Tracy the vicar part 2

Tracy the vicar part 2The very next day Tracy phoned me to chat about what had happened and to say that she had not stopped thinking about it and how much it had turned her on. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself and if I wanted to do it again. I said that I thought the fact that I had cum twice with one lot on her lingerie that it was a good indication of how much I had enjoyed it.We met up a couple of days later at her place and she led me upstairs to where she had laid out some various items of lingerie on her bed and asked me to choose which ones she should wear. I had a good feel of her panties bras basques slips stockings and tights, and picked out a matching set of blue lacy panties and bra and a pair of barely black hold ups. She started to undress and asked me to do the same. I was soon naked with my already hard cock in my hand by the time she had stripped down to the underwear she already had on which was a black matching bra and panties which was quite shiny and tight which made her ample tits spill out over the top. She was wearing tights and apologised for wearing them to which I replied that it was ok with me as I have always quite liked tights. These were a light tan colour and quite shiny and they looked really snug against the black panties covering her fanny. She slipped her tights off and then her bra. She did have a lovely pair of tits and I was so tempted to have a feel but I had promised not to so resisted. Her Nipples were fairly large and a dark pink colour and they were certainly erect, even more so as she cupped her tits and rubbed her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. I was wanking steadily, stoking up and down the full shaft and precum was already leaking out. Her eyes were fixed on my cock ataşehir escort I asked if she liked my cock and she just smiled and nodded. She let go of her tits and slipped a finger into her knickers and slowly pulled them down revealing her hairy but trimmed minge.She picked up the items I had chosen and sat on the bed and pulled the hold ups on so I could see her fanny as she opened and closed her legs to accommodate the pulling on of her stockings. Once they were on she laid back on the bed and opened her legs and started to finger herself. Firstly just up and down her lips then concentrating on her clit before plunging her middle finger into her now wet cunt. She moaned softly as her finger went in and then in time with the movement of her wet finger in and out. All the time she was watching me stroke my throbbing hard cock. She said she didn’t want to put the bra and knickers on that I had chosen as it was more sexy laying in just her stockings while I watched her. I had no objections and she asked asked me climb on the bed and stand over her. It was a bit awkward so we swapped to the floor and I stood with her legs either side of me and almost up towards her thighs. I was thinking I need to cum soon so I told her and she said she was close too. She then said “ Please cum on me” I thought yes please but asked if she was sure. She said that after the first time when I had spunked on her lingerie that it was so sexy she wanted to feel my spunk on her bare flesh. Well I needed no more encouragement and told her I was gonna cum and stated to stroke faster. Her fingers were really giving her fanny a good workout now and as I shot my first squirt of gooey cum on her belly she let out a loud moan too. I carried ataşehir escort bayan on spunking and made sure some of it landed on her big tits too. She was still massaging her cunt with one hand and stated to rub the cum into her belly and tits with the other. I never went soft at all watching this and carried on wanking. She smiled at me and said thank you. To which I said no thank you. She then brought the hand up that had been rubbing the spunk to her nose to smell it and then popped her finger in her mouth to taste it. I almost shot my lot again at that point. I asked her what she thought to the taste and she said that it was nice and that her abusive partner had made her taste some before, but this was different because she wanted to do it and she felt very sexy. I told her she could have the next load in her mouth if she wanted it and she said that would be good as she only wanted to try a small amount to start with and that if I cum again soon it would not be too much. I moved around to her side and knelt so that my cock was above her face. I asked her if she would carry on fingering herself while I wanked for her and she asked me to stand up and go over to the drawers next to her bed. In the second drawer was an assortment of vibrators and she said just pick one and bring it over. I chose a cock shaped pink one and she flicked a switch at the bottom and it started to buzz. It was lovely watching her insert it into her already sopping wet fanny and it slid in easily and made a kind of slupring noise as she pulled it in and out. She was moaning softly again and her head went back and she was now having a close up view of me wanking my hard cock. She began to thrust her vibe in and out of her fanny escort ataşehir a bit quicker and I knew she was about to cum again so I quickend up my strokes and as she moaned loudly I didn’t really squirt but more or less dribbled my spunk on to her lips and as she felt the cum she opened her mouth and allowed me to empty my balls straight onto her tongue. She was still cumming after I had finished and began to play with the spunk in her mouth by rolling it around her teeth and tasting every last drop. Eventually she swallowed and a few moments later stopped pounding her wet fanny and relaxed. I asked if that had been nice for her and she said it had been the best orgasm she had ever had and that she was a bit nervous about having spunk in her mouth but being as though she was so deep into her own pleasure she loved the texture and the taste. She asked me if I was ok and I nodded as I smiled and said “ Oh Yes” Do you want to taste me she asked and again the answer was yes I was hoping she was going to allow me to lick her fanny, but she just pulled her vibrator out her fanny and offered it to my mouth. I opened up and she slipped it in. It was still buzzing and vibrating which was a little weird but the taste of her fanny juices were excellent all musky and slimy. If I had not just cum twice I would have been rock hard again. After a couple of minutes cleaning her fanny juice off this piece of cock shaped plastic. She took it out of my mouth still buzzing and rubbed it around my balls and knob end. I said that it was lovely but I needed a little rest and she asked if I wanted a bath.We both had a bath me first and then her and she asked me if I preferred bald or hairy fannies. I told her that I don’t like really hairy fannies but hers was trimmed and looked nice. She said that she often shaved it fully and that next time I came round she would show me it smooth. After our baths we got dressed, but she just got into her nightie, and I went home.Well thats part 2 and theres more to cum.

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