breasts to her face.

“It’s kind of messy right now.” Ron muttered still confused or was it nervousness and excitement she heard in his voice.

“Then let’s go wash it off in the shower.” Brenda heard herself saying as she got off the bed. She was almost holding her breath waiting to see what Ron would say.

Ron moved to the side of the bed and looked at her for a second. “Me being gone and you playing with yourself seems to have changed you. You seem more curious, more outgoing and to tell the truth, I like it.”

Brenda let her breath out slowly and then kissed Ron passionately. Ron was taken by surprise for a moment and then kissed her back with equal passion. After a few minutes, he ended up on his back with his warm squirming wife on top. Her hands were in his hair and his hands were again roaming her back and ass.

With her legs spread wide by Ron’s thighs, Brenda’s wet slippery slit was pressed to his shaft. His dick felt so hot where it touched her. She couldn’t moved to well with her feet off the floor but by wiggling from side to side she could feel the head brushing against her clit.

She moaned loudly and broke the kiss. Things were going to fast, she needed to do this slowly. To fast on her part and she’d give Ron things to worry about. Why she knew this or how, was beyond her but she had to go with her instincts. She slowly got up off Ron and held out her hands.

“Come on, let’s get that shower.” She whispered softly.

Ron looked up at her and then took her hands as he sat up and then stood up. “I love you.” He whispered as he hugged her tightly. His mind was on the feel of his wife on top of him. That was something they needed to check out in the near future, he thought as his wife kissed him softly.


As Ron adjusted the water temperature, Brenda got them a couple of towels. When she opened the door and slipped into the shower with him, he wondered why they had never done this before. He had thought about it but had never mentioned it to Brenda. Why was that? Fear that she wouldn’t go for it? More than likely, that was it.

Brenda seemed nervous and giggled as Ron started to soap her body up with his hands. The way his slick hands were moving over her body made her shiver. He had started at her shoulders and worked down her arms only to move back up her arms on the underside. As they reached her body, she raised her arms over her head and relaxed back against the shower wall.

Ron’s hands went down her sides and then back up to cup and soap her breasts. The slippery feeling was very much like that first time in the tub, the thought of which made her shiver again. After a moment or two she moaned softly and closed her eyes as she pushed her chest out, pressing her breast tighter to Ron’s hands.

His hands moved down over her sides and belly to her hips and then skipped down to her thighs and legs. When Ron’s hands slipped between her thighs and moved upward, Brenda took a step to the side with each foot. Ron’s hands moved on up to her upper thigh, one hand brushing her pussy as it moved between her legs.

Ron soaped up the other thigh and then used both hands to wash her sex. Brenda was up on her toes by the time he moved on down her legs to her feet. Her breathing was fast and ragged. When he finished her feet he stood up and kissed her.

The kiss took Brenda by surprise as she had her eyes closed but a second later she was wrapped around Ron as close and tight as she could get. The slip and slide of her body on his felt wonderful. His hard hot manhood rubbed deliciously back and forth over her belly, sending little sparks to her pussy.

Ron broke the kiss and whispered, “Turn around so I can get your back.”

Brenda turned around and placed her hands on the wall. His hands felt very good as they caressed and massaged her back. As they went lower to her hips and then her ass, she bent over and rested her head on her forearms. Ron’s hands were now on her ass, which made her shiver, especially when a finger or two dipped between the cheeks.

When Ron used one hand to cup her sex from the rear, she gasped and came up on her toes. Her legs were already wide apart but she moved her feet and spread them even farther. That allowed Ron easier access to her pussy, which he took good advantage of by moving his hand back and forth.

As one of his hands worked from the back, the other came around to caress her mound from the front. Ever so often he would dip a finger or two into her pussy from the back as his fingers in the front brushed her clit. Brenda was whimpering and moaning softly, her legs shaking, by the time he stood up.

Him entering her from the rear made her gasp and then she was coming her brains out. He felt so much deeper from this direction and so different. The smack of his hips on her ass as he fucked her, just drover her higher and higher. She was so lost in her own orgasm she almost missed his, but the hot jets so deep inside blew her away.


Brenda smiled and then sighed happily at the memories. That evening and night were deeply etched in her mind, even more so than her wedding night, it was just to bad it hadn’t lasted. Ron had gotten her to bed after the shower and had been gone to work when she woke up the next morning.

Their lovemaking was more often now and much more satisfying but still missionary only. Ron cuddled afterwards but still got up to clean up and came back to go to sleep on his side of the bed. It didn’t matter as much now as Brenda had learned to move her hips and get her own orgasm by the time he did, most of the time.

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