Subject: Travis Made Me Amazing Please do all you can to support . This is our spot on the net, and needs our financial help to keep it up along with us. All the best,Terry I had been waiting all day patiently, as hours of sitting with Travis in college biology was frustrating enough. That subject always made me more aware of my sexuality, and being a gay young man, it was necessary for me to service the hot guy at the front of the lecture hall. Damn he looked so good always, and Travis was perhaps the most amazing lover I’ve ever had the opportunity to kiss. At 6’4 and muscular, with Slavic cheeks and a muscular frame, he was so beyond sexy that writing this makes my insides desire another round with him. Sadly he moved on in life, and while I can dream of him and his magic stick, no lover will ever sexually fulfill me as he did. He will always be the one, despite our on and off relationship throughout high school and college. It figures we both got our degrees in biology, but he went far further as a pharmaceutical executive. In our teens and young adulthood, I remember this day so well, due to his unfettered aggression that led to a absolutely body shaking orgasm of the likes I’ve not experienced since. As I got back to the dorm room, I knew what he expected of me. I was to bring out the food, drinks of booze, and make sure that I was smooth and ready. A hot shower and shave took care of this, as my ass was ready for the inevitable, and my entire crotch gleamed shiny smooth. My apex would soon be there, and admittedly as I scurried around to make our dinner, I eagerly awaited for him like a puppy dog. Travis always had my number, and I so desired pleasing him. We were together at this time as friends and lovers, so I made sure things were how he liked it. Using my dorms stove I had the casserole warmed up, and was wearing my tight white shorts and khaki shirt. It was past time as we didn’t have any romantic opportunities for awhile. My penis was already hard. Being 19 isn’t easy, as the lead was already there, and I was pent up waiting for him to show up. As usual running late. There was regular time and Travis time, but finally after what seemed to be an eternity, my man had shown up. His long blonde pony tail and those blue eyes, oh I was so warming up despite the Michigan winter. I had purposely set the temperature to 70, but it was now scorching as the door closed, and we started to kiss. His lips were velvet sweetness. I loved when our tongues meshed, and he briefly teased me by spanking me, as we sat down at the table for dinner. Already he was sizing me up. His eyes looked through me, as if I was to be where a missile landed, and admittedly I wanted him so voraciously. Every cell in my blood and existence boiled for him, and his deep voice and demeanor always made me salivate for passion. Travis was kind though and thanked me for cooking dinner, which gaziantep escort I was grateful to do. He loved this dish, and I so fancied him. Anything that made his day better made mine the same. We had a insightful conversation, before switching to the flavored Bacardi Rum beverages. Drinking these the smiles and laughter generated became far more poetic. It was as if our altitude climbed together, and soon his big masculine hands were in my softer palms. Oh yes we were coming together, to become one, step by step of luscious passion. His hands and everything of him was far larger than I was with my short petite frame, which meant from the beginning or course, that my role as his bottom had been generated from the first day. It was only natural to be submissive to him, and I couldn’t wait to get his clothes off. I was randy for him and he knew it, and his hands on my legs made me jello like. Quivering a bit, we hugged. He held me close to him, pulling me in for such wonderful kisses. I held his face as our lips met, and soon our tongues overlapped each other in what was a mating ritual that dated back thousands of years. As he nibbled on my ear lobes, my knees literally went to jelly. I breathed in his seductive masculine screaming cologne, and became lost in everything him. He was the sun, clouds, and mountain peak with the rays of sunshine panning outwards. It was like floating and he took me into the bedroom, and took my shirt off. As we kissed I felt him take my shorts off. I offered no resistance as then my little low cut pink briefs were at my ankles. That cloth could be felt there, and his hands on my cock were making me pant. He had such big hands, and as I momentarily was able to open my eyes, he was behind me. Looking down I saw my 8 inches of shaved sensitive penis and balls being groped eagerly by his hands. We kissed again, and I took his shirt off. Soon he was sucking my nipples, as we fell into the bed not as one but together. Nestled next to him, I was catatonic as he had my nipples with his tongue serenading them, and his hands felt my hard cock and balls, generating waves of pleasure that words can’t aptly describe. Oh how I loved his strong forearms, his deft touches, and it wasn’t long until he squeezed my ass cheeks that had me breathing with even more enthusiasm. Kissing passionately, I took his nipples in my mouth, and could see the bulge in his blue boxers that needed my TLC. Travis was holding me firmly and I just loved being enveloped by his strength and force. My hands on his biceps we kissed and got lost in each other’s eyes. Moving down his chest I pulled his boxers off, and saw the beautiful 9 inch plus donkey dick that I viewed as my favorite thing in the whole world. There are dicks, and then there are monstrous penises that not only ate gigantic, but rate as tens visually. Holding his big cock in my hands, suriyeli escort I used my tongue to swirl his big golf ball sized testicles in my mouth. Oh I had him breathing heavy and moaning. Somehow I was sucking his hardness as much as I could, and said “I love your sausage.” Not sure why, but I got his manhood in my lips, mouth, and throat as far as I could possibly. His taste was one of musky manliness. It was desired. Always wanted to lick and suck him everywhere, and as I took his penis further in my mouth, I used my other hand to gently brush through his pubic hair. Travis loved this as he said it was like “sexual electricity,” so he was in another dimension. I had him right where I wanted him in my bed, and his big hands were gripping the sheets with determination. Every once in awhile he flashed me those ocean blues, and the smile let me know I had him where we both wanted to be. His precum was moving around in me, and it was patently delicious. That sweet taste and off of my lips, I made sure he saw it off of my face everywhere. Soon I licked his asshole, and he locked up. His penis stiffened even more, as I kept my tongue darting in and out. Then up to those gigantic balls. I loved his testes so much, and I licked and sucked them with sheer determination before returning to his cock. Up and down my head bobbed. Like I was doing the breast stroke swimming in a sexual bed of a lap, I continued to make sure he was in my warm mouth. He was clawing away at the sheets, and I was tasting his sperm beginning to generate in a hole that would soon be switched for another one. Travis’s grins and moaning let me knew I was handling him, and without a warning, like a shark he pushed me onto the bed. Buck naked and vulnerable I was. He spread my legs open, and I expected lube along with that giant phallic device inside me. Yet he wanted to give me a blowjob, and I was so happy to let him. He started with his hands up and down my groin. Oh yes I watched my cock disappear in his mouth. He looked at me and the look was so mischievous, that I got even hornier with desire. “Fuck me baby,” I couldn’t resist. So wanted and needed him, but soon I felt lube and his wet fingers inside me.The stretching had begun, and I knew that soon I’d be the bitch that He’d be getting off in. As he pulled out of his pony tail his long blonde hair was now on my legs, and I loved the velvety feeling. We were now closer, and soon he had me standing up. He kissed me with such vigor, as I tussled his hair in my hands. Soon our cocks rubbed together, and I loved it as he used his hands to get them even more combined in his palms. I screamed with joy. I kissed his neck and left a hickey for my efforts, and the cocks meeting each other continued, until he turned me around. We kissed as I had his hands around my waist, and feeling his hardness behind me was rus escort a sign. A guarantee really. I was going to get it. And with his fingers entering me lubed up, I closed my eyes as he bent me over into a position that he had complete control of. My knees on the bed, my ass hanging over, I felt the beginning and spaced out mentally for a few. It was too much. I couldn’t breathe and felt pain, with tears coming out of my eyes, yet soon enough something that made it worth the while. The smell of raw sex in the olfactory nerves, and not pain any more, but pressure. Then pleasure as that gigantic cock and swinging fit hips of his made his presence known. Like an omnipotent Greek god he took me, and went all in, without giving me as much of a breath to even garner my focus on anything. I was his object. His lover. Travis’s sex toy. He slapped my ass as he penetrated me, reminding me to be a submissive bitch and take whatever came from my love. He was breathing heavy and moaning, and I was gasping as he truly throttled me with his adrenaline and energy. It was surreal as I held on to the bed, and let him plunder me. It was his ass not mine. His big hard penis was all the way inside me now. Nothing I could do but just remain prone. Travis pulled out then slammed me. I worried despite knowing I satisfied him, that he’d tear my insides apart. Oh yes he was easing in and out nicely now and touching my balls from behind. I loved how they sounded when bouncing together, and hoped for during this moment of clarity, that he would remember to let me ride him. He knew I loved being on his flat stomach with my hard cock and balls, and he read my mind. As I kissed him, I slid more gradually down his pole. He smiled at me. “You’re so warm baby, you’re hot like an oven.” That’s all he could say as he kissed me, and I could feel his hugs cock stretching my insides to the breaking point. It was wider than ever, and like a rabid animal attached, Travis grabbed my hips and made me slide down completely. I gasped. Teeth in my lips caught me unaware as the taste of blood filled my mouth. It was okay as I had the man of my dreams, and as we kissed, I felt the signs that I was looking to achieve. His balls tightened as he was deep in my guts, and yet all of a sudden the sweat went down my forehead as my spongy insides led to a gloppy mess. A non drug infused high. I was spinning. A feeling of warmth and just lost my place as a blur of intensity. Everything stopped and started at the same time. Gravitational forces and other constants were no where to be found. I shook violently and screamed like a wild animal in heat. Everywhere I felt a sensation of warming ecstasy, and as my voice got even higher, my penis tightened and blew through a gigantic load. Sperm was flying everywhere and on copious amounts all over landing on Travis who smiled and attempted to kiss me. Yet he locked up, and a yell of independence and pure sexual liberation came out of his vocal cords. Mopped in his sweat, I felt his DNA inside me going up so many levels of my now very worn out rear end. We hugged, kissed, and held our hands as two guys slept in each other’s sweat and more.

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