Treality Stories Vol. 01 Pt. 04


A modern love in the making – Jardine Man gives me my best Shower Sex … ever …

All characters are well over 18 years old and includes ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Sparkling Red’ who first met online a few years ago as their alter egos ‘Jardine Man’ and ‘Mimbabe’.

These are their stories mostly written by Rocket Man from both their perspectives – often of their same adventures in love. Some of our Stories, such as this one, though are written by Sparkling Reds with her own perspective and very enthusiastic input. She is just the most fabulous lover – as you are hopefully discovering!

Jardine Man decides we need a shower in the spare bedroom which sounds great. Once in the shower you pin me up against the shower wall, your hands feverishly exploring my bare body under the deliciously hot water. You kiss my erect nipples with a big grin on your face and you stretch my arms out as you kiss up my neck. My core temperature is going through the roof with this lovely man who wants me as a woman. I admit now that I did not see the Velcro shower ties above my head until you tie both hands up in them!

What exquisite torture you submit me too then, kissing my arms, neck, breasts, tummy and my achingly hot pussy. I am completely at your mercy as the hot water beats on you and me.

Wow, this is so much better than I ever imagined, my All Man worshipping my body and obviously loving doing so. I almanbahis adres never knew men could be this much fun.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this quietly spoken gentleman would worship my Mummy body like this. He says he only knows me as fabulous and heads straight back to pleasuring me! My perfect All Man.

He is focusing on my neck and breasts yet again and while I try and rub my body on his impressive erection. I can’t seem to get the angles right to even rub up against it. I am burning up with desire and I urgently need his cock inside to satisfy me. He senses my need and returns his tongue to tease and exploring my pussy as the hot shower drums away on us both. ‘Oh yes’ I call out, ‘just there’ … This feeling is amazing being powerless and being loved by this man. I cannot hold back and start to come. He is still 100% focused on me and seems to be loving me completely. He comes up for air and looks pleased with my look of shear pleasure. ‘Release me and let me pleasure you’ I whisper to him. As he reaches up to the Velcro suction cups it looks like he’s about to release me but instead he rolls me around and whispers not yet, that was just entrée. As I peer over my shoulder at him he cups both of my breasts and lets the hot water pool on my nipples as he kisses my neck. ‘Oh yes’ I gasp, ‘more of that please’ …

He maintains a firm grip on my breasts almanbahis giriş and kisses slowly down my spin and back up again. He is such a tease…

As he kisses my neck, one hand moves down my tummy and spreads my legs more and he slides his lovely long cock into me in one smooth motion. Both hands now guide my hips so he can get the right angle as he pulls me back against him …

‘Oh yes’ I gasp ‘that is sooo good’.

He reaches up and removes the suction cups but then reattaches them at about my chest height. He repositions and then I know I have an All Man loving me with long deep strokes right into my core.

I have had shower sex before, but noone, not even my Number 10 Bestever Lover Ningaloo Diving Instructor, has ever made love to me like this and that Story from a NYE event long ago along with the other eight can wait for another day!

I never want it to end, but my body betrays me and my core feels like it’s about to explode. While still kissing me he grabs my shoulders and his lovely cock is filling me completely – what a joy this man is. He’s calling out my name and then of all the things he can say he says: ‘I have to come, may I come!’ What a gentleman! ‘Oh of course’ I yell back as I push back onto him in shear pleasure.

He unclips my hands and turns me around to hug me closely up against the now hot tiles and continues to kiss and caress almanbahis me with one seriously happy grin on his face. I think I rather like this man.

The warm water of the shower continues to play over my already hard nipples. My soapy hands are now free and caress your torso, slowing over your manhood, a soft groan escapes your lips as I then take you in my mouth, you gently grab my hair and gently guide the tempo of my mouth massage. I do not believe it, I thought this was going to be just for my pleasure feeling his silky head but his cock is growing hard already. What!

Yes, his lovely cock is fully hard already and I smile with such glee in having such an All Man love me. With my hands free, I turn around and prop a leg up against the other wall and let him enter me: hard. ‘Oh yes’ I exclaim, again. You pull your cock all the way out and drive back in again as I rotate my hips so your cock hits my g-spot and pushes against my pelvic bone. Your hands have me in a vice grip guiding me right onto your delightful cock. I call out for you to come whenever you’re ready but you have everything under control as you kiss me tenderly in between every thrust. As you slide your beautiful hands up my body and holding my breasts you call out that I had better be ready and I can feel your pulsating penis release your love juice yet again!

You are certainly a man of your word!

We cuddle until the hot water runs out and then you insist on lovingly towelling me dry yourself all the while kissing my breasts, neck and back. Amazing.

Sparkling Red and I hope you enjoy our Treality and we truly welcome any and all constructive comments you can offer us.

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