Tricked into blackmail….

Tricked into blackmail….What was I thinking, cutting class with a fellow classmate so early in the semester. Willie B. and I had been friends for a couple of years, even before we got into high school, I forgot how we met but we sort of hit it off as friends.Willie B. saw me on the first floor of our four story high school and asked “…what are doing down here. Thought you had Social Studies on the fourth floor. Oh wait, you plan on cutting class again aren’t you…’ I looked at Willie and shook my head in the negative but Willie B. was not going to believe me at all.Willie B. looked at me and said ‘…come on if we hurry no one will tell if we are not in the PE class that is leaving the field till we get to the fence…’ I had a funny feeling that I should not go along with him, but what are friends for if you can not hang out with them sometimes.Off the two of us went down the tr-tiered fields to the wooded fence line and thru one of the numerous holes in the perimeter fence line. We followed the same path that I had traveled a couple of years ago with my three assailants. Like that time I went along without a thought that I was gonna be in any danger.We took a different path that led to another street and crossed that street into another wooded area that had paths that led to Willie B.’s home. We went right up to the front door and Willie B. used his key to get us in. Once inside Willie B. told me ‘..make your self at home, no one will be here until late and we will be gone by then.So I sat down on the couch near the far end and started to look at some comic books that were on the small table. Willie B. disappeared into the back of the house for a minute and reappeared with some more books in his hand. ‘…Here take a look at these since you like comics so much…’ Willie B said.I took the small stack and placed them on the couch next to me and replaced the comic book I had from the table. The very first comic I dicked up was what we now called an adult comic, it had cartoons of girls and guys having sex. Though they all was familiar cartoons I admit I was turned on seeing Daisy Duck getting fucked by Donald Duck and so on. I was so enthralled that I hardly noticed Willie B. as he sat down on the couch near me.I was so into the comic pages of cartoons having sex that I really paid no attention to what Willie B. was doing. Suddenly, Willie B. took hold of my left wrist and pulled my hand to his crotch. To my astonishment Willie B. had removed his penis from his pants and was able to wrap my fingers around his throbbing cock before I could react.I tried to snatch my hand away but Willie B. had a strong grip and all I did was manage to release my grip on his now rigid cock. Willie B. held my wrist tight as he admonished me saying ‘…what you doing, I know this ain’t the first time you had another guys dick and it want be your last time. Today we gonna have some fun and I’m gonna fuck you just like every body else did…’I started to protest ‘…no, you got it wrong, I did not do anything like that. They are telling stories on me and you know that…’ Willie B. still had my wrist in his grasp as I tried to pull away. I started to get up off the couch and was half standing and struggling when Willie B. called out. ‘…JIMMY, TOM GET IN HERE, GET IN HERE…’Startled I looked towards the hallway and heard footsteps coming hurriedly towards us. I tried desperately to free myself before reinforcements could arrive but was not able to completely free myself. Jimmy samsun escort and Thomas came into the room and blocked my avenue of escape.One of them asked ‘…what’s the trouble Willie, you having trouble with our Bitch?…’ Those words caused me to stop my struggling and glare at the three of them. Willie B. chimed in ‘…naw just a little miss understanding. Now that y’all are here help me explain it to David what we are gonna do…’I was still tying to twist my wrist away from Willie B.’s grasp as Jimmy and Thomas stood there smirking at us. Thomas started ‘…Damn David, we heard that you let three guys run a train on you all day and didn’t complain…’ Jimmy smirked and said ‘…that wasn’t how I heard it. I heard that Charlie, Bruce and Daniel actually took his pussy. Over and over that day and a lot more days after that…’Willie B added ‘… yeah and I heard that you liked it so much that every since you’ve been a closed Bitch for any body that wanted to fuck a punk…’ My heart sunk and reality sunk in that I was not gonna get out of this. Willie B. pulled me back down and tried to stroke my hair. I brushed his hand away and tried again to get lose from his grasp.Willie B. said ‘…come on David we don’t want to hurt you. You done this before so it’s not like you never did it before. Besides we are not gonna be nearly as ruff as they were…’ Jimmy quickly cut Willie B. off saying ‘…speak from yourself, I’m gonna fuck him like the Bitch he is and he’ll enjoy it…’Willie B. released my wrist and stood up dropping his pants and underwear, Jimmy and Thomas stood near the doorway urging us on saying ‘…go on get with it, the sooner you get started the more time we’ll have to enjoy it. Take my word you ain’t going no where till we all bust a nutt in that boi pussy…’Willie B. Looked at me and said ‘…we gonna tell every one you did it anyway so you just as well…’ Jimmy added ‘…he’s gonna do it anyway, with an ass whipping or without he’s gonna take some dick…’ Willie B. was now stroking his dick as he stood there naked from the waist down.Looking around I saw there was no way for me to run or get out of the room. Thomas came over and tried to undo my belt, I slapped his hand away and Jimmy quickly pulled his belt from his pants and drew back as if he would strike me. I covered up and Thomas unfastened my belt and pulled it thru my pants loops.I tried to reason with them ‘…Willie, believe me it did not happen, they tried and we fought and I got away…’ Jimmy answered ‘…yeah, that’s just what you are gonna do today. You gonna fight all three if us just like you did Bruce, Daniel and Charlie…’ all three of them howled with laughter.Thomas grabbed the waist band of my pants and roughly pulled them my underwear, socks and tennis off in one quick movement, I was sitting there with nothing on as Willie B. stroked his cock inches from my face. Dejectedly I dropped my head, it was then that for some reason I thought how small my penis was compared to Willie B.’s cock.Willie B. called out ‘…look in the toilet and bring me that jar of Vaseline by the sink…’ I looked up at Willie B. with tears in my eyes, more from discuss and shame then fear. Thomas reappeared and tossed Willie b. The jar and Willie B. undid the lid and looked at me ‘…get up and bend over the end of the sofa. Do it or they will hurt you. I’ll have to let them cause I told them you would let us fuck you…’The tears started to roll down my cheeks as Jimmy and Thomas escort samsun took me by the arm. Jimmy said ‘…put his ass in the big chair, let him kneel in the chair with his head in the seat, that way he can’t squirm away from us and we can hit it like we want…’They had me kneel in the chair and pushed my head down till it was wedged into the seat and back of the chair. My buttocks fell the cool air rush over them and the slickness of the Vaseline that Willie B. smeared into my buttcrack. I could see what was happening between my parted thighs as Willie B. smeared a generous amount of Vaseline over his dick head and down his thick penile shaft.Willie B.’s cock was glistening in the sun light that filtered thru the window blinds, Willie B. tossed the jar to one of the other guys and parted my buttocks as he guided his throbbing cock into my awaiting anal opening. Willie B.’s smooth rubbery hard dick head pressed against my bung hole, I grimaced in anguish as he pressed firmly and steadily against my resisting anal sphincter muscle.Willie B. pulled back and started again, this time more aggressively then the last, I gritted my teeth as I gripped the chair cushion in my fingers as the pain of my anal sphincter spreading open to accommodate his teenage male appendage head.With a string push Willie B.’ dick head burst into my anus and seated itself just past my anal sphincter tunnel. I had three inches(7.5cm) of his dick in my bung, my anal sphincter muscle snugging tightly just below his penile ridge gripping his penis. Willie B. pulled back slightly as I groaned in agony of his intrusion, Willie B. grunted and leaned forward inserting more of his cock into my aching asshole.Jimmy and Thomas was on each side of us watching as Willie B. slid his cock back and forth in my anal opening. Thomas said ‘…damn, I never ever saw that before. Look how them ass muscles are gripping that dick, fuck him Willie fuck him…’Willie B. gripped my hips and started to speed up his movements, hunching deep into my bowels with each thrust as he grunted and snorted his pleasure. ‘…Take this dick Bitch, take it…’ Willie B intoned as he hunched and grind his cock deeper into my tight anal tunnel…’The agony of Willie B.’s dick in my anus was causing me to tearfully whine and whimper at the humiliation I was enduing. Jimmy said ‘…damn Willie, that Bitch is show liking your dick in his pussy, fuck him man fuck that Bitch good…’ Willie B. was no slamming his hips into me forcefully as he enjoyed his self. It seemed like he was in me for hours before his cock exploded and I could feel his splooge fill my rectum turning it into a cum receptacle. Willie B. groaned and grunted with each spurt of splooge from his dick. He pulled his dick from my anus making a wet obscene slurping sound and then an obscene sound of rushing air escaping from my anus.Jimmy asked ‘…what you do man shoot a bunch of air in his ass instead of cum…’ ‘…look at that butt stand open see all my cum leaking out…’ Willie B. answered. I started to raise up only to have Jimmy push my head back down ‘…HEY WE AIN’T THRU YET…’ he yelled.Jimmy was taller then Willie B. and was of a lighter skin tone, I could see his dick as he lowered his pants and underwear. His cock was slimmer then Willie B.’s yet longer with a larger dick head that had a profound penile ridge. I braced myself for what was about to happen, Jimmy placed his dick head at my aching anal opening and with one lunge he sunk his samsun escort bayan entire seven inches(18cm) into my anal tunnel.I tried to stifle my scream only to have him pull out and reinsert his dick again and again and again. I was in agony as he worked his dick in and out of my anus, each time my anus would close and he would ram his dick all the way til his pubic rested against my buttocks. Gripping my buttocks Jimmy would grind his midsection causing his cock to rotate inside my rectum.Jimmy seemed to take extra pleasure in hearing me cry out in agony with each lunge of his dick in to my painfully stretched anus. It seemed as if he took twice as long then Willie B. before he grind tight against my buttocks and released his torrent of baby batter into my bowels.Thomas and Willie B. was silent and out of my range of sight, I thought that they had left the room but after Jimmy pilled his dick from my anus and I was able to lift my head, I saw Willie B. on the couch stroking his semi erect cock and Thomas standing naked at the other end of the sofa.Thomas told me ‘…come on over here, I want you to lay down on the sofa with your head in Willie’s lap, sucking his dick as I get that pussy…’ I looked at Thomas dick and saw that it was almost as huge as Daniel’s this caused me to fearfully take a step away from him.Jimmy pushed me violently towards Thomas who caught me and spun me round pushing me to the sofa. Willie B. grabbed my head and pulled it down to his semi erect cock telling me ‘…open your mouth and suck it like a Popsicle. Thomas was spreading my thighs apart as air escaped my anus and I could feel the combined splooge of Willie B. and Jimmy leak out.Thomas’ dick was larger then either of them and as it spread open my tender anal sphincter I could not help but open my lips in agony and Willie B.’s cock entered my oral cavity. Willie B. pushed my head down until his dick head was at the back of my throat.Thomas pushed his dick into my anus using the splooge and Vaseline as lubricant, still the pain was almost unbearable. With a cock in my mouth and one up my butt I was in no way to resist. I had to suck the dick in my mouth in order to breath and with the dick in my butt I was in great agony so that I had to alternate between breathing ans sucking.With Willie B. pulling my head down I would gag and my anal muscles would clinch the dick in my ass. Jimmy cam over and pulled my tear eyed face up and stuffed his flaccid cock into my mouth. Jimmy face fucked me for a couple of minutes before slamming my face back down on Willie B.’s cock.Willie B. gripped my head and flooded my tonsils with his substance causing him to get a second nutt first. Thomas came next from my gagging and heaving as I fought not to throw up on Willie B. Thomas pulled me off the sofa to the floor and flipped me to my back. Thomas lifted my legs to his shoulders and entered my painfully aching anus again, in desperation I reached up and gripped his upper arms. The all took this as my signal that I was enjoying the torture of their attack. For the next five hours I endued the three of them taking turns having sex with me any way they wanted. I had sucked them all off two or more times and swallowed most of their cum and my butt was so full that their cum leaked out as if it was a stream flowing from deep in side of me. It seemed that they would never get enough of taking me as they pleased but Willie B. had to get the house cleaned up and get us out before his folks came home.As I walked down the street I was very aware that cum was leaking from my stretched open bung hole and that I was not walking but limping. I wondered if I would make it home before some one saw me and wondered why I was not in school today.

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