Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 2


Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 2A man travels on business to San Francisco and through the inadvertent misuse of a male enhancement cream is transformed into a woman. If you have not read previous chapters this won’t make a lot of sense.When my eyes opened the room was dark. The TV was on, still muted, and some other woman was reporting the weather. I felt dizzy, dazed, and not sure of what had happened. I felt my hands on my cock and balls, the cream was soaked in but my hands felt so soft and unlike most times when I wake and have an erection from deep sleep, my cock was all but gone, “I must be dreaming,” I thought, I fumbled in my crotch feeling for my cock and balls, “Whew,” I thought to myself, “still there,” and then laughed out loud at the crazy thought that had passed through my head that I had rubbed it off completely.As I fumbled around in the dark I felt my cock harden and concentrated on my arousal. I generally do not arouse quickly the second time around in a few hours. But a feeling of my cock getting hard, and my fear of having “rubbed it off” seemed to demand another jerk off. The tip of my cock seemed beyond sensitive, each time I slid my hand over it I felt pleasure deep inside. Most jerk off sessions for me were fast and furious, something would trigger a desire, I’d get hard, and within a few minutes I was unloading into the palm of my hand. But at this moment the pleasure I was feeling was unlike any I had felt before, it was a need to touch every part of my body, my inner thighs were almost as sensitive as my cock and I felt a chill run through my body when I would caress my nipples. But for some reason the need for a release was not building as it normally does.I looked over at the nightstand with the white jars of cream almost glowing in the light coming in my window, a ghostly eerie light of the nearly full moon hanging over the skyline of the city. I didn’t think of anything but my pleasure at that moment and unscrewed the cap dipping my finger deep into the cream and again smearing it all over my cock and balls.Almost immediately the tip of my cock became so sensitive I tried to avoid touching it directly, yet I wanted to, I cupped my balls, they seemed small in my hand but I rolled them around and felt my cock tip throb in reaction. I jerked furiously on my cock, even though the pleasure nearly hurt from rubbing the tip on each pass, I wanted my release.And just like two hours ago, the pleasure suddenly washed over me, it was like lying on the beach and letting a huge wave wash over me. I seemed to float above the wave and then another would crash over me, and then another. My toes curled, I raised my knees off the bed and clamped my legs together as the most intense pleasure consumed me. Again, my nipples tingled, canlı bahis throbbed, and felt warm. My hands went to them, my soft cream covered hands cupping my nipples as the last few waves of my intense orgasm consumed me throughout.My mind drifted in and out for what seemed hours, my hands on my nipples, then between my legs, it seemed like the night would never end. I woke about 3:00 AM, groggy yet aware of where I was. The moon had vanished from view; the room was dark except for the TV, still muted and playing an endless loop of the weather. Then like a zombie with no control over my actions my hands went to my cock again, I wanted more, the pleasure was so intense that I had to have another orgasm. And again, the cream from the jar became part of the moment. The more I applied the more intense the feelings, I had to feel that intense pleasure again. I closed my eyes, I imagined my favorite weather gal, and her large breasts floated in front of my eyes, closed tight to reality, her slender thighs sliding along mine. I wanted her, I wanted her more than reason. I applied more cream, the dream state intensified and she straddled me, but not like the cowgirl riding my cock straddle, no she placed her thighs across me in a scissor sort of position and I felt her pussy against me.She was wet, and her lips spread across my groin in a wet slippery way that drove me wild. Then she began bouncing her clit against me, it was like she was trying to penetrate me with that hard button between her legs. My hands became a substitute for her, I tried desperately to reach the point of no return, again I dipped into the cream and then the warmth and pleasure began to wash over again.It was the most intense feeling, I continued rubbing, not stroking my cock but my palm against my cock and balls drawing it up and down the length of my cock and balls. I pressed hard as the most intense pleasure of the past 24 hours hit me. I wanted that woman on top of me, I wanted to feel her sex against me, pleasuring without penetration.And then the super sensitivity in my cock tip, the tensing and clamping my legs together to hold the pleasure inside me and not wanting it to ever stop. My nipples almost hurt with the pleasure that seemed tied to my crotch. My cock was too sensitive to touch so my hand went to my nipples again, rubbing the remainder of the cream onto them. And again I drifted off into an almost trance like state.“Damn cream,” I thought, as I rolled off the bed and sat up. I felt so strange, I wanted to sleep but needed to pee and I put my feet on the floor and then became aware of heaviness in my chest. I looked down and for some strange reason it seemed that my nipples were larger, sort of puffy and extended from my chest. I touched one with my hands, bahis siteleri I felt a tingle in my cock the minute I touched the nipple, and my nipple tightened. “Very strange,” I thought as I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.I glanced at the clock, it was now nearly 5:00 AM, the night seemed to last forever and then I realized that I had returned to my room about 3:00 PM the following day and had not had anything to eat since noon. No wonder it seemed as if the night was forever, I had no recollection of anything between my first orgasm in the afternoon and the second when it was totally dark and the moon shining in the room.Did the third orgasm occur, or was it a dream. I didn’t know, nor did I care, I really needed to pee and as I stepped up to the toilet I fumbled for my cock again, “Damn,” I swore out loud, “it must be cold in here my cock is really shrunk up tonight,” so instead of making a mess I sat down on the toilet to void my bladder. As I sat there I looked down at my nipples again, this was not a dream, they were larger and the areola, if that is what you call the dark circles around a man’s nipples, were larger around and darker.I cupped my now puffy nipples, I carried a little extra weight, nothing serious, but this seemed like I was heavier than I was, “man boobs are not attractive,” I thought to myself. As I cupped my nipples I felt that tingle in my cock again, “or was it in my balls,” I thought. I got off the toilet and snapped on the light, which made me squint as I looked in the mirror. My heart pounded in my chest at the sight of my reflection, my cock and balls had all but vanished!I ran the water and washed my hands, then left the cold water on and splashed it on my face. My head seemed to clear a little, but I still felt strange. I dried my face and hands, stood upright again and looked again. My breasts seemed larger than a moment ago, now instead of them being just useless little man nipples on my upper chest they were swollen and extended from my chest by at least an inch, my nipples were twice the size that I remembered.I looked down, my normal tiny little cock that would peek out at me in an unaroused state was now not much more than a bump and as I spread my legs my balls felt sucked up inside of me. I was horrified, I jumped into the shower and scrubbed my entire body with soap several times, “that damn cream has my mind fuzzy and confused,” I thought. Each time my soapy fingers would slide over the tip of my cock I would feel my nipples tighten and a chill run up and down my spine. The feeling was beyond the normal cheap thrill I would get with a couple soapy jerks on my cock.I got out of the shower, my head seemed to have cleared a bit, but my reflection told me there was no improvement with my güvenilir bahis manhood! “I must be dreaming,” I mumbled as I I walked back to the bed and collapsed. My mind was filled with crazy thoughts, the damn instructions said any change was permanent, “how the hell could a silly ass cream cause this effect?” I thought.I drifted off into another fitful dream state, I tossed and turned and woke several times, dazed and confused, but then out of sheer exhaustion I must have passed out. The sun was streaming in my window when I woke; I was covered up in bed and felt warm and comfortable. I did not want to move, yet the day was wasting as I looked at the clock and realized it was past 9:00 AM. I thought of my fitful night, the strange dreams and thoughts, I laughed at my foolishness, and then threw the sheet off me as I rolled upright and put my feet on the floor. I looked down!My dream was not a dream, it was worse than a dream, it was a nightmare. My breasts, and now they were BREASTS, we larger. Not just puffy nipples like a girl gets as her breasts begin to develop, these were full-fledged boobs! Not man boobs from being overweight or out of shape, but real female breasts! They stood proud on my chest, fully formed with not a hint of sag and as I would brush them with my fingers the nipples would harden and my areola would crinkle up making the nipple extend further.I shook my head in disbelief, looked around the room, “was I dreaming?”I stood and immediately became aware that my crotch felt different. I had never been very big between my legs, but the familiar feel of my balls seemed to be missing. I ran my hand down between my legs, “Whew,” I thought as I felt them hugging my crotch, my sack so tight that they would barely move, “at least they are still there and since I wasn’t aroused I wasn’t worried about my cock that seemed to have a way of playing a game of hide and seek with me depending on my mood and the temperature.I walked into the bathroom and again sat down to pee as I knew I’d never hit the toilet with a serious case of shrinky-dink. I looked down at the swelling in my chest, I cupped my new breasts and it felt wonderful holding them, and in a way strangely arousing. A woman licking or nibbling my nipples had been a very small part of my normal arousal, but now just the touch of my hands to them seemed to be felt there as well as the tip of my cock.I decided to shower again, it had just been hours since I tried to wash off any vestige of the cream and its effects, but now I wanted to feel the warm water on my body. I stopped at the mirror and looked to see I needed a shave, but the stubble that would normally be there seemed far less, “no worry there.” I thought, shaving is a pain in the ass.The warm water streaming over my body felt better than it ever had, I looked down and my nipples reacted to the feeling of the spray of water and I rubbed my hand across them again, the feeling was beyond description, and my hand went right to my nub of a cock.

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